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    So, there I was. No shit. Middle of an ORE at Shaw, first of three sorties for the day turning ACT x ACT x RED. I was a brand new CMR #2, all thrust, no vector; I'm a pitbull on a fvcking leash. Brief and ground ops were uneventful, up to the point where PFL (wussy flight lead) calls Ops and tries to cancel due to isolated VCTS. Fvcking FAIPs. Ops recommended he grow a pair so we took off and headed west. After precisely 69% of the vul covered, with a clean picture and most of my missiles expended, the SOF calls on AUX - mushroom cloud overhead; we need to divert to WRB. PFL quibbles, something about it being his turn to cook dinner that night. Those of you who know MatMac are aware: this is no joke. Anyway, Georgia is a state where (up to that point) I had yet to slay so I tactically declared BINGO and reached back with my right hand to make sure my helmet bag contained my trusty mark-1 divert kit: deodorant, toothbrush and a box of rubbers. On vectors to WRB I've got snowplow called up and I wisely aimed for every rainshower I could... On the ground, we talk to TA about turning our jets. Well, I talked to TA. PFL was on the horn with his wife and then PF Chang's ordering food so he didn't get in trouble. Turns out TA will take 3 hrs to turn the 8 jets so we go to the bowling alley to get lunch. This is where the fun starts. It's summertime, so school is out. I spy a group of four lovely ladies (who were looking for heroes) on lanes 6-9. I give PFL a 5-spot and directions to order a burger, then I go anchor by the ladies. Turns out the outgoing blonde is the wing king's daughter and the others are her friends from the nursing program who happen to be visiting during the summer. Shitty food is consumed. Numbers are exchanged. I depart for Base Ops with digits and the hope of a road trip some upcoming weekend. I proceeded to do the most thorough pre-flight inspection of my life. Low and behold, I find an EMS bit ball had popped after landing! Sure, if I had noticed it on my post-flight then maybe they would have had time to send dudes from Shaw to fix it that day. Not likely though. Now, everyone knows that flight through precip is likely to trip one without any real problems, so PFL comes over to survey the situation. He closes the panel and asks what I'm gonna do. I give my best pep talk about how happiness comes in small doses and opportunities to be true heroes are rare. His response: "I know dude, that's why I need to get home. I'm only allowed two TDYs a year, I don't want to burn one in WRB." SQ policy was to divert as two-ships but I sit idly by with a shit-eating grin on my face as 7 jets blast for home and I walk off to the Qs, helmet bag thrown over my shoulder. Aftermath: he told me the lettuce wraps were particularly good at home that night. Me, on the other hand - I got back the following afternoon and was completely spent. 4 nursing students not worth burning one of your allocated TDYs on? For me it was, and all it cost me was a phone call to my neighbors to take care of my dog. Well, that and I did have to replenish one divert kit.
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    That is an animated gif not a meme you n00b.
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    RF-4C 1. Ops tempo: Outstanding. Best kept secret. Basically a flying club. As a 1Lt it's your airplane with great responsibility; "All we ask is bring it back in one piece." Flying is mostly low level single ship to where ever YOU and your WSO decide to go that day. Not flying, review your film from previous day, do a tour in the RSU, perhaps a little studying in the vault, shelf check at the BX. TDY's and deployments minimal and considered a good deal. AAR training every couple of months. Night AAR is always scheduled with a full moon. If stationed in Germany always save a little fuel for the fur ball with whomever is trolling along the Rhine. 2. LIfestyle/family: Could not be better. Home every day by 5. No working weekends. If stationed in Germany most have a rental Swiss chalet for the winter skiing months. 3. Community morale: Excellent. Surprising amount of fellow pilots UPT DG's. Some turned down fighters to fly Recce. Everyone works and pulls together. 4. Advancement & Future of Airframe: Terrible, once Recce always Recce according to MPC although I managed a 4 yr OA-37 assignment to DM. (another flying club). NO future dedicated manned Recce airframes. 5. Preferred PCS locations: Zweibrucken, Alconbury, Bergstrom. Oh crap, just got up from a nap. Dreaming it was 1977 and not 2017! Sorry guys, you missed a great time in the AF. 10 years AD then off to a legacy airline.
