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  1. I mean, wouldn't the instructor be the one in trouble? It's Del Rio, you can't cut down the field that too much down there!
  2. Not for now, no beards or goatee, including the FAA. I think it's a ridiculous, but their toys, their rules.
  3. Lol, knew that was inbound. I genuinely wish my beard wouldn't grow back so fast, it's annoying.
  4. This is what the beard pushers tell themselves to feel better during their beard club circle jerks. I'm not actually for/against them, I just think the whining about not being able to have them is a bit over the top, second only to the arm tat people. I do think it's only a matter of time until they're approved. It is quite interesting that all the civil war generals, many West Point grads, sported beards. Yet the service academy has since shunned them. But more to your point, based on the handful of cargo guys who've showed up with beards looking for a ride, maybe 1 of them had a decent beard. However, most of them looked like shit.
  5. Lol, grab a chair on my lawn to yell at the kids because I'm with you here. At my airline, people act like their suffering through extreme persecution because they can't sport a beard. We had an enlisted dude in my squadron who claimed to be a pagan or something like that, so he could get a beard. Looked like shit.
  6. Twatwaffle...I like that, think I'm going to add that to my vocabulary. Much better that douchesprocket. Cuntwaffle has a nice ring as well.
  7. Lol, I remember when he took over and an old college buddy tanker driver was all geeked about there FINALLY being a non-fighter CSAF. A few weeks later...blues Monday. I sent him a screenshot of the memo saying, yay non-fighter guy...he didn't respond! .
  8. Unknown, just fly with lots of FOs who are doing it and tall about how there are always open spots.
  9. Guys, I've got an idea. Go (re)read the big short and get back to me after. Foolproof!
  10. Mmm Yes, the transition to full on boomer mode is nearly complete.
  11. I'm not sure what he means by LTS, but if he means long term sick/disability (LTD), then $40k/month is certainly not chump change. Our LTD is 50% of your highest 12 months in the last 36 months (plus double 401k contributions, so right now it would be 35% 401k on that 50% sick pay...essentially paying you 401k as if you weren't sick). That would mean he'd have averaged $80k/month for a 12 months stretch, which seems a bit high because that would be $960k/yr. If he's counting 401k contributions in that money, then it would be an average of ~$69k/month, which during that time, may have happened. We had some big earners in around that time, though I think it was a bit later. I think that's when we had a 330 Captain credit north of 500-600 hours in a single month.
  12. After many strategies, I've found that the best method is to simply let her make the decisions. I only show her shit I'm willing to fly...hey babe, they called me for X, yay or nay? She works from home during the week, so if it's anything M-F that gets me home before 4 or 5, she doesn't care at all. I'll fly weekend stuff if it makes sense because it's just another day for us, but I don't miss any events, it's just not worth it. I am flying the weekend after July 4th because our plans are on the 4th/5th and we're a bit vacationed out from June and our next one in August. It's also a 3-day for 2x pay and that's all I have on my July schedule lol. It's worth mentioning that my frau is a powerful income earner, so it takes a big stress off me in executing my plan. If I have a short month, it's not going to be a big issue for me. I know some may not be willing to take that risk, but if you're in the check of the month club, it's probably no problem. That said, I've never come up short unless it's by choice.
  13. Have you drilled down into the more time at home by comparing TAFB? If your airline allows, I'd check the schedules of people around your seniority at the end of the month to see what they're really doing. If able, go back an entire year to get the full picture. If you just want to bid your schedule, fly it and go home, then ya I'd go try WB life for a while. But at 15%, if you have some flexibility, you generally have lots of options available to increase your QOL/pay/time at home. This month I worked 12 days with 4 nights away and blocked 32 hours. My TAFB isn't much more than a single 6-day WB trip I used to fly, not to mention my nights away is far less. My WB schedule usually was two of those 6-days or on reserve I usually got a 6-day and a 3-day or three or four 3/4-days. Obviously the longer drive/more frequent trips to the airport would have to be taken into account, but it's something to consider if you don't care for the drive. 15% provides control over your schedule/life that is hard to beat, especially since you'd be so junior on a WB.
  14. What standard is that, AFR 35-10? You could probably get a copy of that on your way to the cash cage in CBPO! 🤣 It's been said by every generation ever.
  15. This! I was recently asked to be a LCA. You need 1,000 hours as a DAL Captain...after just over 2 years, I'm just about to break 500 block hours as Captain, so I have a couple years to go. I only like to do day turns so they'd have to be ok with me teaching that. I'm also a habitual show at 35 min prior to push guy, so that doesn't work well with teaching. But the biggest reason is that we only pay LCA pay on the block flown while teaching. Pay it on my entire months guarantee/credit, whether I'm teaching or not, and I'll think about it. Until then, I'll just continue to teach them how to exploit the contract to their gain, that's much more fun to talk about anyway.
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