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  1. I disagree. If that were true someone would have at least put up a fight for Kabul. When I was an advisor I could never wrap my mind around the guys who would abscond: we send them out of country for training and they just leave. But when they leave they left their families. They were a culture of men who were OK leaving their families behind. There was something fundamentally wrong with them. They lost and they deserved to. We’re the idiots who couldn’t see that obvious truth. Nor could we see that the Taliban, despite being assholes, had the fortitude to take everything we threw at them. The Taliban would see their friends blown in half yet wake up to fight the next day. Our GIROA allies tossed their guns down and fled. Loser culture.
  2. Fair. But there were 80,000 weapons and millions of rounds of ammo sitting in a pile at HKIA that thousands of afghans ran by on their way to jump onto a C17. And the Taliban attack was about 600 on the first day. 10,000+ fighting age men threw down their weapons and ran in terror from 600 Taliban. And asked us to protect them. This is clean cut. This was a cowardly thing and they deserve to lose. And we shouldn’t save them. And US mil who are staying awake at night working ways to save these guys are way off the reservation.
  3. To be clear, I was talking about US mil who think we owe safety to former AFG mil and are advocating for their evacuation and resettlement in the US.
  4. The number of military age males that we evacuated was more than sufficient to defend Kabul, but they never tried. They should have fought, but they ran like cowards. We owe them nothing, and shouldn’t have evacuated anyone. I cannot understand any US military member who thinks we “owe” them safety. They should always have known that fighting for their own country and winning was the only option.
  5. Not true. Show some good faith and hold accountable those who have lied, then I’m willing to hear new info. Fire Fauci. That’s a great starting point for transmission of new info. Hold accountable some of the many journalists who have engaged in the “noble lie” and attempts to deceive. When trust is broken, step 1 to restoration is acknowledging the failure. Step 2 is accountability. Without either of those, we can’t move forward.
  6. Ive also been seeing a lot of stories like this throughout the pandemic, but interestingly none of them have any evidence that withstands casual scrutiny. Was there a single unvaccinated person quoted in your article about what unvaccinated people say? Or just a handful of cherry picked doctors and administration officials? Was there airtime given to anyone who could articulate an opposing viewpoint, or were they simply relying on authority to tel you what you should think while characterizing opposition as ignorant? This far into our pandemic with so much obvious propaganda, I’m disappointed you wouldn’t exercise a little more critical thinking coming across obvious propaganda pieces like that. What’s surprising to me reading that link, is anyone would view that without skepticism in light of so many similar yet debunked stories.
  7. Those on the ground on day last did the best they could. Situation totally fucked. Blame lies with every leader who let us keep going without an obtainable objective for years.
  8. Interesting to hear the perspective from Gates. He thinks he has the credibility to throw stones, and doesn’t realize what a loser he is.
  9. My wife & I both got it. It’s fine I guess. Felt a bit under the weather for a day then got over it, NBD. We both still got COVID afterwards so it’s totally bogus, but that’s par for the course on this issue. If you’re just looking to check the box, J&J does it faster than the others.
  10. Yea, then it sounds like Pfeizer shouldn’t be equivalent to Comirnaty and DOD did that to make this order fast & immediately enforceable. If all those variables matter to the FDA, maybe they matter?
  11. At one time slavery was the law. And internment of innocent Japanese. And prohibition. And obeying the British crown. And segregation. Etc. But people resisted unjust laws and eventually the laws changed. What’s interesting here is these aren’t even laws. These are edicts that never passed the legislature. And are clearly controversial. Yet you’re in absolute glee watching peoples livelihoods wrecked as they voice dissent. You’re usually a smart dude whose posts I enjoy; don’t always agree with but I know you’ve thought it through. So as a thinking person, watching the “science” change as efficacy shrinks to months, seeing the slow leak of info about the origins which contradicts the certainty of “expert” opinions, watching flip-flop-Fauci, seeing the hypocrisy of democratic leaders who say one thing but act totally different when folks aren’t watching…. I have to ask you: do you think these posts will age well? Do you think 3 years from now your smug condescension will still seem justified?
  12. I was told by Med Group Comirnaty will not be available in the US (at least for DOD, I didn’t ask about the country writ large). Military members are ordered to take the FDA approved vaccine, and Pfiezer is “chemically identical” per company literature, therefore they are ordered to take Pfiezer. It begs the question why Pfiezer isn’t the FDA approved vaccine; why the rebranding and lack of availability in the United States? And why are we trusting company literature? The FDA made no claim that Pfiezer was identical. Feels like a bait and switch.
  13. Agreed. Our losses if we intervened would be staggering. There’s no appetite. If the Chinese invade, we’d sit and watch while wringing our hands, just like we did when Ukraine was invaded by Russia.
  14. If China were going to attack Taiwan, there’s never been a better time than now.
  15. Any guesses on implications of Chinese military activity around Taiwan? I’ve never seen anything quite like it. if they were going to invade, which I’d always thought unlikely, there’s no better time. We just lost a war, no political appetite to pay the price of defending Taiwan militarily, etc. Perhaps it’s just harassment, but there’s no doubt the level of aggression is increasing. Open source article (which is lame) for context: https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/threat-china-invading-taiwan-growing-every-day-what-u-s-ncna1273386
  16. Are you asking for a screenshot of the “false positive test being recalled?” I have no idea what rates are.
  17. Criminally underreport? How do you know that? Illegally funding gain of function with tax money in a foreign country to hide from congress then lying to congress is an example of real criminally under reporting. We just received an email that the COVID tests we’ve been using for high schoolers (in Florida) are recalled due to inordinately high false positives. Is anyone going back in time to subtract all those false positives? No. This whole thing is bullshit. In a real pandemic you don’t spend all this time and effort trying to convince people a pandemic is happening. It’s apparent.
  18. Lol. Sorry I’m late to the online party.
  19. https://funker530.com/video/afghan-man-records-himself-clinging-to-c-17/?fbclid=IwAR3OItswC6kQfwk1DTxiqxBIAMkY3qCr3TVfw2HBiLlxGausZ4D_g8Ge7Qg Wild videos of 16 Aug. What a disaster.
  20. This hypothetical scenario based speculation is mildly interesting, but it’s quite clear CJCS is a disgrace for many reasons and must resign or be fired. I personally think Austin, Miley and McKenzie at a minimum no longer remain credible in their positions after the AFG debacle. Unfortunately we all know there will be no accountability.
  21. Happy to talk if you want to Dm me. I know exactly what you feel, having done more of this than perhaps anyone in the AF. But I would challenge a few of your assumptions. The things you’ve done are not for nothing.
  22. Lol. Liberals love to pretend they cherish your above stated core tenet. But there’s always an anti-freedom catch that forces others to comply. There’s a catch with owning guns, there’s a catch with free speech on campus, there’s a catch with medical care, posting on Facebook, abortion, church services, public schools, election law, immigration, etc. In fact there’s no subject where liberals actually live out your alleged core tenet. They’re just tyrannical hypocrites every time.
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