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    Wait for the investigation to be completed before he says anything? What if that took months? Had he waited, he would have been skinned alive for not projecting a strong response. And frankly, I don't see a problem. He said what was written was unacceptable. A cadet DID write it. And that's a problem. And he followed through with what he said he would do: the cadet that did it has been shit-canned. He isn't running for office... he's being a leader at the Academy. Good on him.
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    Laws against shooting others as in murder. Check. Laws against using a firearm in the commission of a felony. Check. Laws against felons obtaining/possessing firearms. Check. Laws mandating felony convictions put entered into FBI's NCIS database. Check. Big Blue f'ing this up. Check. So, to some the solution is more government. The same government that can't do this. Sick fcuk, abusing his wife and his infant. Now this. Rot in hell, you motherfcuker. I also hope that Big Blue is named as a defendant in a giant civil case as being negligent and culpable and the families get huge dollars. I also hope OSI pogues and Holloman leaders in place at the time draw, at a minimum, career-ending paperwork. Those who are supposed to audit such processes as well. Do your fcukin' job, morons.
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    Ok, you asked. Fedex 777. Mission is to make the company billions and for me grab some of the crumbs to the tune of $250K a year as a co-pilot(First Officer). Typically work 12-14 days per month either all at once with the rest of the month off or week-on, week-off. Much of that work time is soft time (i.e. not actual flying hours). Typically, I'm paid for 80-90 flight hours each month, but it's rare for me to actually have air under my ass for more than 50 hours each month. Since I'm an FO, many trip are as a relief pilot which involves deadheading around the planet in business or first class to various locations where I will meet up with the crew and act as the "free agent" third or fourth pilot on a long haul flight and then part ways. For the last 10 years straight, I've made the highest level in American Airline's frequent flyer program annually and have 1.5 million miles to use for family leisure travel. I can choose how I orchestrate my passenger deadhead flights using the company money available and any extra $$ is available for various travel expenses incurred in conjunction with any trip. Next month, I will be picked up at my house by a limo (paid for by Fedex) and driven to O'hare to begin my journey to Tokyo. My trip is due to start on a Thursday but since I'm not going to follow the deadhead schedule, I will stay home on day one getting paid. Friday, I will fly from O'hare to Tokyo in a lay flat business class seat sipping single malt and maybe catch a movie. From there, I'll take the bullet train to Osaka and have about 48 hours off before I have to work. My only flight on this trip is a 4-hour leg from Osaka to Guangzhou, China. Once I arrive in China, I'm done. I have a quick 12-hour layover and then I'm scheduled for 3 day deadhead sequence to get back to Memphis. Since I don't want to go to Memphis, I'm going to stick with the original plan of a private car driving me to Hong Kong which will get me to my first flight out. Thanks to my frequent flyer status, American has upgraded me from business to first class on my HKG to DFW flight. Once at DFW, I'll hang in the lounge until my flight back to O'hare. Once back to Chicago, another limo will take me home, dropping me off on Wednesday, 5 days after I was picked up. Since I shaved some time off my trip home by deviating, I'll be on the clock for almost 24 hours after I get home. For my trouble, I'll have about 30K more frequent flyer miles and my paycheck will be about $10K fatter (before taxes). Now the rest of the story........ About the time I'm landing in China after the 4.0 from Osaka, my family will be doing the Christmas morning routine. Being an almost empty nester, that's okay and gives someone with little ones a shot at being home. Hardly as noble as it sounds. I'm just a lazy MFer. Getting paid 10-grand to deadhead in style back and forth from Asia so that I can fly a single 4 hour flight is a fair trade off. That trip plus another for the first 6 days of Dec make up my month. So, that's one snap-shot of the Fedex 777 thing. Believe it or not, I've had better months, but this will definitely be a good one. The bad ones can be tough but with a little seniority, the good far outweighs the bad. Our bad doesn't hold a candle to the long days those of you still doing the job for big blue deal with. So, when you decide to bail, come on over - the water's fine. I usually get a paid commute via private car and first class international deadhead every month. There's lots of "Q" in the QOL and I definitely recommend it. Also, WTF is a "stewardess"?
