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    Shouldn't that tell the powers that be just how deep the organizational rot has gone? When CSAF and SECAF pull all the WING/CC's in a room and say "Knock it off" and it continues, that is not "Stovepiped thinking", that is a completely broken organization. USAF needs real LEADERSHIP...stand up in front of the room with a baseball bat and knock some sense into these pencil pushing duncewagons. Fire the first couple that don't listen...get back to being WARRIORS. I get it, we need a system to manage people, but when the system becomes more powerful than our ability to grow leaders and project combat power...something is seriously fucking wrong.
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    This is the same shit that brought us the Black lives matter nothing burger. Try to tell a liberal that blacks in America are committing a hugely disproportionate amount of violent crime, a completely irrefutable fact, and they call you a racist. But in the same breath they scream that we "have to" have a conversation about racist policing in America. Now we "have to" have a conversation about immigration, but call a country a shithole, when that country is by any reasonable analysis exactly that, boom, out comes the racist card. If you dingleberries keep using language restriction and faux outrage to shame people into your way of thinking, Donald is going to tap dance right into another term. Maybe when someone tells you they aren't racist, turn off your inner Maddow and try to figure out what other reasons they have for disagreeing with you.
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    The same Huffington Post which gave Hillary a 98% chance in winning the election? Oh ok...
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    Here’s my answer by proxy to your 3 sentence challenge above: 1. I’m a pilot. 2. You’re not and want to be. 3. We’ve offered advice and you’ve argued about it’s merits so fuck you. That succinct enough?
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    JFK Airport ATIS.
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    To all who are home celebrating with family and friends, may you have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year! For those who are elsewhere, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Please be safe, and when you return the first round is on me! Cheers! M2
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    buy a car and drive it to upt you knucklehead. i would have rode a freakin donkey across the usa to get to upt. millennials.
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    I agree. Strong opinions are the benchmark of a solid future USAF pilot. Be sure to keep a stiff upper lip and don’t be afraid to share your opinions at UPT. Your IP’s will recognize this and reward you above your peers. Stay strong!
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    Duck, congratulations on your promotion to Major!
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    So I’ll pitch in with a possibly unpopular opinion that I guarantee will trigger Mark1, but the day to day sacrifice of deployments is exponentially worse on guys with kids than single dudes. I missed my wife’s birthday 4 years in a row, 3 Christmases, and a lot of other kid milestones (First steps, etc). Single guys missed Hangout Fest and the Star Wars premiere. I’m obviously exaggerating here, but when you said that, I was looking for my standardized eyeroll emoji.
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    There is no shortage of skilled, qualified people wanting to get to the U.S. I’ve been asked numerous times by European co workers to help them look into paths to immigration for them (pilots) or family whom they in 2018 want their kids to have a better shot at economic success. The American dream is still alive. We get to be picky about who we let in...we SHOULD be picky. I’m not a Trump fan but let’s face it, 69%+ of Americans think those countries are sh-tholes. I applaud his honesty. Zero of my liberal friends are rushing to sponsor and lodge African immigrants, nor do they in reality want those migrants moving in next door. They simply want to feel good #emotionalliberalactsofnothing and attacking trump gets some anger out.
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    Yeah there Cochise, I was actually born in California and lived there until I commissioned into the AF. I didn’t say BART, I said mass transit, which I used a good deal growing up because I didn’t have a car until I went into the AF. Maybe you should Google mass transit to see all that it encompasses other than BART.
