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  1. Fauci will not be looked kindly on by historians People will say “why the fuck did Americans celebrate him in 2020!? If I lived back the. I’d CERTAINLY not celebrate him!”
  2. no no no our prestigious generals knew EXACTLY what the ANA was capable of. but instead of "integrity first" they pushed bull shit rosy assessments for decades and touted "breakthrough" progress. the goal was always just over the next hill and almost within reach. No one had the backbone or balls at the flag level to call the spade a spade.
  3. history is going to judge our politicians very harshly for their mandatory vax stance ruining people's lives for TWO months of immunity. hope it's worth it! https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/06/health/pfizer-vaccine-waning-immunity/index.html
  4. florida is one of MANY examples of cases that come down naturally. It's not "conservative media skews" lol anyone hear anything about India recently? crickets. how about the nordic countries? crickets. it's all complete bull shit and a massive power grab/money grab.
  5. This is a unintentionally hilarious post! if only you knew
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