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  1. Another way to look at it is efficiency. Most amount of work in the least amount of time. Bidding strategery will vary depending on seniority and a few other factors. At AA, I will bid reserve when I have vacation because I'll get more paid hours while flying very little if at all. I fly 777 international because I can work 12 days, 4 three day or 3 four day trips, or less, 9 days is possible with the right seniority, and making more than a domestic pilot flying 15+ days.
  2. My point was to establish an accepted scientific definition that allows for further conversation. Whether you are for or against abortion, I think it is important to start with accurate terminology about what we are dealing with.
  3. I've still got airline friends but they are harder to coordinate things with due to scheduling. I see a lot more of my neighbors, church group, etc. and, just like my AF friends, they call me, I call them when I need help or they need help, meet up for dinner, whatever. I left Active Duty and went into the Reserves as a full timer then went part time and to the airlines so my transition out of the military was gradual. You will be fine and, I'm guessing, much happier.
  4. My apologies for the thread derailment. I made no mention of an egg fertilized, fried, or scrambled. I just said a single or multicellular organism. It's a simple question.
  5. It's a very simple question and I'm not sure what more clarification I could add. The discovery of a single cell or multi-cell organism on another planet would be defined by scientists as?
  6. If the mars rover had the capability and it found a single cell organism or, more impressively, a multicell organism on that distant planet, all the scientists on this planet would say we have discovered what? A) A non-viable mass. B) an inconvenience C) life.
  7. What kind of van is that? Doesn't appear to have enough room to use the gun he's hanging onto without removing the window.
  8. Performance based navigation. Usually RNP approaches is what gets talked about. Ah, same stuff, different terminology. Thanks.
  9. I'm an a-word guy but what's PBN?
  10. We need an ad campaign reminding people they moved here from there because they didn't like living there anymore so do not vote here to make it like there. I did hear of Texas voting stats that said the refugees from blue stats voted more consistently conservative than longer term residents.... Which is nice.
  11. Proving libel in court is a much larger hurdle to clear for a public figure than a private citizen. So, Sandmann can take CNN to court and win but CNN can say damn near anything they want about a public figure and pay no penalty at all other than the damage to their credibility.
  12. Two major concepts drive the media. First, a majority of media outlets are supporters of the Democrat party and will say anything, true or not, to support Democrat politicians, policies, or narrative. The last four years of "anonymous" sources leaking stories that were proven false is a good example. Second, fear drives up viewers which drives up profits. State of Fear is a book by Michael Crichton and weaves fact with fiction into a good story about the media doing just that. I'm not sure how you hold them accountable other than not watching. Unfortunately, your cable or satellite sub
  13. Listening to a podcast on my way home from the airport and it's been estimated than "the Ferguson effect", I.e. the pullback by law enforcement as a result of the Michael Brown shooting, led to 1000 to 6000 more deaths since it happened. The carnage is going to be worse going forward.
  14. How the jury found no reasonable doubt is really stunning. The continuing fallout from this is not going to be pretty Police are already declining to interact with certain communities and violent crime and homicide numbers are up. Murders are up 30% in blue cities. What rational person would decide to risk prison for responding to a drug addicted, multiple felon? Law enforcement officers are going to elect to do nothing as the preferred course of action and those communities are going to suffer more than they are now.
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