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    the more you post, the more you make the case we should be paying dads extra to stick around
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    It's one thing as a single guy to volunteer to take bad deals so married people can be home for life events, it's another thing when the scheduler puts you on the bad deal without asking because "it doesn't matter if you miss Thanksgiving/Christmas/holiday/weekends because you're single, so you're on the trip/deployment/alert"
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    Oh, this shit again? Jesus, how little memory this place has.... Yeah, this is just going to attract the unhirables period dot. No offense to the retirees who can't or won't do the airlines and wouldn't mind playing jet pilot for a paycut, this is statistically not going to carve up enough qualified volume to matter. I know I know, broad brush, but we went through this shit when they tried to ram the ART conversion at DLF. In the end they had to relent and give us the carve out to the policy. There were simply no takers of consequence. It's always been the same shit with ARTs, prototypical dudes who value getting any federal job as long as it's in this one town, or with townie-dependents, plus an unwillingness or, more often than not, outright inability to get hired at the airlines. And the toxicity that arises from ART leadership out of that demographic is a well established quantity amongst TR circles. None of this is new. The problem in this particular variation of this bad idea, is that from a straight GS perspective, it gets even worse because the payscale delta gets ridiculously worse from the AGR/AD benchmark. And we haven't even dealt with the survivor benefit issues when a civilian pulls military ejection handles vice ARC, vice AD. RegAF guys simply have no clue on these nuances. You guys think it's merely about living the simple life post-retirement and getting to fly a fun(ish) clapped out jet, but work dynamics are much more complicated than that. Don't be naive, the friction associated with doing the same job as the other guy for an almost 50K paycut does not go unnoticed. You can't keep AGRs and ARTs from each other's throats, and you think a non-SSR table -2181 series GS making flat GS-13 like a goddamn border patrol guy schmuck, is not gonna dagger at the ARC full-timers or AD green suiters over what he deems a fair level of participation in the organization for his paycut? And now you have an AD OPCON SQ/CC that has to tolerate the same level of title V scoff as they currently tolerate from the sim cadre leadership? Look, I get the schadenfreude for giving UPT IPs a paycut is strong on here, but the second tier effects of this proposal will make the UPT environment more toxic than it already is, by opening up the doors for these statistical-outliers to keep doing this job for a paycut in proverbial Del Rio. Extremely myopic. And I do know that the dynamics of places like Pensacola were not as rosy as described on here either. I know because we have a guy from there who double dipped as a green suiter and tan suiter, and is now at United when they finally gave him the finger about GS-13 as a T-1 pilot for the nav program down there. The level of toxicity was incredible at that outfit, and people left in droves. And that's in P-cola, CBM DLF and END have no chance of this gaining critical mass. The only proposition of this bad idea we had heard about on the ARC side "town hall" early this year that I think might have gained traction, was civilian contractor UPT at KAFW. Internationals only, all civilian run, fort worth in order to get these yahoos enough of an geographic incentive to do my job for 50K less, with that crappy FERS retirement, without the ART SSR pay even. The reality is that the people who could staff these billets as qualified (aka mil retires) are statistically insignificant. This isn't conjecture, we literally went through this exercise in 2013. The rest of the applicants will be the broken toys from the OPM/USAJOBS cesspool who mine that hiring system. Complete unqualified retards. We had anywhere from affirmative action web-footed african american lesbian secretary, to a no-shit ARMY tank driver with a PPL, to a female Affirm action UND graduate 23yo fresh CFI with no turbine experience.. all flagged as qualified for my job (when I was a T-6 IP). Let's stop wasting each others time. And it went nowhere when informed and rational heads prevailed. We just wasted hundreds of man hours repeating ourselves until it predictably went nowhere. And lost people to the airlines due to nothing more than lack of predictability in the midst of this terrible idea being proffered as a threat to their career prospects within the ARC. Stupid. The fact that this end should have been self-evident to the people in charge, was my only gripe over the entire god damn question. You guys keep tilting at them windmills though.
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    Honestly CAF/AFGSC assets should generally stick to sniper-like pods. Of course we should continue to improve capes, but keep in mind the mission of said assets. We are not here to read license plates or PID douche69 in a bazaar, there are many assets who are meant for that/good at it. We need a TGP to PID larger targets, self target weapons, get BHA, etc. The Army trying to use every AF asset as if it has a MTS-B has been nothing short of idiocy/FWA.
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    First commander of the Space Shuttle flew west 5 Jan 2018. Fast facts: Naval Aviator, flew F-9 Cougars & F-8 Crusaders on fleet tours aboard USS Coral Sea & USS Forrestal, Navy TPS Grad, 42 year career with NASA, Flew on Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle missions. From his Wiki page: John Watts Young (September 24, 1930 – January 5, 2018) was an American astronaut, naval officer and aviator, test pilot, and aeronautical engineer. He became the ninth person to walk on the Moon as Commander of the Apollo 16 mission in 1972. Young enjoyed the longest career of any astronaut, becoming the first person to fly six space missions (with seven launches, counting his lunar liftoff) over the course of 42 years of active NASA service. He was the only person to have piloted, and been commander of, four different classes of spacecraft: Gemini, the Apollo Command Module, the Apollo Lunar Module, and the Space Shuttle. We don’t make guys like this anymore. Thoughts and prayers to family and friends. Whole Wiki page here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Young_(astronaut)
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    So then do you see the root problem as more a matter of training, or is it more related to w/dependent BAH?