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    Here’s the problem with your take. If you always believe an alleged victim without investigating anything, you are potentially victimizing innocent parties. I understand a therapist or a SARC type always believing an alleged victim. But I’m very uncomfortable with commanders or prosecutors instantly believing an alleged victim. What if they are wrong? In our society today, nothing is worse being labeled a racist. I think the general would have been less condemning of someone posting messages sympathetic to ISIS. Now, luckily no single cadet was singled out as a racist. However, the commander lectured all of them as if they are potential racists, very publicly. It’s not right that they were treated as guilty by association. Their entire group was smeared publicly by its leader, no less. Commanders should stop being lazy and/or PC and get some facts before crucifying his people. Especially publicly, like this, literally asking for people to film you lecturing your troops. Do that in private, if you really feel it is necessary. It’s not about you. It’s about your people, and no commander should shame them, with no facts, for their own vanity.
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    Management buddies? Liquid is a good dude, he has been promoted again and I think his job and circumstances keep him away from this forum...I am assuming. We are friends but I don't discuss this place with him. As for other senior folks, I wish I had a better answer. I am admittedly disillusioned having run in those circles and I am truly sad to say many are sycophants that could care less what you post on here because they believe alternate realities and nothing you can say (even the facts), will convince them otherwise. When you try to tell the MAJCOM/CC there is a retention train wreck coming and his response is "they will stay because they are patriots"...you reply, but sir they have done their duty over and OVER again...then he replies "fuck them, we will just make more." Some of these assholes made it worse out of pure malice...one in particular REALLY fucked some good people over and they got out. One dude had a life-long dream to fly the B-2, the now 2-star select refused on principle (our manning would have allowed it), so a Great pilot bailed. The same guy then stopped another guy from going to TPS (another life-long dream), because he was a CV-22 flight lead and we were short...so they guy got out and now flies for Delta. Much of our senior leadership is septic...the only reason they are pretending to care is because we are indeed 1920 pilots short and it is only going to get worse...MUCH worse.
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    Bag wearers need to stop rolling over at the whim of admin shoe clerks. If the reg is on your side, don't let it slide. If not, smile and take your test. Don't let feelings get in the way of doing what's right because this shit will just continue if nobody stands up to it.
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    Being a commander is not a requirement. If you're not interested in performing all of the usual duties for all of your subordinates who are serving in lawful capacities, then just don't be a commander. It would be pandemonium amongst the ranks if the first gay commander only signed certs for gay spouses, and they would be rightly upset.
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    In general I agree with you but..... We are not a secular democracy, we are a constitutional republic, God and Creator are all over the Declaration of Independence, and if the writers wanted the separation in there I believe they would have put it there, at least 6 people signed both. The ones that wrote about it in letters wrote about separation of religion, not from religion. I would also argue that a one persons rights are not more important than another persons. All that being said the military is a different animal, those higher ranking than another can tell you to shut up and color.
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    Unless you fly the Eagle. Still rockin the fix to fix because they won't upgrade us to GPS. [whining] Every time we go cross country (ANG so XC for all my friends!!) it's the same story. "Jazz01, cleared direct BISBY" "Jazz1, unable - need a vector, a navaid or the lat/long" "Oh, ok, um... Jazz01 cleared direct FTBOL then." "ugh.... Jazz1 unable FTBOL - I don't have GPS, cannot go to a GPS point" "Uhhhh, well lets see, uh....Jazz1 fly heading 260" "260, Jazz1" "Jazz1 contact Memphis on 124.8..." "(doh!) Jazz1 still needs a Uniform freq..." [/whining]
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    Just had this very discussion with the other FO yesterday, coming back from a particularly awesome European layover. Former 11F (O-4/WIC type), now a 4 year WB FO, soon to be NB CA. Here were his demands for a staff gig. - 130k/yr bonus (difference in his expected NB CA pay and O-4 pay) that increases 5k for every year he's back on AD. - Choice of his assignment/location - No deployments or involuntary TDYs - 8 hour work days - Auto approval of all leave submissions (up to the yearly limit) - No OPRs - No work at home (email and blackberry stay in the office) - No SARC training/CBTs/ORIs/MICT/PT test (although passing one clearly isn't a problem for this guy) - Reimbursement for a property management company to take care of his house while he is gone - A clause that states anytime finance denies any of his moving expenses/damaged goods, he can void the contract - DLA to and from his assignment, even the PCS to the PLEAD when he separates again - If he falls short of his 20, then ALL time counts toward early retirement credit for his part timer retirement He was willing to knock off a FEW of these items if you let him just be a line IP with no additional duties.
