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  1. Kenosha is my home town and I know it well. BLM and etc jumped in to make a scene and others joined the fray and created chaos. Burn it down, they said. The asshole gov Evers, that piece of "gotta please the BLMers" shit, refused to send state help like the National Guard. So the people said screw that, I'm not letting them burn down my town and responded, and brought guns. And people are upset on a self defense verdict? That kid should have stayed home. Rosenbaum was looking for a fight and picked on a kid he thought was vulnerable, because that's what he's done most of his life, molest little boys. If Rittenhouse wasn't there, it probably have been someone else, the next youngest and vulnerable looking kid. And we would be reading about some other trial of someone that defended themselves against Rosenbaum. Skateboarder Huber should have summoned the police instead of attacking. Side note and I've mentioned it before, is that many of the businesses that were looted and burned, are owned by non-white people and serve poorer neighborhoods. Like this one below. Some rioters tried to loot a deli/convenience store near my grandparents house. The citizens heard it, and came out shouting. They scattered and the store survived with some door damage.
  2. I had to go thru at least 6 news links before I found the name, but no pic. Look up the name, and finally got the mugshot. It's fucked up how much the medias hides certain details or pushes something hard. Out
  3. Danger41 says this was deployed. SEFE dude is sandbagging, in his opinion. And based on the story shared, I agree; Wx above legal mins and solid alternate. All the facts and excuses aside, I would remove the crew, that was assigned to perform a tasked mission in support of combat operations, and call in the Bravo crew. I would then put that sandbagging crew on duty desk for the next umpteen days to weeks. We need crews that can perform ATO, ORM'd missions. That crew would likely have a sitdown with themselves and express some feelings to each other. Also, the other crews picking up the slack would eventually know. Would they side with the AC or tell them to sack up and do their job? I've seen similar and problem crews got the jist. I've also seen a SEFE do stupid downgrades and been told that they keep that shit up, they won't be doing the job anymore. That is all, out.
  4. I don't. Zero reservation. It's guys/gals like us that bring perspective to their other roles, this case, Congress. It's the very definition of representative govt. it can make for some interesting crossovers too, like C17 AC and slum lord, or Chief of Training and Only Fans lady.
  5. One. It goes out the hull to rain piss on France.
  6. It was an ADSC for me and I signed up day 1 that the transfer benefit was offered. The deal then was if you had less that 4 years to 20, the ADSC was prorated to 20 yrs of active service. But it was all online, automated, and all laid out. OP, it's an ADSC. You signed, they give you a benefit. If you file for retirement, you may get to, but probably not with the benefit. PS, I used the transfer benefits for 3x dependants and all will walk away with 0, zero, no, college debt. That's priceless. When they live at home, the housing allowance easily covers tuition for another.
  7. When history books will include your name on this topic, maybe directing the record is in the interests of your family name and rep. Assholes. How we got here is part of the story, but I will not forgive the fucking ineptitude of the exit. Zero excuses allowed, less that zero accountability observed. Fucking out
  8. Also, in the warmer months in FL, there is always WX, EDTs, etc. Ops should always understand and anticipate those kinda delays. No other airline meltdown last week.
  9. The SWA schedule problems are due to the Chinese trying to take over Taiwan. Or is it because gas prices went up 1% which caused crews to go bankrupt at the pump. or space noise interfered with ph calls to skeds, or rising ocean levels caused more thunderstorms in Orlando and FAA Controllers at Jax didn't show cause the moon didn't align properly with Saturn. My special interests are X, and I will make any event in the world line up up with my interests. To my SWA buddy's out there, taxi fast, fly faster, and make bank on the ineptitude of ops.
  10. If only there was a huge facility being built in the US that had different initial plans (LCDs) that could be redirected towards chip production. I introduce you the the Foxconn factory in SE Wisconsin, which isn't doing much yet. Initially slated to build LCDs, the infrastructure buildouts should enabled it to build pretty much anything high tech. In the USA.
  11. Allow myself to quote myself. It was in response to "how come people test positive after getting the shot" mongering.
  12. You think 'Rona is just gonna sit still and get killed? Nature fights back. Some call it evolution.
  13. Until the top takes responsibility and takes it off the crews hands, this is probable... and even then. How some of these CCs/Gens are still in charge is beyond me. I've seen Sq/CCs fired for waaaaayyyy less. Navy COs that hit another ship, fired. But these guys??!!!?!!
  14. Man, what a flashback. I was introduced to Dr Hook as a kid as their greatest hits record was one my Ma would play frequently. She played everything from Uriah Heep to Eddie Rabbit to MJ's Thriller. Thanks Ma!
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