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    It's also from a time when immigrants WANTED to assimilate and become Americans. They came to work, to succeed and to leave the old world behind My how times have changed for so many... Teddy had it right on 111 years ago: “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.” Theodore Roosevelt 1907
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    A bigger issue is the fact that we are wasting airframe life on the B-1(and B-52s/F-15Es, etc.) doing CAS in Afghanistan when the AF should have bought the Tucano/AT-6 a decade ago to use instead. Or if you just want a coordinate bomber with long on-station times, we could have hung JDAMs on a 737 (i.e. Navy P-8) a decade ago.
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    The answer is training....lots and lots of training. The gunpig is not exactly a human factors ergonomic masterpiece. The AC-130H had the FCO and Nav on the flight deck but isolated form the pilots by a blackout curtain, the sensor operators and EWO were down stairs in a booth. The AC-130U has the NAV, FCO, EWO and sensors operators all downstairs in the BMC...yet somehow both platforms trained their way to excellence. I am not bashing the Buff...just one data point early in the war, I have a second data point but no need to dogpile. These are great Americans and they have since professionalized their contribution. In the end the thing that typically makes the U.S. military stand out from the rest is not the platform but the people and the training. Train like you fight and fight like you train...joint CAS can be a beautiful thing.
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    We're conflating topics here gentlemen. AFRC white jet dude != AD white jet dude. Much to the grimacing of Active Duty, there is a difference, or at least there used to be one. Invol IA for the institutional reserves is a game changer, and one that the sycophants at the puzzle palace seem to be seriously underestimating. AFRC does 22% of UPT/IFF/PIT pull on 17% of the effective manning. AETC is already on the record stating they cannot meet current production, let alone the surge, without the AFRC piece. Even the pipe dream of some in AETC, the elimination of the Reserve Associate IP Program, is statistical vaporware in a regAF already 2000 flyers in the red at-large. Pulling this invol non-flying IA stunt will yield effective manning below 50% in the less desirable GSUs for the AFRC side, just like the Navy Reserve folks learned in the late 00s/early 10s, as @Buddy Spike already alluded to. The BL is that this will directly impact AETC's ability to come up with the pilot production surge HAF is clamoring for, especially in these new days of UPT-Next and other assorted faggotry. Regardless of the fact we all understand the AF has a retention problem and NOT a production one, the fact remains UPT is the flavor of the year for HAF, good bad or indifferent. This move will not help AETC. It would be ironic if they had any hand in suggesting this myopic COA to the HAF against their supporting MAJCOM (AFRC). I have not heard any supporting evidence that AETC had a hand in this, so I'll reserve judgement on that end. At the end of the day, and as far as I'm concerned, AFRC just showed their cards. There's no going back now. There's is no amount of dollars they could throw at me in this environment to sign a retention agreement of any kind in the AFRC or ANG. Maybe wiser heads will prevail, maybe not. But they are truly asleep at the wheel if they don't recognize the sheer attrition they're about to cause themselves by doubling down on this checkers-move decision that benefits neither AETC or AFRC, only CENTCOM. Biggest moral hazard I've seen in all my years in AFRC. This isn't bluffing, the Navy Res has all the data already. How the eff do you think we know? We hired their exodus!
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    Make sure your wife and girlfriend never meet.
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    Not unlikely but the cure for that is to officially end golden boy / favored son programs / positions (exec and other such suckling jobs) and have the first 6 years or so of everyone’s careers be direct duties performance appraisal with leadership potential only judged around the 8 year point. O-3 and below should be / is focused on operational proficiency / tactical leadership. That has a strong rated view to it as other non rated officers primary function is leadership from the get go but that again leads to separate ratings / promotions for rated and non rated to address that.
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    i see we've drastically lowered our standards already.
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    I wish we would all get back on topic and reassure Duck that he will in fact be a twice passed over Capt.
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    Did my God Damn Meat Sacks lose their Obama phones again?! They’re going to bed with no food stamps tonight and you better believe they’re saying an extra “Hail Bernie” before they sleep.
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    Mark1, your post is a lot to disgest. I am wondering if your experience with current LL fusion technology is limited to the MX on gunships or if you’re also familiar with the myriad other systems? Because seeing hot projectiles is really just a matter of spectrum sensitivity and imaging resolution (along with operator raining I suppose). That capability exists on platforms that aren’t 1960s H models. What am I missing? On another note, I’ve been out of the ops world for a few years but I’m glad the hubris of gunship superiority in all things is still alive and well! You guys saving the day while the rest of us are happily oblivious reminds me of fond memories. If you could shout at me with a shit radio while your feed is intermittent, then spend an hour trying to hit a single squirter, then not attend the debrief because of crew rest (even though I’m flying again in 10 hours and you’re off the next day) our trip down memory lane would be complete. Just having some fun bro! Don’t send your 28man alchoholic crew to kidnap me & shave my head.