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    I don’t leave home without my carry weapon. Only exception is if I am going somewhere that has a metal detector or I know I am getting checked. I made the choice a long time ago signs/retarded rules are not going to get me killed. I would rather deal with concealing a firearm illegally/against a establishments rules and saving my family than watching my family be killed. Each to their own, it’s a personal choice, and I know the potential consequences.
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    Yeah I don’t really care about being anonymous. I mean, my home station ICAO is listed in my profile... 552 ACW, OG/CC, Tinker AFB, OK. Col Richard Land. He said what he said in front of all the officers in the group. He’s not hiding how he feels.
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    That's the real reason he wanted line up cards. Needed to make them for requal.
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    I have been with this board since shortly after its inception - I joined as a young Captain and tapered off after retiring two years ago as a Lt Col. Due to my departure and shrinking level of current USAF knowledge, my contributions to this board have diminished. But it occurred to me after a PM from a board member that myself and others in my situation still have a valuable contribution to those who are looking towards a post-AF career. So I'm starting this thread as a specific Q&A for airline hiring, with emphasis on direct connection to guys working for the airlines who can mentor and assist. I am not posting this in the "Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines" thread because I want this to be less bitching and more informational. For those who currently fly, please chime in and provide credentials. Ideally we can provide an accurate picture of what it's like for our specific airlines. I'll start. American Airlines DFW 737 First Officer. Feb 2016 hire, previously MIA based. The grass is definitely greener - no queep, no work once you're done. On reserve, 12/13 days off a month and guarantee pay of 73-76 hours a month as a reserve pilot (higher pay as a lineholder). Commuting blows ass, first year pay ain't great, but 2nd year pay is equivalent to my retirement pay as an O-5. Some of the work rules aren't great, but from a relative perspective of 20 years in the Air Force, this is a sweet gig.
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    That's a lot more common sense than what happened to me. I, being the accused, was grounded and had my AO's suspended, which also canx'd my flight pay, months before my Sq/CC even preferred charges against me. My accuser? She went on to continue to fly, missed the Article 32 hearing because she was TDY to instructor school, and continued to be the poster child in AMC and the base we were assigned to by flying with the local media and making PA videos. Did my leadership give a shit about me? No, it was things "they're being forced to do." Which really isn't true either, Commanders have a lot of discretion when it comes to administrative actions when it comes to allegations against the accused. I was treated like a criminal before even being charged with a crime. Leadership went above and beyond to make sure nothing that could misconstrued as negative happened to her career. Even after I was acquitted of sexual assault, my accuser was able to have an expedited transfer to a sunny base in Florida since the AFI states a victim is entitled to an Expedited Transfer for any Unrestricted Sexual Assault report. To the men and women who have been assaulted by the Spacey's, Louis C.K.'s, Harvey Weinstein's, I truly to feel sorry for them. For the men and women to abuse and take advantage of the protections due to the current DoD War on Sexual Assaults, there's a special place in hell which I hope they all burn.
