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  1. Not sure if you need to identify as a biologist or not. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10853121/Uterus-shaped-cereal-aims-normalise-conversations-periods.html
  2. I have always said that a good day is learning something new and I have never heard of an oologist. Interesting. So, does this mean that the question "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" can have a corollary question, "Which came first, the omelet or the chef?"
  3. Bullshit. Unless you are a ornithologist, how would you know???
  4. An F-15 from Langley was flown to Maine to pick up a load of "lahbstahs." Lobsters are flown back to VA, cooked, and there was much rejoicing. Moving forward in time, the jet goes in for the big colonoscopy maintenance check, and, lo and behold, there is significant corrosion along the keel of the fuselage and the damage is fatal. After some sleuthing, the trail leads back to the lobster run. Turns out the lobsters were packed in frozen SEA water which melted and ran down through the jet. Scratch one Eagle off the books.
  5. For podcast listening: The Cold War: What We Saw https://billwhittle.com/tag/the-cold-war-what-we-saw/ He also did a podcast on the space program which is also great listening.
  6. With either job, you would get a pay raise just by moving out of CA.
  7. ClearedHot, you are obviously ignorant! You forgot Hunter Biden s business partners, the Chinese! Come on, man! Nothing like trying to get through the Great Internet Firewall of China while visiting that country to drive that point home.
  8. The further we get from 1984, the closer we get. With the recent history of government agencies involved in sketchy behavior with a noticable political bent, what could possibly go wrong?
  9. He has never had an original thought in his political life and parrots what he is told to say. Combine this with the obvious signs of senility and I'm guessing his awareness of the economic condition of the country is close to zero.
  10. Interesting numbers regarding conservative Twitter accounts. Can the minions at Twitter see what is coming? https://nypost.com/2022/04/27/its-about-time-to-crack-open-big-techs-black-boxes-which-suppress-conservatives/
  11. Yep, always the FNG that thought he would show motivation and seriousness by showing up early only to take a verbal beat down while being informed his job is to learn to be a fighter pilot and be ready to fly whether on the schedule or not. Had to explain that to several new guys. RTUs should teach that.
  12. That was attributed to pilot error doing a full rudder deflection swap which caused the rudder to fail. Not that I agree with the findings but that's what they said.
  13. Yes, you can fly it single pilot if the other pilot isn't horrendously incompetent and keeps touching switches. Self induced problems were apparently a trend item with this guy.
  14. https://admiralcloudberg.medium.com/legacy-of-a-lie-the-crash-of-atlas-air-flight-3591-519a3a7bd6ec
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