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    " We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "f*ck" on their airplanes because it's obscene! "
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    We actually agree. I'm not a Trump the man fan per se. I do like very much what he represents and what he accomplished in upsetting Washington on both sides. I've stated it multiple times before - he beat 16 other run of the mill and/or RINO Republicans, then he beat Hillary. Why is that? Washington, on both sides, didn't like the fact that the plebes upset their collective applecart and are reacting to that 'outrage.' It has been amusing/saddening to see the true intentions/character/actions of the NeverTrumpers and the Republican leadership as well as the Democrats' going full retard in blind opposition (when this is probably the guy to do a deal with). To wit, with the House and the Senate, the GOP refused to repeal Obamacare, among other issues, that they swore, repeatedly, was their priority. They had their chance, for two years, and refused to do so, because they lied repeatedly. If he's allowed to succeed, massive character flaws and all, then the DC good times are jeopardized for a long while, not just this anomaly that thus far has caused the Weekly Standard to go belly-up along with the cushy editorial jobs/TV appearances. So, I want Trump to succeed. Not to stroke his massive, yet curiously fragile, ego, but to demonstrate that the great unwashed masses still run the show, not the select few, or as stated above, "Those in society, who’s opinions matter on the topic." I want to believe that my opinion matters. And I want my children to have that opportunity as well.
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    All the briefs I’ve gotten on it and why it is or isn’t a good idea require a vault to even start the discussion. The limitations of 5th gen to operate in the 2030+ battlefield is a dirty secret most don’t want to talk about; nor should they be discussed open source.
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    Reading that news coverage of the CDI makes me incredibly glad I am off that sinking ship. Warrior monks everywhere, pandering to the feelings of the lowest common emotional denominator.
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    Well, this year it really starts to start - the airline retirement wave. The next 10 years will see the largest airline pilot retirement surge in civil aviation history. May all of your escape hopes and dream come true. FREEEEEEEDOM!!!! -William Wallace (the Braveheart guy).
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    The worst part about this is not that some snowflakes got all offended, but that the Air Force caved to them and took it down. And then put up a weak apology post...
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    Hold on, let me go consult with the Old Fighter Pilots FB group, they all seem to be experts on how shitty of a jet the F-35 is...and how great of an idea this will be.
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    She is most certainly not who the PC leadership is pandering to. They are more likely pandering to some non-existent politically correct standard monster that leadership is afraid is going to come gobble them up and get them fired. Asking a bunch of enlisted folks who are entirely unrelated to the events being discussed, about how they feel about actions that don't pertain to them in any way and which they didn't experience, is a nice touch and a great way to evaluate behavior, though.
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    Once again why anyone would strive to become a commander in this environment baffles me
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    I am so tired of this PC culture. They literally tweeted about what they get paid for and people freak out. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    You don’t know what you’re talking about. First, Afghan aviation will not fall apart as soon as we leave. It’ll be super unsafe, but they will find a way. Second, INs are no longer tasked for the deployment. Third, the requirement is going from 6 x C130 guys to 3, and forecast to hit zero soon. I know of no C130 non-vols. Fourth, copy there is a green on blue threat and thank you for the history lesson. However your characterization of the environment is misinformed despite the events of 7 years ago. Finally, I know the anecdote of an ate-up active duty commander doing room inspections on some AGR mission hackers minding their own business is emotionally appealing. But consider the possibility said AGR dudes were such disgusting slobs they attracted rodents by their poor hygiene. I wasn’t there. But I did see an AD commander on his hands and knees scrubbing piss stains off the floor of an AGR members room to clean it before another AGR guy occupied it the next morning. Two sides to every story. I don’t blame anyone who passes on an adviser gig, especially in the AGR. I’d recommend against using your third hand years old info to argue facts with a guy currently doing the task in question.
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    His Twitter isn’t for anybody but his base who wouldn’t care and want to hear what they want to hear anyway, and the idiot critics who are so obsessed with everything they can’t accept about the guy that they can’t figure that part out. People actually trying to have some sort of high brow philosophical discussion on how he’s “unfit for office” and bringing evidence to the court of discussion being “well he lied about crowd size.” Seriously that’s dumber than his constant bragging and bullshit. He’s what we get for being so TMZ. This a country that votes more to select who is gonna win a reality karaoke show on TV than for the leader of the country. Guess what, it doesn’t care enough to change the channel because Trumps Twitter. Get some better ammo or get a better candidate for 2020, because otherwise this guy wins again while the Democratic Party splinters it’s self into a dozen pieces trying to find the hardest route to an easy victory by deliberately making it more difficult for themselves.
