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  1. Shack. There will be ground loops and other TW specific problems. Knowing the mentality of AFSOC and who is in command/taking over command it will be interesting to see how those incidents are handled. I have a guess which way it’ll go… but yes nothing some top off TW training can’t fix. The below average pilots will have more of a problem hiding in a TW
  2. i have seen first hand how the "leadership" at JBSA and BAMC tried to personally fuck my brother over. at that moment in his life he needed help...help that "leadership" says they're all too willing/able/happy to provide. it's nothing but bull shit lip service. they talk the talk, but when things get uncomfortable they are cowards and cover their collective asses at the first sign of trouble. without getting into specifics, instead of helping, they isolated him for over two years (great for mental health huh!), charged him, lied about his character/job performance, actively manipulated his peers to lie under oath about him, falsified his training reports, and all together almost drove him to end it. it was close, and our family got very lucky. not one single "leader" at that place walked thru the fire with my brother. not one. almost like the story of the good Samaritan...they simply looked at an Airman in need lying in a ditch, who needed help...spit on him, walked to the other side of the street, and made sure their OPRs were still spit shined with their bull shit. i'd say everything my brother told me about that shitty place and the cowardly medical "leadership" is word for word in line with what that O-6 just wrote about. fuck them. i mean that with every ounce of sincerity. fuck them. i hope that letter makes it's way to a congressional investigation and real consequences come to those who deserve them.
  3. very stunning and brave indeed
  4. "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other" - John Adams 1798
  5. i don't disagree with your premise that the two party system is bad for this country. what's worse is our 4th branch of government: un-elected, unaccountable, bureaucrats. trump was right about the deep state. it very much exists on both sides of the spectrum. second worst are career politicians. privacy: patriot act was horrible. bush neocons fucked up a lot of the world and domestic liberties. the spying done on the trump campaign and the obama administration using the IRS to hit back against conservative voices was just as bad. both sides naughty. reproductive rights? i'm willing to compromise. make it like france. first 15 weeks of a pregnancy are free. after that no abortions. the left says until the baby is out of the vagina you can kill it. that's wrong. but again i think there's room for compromise. justice thomas coming after birth control is just ridiculous and a bridge too far separation of church and state was designed to keep the government out of the church. not vice versa. it's not a debate. that's fact. reference any number of the founders writings. you can see how our society is suffering when you remove God or any sort of moral bedrock principles. it'll only get worse. but back to the core issue. the only side shutting down businesses, mandating shots and boosters in your body, telling you to mask up...is the left.
  6. that EXACT attitude is coming from people who move AWAY from crazy states like WA and into TX, FL, and other republican run states. they end up voting THE SAME WAY due to this logic. mind blowing. copy you don't like the republican either, but the side you're casting your vote for is the side which believes in taking away MORE of your liberty. I just cannot understand how you "hold your nose" and vote for that.
  7. I don’t disagree with you IRT the two party system. But you said you tend to fall left. there’s clearly only ONE party that is embracing COVID restrictions and masking. So by default by continuing to support and lean left, you are supporting that COVID ideology. maybe you will vote differently in the fall but unlikely. Either way none of my business. But do not confuse which political ideology is fawning over more control/restrictions/loss of liberty.
  8. you're missing the point. you support the party and politicians who are actively enforcing masking/other restrictions. we'd still have masks on planes if your party had it's choice YOU support that thinking.
  9. sorry buddy. the main democrat line is all conservatives are racists. and all republicans are insurrectionists. the media is amplifying that message. and if you didn't want to get a vax or wear a mask you wanted people to die. unfortunately your party is actively encouraging this messaging. and the media is their messenger.
  10. I’d go one step farther and say many left leaning people LOVE them. It lets them physically demonstrate their moral superiority
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