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  1. 3AM. Klaxon, 0.69 secs later, C-RAM engages, startling me wide awake because its fucking loud and I'm in a tent, so my thoughts go.... big ground theory, big ground theory, big -- BOOM. The middle east can suck a dick, and I hope I never see any of it ever again.
  2. I'm assuming this is all your stuff. One thing to consider if storage will be a decent amount of time is having the moving company deliver it to a storage unit and only you have the key. One base I was at had a deal where I could store X lbs for free at a moving company (lack of storage space in base housing) so I used it. When it was time to move, I went to get it and saw the stuff was in an open warehouse, stacked up, and sorta roped off. Thats how stuff goes missing; a worker moves something out of the way, 5 finger discount, etc. All this to say is that SIT or moving company storage is not always in standard storage units. Bekins, etc charge a high amount because the govt lets them. One last bit of advise for the next move. You can DITY your whole move and even use a commercial company. It takes homework and you take on risk, so have good insurance. The key is the multiplier TMO uses, which fluctuates on demand. Compare that to an estimate or 2 and decide. One move I was looking at was going from base housing to base housing, no wait, 1.8ish multiplier over baseline allowances (summer, busy, higher rates). Could have made a few thou but too many flaming juggle sticks to handle and just needed a turnkey move.
  3. A few of us co-workers all about to retire did some maths and we concluded that SBP was worth it. But none of us were dual mil. For those that aren't dual military, here's what we did. The comparison was with term. I don't have the spreadsheet anymore, but we experimented with 1 Mil policies (maybe 2M) and used a cost index adjusted monthly payout of SBP as the rate of use. The term policy payouts eventually ran out, even with using a few low risk investment interest rates after payout; unless you died young, had a high value policy, and spouse was able to use mostly interest only. But you had to die. Also, unless you get inflation/cost adjusted policies, the effective payout decreases. We saw that the money paid in to SBP paid for itself after a few years. Quick math using static current year numbers, if you pay in for 20 years, spouse would get that amount back after 29 months. I just looked up how much I pay and what 55% of my monthly check would be, and SBP would pay back 70% of 1 year's cost with 1 month of benefit, so that may be a better cost adjusted benchmark to use. So we felt it was an easy way to help take care of the family and not deal with insurance companies. And there's a reason SBP is govt subsidized. You won't find a similarly priced product commercially. And there's no health history to affect rates. Or being a pilot. Or etc. All this to say, do the homework.
  4. ERBs are great and well done. This one is my favorite; Darth delivers the best line ever.
  5. One guy I know got hired at a job fair Kalitta was at, but that was about 6 years ago. I know a few folks that went to Atlas, as well but they all jumped to UPS/FedEx when their number was up. About 7 yrs when I asked, Atlas started with an internal rec. When it came to the flying, 747/767 flying and types were cool, the long trip length worked for most, but liked the shorter trips in the majors a lot more. Commuting was positive space, but imputed income. Nutshell, not a bad place to start, but many look for better. I do think that jumping to a major from an AMCI has higher chances than a regional. The worldwide experience just seems more competitive. If you have a connection, go for it. If you want to continue the brosepher-ness, rush an ANG unit too. I've know a few dudes that did ACMI/ANG. And I've known a few folks that did Avenge to build time/experience. They joked that they called it the future airline pilots group with just about everyone there working on time, building resumes, and perfecting the apps. A contract or 2 and you're set. My info is old, so try to find someone more recent. Keep talking to friends, make the contacts, and get the info.
  6. Side note, I watched some vids on the Bugatti W16 engine.... fascinating piece of machinery and engineering.
  7. One guy had training, experience, and SA, the other didn't. Besides, it's not like you have a port hole for the men to shoot out of like the Bradley, the 1972 version.
  8. Allow myself to quote myself... Dogecoin - WSJ Article "A more than 12,000% rally this year in dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that was set up as a joke and serves no purpose, sent its price to a record 69 cents per token this week." Time to trade the Camaros in for Vettes. Out
  9. Dogecoin at 40 cents. At the time of this message, it was 3 cents. New Camaros for everyone!
  10. The definition of right and left seemed skewed in that graphic.
  11. So, there's an effort to remove a PPL from consideration for selection? Seems stupid. I didn't get a slot in college (selection rate went to shit), so I competed for a slot on AD. I knew a PPL was going to be huge, so I figured it out. If I can find a way to get for a PPL, anyone can. I just looked it up, but back in 95 a 2nd Lt made $1636.20 a month. BAH barely covered apt rent. I found a local flight school and paid for my PPL, $2250 at the time, by nearly maxing out a credit card. I paid what I could each month. I then bought a block of 50 hrs for $1250 (yes, $25/hr wet, a huge bargain these days, but in a Traumahawk) and got my hours up over a 100 (the next big PCSM milestone). Lastly, in my UPT class, we didn't do FSP as it was cancelled a few months before attending and the AF didn't fire up the paid for PPL program yet. A few folks that didn't have a PPL struggled. Some made it, some didn't. But maybe that's the problem here; people can't figure shit out anymore and need systems to change and make it easier for them. Compare two people for a slot. One is just existing, but doing good school. The other is busting their ass, working extra to pay for a PPL. It's not that hard of a call.
  12. Like CH, I got mine at the VA and I've never used them for anything. Eligibility is receiving care or eligible to receive care. They had a car checkpoint just after the gate asking the symptoms questions. After that, they had a few folks directing traffic to the area doing the shots in the hospital. Got a clipboard and number (like the barber shop) and waited my turn. Our VA has been doing Moderna but they just got a shipment of Pfizer and that's what I got (and based on my own research, I preferred). They were giving 2nd doses of Moderna that morning as well. After the shot, I barely had a sore arm, but I massaged it a lot after the shot. And that was it. No temp, no aches, no chills, nothing. I suspect I got a shot of saline. And ditto on the VA staff, all friendly and such. As for scheduling, I get the VA e-mail newsletters and saw they are now doing all eligible vets. The state is at 1B. I called, someone answered right away, and was scheduled with what worked for me, 2 days out. I'm eligible to get a shot thru Cook County in IL via work for the last 4 weeks, but any attempt has been a shit show. Out
  13. Last time I checked, plenty of people suck at driving too. Lane keeping, collision avoidance braking, pacing cruise control, etc. techs have prevented accidents. I know you don't need those since you're so defensive, but someday you might. Or if you have kids, you may want your kids to have those techs. I want them for my kids. And it's companies like Tesla and others that are pushing the industry faster than it wanted. Interesting theory, any Tesla crash is news while the thousands of crashes by other cars is meh. It like if a pilot does a go around, so what. AF-1 does a go around, oh my fucking shit what the hell is going on headlines all day. Out
  14. I hope/believe Rep Kinzenger will make it through these times, and remembered for his courage to take on the party. The rest are spineless or complicit. I remember a class in school where we learned about mass hysteria and some examples in history. These times sound a lot like a mass hysteria event/s. Its a psychology problem I guess. That so many are influenced is quite amazing. And our foreign adversaries are probably grinning and chuckling, giddy with joy. Out
  15. Show me in the leave AFI where it says leave is automatically approved when submitted. I know someone overseas and the quarantine/testing/zero leave actions make our military people almost prisoners. If "exposed" they quarantine you for 2 weeks in your room... can't leave at all. Which I hear is the runtime of watching every Simpsons episode. One finds the end of the internet pretty quick like that. If and when a mandatory vaccinate order comes, the order will be fully vetted by DoD/Executive level legal. And there is a waiver for anything, except physics. PS, the things people lose their shit over these days is epically amazing. Out
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