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    Way to go, Ohio! So happy you stuck it to this RINO! http://www.mrpolitic.com/2018/12/27/ohio-legislature-defeats-kasichs-veto-on-gun-owner-rights-bill/ Essentially, the now approved bill makes it the State's burden to prove a self-defense shooting wasn't just that. Previous law, and Kasich's preferred method, is that the individual had to prove innocence. Fcuk him and his horse.
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    I know it's still a few days away, but I want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas, and all the best in 2019! Cheers! M2
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    My thought: $1.2B for 12 old airplanes...what a steal. If only we had purchased more Raptors when they were $140M a copy.
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    So I decided to start a new topic based on a discussion in the Bonus thread regarding the new technician/ART pay tables. As a 14 year technician who served as a technician from Jan 07-about three weeks ago, I’m happy progress was finally made, even if I’ll never see it. Some comments were made about TAG buy-in and such. But, the way I read it, it looks like it applies to multiple agencies (to include the Department of the AIr Force). Here’s the letter if you haven’t seen it: And the pay tables can be found here by scrolling down to tables 0759-0767. http:// https://apps.opm.gov/SpecialRates/2018/AllSRTables.aspx So, since it’s the new OPM pay table and not some locally concocted bonus, all of the techs and ARTs out in Baseopsville will see this in your next civ pay LES. If you don’t, you should call out your local HRO or Finance because it looks pretty cut and dry to me. Scooter
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    I think it’s more the monkey and the football situation Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Oooooooooorrrrr... maybe he know what he’s talking about and is tired of the “sky is falling” self-fellating this board is famous for.
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    You know who doesn't do forced 365s or useless 179s...the guard and the airlines. Run!
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    Lol right. One of the few places where an overwhelming majority of your experience is on the "JV team." Also, I've consulted with the OFPs and they think the F-4 was a better fighter than the F-35 could ever hope to be. Brb, gonna go hit up Pierre Sprey...
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    Dude...I'm right here...you don't have to talk that way behind my back like that. 🙂
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    FIFY. FWIW, I wouldn't say that Jennifer Smith "caused" any of the shenanigans. She has whatever right to complain about whatever she wants to complain about. It is the spineless senior AF leadership that capitulated to the demands of the PC warriors that caused The Purge. They could have just as easily responded to TSgt Smith's Congressional complaint differently (although it would have required a warrior fortitude to over-ride the political pressures), and it wouldn't have happened at all. That same group fails to understand that they, even today, hold all the power to fix the trajectory of the AF toward the ditch. But, hey, if Mark Welsh says that his dad never sang dirty songs, and that means there's no historical tradition of it, then I guess we can just disregard these 50 years worth of songbooks I have copies of and flush heritage down the toilet at the altar of social justice.
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    If you play into that game it’s your fault.
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    Enlisted aircrew is why this will never happen. Ever.
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    You simply schedule with for the 67% that are there. Same way we do it in the U-2, where the 99 RS been deployed non-stop to the Arabian Peninsula since Saddam invaded in 1990; Osan for over 40 years; and our other location for over 40 years. Yes, continually to all three locations, simultaneously. If an event like a Naming is well done, people will show up and have a great time. As alluded to, "namings" may not fit a particular squadron or mission culture. And one thing to note is that, in my conversations with U-2 pilots older than me, they didn't have callsigns... much less "naming ceremonies"... in earlier years. This includes guys that came out of pointy-nosed jets in the Vietnam era. To digress into a historical context... I went through UPT in '85-'86, there was definitely no naming ceremony at Laughlin back then and very few IP's had a callsign. I was an exception since "Huggy" had been what people called me since middle school. One example, the current AF Vice Chief of Staff General Steve 'Seve' Wilson was a young FAIP in the squadron then, and I'm guessing he got his callsign after he went to the B-1. I only recall a handful of MWS guys coming back to ATC/AETC with a callsign during my FAIP years (86-89). One of the few I recall was a guy named "Buc" due to using the BUC Start on an F-16 that lit off at less than 100' AGL. Cowboy Keck (F-4, F-15) was another... but those that know Cowboy can probably assume he was given that callsign in the womb. When I arrived at RAF Alconbury in 1990, there were two A-10 squadrons there and a fair number of those guys had callsigns. I have no idea if they had big naming ceremonies (I've posed the question to a couple of old A-10 guys I know), but callsigns were certainly established. I would guess that actual naming ceremonies in fighter squadrons began to occur a little before my time (circa 1982)... but that's just my impression from talking to old-heads. The bottom line is that "naming ceremonies" are a relatively recent addition to the USAF pilot culture. Personally, I think they are a great thing and I've had a great time participating in them during my time. There's probably a great story about "the history of namings" that some academic at Air University should write a paper on, using lots of taxpayer dollars to research it.