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  1. Slightly different spin on this. Been in 22 years, almost all of that time has been as a part timer (I only take orders for deployments generally), and i've been an airline guy for the last 10+ years. I love going down range and doing the mission, but I absolutely regret going on orders nearly every time I do so. I just started a 5 month activation order and I've worked more in the last two weeks, then I worked in the last 2 months (combined) at Delta. I really don't know how guys do this shit for an entire career...painful! Very few of the "improvements" the AF has made in my career, has made life easier. DTS, AROWS, MyEval, JMPS (long live CFPS/Falcon view lol), AFFORGEN...DUBYA TEE EFF!!! It seems like nearly every time we try to do things, it's one self-imposed (big AF) road block after another. It's like the AF just sits around and dreams up shit to make life harder for the individual. I'm retiring this summer and I can't wait. I'll miss the flying but not much else. I'll maintain most of the camaraderie because nearly my entire squadron lives within a 4 sq mile area...my 2-3x weekly coffee/bourbon stops at bros houses will continue. Now get off my lawn!
  2. This is where we are...this is how fucking stupid some are about this ridiculous shot bullshit. No shot, you're worse than a violent felon! The crazy part is that there are people out there who actually believe this. They're the same people at the whole foods who stared me down for not wearing a mask (a few months ago)! I hope I get to see their tears flow when the judges finally force the government to put the unvaxxed back in the system.
  3. Nah, they're in Columbus, there is probably a few fights going on right meow. 🤣
  4. Your last sentence is spot on. To the sim thing, has anyone here ever been asked to prove the didn't do any mloa while on a reserve day? I know I haven't, nor has any of the 20+ DAL squadron mates I've had over the years. If so, I'd like to see the whole picture because I'm guessing there is much more to the story. I'm generally the last one to defend the company, but the 1% is out there...and they're often the loudest complainers and the stories you hear about. If you have a CPO friend (or just chat with CPO mil dude on a sit), ask if they're willing to share stories of guys who found themselves on the radar. My guess is you'll be quite surprised at what some of the dudes are doing out there. I believe USERRA is the minimum protection a company HAS to offer. If the company offered such a program, you wouldn't need USERRA protections because the company is voluntarily going above and beyond. Maybe, but at the end of the day, the company can hire who they choose, put them through indoc and let them go on a leave. So they may be involved, but I can't imagine they can stop such a plan, nor would I understand why they would.
  5. The union won't have a say if the company hires them, especially if they put them through an indoc class. With what's been going on lately, I wouldn't be surprised if they made up some "short course" indoc for these types of hires. I know we (DAL) had a few dudes who spoke at indoc, in which I witnesses (dude was moved out of that job due to his antics) and a particular CPO...mostly words. In practice, in my 9th year at Delta, I've honestly felt little hate and I've gone on every deployment/TDY, many of which were over the Christmas holiday season. If someone mentions it, drill down a bit and find out what caused it...frankly, some of the things guys have done, I'm shocked they were surprised they got asked for proof of their MLOA. You want to see some mloa hate, ask your FDX bros about taking MLOA during peak (well not this year...apparently they're having a slow down). Shack! The leave reg actually states that "all members should have the opportunity to take at least one leave period of 14 days of consecutive days or more every fiscal year..." Take it during this time and I can't see a SQ/CC disapproving "other work." Now getting two weeks of leave approved may be another story. Throw the reg in their face lol. If they're a hater, then post their name to ensure they're blackballed at every airline we can.
  6. Nice gesture and not a bad idea, given that it really costs them nothing. Now if they would give them a seniority number...game changer!
  7. ...while cruising around in your "free candy" van!
  8. This pretty much describes the ROE for all of my deployments in the last 12 years...
  9. Damn, that thread was nearly 18 years ago. We need a "where are they now" type thread lol. Crazy stuff you have here, didn't even know this stuff was a thing. Then again, I'm a caveman when it comes to most thing technology related.
  10. We just got an update from the negotiators last night that said, with respect to pay rates, the company hasn't moved from their initial offer.
  11. The response was pretty much, "get over it dude, we didn't bring any issued PT gear with us." Now lets move on to real issues that are actually important, like half the force having the shits because the shitters are leaking into the water that is used to wash/cook our food... They also tried to take our rooftop "fanta drink 🥃" and cigar hide out. MFers....just point the radar dishes the other way! 😂 I think it was Rainman that said war is only fun for the first year. In our case, it was only fun for about 3 weeks...
  12. Just fixing a quote from the article lol.
  13. AF: Here is your issued Boonie hat. You have to bring it because it's on the mandatory packing list. Also AF (in country): You can not wear that Boonie hat...here is the memo stating so. True story. DOD: No PT gear in your deployed location, just duty uniforms or civies...don't even bring PT gear. *Guard unit gets moved to new location in AOR to stand up AOG, things are going great...then AD shows up* AD Chief: why are your people in civies and not AF PT gear? AFI blah blah blah says duty uniform or pt gear...no civies. Also true story.
  14. Me thinks you missed the "/s" at the end of his post...
  15. If what I saw earlier today is what the AAL BODs is reviewing, then we're all likely screwed. Here's hoping it gets shot down.
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