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  1. What Brabus said above. I'll add to it that I'm guessing nearly every airline has "base housing," or a town/burb where lots of pilots live. I'm sure they have it at multiple bases as well, but an example would be Peachtree City in ATL. Lots of guys say they'd never live in a place like that, while others absolutely love it. If you're not committed to any one location yet, I'd consider not buying (especially in todays ridiculous market) until you get hired at your desired airline. If you start planting roots in one location that isn't a hub, you may just be commuting yourself
  2. Crazy. Well we'll soon have a guy headed to ROPMA for O-5. He's a one-each great dude, been a part timer most of his career, is a FLT/CC, 4-Ship FL (non-IP), never the head of a shop and he didn't do SOS or ACSC. He however is a very active participate that goes on every squadron TDY/deployment and he can grow a righteous mustache. I guess he'll be our latest trial case to see what happens. I heard of some wild shit happened in the tanker wing in our state, under a different TAG. Dude was Federally recognized as a Lt Col, but not State recognized (I don't know the proper v
  3. Are you in the Reserves or ANG...or is it just that different in the heavy world? Aside from one guy going for O-6, I've seriously never heard of anyone being passed over in the ANG, ever. I've never even heard of people worrying about a DP vs P, or if they'll be passed over or how their OPR looks, even for their O-5 board. You're in the Guard, your job is not necessarily to go out and get every qual known to man, not to have a bunch of additional duties and not to seek out OPR fodder. Your job is to maintain your currencies and be ready to go as needed. That said, I agree with your asses
  4. Good words, especially if you're in a unit, that for some reason doesn't seem to PV people. It's a sad day in the Guard when you have leaders who don't PV guys even if there are spots and when you have to worry about "showing your airline cards." A question I was asked, and we still ask during UPT interviews is, "we are a part time force and full time jobs aren't always available, what are your plans for full time employment?" The mission of the full timers is to ensure we have a good part time force...part time should be welcomed, not shunned.
  5. Unless you already have your 20, rush a Guard unit, you'll still get that but not all the rest of the full time ass pain. Otherwise bail, every single Captain I've flown with who had recently gotten out, didn't regret it one bit. Most say they missed it for like 2 weeks, then they realized there was a whole other life they now get to live. I absolutely can't wait...have my 20, just another year for my 3 years in grade. Is going overseas, spending more time away from home really worth it to you? I've flown with a few guys who did that stuff and there is NFW I'd be doi
  6. Time to send them back to the Guard so our MX guys can unfuck them again, then the AD can take them back.
  7. Did anyone really believe he would get a fair trial or impartial jury? Dude was good as guilty before the opening statements started. He'd have been better off fleeing the country. To your second comment, I've already witnessed this happen locally. Quite a few of our part timers are LEOs and many of them are seeking full time employment on base right now. One of them in OPS just took a stripe off to get a position. They all say the same thing, it's getting worse wrt the aggressive interactions and you're just one edited video away from being fired or put in prison. Even bef
  8. Had it for a hot minute, but dropped it because of our LTD at DAL. 50% of my current earnings is plenty for me for now. Right! In reference to the bonus, you even had a few who smugly proclaimed on a few FB groups that "airlines won't be hiring for years." Meanwhile, guys who were recently on a "no-fly" status just got awarded Captain and guys with 5 years on property were awarded 75/76 Captain. I'd expect for us (DAL) to announce hiring soon as well. What a whacky time in this business. Bottom line, big miscalculation by the AF and .gov.
  9. I still have to do SAPR, Cyber Awareness and had to sit through "extremism" training...so I guess the answer to that question is No.
  10. Damn Jazz, you did better than I would have. I'd have called the OG/CC or WG/CC on their personal cell phone and had the SrA explain his fuckup to them. I wouldn't have wanted an apology from him, as after that phone call it would have been a one way conversation about knowing your job before acting like and idiot (in the face of your partner giving you the correct info). If I had missed my sortie, I'd have walked over to the SFS/CC and had a chat as well. To the topic of the recent shooting, sure she fucked up, but dude would be alive if he hadn't resisted. Let's see, warrant
  11. Honestly, you're getting out in a few weeks, what are they going to do to you? No way I'd spend money for a uniform for just a few weeks...hell I've never even paid for a uniform that wasn't reimbursed.
  12. Which ever one allows you to live in base. DAL was only about half way through the contract when the ronas started. So far it had some nice little add-ons here and there (pay above guarantee for unused SC, etc...), but they really hadn't gotten to the meat of the contract. I'd guess you'll see more stuff happening later this year or early next. Possibly early if it's something that will help the recovery efforts. Honestly, I'm hoping it will be mostly work rule related (more than pay rates), which will be mostly boring from outsiders looking in.
  13. Follow up question, you guys pay for uniforms?
  14. I love me some zero comms. Exit the traffic pattern and turn the radio off. Radio batteries die during my run up...no problem, do a clearing turn and blast. Best type of flying there is!
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