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    Very well done. With that said, an alternate ending:
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    I don’t know if an ad agency this, but they absolutely nailed it. I mean, this!
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    It's like watching a bunch of homeless people fight over a ham sandwich that someone threw in the trash.
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    I was in one of the last UPT classes with the white helmets 86-87.. Part of UPT tradition was we designed a class patch, and also a class Helmet design. Nobody flew with a plain white helmet.
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    Well guys, thanks for the support. I used to view this forum as a place to get the kind of honest feedback and insight that senior leadership refuses to give you in person. But I guess we're down to mocking anyone who wants to get promoted and/or stay in the Air Force one day past their ADSC. And we wonder why so few good people become senior leaders. I submit that part of the reason is that we heap scorn on anyone who wants to be senior leaders, so the "good dudes" feel like that can't remain good dudes and play the promotion game. Sorry for responding to a direct question with a direct answer. Good luck to those who want to get promoted, and good luck to those who want out as soon as possible. I don't understand why any of you continue to encourage people to join on the other parts of the forum.
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    Prior to BLADE 11 there was a circle covering Raqqa too. We see how well the T+180 timeline worked out for them and they were still fighting over BOG numbers in 2017 two years after. When I was in Iraq we actually had people from the CAOC questioning our need to XSAR because of the cost/effort of having us and an HC airborne. Meanwhile a 8+ hour XCAS for a B-1 is approved without second thought. The fact that it took almost five months to get dedicated PR assets based in-country to provide less than a 2+30 response time is laughable. Nobody cares about PR until they need PR.
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    Flying clitoris. Useful on a number of levels...
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    He was asked a question, and he answered it. As someone who has been around for a while, I didn't see a problem with his response.
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    Sounds like he deserves at least two 365s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yeah....that's why you don't do hiring for Google. I'd put my money on that college kid being able to run circles around some government trained IT troop when it comes to coding. That kid was probably staying up at 4am every night in Palo Alto or Pasadena smoking weed and coding apps and video game mods with his buddies for the past 6 years, instead of having to worry about dorm inspections and showing up at 0600 for squadron PT or something.
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    Loved the video. It just seems so empty after a decade of “you’re replaceable”, “if you don’t like it quit”, and having to fight everyone in every other organization just to get some support. I wish them the best, but I’m glad that I am out. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    I would say my wife's inability to hold a career is probably the single biggest motivating factor to me getting out. Even financially, when you run the numbers, adding a meaningful income to anything you make in the military is going to out weigh any bonus offers, etc.... and then there is the whole effect on spouses mental health. The feeling that they lack contribution to society or identity. The fact that they are only known as "Capt So-and-so's Wife" instead of by their name. And the fact that the Military keeps trying to push this creepy 1950s family model that relegated them to the home when they are better educated than their peers.
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    The inevitable spiral is beginning! Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Okay - just so we're clear........ In the story that includes 3 fire-breathing dragons, hatched inside a funeral pyre by a chick (inside the same fire) who rides said dragons, commands their actions, and also happens to be in love with a guy who was stabbed to death and brought back to life by another chick who births an assassin shadow to kill a rival king............. You're drawing the line at BS windage? 😉
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    Hey Bashi - Go fuck yourself. Here we are trying to compare records, trying to decipher the promotion system, trying to honestly answer the questions we're asked, and you want to shit on people who put their cards in the table.
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    My money is on scissoring the help.
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    This thread is lame AF
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    Seems like a story calculated to impress, but it's actually full of shit. "My WG/CC gave me a P, but then he had to shake my hand because I won an award. Then the MAJCOM/CC said I was one of his best officers and said my WG/CC was a doofus. Then everyone clapped"
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    You can... you just get reimbursed up to the rate for on base lodging.
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    Don’t undersell yourself- you’d be most valuable not flying on a 365 to AUAB.
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    I don’t think you can go wrong with either. My point of view as a biased career tanker guy: The KC-135 is truly from a different era when it comes to hand flying it. It’s 1950s vintage through-and-through, so you actually have to FLY THE AIRPLANE. Or it will fly you, I promise. Perhaps not the most exciting missions some days, but flying a 60 year old airplane that has trim tabs, cable flight controls, and a shitload of power takes skill and constant attention. Not much fancy automation, hydraulic flight controls, auto-trim and HUDs to make everyone look like a hero. Never boring to flying that jet.