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    I've been at United for eleven years this month. Currently a 737 Captain at LAX. Held the left seat at nine years and currently am sitting reserve at home in SoCal. I flew the 737, 757, 767 and very briefly, the 787. I have loved every minute of this job. Great coworkers, generous pay and benefits, more time off than anybody I can think of that actually has a job. My former 787 FO peeps on reserve have all grown Grizzly Adams beards. I flew with plenty of prior service folks when I was in the right seat, but it's been a real pleasure to work with a younger generation who are a little bit closer to my age, fresh off their military careers and not yet bitter and angry with the industry. And with the leadership we currently have, I am cautiously optimistic they never will! I have been very fortunate to fly with consistently high quality folks from all aviation backgrounds. I am grateful I upgraded as soon as I could. Even with the temporary commute I did to SFO and the vagrancies of life on reserve, it's been a total pleasure to be in command again and set the tone at work. I can highly recommend the ECIC prep, it really took the stress off and allowed me to just concentrate on communicating. Spend the time and money, it's worth the peace of mind and there's way too much money at stake to leave things to chance and not to come loaded for bear. Checked and Set is an excellent resource too, Charlie Venema is just as sharp as Aaron. Anybody who's got a question about UAL they'd like answered should feel free to drop me a PM. If you're in LA, let me know, we'll get together and I'll give you the fifty cent tour of the flight office. I'm immensely proud of our company and our relationship with veterans. In addition to former military pilots, I've flown with former NAVs, FEs, controllers, tank company commanders, Delta force, black-shoe navy submarine commanders, grunts and even shoe clerks. Haven't had a bad day yet.
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    All valid points and I won't even pretend to defend his comments. I would not have threatened no-notice check rides, not the place on a DOV guy. On the other hand if I was the SQ/CC and my IPs were sitting in a circle talking about the airlines at work I would justifiably not be happy. We all bitch about the bullshit queep that keeps us from flying and focusing on the mission, shouldn't that apply both ways? "Good Dude" in this context...really means good leader. I know many people on here know who he is, but I will still attempt to preserve his anonymity. Let me give some examples of what I am talking about. He is MOST certainly NOT part of the management club, on multiple occasions I saw him say no to STUPID shit from above. The Command wanted to deploy someone to a useless position...NO, he stopped it and took the heat. Being told his wing needed to perform some dopey make-busy tasks on a weekend..."Fuck NO" was his answer. Performing and tracking bullshit queep tasks that had nothing to do with mission..."Don't fucking do it." He hates the career model and is straight up PROUD he was never an exec and never did a pentagon tour. One final example, THREE days after met him he pushed a set of G Series orders for the Wing across the desk and told me he was leaving for almost a month. The Wing ORI was going to kick off four days later so I asked "what is your guidance"...his response was "don't fuck it up...they know what to do." He didn't call during the ORI, no second guessing, no micro-managing...zip. When it was over I called him and he said how did it go? I answered "we got an Excellent" and he replied "those fuckers should have given us an Outstanding...anyway here is what is happening down range." For those who think we need the second coming of Robin Olds (and we do), please remember Olds was fucking his wing secretary and was not exactly easy on those around him when he was drinking which was often...even the great ones have warts. I am sure none of this is translating, I am too close and truly respect the guy. I have other stories I can't share. Also, if he came back to read this he would be pissed to see me defend him.
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    I’m not saying you’re wrong about Liquid because I don’t know him, but the attitude he showed with those posts was the same kind of toxic BS that is driving people out in droves. Maybe he is a “good dude”, but I sure wouldn’t want him as my boss. There are a lot of “good dudes” that the AF absolutely ruins by convincing them to do what it takes to be part of the management club. That’s when they stop living in reality and say and do shit that drives us crazy (N/N checkrides for talking about airlines). I hear the crap that leaders say, and I just say to myself that I will never be able to do that with a straight face. But these “good dudes” sold their souls to the devil and actually believe the shit that comes out of their mouths. It’s like they have no idea how we see right through the bullshit. And just what in the hell is with the AF’s irrational fear of the airlines? So many managers don’t want to acknowledge the airlines, or come up with some bullshit to tell us about why it would be such a bad idea to be an airline pilot. They imply we aren’t patriotic if we we discuss being an airline pilot. I think they’d rather me talk about joining ISIS. Instead of ripping on or ignoring the airlines, freaking show me some positive change. Show me just why in the hell should I stay in the AF.
