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  1. Ya, I meant for that to go above his head, but your last paragraph hits on that point, so it's might just be moot. Either way, best of luck, hopefully he's being moved to a position where he can't do anymore damage. Not that a dude like this would ever go to an airline, but I know of a squadron that successfully blackballed a dude from all his top choice airlines because he was just such a toxic boss, especially toward part-timers/airline guys. He apparently had a CJO in hand at a Legacy and ended up having it pulled. Unfortunately this type of grass roots effects aren't as successful with Generals as they're just too far entrenched and will always find a cush contractor gig after service.
  2. WUT? If I were an OG or above, and I had a SQ/CC that handed out more than a one CC directed Q3s, I'd be wanting some explanations. More than a few and I'm probably setting aside a day to go through them all with the SQ/CC. 34!?!?! I'd probably removed the guy because clearly he doesn't know how to lead. In my entire career, I know of exactly one Q3 that happened while I was in the squadron. That was during the B-Course where a dude Q-3'd his first form 8 ride for some serious buffoonery on ground ops. ...ended up being a patch, so it didn't hurt him too bad. I've never seen a single command directed Q-3, though I know of one case that warranted one lol. Anyway, this doesn't sound like a guy I'd want in charge of our future AF leaders. This sounds like a great time for a community wide "dear boss" letter. The last thing we need is his style influencing USAFA cadets and permeating throughout the AF. This is a great time for all you dudes about to bail from service to start a grass roots movement and make one more positive impact on the AF. You're always allowed to talk to your congressman.
  3. Minute 8+10, the guy at the bottom makes a comment that nails it. "Once you've tasted the free life...it's tough to go back." It didn't help that the last 3 or 4 deployments felt like a complete waste of my life, which includes my last trip to Afghanistan about 6 months before the pull out. ROE so tight that there really wasn't even a reason for us to be in the air. Why am I going to hang it out there if you're not going to let me do my what I'm good at and force me to watch the bad guys do bad things to good guys? Totally jaded me right at the end. I can't imagine going back simply because I love the amount of free time to spend time with my family, friends, fly for fun, go on unplanned vacations or maybe got make some extra pay at a daily rate of 6x my mil pay. My only regret is that I didn't go as soon as I hit my 20. If you're on the fence and contemplating the jump, do it, I highly doubt you'll regret it.
  4. Just Brabus with his stockpile of tens of thousands of dollars worth of bullets and his assault knife building cabal!
  5. Even when I was a Lt Col, I couldn't tell you which A staff really mattered to me, or what they did. I'm sure making lead wings, with A-Staffs made up part time Lt Col's will be great lol. What's even worse, on some bases where they're charging headlong into this lead wing shit, they're pulling AGRs out of the flying squadron to fill these roles. If this was such an important thing for the AF, they'd provide the positions to go along with this new plan. Pulling AGR's from the squadron just hurts the flying mission and is robbing Peter to pay Paul. A buddies squadron is already short because they're on a joint base and have had full timers pulled for BS wing gigs. Now add this in and they make life miserable for the full timers left in the squadron. I wonder why they can't keep full timers lol.