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    The problem is, where has that been the last 10 years? PA puts out bs bush league videos about A1C snuffies contributions to “fill in the blank retarded snowflake day” or how much of hard charger the finance dude is that looses my paperwork, all the while stiff arming the ops guys that actually put warheads on foreheads/hack all the other cool/war required missions. God forbid we recognize that pilots and real world missions are more important than some 9-5 paper pushers feelings. How many official AF videos have you seen of kick ass flying? Few if none. It’s sad the best flying videos are from UPT studs/bros in the ops squadrons with a go pro posted to YouTube. Its a cool video, I appreciate the effort, not being sarcastic, but it’s the equivalent of being offered a band aid after falling into a industrial meat grinder.
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    First Acquisition WIC paper/project how to procure sunshades for the hottest AETC base in Texas. And the only UPT base without them... *edit* please no more rep points i think 777 is a lucky omen for future poker gambling sessions....dont take that from me
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    "Walking around base with their sleeves rolled up..." Somewhere there is Chief having a meltdown.
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    IMA Recruiter: "Hey, NGB, I'm hurting on my quarterly numbers. Think you can hook a brotha up?" NGB: "Yeah, sure, watch this."
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    This is a trailer for a movie being done in Taiwan about the 28 Taiwanese Blackcats from the U-2 Program back in the 1960's. Gen Hua is about 93 now, and you'll see a guy names Louis Setter. Lou was the 10th pilot to fly the U-2. We had 5 of the Taiwanese pilots come to our reunion about 15 years ago. Pretty cool. One guy was shot down and taken prisoner by mainland China. He was kept prisoner for something like 20-30 years. When China finally released him, Taiwan wouldn't take him back. Fortunately, we allowed him to emigrate to the US.
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    Well, in an effort to get us back to promotion boards... I sat through the Webinar on Officer Instructor and Recruiting Special Duty. Cliff notes: CSAF intends to give guidance to promotion boards to give special consideration to instructor and recruiting duty, starting next year. Specifically, formal instruction - being an instructor in a line squadron doesn't count, but being an FTU or UPT instructor will. They're doing boards to select people for recruiting, ROTC, USAFA, OTS, and Air University positions. Window opened back on April 9th and closes May 24th. If you don't want to compete, you can click a box that says "I don't intend to compete"...but your Senior Rater still has the ability to push you to the board. Senior Raters will be required to pony up 15% of eligible officers (1Lt to Lt Col with 12 months on station). However, they can subtract T-coded officers from their total before nominating. The example they gave was two SRs with 140 officers. SR A has no T-codes - he nominates 21 officers. SR B has 40 T-codes - 140-40 = 100. 15% of 100 is 15 officers. They intend to open these positions, on a limited basis, to rated officers. There are 500 total positions across the Air Force. 50 will go to rated officers, including ROTC instructor duty (not necessarily Det/CC). You MUST be through your first gate to be seriously considered (96 months). Finally, if you want to compete for Det/CC, you need to have at least a line number to Lt Col. You must be pinned on prior to taking over the Det, typically late July/early August. So, looks like my ROTC rant was just because I was a year ahead of my time.
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    I hear this is the exact phrase that 17S and 1B4s say at exercises when planners want to know their effects. Not that you should talk about it on this forum but I wouldn't be surprised if cyber suffers from overclassification.
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    Current 11F...good luck. You’ll need to wait til you can go guard/reserve. There’s gotta be a chick involved to do something like this so you should just volunteer for UPT and have her try to get the same base. Enjoy Laughlin. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Oh hey look it’s this douchebag again...what was his name last time? Let me go look... @HarleyQuinn I see you’re now posting as@Shazaam.
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    From the cheap seats, if I ever go down, please come get me ASAFP! I don’t care if you’re AF, Army, Italian, or Bernie Sanders. I’ll be the guy curled up in the fetal position weeping softly.
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    Quoted from Facebook "It looks like if you rub it for a few minutes the plane will start shaking violently and dump fuel everywhere."
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    The news needs to get 4 Quarts on the horn ASAP for some expert commentary.
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    Why? These are the current day threats (let alone near future capes). Just because they present a far more difficult problem doesn't justify us not doing it. Pretending SU-30s with C/D/Archer is a realistic baseline is laughable. That's like the Chinese training to an F-16 A-model in relative comparison. Time to solve the hard problem, not run away from it and solve the easy problem, then beat our chests about how great we are.