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    I had actually mentioned the idea of it being fake in my earlier post, but edited it out because I thought I was being too cynical and because I thought it might be misconstrued as racist for immediately proposing the idea out of pure gut instinct. Still thought it was a great speech in a reality where it was necessary. But it was a horrible speech in a reality where the audience did nothing wrong. The result was the rest of the world perceiving it as a one good Dad scolding thousands his children for being terrible people. These kids were left to question their own identity, character, and integrity as well of that of the AFA student body as a whole when they shouldn't have. It also bothers me that there will be about 0.5% of the initial media coverage clarifying that there was only one terrible person, and he was the "victim"... leaving everyone with the earlier false perception. And perhaps that is the deliberate intent of some.
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    Think the general will get up in front of the cameras and apologize to all of the kids he accused of being racist? Turns out the racist was the ‘victim.’ Sure seems to be a lot of that fake race baiting going around recently.
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    You just got SuperWSOwned. The only acceptable solution at this point is harakiri. RIP.
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    Trend item: dudes are afraid to divert, go around, or eject. First step is admitting we have a human factors problem...several years ago I randomly had a bro in the backseat during a sortie (he MND'd, decided back seat was better than queep); a standard shitty wx approach to mins with rain/wet runway and extreme canopy pooling - it was his, "we just passed the 5 board" that made me go around. I was fixated on trying to land and time distortion made me feel like we couldn't possibly be more than 1.5K to 2K down the 10K runway. No good divert and the next try he called my flare off the RALT. Only time in my life I was glad to be in a D-model. Point is, canopy pooling is a real bitch and we have a cultural problem to some extent regarding decisions to divert, go around, or eject. Now that I"m more experienced I feel like it's less of an issue personally (but not totally gone), but I see it fairly strong in the younger guys - it's a thing. Monday morning QB'ing is great and all, but it's better to acknowledge this issue and be proactive in teaching the less experienced to understand when to divert, go around, or eject and more importantly, make them truly feel such actions are the right thing and not looked down upon.
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    Hey All, First off, a huge thank you to Toro for letting us reach out on this forum (and to xaarman for the post above). I'm Chris, a C-17 guy by trade, and my wife Kim and I started MilKEEP to help transitioning pilots get their military flight records in order for airline applications. We thought this could help a lot of people after spending countless hours inputting my time by hand into Excel. All you have to do is upload a .pdf of your Individual Flight Record Report from the HARM, and our system parses everything into electronic military and civilian logbooks (based on your conversion preferences) so you can spend your time on more important aspects of the application process. Users can also log ongoing sorties and generate easy-to-read pages for airlineapps.com and pilotcredentials.com profiles. Please check us out at www.milkeep.com and shoot us a note if you have any questions! -Chris "BRINCS" Uhland
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    You're right. It's fine for commanders to treat people differently because of their personal religious beliefs. Thanks for putting this all to rest.
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    You make it seem like you must either take the side of the victim or the alleged perpetrator as a leader or commander..you should do neither. Your job is not to be their mental counselor, you are their boss. You should treat both the victim and the alleged perpetrator like normal airmen until the perpetrator is proven guilty in a court of law (if the alleged crime warrants it); or the victim is proved to be lying. Now, this doesn’t preclude pointing the victim in the right direction to get support; but if you are picking sides as a commander before any solid evidence is out (and believe me I’ve seen it time and time again), you are wrong.
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    OTS 1803 9 Jan - 9 Mar Laughlin UPT starting 24 April Into the pipeline I go!
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    MaCallen 12...I'm still new to his whole Scotch drinking thing, and still have my training wheels on. I'm already an asshole, I would rather be right and scold/punish the proper people, rather than worry about how I look. Our society is being played by the media, more so than the event itself. With the mainstream media, it doesn't matter if you're right, as long as you do something visible! To your last point. It didn't even happen at the Academy, so why scold a bunch of cadets who CLEARLY were not the ones that committed the crime? Has anyone in that audience given him reason to believe that they shouldn't be trusted? Why not just condemn the act, then promise a thorough investigation/punishment in the matter, without all the grandstanding. Again, gotta do something visible. I was never a zoomie, but I was a prior-e. Few things pissed me off more (even as an officer) or made me lose respect for leadership faster, than getting made out to be a criminal for shit I didn't do, nor had any control over. But as was mentioned above, they couldn't wait, there is political/career fallout to deal with.
