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    Holy hell, maybe it’s the 4.5 hours I just spent in an ejection seat and only spent 15 seconds upside down but F-ck me!!!! Us old salty sport b-tching bastards have complained so much we have UPT bound cadets worried. Alright Bird12, listen up, because you are wrong. If anything the ship is righting itself from what I see, but Us old dudes were on board when it was sinking so different view People on here have generally been/there, done that, diverse backgrounds/experiences. I get tired of my buddies b-tching about the same things I’m bitching about in the sq bar over the same brand of scotch so I read this forum. I want to hear how lousy the poor bastard flying the other jet has it so I can feel better -or- how good he has it so I can complain that community x gets all the good deals and wtf was I thinking taking the bonus because xx is at delta making $xx and here the f-ck I am getting $3.50 per day not allowed to drink beer on St Paddy’s day. Sport bitching is in fact a sport among pilots. (Hence the name) Very few of us really hate our jobs or the USAF. Perspective. I had a brand new straight out of MQT Lt on my wing in the AO, we flew a 4.5 hr mission full of in my opinion, sh-tty taskings, sh-tty scenery, sh-tty tankers, ATC, well you name it, to me it was all sh-t minus the 2 x barrel rolls in the descent. When we got out of the jet I wanted to apologize for his first sortie in the AO being so sh-tty. He was smiling ear to ear. My sh-tty 200th AAR was his first on that type of tanker. My sh-tty 200th time over the desert was his first. He loved it See my point. So you f-cking should be excited bird12, you got a chance at the coolest job in the world. Keep some perspective and know who you are listening to on this forum. If I were in your shoes I’d pay good money for the flight I did today however at my age/experience I’d just assume send someone else so I could sit in ops, drink coffee and complain about how f-cking stupid the USAF leadership is, how I’m not getting paid enough, how cool the Cold War days were, how great the airlines are according to my friends etc. Out
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    I taught your mom all about apotheosis.
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    This fail brought you by US Cyber Command
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    We received a briefing this morning on this, and I think it did a lot to dispel some of the complaints voiced in this thread. For the last month, an OT&E team has been flying sorties breathing ambient air and undergoing endless medical analysis before and after each flight, NASA has been involved sampling cockpit and mask air quality, and maintenance has been tearing down OBOGS to try and find a source of the issue. Below are some of the highlights from that briefing. 1) Only TCTO compliant aircraft will be flown with OBOGS operational as normal. Breathing cockpit air was not approved by AETC nor recommended by the OT&E team. To answer those who wondered why this was such a big deal when other aircraft fly unpressurized without oxygen, it is an FAA airworthiness certificate issue. Without the OBOGS, the T-6 would not be considered airworthy by the FAA without an amendment. 2) The TCTOs are a "millimeter by millimeter" (their words) inspection of the OBOGS from the engine air inlet all the way to the mask. It replaces parts to make the system as close to factory new as possible. 3) This is not the end. No causal factor was found, but the OT&E unanimously agreed that returning the OBOGS to a factory new state made them comfortable flying the jet. Flying is still volunteer only at PIT. 4) The top six of the T-6 SPO were fired due to mismanagement of the program and a fly-to-fail mentality. The zeolite bed maintenance interval has been aggressively reduced from 4,500 to 700 hours, and the new SPO is re-evaluating other fly-to-fail parts on the T-6 to possibly set replacement intervals. 19 AF is also using this debacle to highlight the ISS and EFIS issues. 5) The future: The team considers this only the beginning and are still trying to drill down to a single cause. From what the briefer said though, the OBOGS on all of the jets inspected were absolutely horrendous (kinked lines, valves stuck in the open position, evidence of water in the lines, general dirt and gunk, etc), and 79% failed the inspection, so there might not be one silver bullet. The incident T-6s are all still impounded, but an Edwards AFB test team will begin inspecting those independently and in parallel so the two teams can compare notes. Honestly, I was pretty impressed with what the team has been doing this last month. There were a lot of really smart people helping with this, to include a NASA test engineer who has made a career out of OBOGS issues. It also received visibility all the way up to the VPOTUS. My biggest misgiving is that they never found a single causal factor, but I am not surprised given the fact that the entire system was basically never inspected since the plane left the factory. I think the 19 AF initially fumbled at the beginning of this grounding a month ago, but since then a lot of good things have happened to make up for it.
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    Anyone know if our favorite Buckley applicant got the call?
