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  1. Let's all not be to quick to judge, anyone know what she looks like? I already know she's into some weird shit...
  2. Or have all the previous policies punished single filers? Up until the 35% tax bracket, everything is pretty even at double the single rate. Marriage penalty isn't really new, but lots of shit punishes those who choose not to marry.
  3. Not that finally leaving after 20+ years with over a decade of that trying to get them to defend themselves is a big "fuck job." But some of you act like this is the first time we've fucked over those we promised to help. There have been plenty before and they'll be more in the future.
  4. Tough to do. Even one of the biggest assholes who sunk many of career, after a concerted blackball campaign at all of this top choices, was still able to make it to one of his last options.
  5. But hey, no more mean tweets, so we're all safe now.
  6. What's another few thousand after we've created tens of thousands with the two decade quagmire that was our occupation of Afghanistan? Fucked up all around.
  7. If he doesn't raise his weapon at me or any other innocent bystanders there is no way I'd take that shot. I'm sure as heck not going to shoot a dude that just shot someone who was attacking him...especially when that dude was being chased/knocked to the ground with a skateboard. He was running down the street with his weapon lowered, passing tons of people and not bothering them, I'm not sure I'd be in a hurry to engage someone like that. Even if I just rounded the corner as he shot someone, if he didn't appear to be threatening anyone who wasn't attacking him, I'm not shooting. I'll be prepared to respond from a position of cover, but no way I just start shooting. You don't need hours of analysis/videos/etc... to make that call.
  8. I guess another "mostly peaceful protestor?"
  9. Really? Is that a Majcom and/or airframe thing. Every dude we've sent since I've been in the squadron (13ish years) has not been an IP. Only one of them went on to be an IP.
  10. Damn...praying everyone is OK. Here's hoping they pull that fucker out of the car in a body bag.
  11. Now I hope he sues the shit out of the major "news" networks.
  12. Nice! They want help...make it a permanent change in the contract.
  13. I've cancelled a few times when wx was technically legal to fly, both as the Flight Lead and the OPS SUP said go, and as the OPS SUP when the Flight leads were willing to go. There have been plenty of times where it's much more prudent to not fly that day. Realize you may have to do some explaining, but I've never once been threatened with loss of quals. Even if I had, it wouldn't have changed my mind, especially for a daily CT line....lol make me a wingman only (twoop!). If you said you'd have to "report it to the DO," I'd say sure thing, let's walk down there right now....hell, get the SQ/CC and OG if you want, I don't really care. Once you've been a FL/AC/OPS SUP for a while, you start to learn what really matters and what doesn't. I'm all for going out and getting some good experience/lessons learned, but there are plenty of times where, even if the weather is technically legal, the gain does not outweigh the loss/potential risk. It gets even easier when you have the option to cancel and go fly that mission in a sim.
  14. Remember that some of the carriers out there do not require Turbine PIC time to get hired. There were two in my DAL class in 2014 who had zero TPIC (with no connection and not minorities). With a background like that and the hiring situation today, I could see it being much shorter stay at the regionals than some expect. Big thing would be getting the fixed-wing time requirement.
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