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  1. For me, about 35 years. 20 Needle stabs barely left a scab. So, I'd say the original is still pretty effective.
  2. If every single one of you is getting an offer or more from the big guys like AA, UAL, DAL, SWA, FedEx, or UPS, as soon as you post your app, then I would agree that there is probably a pilot shortage. Remember, United's Kirby (quoted in the link) said this at an investor meeting... to investors. So when he does something, like buy another flight school, create another regional flow, start bus service (motor coach, not FiFi) on short routes, the investors say, eh, makes sense, pilot shortage. The real shortage is probably at the regionals. Between wages, archaic flows, etc., and the higher potential to jump up to the major off the bat, yeah, I can see them struggling to fill seats. Funny anecdotally, recently met some new hires and some came from just about every other major out there. It's a very good time to fill out that app and say no to the bonus.
  3. How about just deleting the video, no need to encourage the douchbag.
  4. Part of the deal would be FL counties assuming Disney debt, which I hear is about a Billion, with a B. I can see Disney moving to take on more debt before this closes knowing FL has to take that on. This looks like a classic snake - frog situation.
  5. Yep. I did 2x refinances for the same house. The last one, I was literally paid to lower my rate. Thanks Jon!!!
  6. This is just my experience and in the end, isn't enough to dissuade going VA loan, just a word of caution. Jon is correct is that the VA independently selects a "VA Approved" appraiser; you don't have any say on who they pick. Here was my experience on one of the two homes I used VA on. I built a home, and to get a construction loan an appraisal is required. After my VA appraiser experience, I spoke with that original appraiser to see what they look at, etc., which for me was a combination of local comparisons and cost to build. I was looking to see why I had a huge difference in appraisals. Builder reputation probably helped support the initial estimate as all his homes appraised slightly higher upon completion at the final mortgage appraisal. Mine was 530K pre-construction. Also, since I was building, there is no real estate agent involved. Enter the VA appraiser that just showed up when the home was at the 85-90% point. I wanted to highlight features that weren't easily seen, etc., but I wasn't there. His appraisal came in at 470K, a 60K difference. I asked the guy to come back out and meet with me and my builder (and he charged me for that, calling it a reappraisal). He kept telling me, heated/cooled square footage under roof. But we have this feature, or didn't use contractor grade here, there's a view, etc. Nope, he said it didn't matter. So all those things I spent extra on, there were of no value to him. And, he was a dick. I pointed out that his comp around the corner was a sale due to divorce, which he denied, saying he knew the real estate agent (months later I found the quiet title action and divorce case number and forwarded it to dick appraiser, never got a reply). My builder was pissed as he's never had a house fall short of the original appraisal. He talked with his builder buddies, come to find out this appraiser was notorious for low appraisals. In the end, 470K would cover the construction loan, but I wasn't going to get any money I invested back out, especially the lot cost, not that I really needed it, but I would have liked the option. I could have tried asking the appraiser to consider cost to build, but I didn't know that was an appraisal method until after I closed; even then, I don't think he would have listened. They don't really work for you. LL. When I called the original appraiser, to Brabus' point I learned that there are some VA appraisers that can be lazy; the VA feeds them steady work and they may not do as much research, but that's not common. Their license is on the line. I mentioned the VA appraiser name and it was confirmed, "yeah, we know about him" but couldn't share more than that. I could complain to the VA and they might do something if enough people complain. Dude even bragged about a low appraisal he did for a guy that has about some family owned pizza joints. I think our appraiser had philosophical views that had him make low ball appraisals. So, what can you do? Information and prepare for a low estimate. I didn't do a ROV as Jon suggests as recourse for a low estimate, but it's good to know that there is a review option. Also, find good comps. I could have done this in my area where most of the county sales info is lot only as most of the homes are newer and haven't been resold. But I had no idea the VA estimate would be so low.
  7. Retro install 737 "thrust levers"* where the G/A button is on top. Cost category - MX, $$$$$. or Put your arm on top of the "thrust levers"* while using the speed brake from the right seat, removing the threat of inadvertent G/A switch engagement. Bonus, one can feel the throttles, er, I mean "thrust levers" move at level off/power up and stow the brakes. Training, $ or Don't hire people that should not be flying. High startle, low SA, overreacts with a crazy ivan vs a trained maneuver. Hiring, free; or Training, $ for starting and washing them out. * Boeing and its use of weird terms for airplane things.
  8. This feels like a Berlin Wall moment. Way too much momentum to change it back and if they try, by the time they do, data will probably show no difference. Someone will probably show the executive branch, "look, the people are happy," change it back and you will lose elections.
  9. My general rule for Q-3s was a solid attempt to kill me or the rest of the crew. So, I gave 2. Downgrades were usually reserved for an inability to do something after multiple attempts, so not too many of those any usually happened to studs. Everything else was a debrief. But that was me. I spent more time fighting CC directed Q3s that a solid "mentoring" session could address. But fighting CC douchery was very challenging. My favorite quote, "what's the OG going to think if I don't Q3 them?" and my reply, "that you have the balls to stand up to the OG." Yep, Q3 given for an error, not gross violations. Come to think of it, most of those fights were against Nav CCs!!!!
  10. 1st, I like Earth. But I also like gas, so I'll be a self professed racing enthusiast. BTW, hydrogen, the smallest atom, is not easily stored. It likes to escape from sealed containers. And what is dirty hydrogen? And then there's this...
  11. We play our role. We send assistance, enact trade and financial pain, isolate, and gather allies to do the same. We send the message that America will do anything for freedom and we will help, but we probably won't do that. Then tell the rest of russia, the pain stops when Putin is gone, like, "Sorry, we'd love to work with you and do trade and all, but we can't work with a country that invades and is led by a bully."
  12. Concur. And remember, if you change the date, make sure DFAS-Indianapolis (they handle retired pay) is made aware of the date change. Maybe they coordinate better in 2022, or not.
  13. Not to derail, but I got a relative thats into all those conspiracies and so I told him that the russians and chinese have been creating and pushing those conspiracies, getting him to think the way they want. The reaction was entertaining. But yes, russian propaganda is out there. And now its safe to label Ritter as one of them.
  14. Yep, that was one of the biggest learning to operate areas, ground ops at the big airports. Ramps, metering, call or monitor, what's a Porter (the plane that says Porter on the side), and finally, "copy, follow the RJ" and they say that's not an RJ, its an Embraer. Commercial WEFT identification wasn't in indoc. Funny, but when SWA started ops in O'Hare, one would hear a funny comment like, "you ain't from around here, are ya" when trying to taxi.
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