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  1. More CDC VAERS data. Kind of shocking comparing data totals through last December with all data from 1990. https://vaersanalysis.info/2021/10/15/vaers-summary-for-covid-19-vaccines-through-10-8-2021/
  2. The whole truth in reporting, or lack thereof, has done substantial damage to credibility of individuals, the media, and organizations. My old favorite covid death was the dude killed on a motorcycle in Florida. But that has been usurped by a firearm murder/suicide in Colorado listed as covid deaths. I'm pretty sure covid kills people but why go so far off the logic reservation to run up the numbers?
  3. I have seen guys well past 10 beers and multiple shots of Weed that speak more coherently than that addled senile man.
  4. TreeA10

    Gun Talk

    New commercial coming soon to Al Jazeera: "Hey, all you jihadis! Come on down to our new showroom here at Biden Arms Bizarre and see me, Mad Mahammad, because I'm crazy about making a deal. You want new M-4 automatic rifle to replace that clunky old AK? We got thousands of new and lightly used rifles in stock. Get the latest in night vision scopes to go with it so you can shoot infidels day or night. I'll even throw in 1000 rounds of ammo free. Tired of riding that donkey to set roadside bombs? I've got over 2000 armored and 70,000 other vehicles ready to move! Whether you are taking your jihadis to work or that special goat on a date, we have the vehicle to fit your lifestyle. And check these out. 40 Blackhawk helicopters, low hours, and completely loaded. We also have Apache attack helicopters and Tucano A-29 attack aircraft! Be the envy of the terrorists on your block when you go searching for Christians with one of these bad boys. And you can find those infidels using one of these ScanEagle drones! Perfect for reconnaissance or seeing what Abduls new child bride looks like without a burka....but you didn't hear that from me. We didn't forget the refreshments! Stop by the Aloha Snack bar where your first shot is always free! So what are you waiting for? Come see me, Mad Mohammad, at Bidens Arms Bizzarre today!"
  5. TreeA10

    Gun Talk

    Hey, I know where you can get an M-4 and ammo real cheap! Maybe even an Apache helicopter if you have the cash and don't ask too many questions.
  6. A longish article about COVID and the vaccine with data where possible and without spin or political leanings best I can tell. https://www.realclearscience.com/articles/2021/08/23/lets_stop_pretending_about_the_covid-19_vaccines_791050.html
  7. My wife loves watching this stuff and this morning, there was a Silver Medalist gymnast being interviewed. Instead of asking her about her path to the Olympics, her work hours, and her achievement, the idiot interviewer is asking the Medal winning gymnast what she thinks of Simone Biles. I was impressed with her answers as a solid supporting teammate but it's was another conversation about a non-winner eclipsing the accomplishments of a winner.
  8. Can't recall seeing any paint scheme like that. Anybody know the background behind it?
  9. Glad to hear hiring is turned back on. Hopefully, the food will be better by the time you get here.
  10. Crenshaw released an hour long podcast on CRT on Jine 3rd. Can't recall if he accurately describes it but I'm pretty sure he knows what it is.
  11. I have no problem casting doubt on both. Some county in CA reduced their COVID death count by 25% after reviewing death causes. I'm sure all the VAERS data can be thinned out as well but why the massive increase in numbers? Reduce the VAERS data by 50% and you still have the same number of deaths in 6 months that usually occurred over years.
  12. Listening to a podcast the other day and heard an interesting numbers comparison from the VAERS data. VAERS is the government reporting system for Vaccine Adverse Reactions. In a 4 or 5 year period @2010, 2000+ people died from vaccine reactions. Since the beginning of this year, over 5000 people have died from vaccine reactions. Years vs months and 2000 vs 5000. Those are hard data numbers from HHS. Something isn't right.
  13. It was weird to hear "Russian aircraft, this is US warship EZ on guard" calls the other day leaving Hawaii.
  14. TreeA10

    Gun Talk

    Most overturned court in the country tees another one up for the SCOTUS. Should be interesting.
  15. You must hate puppies, too! What I liked about the 75 was the ability to takeoff or land on short runways like SNA, LGA, DCA or high pressure altitude airports like Quito or Lapaz with no problems at all. Lots of power even with an engine out. 727 was like a Harley. Lots of smoke and noise. It didn't really climb as much as the curvature of the Earth just fell away over time. 737-800 was a surface departure waiting to happen. 767 was...meh. 787 was a comfy long haul Starship Enterprise-ish ride. 777 lies between the 76 and 78.
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