  6. Maybe more shenanigans..."imminent national security threat."
  7. No one needs 500 rounds and assault knives Brabus!
  8. Is yours actually going through? I submitted an updated application April of 2023 and mine still shows "work in progress." I'm retired now, but call out FSS Chief today to see if she can check into for me. I understand things can take a bit, but this is pretty excessive. Thankfully, I have about 17ish years (depending on what they say) to figure it out lol. That sucks to hear. I once knocked out 4 OPRs in about 2 days for a guy so he could have them for an airline interview. Long story on how he was missing 4 OPRs. But to your strat comment, are those sought after things within your old Guard squadron? I bet I could have queried all the pilots (non former AD guys anyway) if they know what a strat is and I bet less than 50% would know what I'm talking about and the other 50% would say strategy? Having only been at one Guard unit my whole career, it's always interesting to see how things are done differently out there. Funny story... I'm out in PHX hiking up camelback and get a call from an old college friend. I hadn't heard from her since college, but I knew she was in a high profile job at Delta, so I answered. She said, hey are you behind on OPRs (she's mil as well)? I'm thinking well that's a weird question to lead with after 20 years of never talking. I'm like, do you mean am I personally (I was)? She's says, no I mean is your wing behind on OPRs? I just laugh and say if it's not a year overdue, we're not worried about it. She laughs, and says that makes sense, thanks gotta go. I hang up like, what a weird conversation. Fast forward a few days, I'm back at the squadron and figure it all out. Turns out she was interviewing a squadron mate who didn't have his last OPR. She was just calling me to verify if his story checks out because the others on the board were asking and her base appears to be pretty strict on OPRs. Dude owes me lots of beer.
  9. You're right on that one, I try to fly as little as possible at my airline gig! Averaging 20 hours/month right now...need to deflate those numbers a bit though. Well at work anyway. Unfortunately I have to pay for my fun flying these days...some of the best money I spend though. Anywho, on topic, it's really hard to want to go back to an organization that seems to try their level best, to make life harder for the individual. I guess if you were in a non-combat coded squadron, that never goes TDY, it wouldn't be terrible. On an unrelated note, has the new pay system been rolled out yet? I'm told it's going live Jan of 2020 and will fix part timer flight pay.
  10. Honestly this reads like a plan you'd create if you wanted to look like you're doing something, but don't actually want it to work. Maybe it gives them something to point at and say "see, we tried," I guess it's on to stop loss lol
  11. Only the best Charlottesville has to offer! Lol, when I was on the WB, I used to hate on my plane flying to the 'burgs & villes," but now they're going to have to shut this thing down to get me to leave lol. I'll take my MSN layover over AMS any day because I wont be dead tired walking around...I just gotta bring my sunglasses. Speaking of fight club. Anyone see that Delta clown at the Transportation Committee Hearing? The memes generated from this goober are hilarious! BTW, if you didn't know, Mr Nehls has a 63 year old Delta pilot brother. He's one of the reasons it's made it this far. I didn't watch the hearing to know if this flexing pilot is him or not. O'Doyle Rulz!
  12. Not sure what year that was, but I was a Capt, 4-ship flight lead in 2012 when orders dried up for a bit. I went to a regional to pickup some hours because, even with my 700 hours prior to UPT, I was still shy of legacy requirements (not that they were really hiring). Starting pay was $19/hr with a 72 hour guarantee. With the staffing levels we had at the time, there was no way to make extra cash. Second year pay was something like $30/hr...$25k/yr. I think Captains we're lucky to get in teh $60s...really living large lol. But none of those dudes seem care about those years, because you're making good money right now and it didn't happen when you were at Delta. Never gonna be another down turn or black swan event!
  13. My Terms because I've already given up a lot of my life to uncle Sam. 2 years contract, then year to year after. $100k/yr tax-free bonus (minimum), both years paid before I depart for my duty station. Flyer only. 5/4/9 schedule. No in-voluntary TDY's/Deployments (I'm probably going, I just want control). No writing or receiving OPRs/awards. Paper Voucher (1351-2). Paper Leave Forms (988)...I really don't want to have to justify why I can't fly across the country with SVTC. Duty assignment of my choosing. No Blues. I'll do PT tests because it's always fun to beat the young 20-somethings as a 40 year old overweight dude with a jacked up back/neck. Oh, and I want that time to count toward my reduced retirement pay. If there is a real near-pear, shoot-em-up war, scrap all that, I'll be first in line to come back and do what I can to help!
  14. Aside from the few at the top, this gets a vast majority of the group delayed pay/QOL, which I guess is great if you want to work until you die. I certainly wouldn't call having to wait two more years for all QOL/Pay increases a good deal.
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