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    I'm sure the word shithole was uttered when the white house press corp who followed Dubya to Crawford Tx when they started to bitch about no Starbucks for miles.
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    Based on the color of those trails, it looks like they were spraying the mass sterilization compound that day. Fine choice.
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    And to me, it makes perfect sense why we would want to scrutinize the hell out of those individuals (all immigrants really) who wants to come here. If it doesn't benefit American citizens then why bring in people who will be a net drain on society? It's bad enough that our federal government fetuses to take border security/illegal immigration seriously, but intentionally welcoming people who do not share our values/have little offer is stupid. Europe is starting to learn this the hard way...
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    The system has built yes men incapable of saying no. If CSAF wants his free thinking approach embraced, he should fire commanders disobeying his orders. Until he does so, his words are as cheap as his predecessors actions. Incentivization is an obvious concept unfortunately lost on our over educated managerial class.
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    I'm okay with this. If you get to the point where you legitimately challenge Mardon's income, then we'll charge for advertising, but for now I'm happy to support the little guy.
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    Shifty fucking Canadians
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    Yeah but you get an extra $250 a month for family separation so that totally makes up for it. I say this as I'm about to say bye to my two month old kid to do a nice non flying six monther... I can't wait to spend that extra $1500 of FSP! Where's my fvckin eye rolling emoji?!
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    Lotsa hate from these boyos...
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    Many pilots peg pay in the "acceptable" range. While it is not going to beat United, it is enough to live comfortably. Where the AF is screwing up is the other BS and the poor messaging. The implicit message from multiple angles is "we could make this better for you, but we don't care."
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    Not much to it besides doing well on the PFA, paying enough attention in class to pass the academics, and not getting caught doing something stupid. If you want to be a DG in OTS that's a different story, but don't be that guy.
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    What were the demographics of the polls? I'm not a health insurance expert by any means, but from my family's experience, the ACA has fucked over the middle class big time. Examples of that is small business was hurt (e.g. my in-laws had to let their employee count drop because they could not afford ACA mandates) and my parents' premiums and co-pays went up substantially, to the point I think they're very close to being in the same position as some others' family members mentioned above. Even the blue collar world has been affected to some degree (reference less jobs available in my in-law's town). Now, I do know there are a lot of blue collar/choose to be on welfare types that love ACA (again, referencing my in-law's town). It's damn near free health care for them, why wouldn't they like it? That crowd also doesn't care about less jobs in reality because they're happy to stay on welfare/suck at the government's tit for the rest of their lives. Bottom line, healthcare is fucked and needs an overhaul, and it blows my mind that anyone in the middle class with sense thinks ACA is the answer.
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    You assume, of course, that reunification would look like South Korea .....
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    Is a credit rating considered personal property? If so, ordering military personnel to contract with a private company (and put their credit rating on the line for govt expenses) raises some issues. In addition, with your credit score often being lowered for too many accounts open, it could affect their personal credit even if no issues paying it off - any personal finance gurus know the point at which this would occur?
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    Can confirm, studying the AFOQT study guides (Barron’s/Peterson’s or AFPCs) for a week and absolutely hammering the 4 sections that matter can create a huge jump in scores. Pilot score went from 49 to 98, resulting in a PCSM of 99. Looks like AFOQT retake improvement drives higher scores than TBAS. Just hope it’s enough for the AD board!
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    Except for that it kind of does man. You get what hopefully is your dream job and you can’t be bothered to spend 3-4 days on the road to go make it happen? College graduate, sure. Adult and Officer? Questionable. Grow up dude. Also, nickel’s worth of free advice. Probably not the best move to ask folks in this line of work, who traverse the country and the world every 3 or so years, about how you don’t have the desire to take a little road trip. I mean really. Also, what was your plan for after UPT and/or every time you move for the rest of your life?
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    I hope your commander says no. And then the OG says no. And then the wg/cc crushes the balls of the ass hat who thought this made sense. Wait..that's the guard, or hopefully your leadership is part of the micro-minority that are actually leaders.
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    Get high, get fast, do some good work. Go downtown, drop some bombs, kill all the assholes. Land, drink some whiskeys, tell stories at the bar and go home drunk to a wife who hates your lifestyle and thinks you are too old to still act like a degenerate child. Pass out, wake up and do it all again. Caveat: not for everyone.
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    People will die. Period. Hope it’s worth lives.
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    And tell us what you got dickwad.