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    Completely invalid and caustic attitude. You don’t justify unnecessary risk by saying “Well, some people choose to do dangerous shit anyways. So this should be fine.” You sound like leaders trying to tell everyone to overlook their shitty leadership by saying “well, Marines in Nam’ had it harder than you guys, so don’t complain”. It’s lazy and it’s no excuse for crappy decision-making or leadership. No, you don’t love flying more than pilots without unsafe attitudes. As a pilot, you should have enough maturity and judgment to override your enjoyment of flying, when presented with undue risk.
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    Just notified, received an ENJJPT slot. 4th times a charm. Hopefully everyone will get good news today. Sorry I didnt get anymore details, the room was kinda spinning...
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    I keep finding uses for this...
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    I don't have a dog in this fight. However, the above sounds like "Normalization of Deviance." Lots of stuff out there on the web. From one link: http://pressblog.uchicago.edu/2016/01/07/the-normalization-of-deviance.html The sociologist Diane Vaughan coined the phrase the normalization of deviance to describe a cultural drift in which circumstances classified as “not okay” are slowly reclassified as “okay.” In the case of the Challenger space-shuttle disaster—the subject of a landmark study by Vaughan—damage to the crucial O‑rings had been observed after previous shuttle launches. Each observed instance of damage, she found, was followed by a sequence “in which the technical deviation of the [O‑rings] from performance predictions was redefined as an acceptable risk.” Repeated over time, this behavior became routinized into what organizational psychologists call a “script.” Engineers and managers “developed a definition of the situation that allowed them to carry on as if nothing was wrong.” To clarify: They were not merely acting as if nothing was wrong. They believed it, bringing to mind Orwell’s concept of doublethink, the method by which a bureaucracy conceals evil not only from the public but from itself.
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    I'm willing to give fingers the benefit of the doubt on the whole attempting to acknowledge the socioeconomic and cultural reasons why the pilot corps is predominantly white, but man the follow-through needs some serious work. It's incredibly condescending to suggest minorities don't pursue pilot work and/or thrive in said training environment because the demographics are white washed. Ask me how I know. Segregation is categorically not the answer. The problem is that the suggestion itself is indicative of the very tone deafness he accuses the Service of having in the first place. The fucking irony. Tweaking standards is nothing new. Actually segregating classes though, that reaches a whole new level of FUBAR, in 2018 no less. What strange times we live in. What blows my skull is that all of it fundamentally stems from not wanting to give 13-year O-4s some measure of QOL control. That level of visceral recalcitrance against ceding even an RCH on the one-sided nature of military indentured servitude is why this won't ever be solved by so-called leadership. They almost rather lose a war than ever catch themselves negotiating with their 'human property'. In a way I understand the civilian trope about military membership being cannon fodder and "it was this or Walmart" economic draftee dynamics, as a collective. With the level of treatment we get out of management when it comes to non-economic retention measures, can we really say civilians have it wrong? Don't get me started on the UCMJ in garrison in a military with 1069% more women than when they wrote the god damn thing. Fact is, only a peer war will rip these derelicts off the helm.
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    I like to think of it as the ultimate loss of innocence when dealing with AFPC. Lt's who worked thier asses off to get to their dream job of flying a fighter get it absolutely yanked from underneath them, through absolutely no fault of their own. The justification, execution, and subsequent "re-cat" program all served to irreparably destroy my trust in the Air Force, and every commander who tried to half-heartedly back it up. I don't like putting negative posts up here, but this was absolutely inexcusable. It served only to refocus my priorities on what is best for me and my family, with no allowance for "needs of the Air Force" anymore. Every single pilot retention survey I get, my response begins with "TAMI-21..."
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    oh good, this threads getting political too.
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    "personing" the grill, please
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    Probably because there's a picture of Toro hanging in the ROTC Detachment, with a caption that says: "Hey Cadet, you want to send in a request to fly a fighter?? Go ahead... make my day."
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    Problem solved, I just sent this thread over to my buddies at Buckley.
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    UPT select! Good luck everyone!
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    In other news, AFSOC adds 40 GS positions to headquarters staff.
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    This is 100% accurate. Worth the read. http://www.aviationbull.com/2018/feb/26/airline-pilot-second-year-review
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    I like to post this "fact checker" whenever the real gray beards start opining about their "50% washout rates when I went through UPT in (insert timeframe here)."
