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  1. This! All they're doing is ensuring that only the guys who have >15 years TAFMS are the ones who will come back on orders. Like the "new pay system" I was told (circa Mid 2018) would be rolled out Jan 2020 and would fix all the DSG flight pay issues...I'll believe it when I see. BTW, anyone have an update ETIC on that 2020 rollout?
  2. As an O-5 with 22 years, $1,500/month in flight pay and $75,000/yr bonus (highly doubt it happens), that is getting close to what might entice me to consider going on a year of orders...close lol. Problem is, the ANG clings to the ridiculous notion of a smaller bonus for 1 year orders. I don't mind taking a pay hit to help out, but not for a measly 25k bonus.
  3. Unfortunately this photo was taken when the leaves were still on, otherwise you'd see a bunch more planes. Used to fly over this all the time in college. I'm fairly certain there was part of a B-36 fuselage there in the early 2000s. The Soplata Airplane Sanctuary. More Pics.
  4. Yup, that's what makes it so puzzling.
  5. Only thing that seems logical is that he went back to "take a peek" at the gear and fell.
  6. 0400 takeoff for a 7 hour block flight, with a 2-man crew...that does sound pretty bad. This ain't Vietnam, there are rules and we're not barbarians! Hell, I get upset when I get a flight over 1.5 hours in my current jet. Nothing worse than seeing > 60 minutes to top of descent when I reach my cruise altitude of FL280 🤣. Though I can't top Weeds story, I've ran across the same types. One 330 Captain spent the entire trip to Rome, trying to convince me to go to Kiev with him to bang chicks. I mean full court press, time share sales pitch, trying to convince me I should join him. Want to see more of this in action. Watch dudes lose their minds when São Paulo or Singapore either leaves their fleet or gets cancelled all together. Watched that happen when they moved São Paulo to a different base (same fleet). Dudes lost their shit. Of course they bid over to the new base on the next bid. Their Brazil families must have been pissed for those few months lol.
  7. I'd prefer it stay 65, but I honestly don't see it having all that big of an impact on movement. At DAL, they say the average age of a retiree is now ~62.5. Lots don't want to, or likely won't be able to work to age 65. I'd have to imagine the number of dudes actually flying the line until age 67 would be fairly minuscule, though it won't be zero, so it has an impact. One huge plus, is getting disability until age 67. Right now, our contract simply says you get disability until retirement age, so for many, that means 2 more years of a damn good disability benefit. All that said, moving from age 60 to 65 made sense because it aligned us with ICAO and most of the rest of the world. So unless ICAO (more importantly every other nation) changes their age limit, I can't imagine why we would do that. It really doesn't seem like it would have the intended impact. Never-mind the nightmare it would create wrt to seniority/bidding if none of the other nations follow suit.
  8. What serious said. At DAL anyway, FO's can bid to avoid certain employee numbers. I've never actually bid to avoid anyone because I'm not going to let one asshole take away any of my bidding power. I have heard of Captains telling FO's to add him to their no-fly list lol.
  9. This is what happens when we cater to the kids who got beat up on the playground...they're now running HR. Since my move to the left seat, I've thankfully only ran into one FO that I was glad we only had one, short leg together. She was a SJW type who clearly hated old, white men (good thing I'm not 40 yet lol). A vast majority of the pilots out there are great to chat with, but there are the occasional odd balls that you're ready to be done with.
  10. Oh I've seen that happen for sure, and I'll even admit there are a few positives to being attached to an AD base. But in the context of not having to deal with a MTF, I'll take civilian medical care over an MTF every time. To my other point, I just meant that I've had shake my head at some friends who jumped to the Reserves at their last duty station and were surprised that it was same bullshit, different patches.
  11. One of the great things about being in the Guard, is not living anywhere near an MTF...not to mention all the other negatives of being on an AD base. For those looking to get out soon, add this to the long list of reasons why you shouldn't just hit the easy button and join the Reserve squadron on the AD base you're currently based.
  12. Wow, I've flown with some real pieces of work, but never someone so bad that I'd walk off the plane at an outstation. I've had to tell one to kindly go fuck himself (in a more PC way) and dude never bothered me again, even on subsequent flights (if there are any DAL DTW330 guys, it was Joe...). Would love to know the full story on that one!
  13. Another good video on the matter. Not sure if this has been posted on here before.
  14. Not sure where you live, but there is a "Canard flyin-in," on Rough River Lake in Kentucky (2I3). Looks like it's 23-25Sep this year. Never been, but I'm guessing it might be worth a visit...you'll likely get tons of info, get to know the community and probably find a few leads on a few EZ's not on the mainstream market. Also, if Huggy's link doesn't work, I've reached out to an acquaintance of mine whose owned one for a while to see if he'd chat with you (I'm sure he would love to talk EZ, I just haven't got a reply yet). Dude just finished up a trip around the Caribbean with a few other EZ owners.
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