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  1. The 781 binder works in a pinch. Seen a few shorter ones use that.
  2. A few of us retiring at the same time did spreadsheets to try an educated decision. SBP is subsidized and if you go looking for a similar annuity on the market, SBP is a big bargain; can't find anything close in value for the cost. I can't remember the age data point exactly but well into retirement, if you keel over, the amount of time to recoup SBP premiums in monthly payments to the Mrs was like 3 years. Stats say men die 1st. So all the Mrs has to do is outlive you by 3 years. But consider family history. The main point about insurance, and trying to live off of it by either planning out living off the interest of investing it and/or dwindle down to Mrs's death, is you gotta die. No die, no insurance. And hope investments work out. Nothing like a Musk tweeting about clouds to send the market into a nosedive... dick. Also, term for this kind of coverage gets expensive in old age. The goal of SBP (or the insurance route) is the Mrs has steady monthly income and along with SS and investments like IRAs (hopefully), etc., doesn't have to worry about money. I view term as gap insurance to retirement, when hopefully the big items are paid off like house, college, boats, divorces, etc. Also, civilian jobs post retirement might offer a nice insurance deal to add to the mix. So, we all picked SBP.
  3. TRIGA (Training, Research, Isotopes, General Atomics) reactors are small and I can see them modified for power generation. I hear they're safer safe compared to the bigguns (different fuel). For example, the Mechanical Engineering building at UW Madison houses a 1 MW TRIGA. The building occupies a block and one wouldn't know there's a reactor in the building when passing by. Anyway, just shows that many small power plants could work, just add a steam generator system. Oh, and I know nothin about this stuff, so.... https://reactor.engr.wisc.edu/
  4. If one were to vist the races for just a day, which day would be best?
  5. Fighting over Trump reminds me of this little TV series clip.
  6. Russell Military Museum, I-94 Southbound just S of the IL/WI border. http://www.russellmilitarymuseum.com/
  7. Hog Wild Liquor store, approx 3 mile final to runway 25 at LRAFB.
  8. And I'd give mine to a fitness buff with a handle of brown juice every year. Track that.
  9. My $0.02 That TA has nothing nobody asked for. Vacation, nope. Sick leave/pay, nope. Training credit/pay, pay inches up but credit stays low for another 3.5 years. Reserve improvements, fuck no, and gave away a huge QOL item. Scope, give away so non seniority list pilots can be instructors. Made it easier to get reassignments by removing reserves and Sr man options 1st. All they did was toss out a bunch of add pays to appeal to our greed to shape actions. That type of model stinks of Effects Based Operations. What they often fail to see is that I/we want more time away from work, hence the vacation, training, SL, reserve, Rig improvements, among others. The pay rates are just 4 and 5%, the other 5% was previously negotiated. Not even close to inflation since 2019, when this was supposed to be done. I once heard the work rules, etc. shows how much they care about you, and pay rates show how much they respect you. To me, that TA says, "Eat shit and fuck off"
  10. I bitch because I had to repay mine (I ain't a boomer). I knew what I wanted (fly, ergo the degree) and figured it out. And today, in my state, HS grads that attend in state and can hold a B can mostly have tuition covered. Ok, so what are they going to do about it? Sit there with tears rolling onto their cell phone screens while tic tocking away, or do something about it. I posit, too many will do nothing. And that's fine with me, I'll take it. Know and understand the game, then beat it. Been that way forever... I think it was called, "King of the Mountain."
  11. Funny. My Chevron stock is up 70% from last fall. Its my gas hedge stock, so I think I'll take the dividends this year and get one tank of high quality petrol.
  12. Other than stop-loss, I don't think they can dream up a retention program to keep people from leaving. Oh, wait. They could: 1. Pay pilots like airlines do. Never going to happen. 2. Promote to leadership the proper people. I don't know why, but AF has this dumb ass mentality of promoting too many assholes into command. And I'll stop there as there's too much to list. While they might improve on #2, they can't get close on #1. And then all the other stuff we don't like. So they'll try the CAIP (I like it, trademark that) and it will probably work. Next will be civilian like IPs in the MAF, teaching indoc, local prof, upgrades, etc. They won't deploy and they can keep the training line moving along. That will be a tougher job to fill vs airlines, but pay it well and it might work, especially as dudes retire. Imagine that CAIP hearing they could go to McChord after CAIPing, learn the C-17, and then teach in it.
  13. Its the best they can think of. And it could work. Retention plans (if there is even a plan)... ain't working. Cut they syllabus even more... someone probably got shot saying that out loud. Hire old dudes... we'll pollute all those young minds, plus old guys make problems for mgmt with no filter, outspoken, opinionated words on how it should be done. And we got better paying jobs--small pool. Introduce the young pup CFI. Maybe they thought of mil flying, but didn't or couldn't. Easily molded and controlled. They have no prior bias against UPT ops like FAIPs or white jet assignment peeps. This fills a need for basic flight instruction. They probably make better pay than standard flight school stuff, plus the fly a more advanced plane and its turbine time. And after doing this gig and flying with a few ANG/Res peeps, they might have an inside track to rush a unit. And since they're civilians, no rank to get in the way and they can be a buddy and not an adversary. No "sir" in the cockpit. Hey John, lets head up to the area and see how that stall work is coming along. OK Sam. Want to join us for 9 holes this evening?
  14. Everyone would then switch to a "lower" caliber, like the 40 or 45, because, you know, its a smaller number.
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