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    These guys made a decision, formulated a plan, and executed with high efficiency and precision (aside from the slightly lopsided balls). I’d say the CVR evidence supports the fact that these two officers are highly effective military aviators and the skydick episode should be taught to every UPT student as an example of what to aspire to (might need a trigger warning for the weak kneed though). A toast to these goddamned American heroes! 🍺🍺🍺🍺
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    It may actually be the system working correctly. Leadership sits down and discusses who deserves awards based on what their people did over the quarter/year, then documents it on paper. That's got to be better than doling out awards based on who can write the most polished bullets ("you don't get awards, your 1206s get awards"). In units that did that, I usually saw the ADOs draft the 1206s for flt/ccs, and the DO or CC did the FGO 1206s.
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    FWIW, an FGO submitting themselves for OTQ/OTY awards would be a mark against them on any rack & stack I’m involved in. I understand the logic, and I think it’s good to keep a list of things you’ve done in case your boss asks for some bullets. However, what mission relevant task aren’t you doing while you spend time writing a 1206 for yourself? Which of your people aren’t you putting in for awards while you craft one on yourself? I understand that our shitty system makes self-promotion attractive, but it’s a foul and I actively discourage it. You want to get attention? Submit 4 x 1206s on other people every quarter for a year. Do one on someone you don’t supervise but notice doing an awesome job. Invest your time building other folks up. That will get you noticed positively. This isn’t a spear at Pawnman or anyone else. I get it. Just offering you some outside feedback on unintended consequences.
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    Yeah, tens of people love Eielson.
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    Same poster as the banned HarleyQuinn account. Same weird ing rants. Do a search.
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    Need to second this. There is a lack of mission focus in AMC that you won't realize until you do a tour in PACAF or USAFE.
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    Nah, Bran isn’t ISR, he’s cyber. Hence why he didn’t see it happening.
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    Or talk to shazzams SQ/CC.... I hear she has a direct line to Gen Kelly
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    Contrary to the opinion above, I would recommend retaking the AFOQT. Most fighter apps will have higher scores across the board, so getting those up will only certainly help. It’s one less thing in your application to have to “explain”, at least.
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    Here’s my Rat saga. One day I landed at the Died while deployed there and they parked us in an unfamiliar location. Because of this it took us a little longer to get into the chocks and shut down, you know, because we all know taxiing into something after a long day makes bad things happen. While we were gathering all the classified...you know, all the stuff you don’t want to lose after a long day because bad shit happens, a dude from the RegAF squadron at my base pops up the chute and says “hey we are sharing a bus, can you guys hurry up?” Yeah, ok, sure. So I walk over to the bus with all my crap and when I hop on I hear a voice say “Are you guys running the dick around checklist up there???” I don’t recognize the face or voice in the darkness, so I laugh it off. I leave the bus to grab more stuff and when I get back on this guy is legit busting balls. I look closer and it’s the EOG/CC, none other than you know who. We drive over to MX and past the Bones. He proceeds to look at the bombers and says “you tanker guys don’t fly combat sorties, THESE guys fly combat sorties!” And then starts telling stories about all his B-1 time. We go into MX. His jet is code 1. Mine is not. His pilots drop off the forms and get on the bus. I have to spend some time in there. I get back onto the bus and he starts in on me once again for being slow. Not even in a joking way, borderline hostile. I don’t even fcuking know this assclown. Never met him before in my life. The whole bus ride was telling us how inferior the mobility aircraft are. Not exactly the way to inspire your wing that has 6 bombers and 69 tankers and herks. No “where are you guys from.” No “thank you for being out here.” Just really hostile belittling. We get to customs. He prances off the bus with only his helmet bag and proceeds to the line. His crew and my crew gather up all the shit and schlep it to customs as he stands there waiting for his AC (who has the flight orders) with an impatient look on his face. Don’t worry Colonel sir, we will get all the bags. So we get into the customs area and there is some sort of kerfuffle happening between customs, the head shiek, some locals and some OGA types so my crew goes as far away from that as possible to wait it out and use the Wi-Fi to text back home. Rat goes and finds some Marines so he can tell them how awesome he is. When it’s our turn to go to Customs he looks over at us and yells across the room “What are you guys doing, playing Dungeons and Dragons over there?” We clear customs and again he strolls through with only his bag, gets on the bus, and then disappears when we get back to Ops. My entire Rat experience was about 45 minutes, but fcuk that guy. Once we all started talking and hearing the stories Bergman illustrated, it all made sense. I’m a pretty easygoing guy willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but he was by far the WORST O-6 I have ever run across in my life.

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