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    Is this the DRAM thing? Several years ago Travis AFB declared that every flying squadron wasn’t allowed to pour beer in the bar unless everyone was trained to recognize when somebody was drunk. Seemed to us at the time to be an obvious plot to get people to drink in their shitty combined club. The OG recognized the bullshit ploy, but was made to enforce it anyway. He held a special CC call and told us the bad news. Then, after watching a 5min video used for training Applebee’s waitresses, he declared the entire OG to be “DRAM OK”, pulled back the curtain to reveal a bunch of kegs and solo cups, and gave us the rest of the day off. A great piece of theater, and the only cool thing he ever did.
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    Back on topic: https://warontherocks.com/2018/03/air-force-in-crisis-part-iii-dear-boss-its-all-about-the-culture/
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    I’m all for it. I’m sick of these German-American descendants distracting me and my fellow Scandinavian-Americans from making lutefisk and mead in our Flight room with their lederhosen and pretzel shit.
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    Yeah, I had already screenshot his ridiculousness and forwarded them to my bros. He is gonna spread them around and I am gonna leave it up to them to handle. I have no problem with people giving honest, straight to the point feedback. It’s when you cross that line to tell people not to apply or to give up. I think that says more about the person giving “advice”.
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    Used to bug the shit out of me when I'd walk into base ops (sergeant) and they'd auto-sir me. Brief explanation that, no, despite the bag, I'm an E-5, you can call me Sgt, shithead, whatever, just knock off the sir. Still sir this and that sir. FFS. Then I finished OTS, now immersed in my newfound Blue world, was when I finally noticed, they're all sir/ma'am-ing each other. MSgt calling A1C sir, SSgts calling each other ma'am. And also calling me sir. But since they also call the coffee pot sir, seems like much less of a courtesy extended. Its a culture of diluting the enlisted rank structure, delineation and responsibilities within enl/NCO ranks, and the enl/off relationship. A continuation of the mindset leading to a SrA stopping a Capt for ________ infraction, and if the Capt does not accept the correction on the spot, the SrA tells their Shirt, etc, etc. My opinion, from the perspective of having been proud to be addressed as Sgt, because it meant something, and I knew early on that if I ever poked a finger in a Marine Captain's chest, I would pull back a bloody stump, regardless of what clownery he was wearing. But that's where I grew up, I guess.
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    They must just not be very patriotic. Or, at least, that's what some doofus in AF management once said.
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    These political types can’t help it. I only want a safe space to talk about airplanes, killing Commies for God, and bitching about how the worlds greatest pilot is wasting away on DTS and SAPR briefs. #triggered
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    Yay! Virtue signaling! I wonder if those airlines are going to be making the same changes to their relationship with the FBI and the Broward County S.D.?
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    Yes. Although the Cathay flight is my doing - not the company's. They had me direct to CAN on Air France in business class for $6400. I decided to deviate from their plan, found the first class ticket on Cathay for $5500. Saved me some $ for other travel expenses, got a better ride, some AA frequent flyer miles and all it costs me is a 2 hour connection in Hong Kong. That should be enough time to stop by their lounge for a free foot massage and a few fingers of 18 year old single malt (ah.. who am I kidding, it'll probably be at least a whole hand).
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    YMMV but I thought being a flight commander was awesome. You're literally running the day to day ops of the squadron, flying upgrades, making Ops related decisions, and looking out for your people. Yes there is some OPR and awards BS, and you sit some SOF but at the 6-8 year point you need to learn those things and if you have a good ADO, DO, & CC you shouldn't be doing too much of it. I can't speak for the MAF but the above comment is abnormal in the CAF. Sure every community has their penguins and queep monsters but that is the exception not the norm. Most majors I've worked with (in a fighter squadron) or had work for me were a credible IPs. The majority of CCs and DOs I've had were either weapons officers or a very credible IPs. Most could get shit handled, show up 5 mins prior, kick ass and still teach you how to get better next time. Maybe I'm an anomaly but pretty much everyone usually wants to fly in my community.
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    I disagree with this analysis, based on my anecdotal experience. I see saltiness creeping into the perspective of newly minted copilots in my community. They get into the squadrons and are stunned by how little flying matters in flying squadrons. They are disappointed in being shackled with additional duties. I’d say half of our pilots are firmly in the GTFO pool before they finish the first 5 years of their ten year ADSC. Of the half that do stay blue into the mid-level Captain stage.. this is when they get shackled with flight commander or shop chief level add’l duties. They also start getting hit with non-flying 179s. They are still 2-4 years from their UPT ADSCs, but firmly join the crowded GTFO pool. I’d say 8/10 pilots in my community are there by year 8 of their commitment. Around the senior Capt or junior Maj level, you’re down to the the shiny pennies who would rather masturbate to their OPR strats than fly. And some guys who are awful pilots and won’t get airline jobs. These are the few who stay in.