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    i don't know liquid either... that being said "good dude" != good leader. if a guy is giving N/N checkrides out to pilots talking about airlines he's a fucking cocksucker and should have his Q code pulled.
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    Order a leather nametag with just a set of wings. Remove the Command patch and put your favorite squadron patch on. Wear. Leaving it hanging in the closet seemed like such a waste.
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    Sorry, should have clarified. Enlisted RPA pilots would be a short term bridge that would work. However, I think they will end up having similar problems keeping drone operators as the drone industry becomes more in demand. My point is that putting a guy making 30K a year into a cockpit and expecting him to stay a day past his commitment is crazy.
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    Coolest thing I've seen was a dude give his to his son on retirement. His wife and daughter got the standard flowers and gifts. He said "I don't have flowers for you. But I do have this." Assuming kids are part of the equation of course.
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    Agreed, I always loved standing in Mitchell Hall at attention getting yelled at for some other idiot I had no control over; but look at it this way: these cadets are learning early on how Air Force leadership does business!
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    I'm sure if you asked every cadet in that room if they felt like they were being accused, every one of them would have answered yes. His reaction was par for the course in our society/Air Force...do something visible, quick so we can say "we're doing something..." even if you don't have the facts. Clearly there wasn't even an investigation into this before he want on his rant. Edit: It's not to say the content of his speech didn't have merit. I've got nothing for racists...you should GTFO, we have no place for you on this team. Should have kept it in. We've been conditioned to think that questioning such a claim makes you a racist...that is sad! I'm so cynical about this shit anymore, that I actually bet a squadron mate a bottle of scotch that this was fake. I'm guessing, aside from dismissal from the prep school, this individual will have no other punishment. If it was found that a white kid did this, it would be a hate crime, but now that it was the "victim" himself... Bunch of fuckin hypocrites!
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    I think we can get behind a man teaching his daughter how to shoot, especially with a well engineered firearm. Personally, the MP5K clone was just too iconic to pass up. Suppressed Z5P with the B&T style brace is the new range toy. :)
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    Anything I add would be quibbling.
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    Please tell me your book has paragraphs.
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    Not sure why this should be limited to bag wearers...shoe clerks shouldn't have to be at the whim of...other shoe clerks either.
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    Out of curiosity, I called the AFPC 800 number and asked them about the program. After the 18 minute hold time, the person that answered had no clue what I was talking about, and thought I was referring to the program to bring back 25 officers. I was transferred to a rated recall office somewhere else in the building, but the SME was gone already (1532L in San Antonio).
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    Sounds like an ideal USAF Officer/Pilot to me. Exactly what they are looking for. 0% chance she bails for the airlines.
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    I could give a rats fucking ass what some douche in A1 says...take your intent and use it to choke yourself. The only “fact” we know at this point is what is written in the order and that order delegates authority to SECSEF and SECAF to INVOLUNTARILY recall up to 1,000 pilots. Our intent...give me a fucking break...how many times have they lied already?
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    I think it’s funny they listed mccain as a Democrat from AZ. Thats the more accurate label anyway
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    The entire basis of the US system of justice is the idea that it is better to let a guilty man walk free than punish an innocent man. The presumption of innocence is the cornerstone of that concept, and not just from a legal perspective but a social one, too. Everyone seems to think that their little pet peeve is worthy of an exception to that (as we see with this ridiculous path both the AF and society in general have gone with sexual assault), but the reason these rules and concepts exist is precisely to eliminate the whims of men. Having been on the accused side of the military justice system, and as someone who was later exonerated by the actual legal process, I can tell you that it is a bullshit argument. We need to call it bullshit when we see it.
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    I don't think you guys understand. There is no negotiation required when you can just order people back. You'll get your AD paycheck, and you'll give up any retirement you'd been drawing. Why would they possibly give you anything else? It's just a backdoor draft, and anybody who gets recalled is going to get the shittiest job for the least pay possible.