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    I have a hard time believing no ELP because that’s not how you do it in the Viper. The Viper flies loops different than a T-6 too. Lands different too. PA to Viper? Having never flown the Fighting Falcon, I feel confident that the ELP requires energy management similar to a C-130 Assault landing, an F-15 BFM set, and a 60 autorotation. It’s npt the maneuver, it’s the principle that applies to all airplanes.
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    And one of the ideas is to essentially re-segregate minorities into their own classes?? Truly unbelievable.
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    Confirm you have a 2.2 GPA, 25 PCSM, have never interviewed, have only applied to 1 board and been to 1 meet and greet, and are applying to a fighter squadron? All while you are telling a guy with significantly better scores and a better GPA to look elsewhere? Shack, definitely troll status.
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    I am going to use context clues (I.e. “Hopeful”) and assume that you’ve never been on a hiring board. If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly put my foot in my mouth. The dude is a mechanical engineer with a high Pilot and Nav score, decent flight hours, a LOR from an Active pilot, and he’s 23yo. A PCSM of 80 is in the ballpark. Is a hiring board going to be amazed all that? No. But if he visits a unit and hits it off with the guys he has as good of a chance as anyone does. To flat out say that he “doesn’t have a package for fighters” is garbage. @Fakedicck Apply your little heart out. Send them far and wide and do your best to visit those units. You might not get picked up....but then again, you just might. Just like John Daily once said: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” Or was that Oprah? Regardless, you get the point.
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    Just found out. ENJJPT. Wish you all the best!
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    No more saluting. It demeaning to the Enlisted, or as some say "Educationally Challenged."
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    Re: sensor cost... > $1million for the most capable ones that you would want. My understanding is the Scorpion's advertised fly away cost includes it's currently-integrated sensor as does the A-29 and AT-6. For comparison, the MX-15DiD that was fielded on Scorpion for LAE is vastly superior than the old-ass FLIR Brightstar equipped on the A-29, and that sets aside that the Scorpion has been tested with and could field something like the MX-20 or MTS-B that would not fit on the smaller AT-6 or A-29. BL: Scorpion has a much better sensor out of the box and gives you the option to go Gucci in the future with more $$, whereas the A-29 or AT-6 almost certainly lock you in to a 15" class sensor, and at some point you just can't squeeze out more fidelity without larger optics. Re: speed...the Scorpion is much faster in transit than the A-29 or AT-6. The sensor weight isn't super relevant in that statement because transit speeds are compared with a combat load, which includes all fuel/sensors/humans/weapons/etc. that you would want on each platform. Re: backseaters...well that's like your opinion man. AFSOC certainly isn't getting rid of CSOs, and even if you just fucking hate navs, you could fly with another pilot in the back. I mean light attack is supposed to be a component of the new ramp-up of UPT production now right? It's also a moot point because all platforms at LAE were dual-seat, so it's not a differentiator between the platforms.
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    Remember, the Air Force could make a blow job unpleasant
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    So today a good guy with a gun in a school stopped a bad guy with a gun in a school. Liberal skulls exploding everywhere.
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    How do you think I feel...I thought I was really good at flying and I made O-6 BPZ...I guess I am lucky I havn't crashed into a tree yet.
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    If I had a nickel every time I saved a student from a murder/suicide....
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    I give it a solid well below slightly above average.
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    Simply poor leadership. While the Captains back in the day we’re talking about this the leadership was busy with Blues Monday, green boots, SAPR, morale sweeps of squadron bars etc.
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    It’ll be a sad day when/if the green flight suits go away. I feel like we earned the right to wear them by earning our wings. OCPs just make me look like another ground pounder.
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    What’s wrong with the Air Force? When O-6’s put focus on shit like enough to put it in a OI. From McConnell’s OG: "Use appropiate Wing or OG letterhead for official correspondence. Use black letterhead for internal correspondence, blue headers for external correspondence." Who the fuck cares? Of course the OG at McConnell is the type of guy who wears shirt garters in civilian clothes.
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    "Cars didn't even have seat belts back in my day, and I'm still here!" Such an idiotic line of reasoning.
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    Sounds like we have a volunteer to fly the T-6 in its current configuration. He ain’t scared of no CFS burns to the face or high altitude ejections with no O2. He doesn’t mind breathing in acrid smoke and fumes. Dude I’m sure we could get you orders soon and we need the help. Sack up. Great line by the way. You sure you’re not leadership?
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    Passing students who meet standards? That's horrible! Or did you mean to write something different?