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  1. i think cops need to stop trying to use small infractions as excuses to escalate. doesn't seem to be worth it for obvious strategic purposes. if the guy has a warrant out fine, go get him, but all these ticky tack stops seem to escalate into something major. and if he gets in the car and drives off fine...let him...you know where he lives why not pick a better moment to grab him? shooting him "accidentally" is just not acceptable (obviously), and i think the charge was appropriate for the officer. new era of policing is here and it seems that departments are slow to recognize th
  2. Funny how fauci ignores other statistics and refuses any sound risk management decisions such as eating in a fucking restaurant AFTER fully vaccinated. CDC/fauci have zero credibility
  3. But seriously only you can answer this obviously. How badly do you want fighters? Will you always regret you didn't go for it? 28 is still young. If you will regret not trying then go for it. I'd def stay away from the regional airline route though.
  4. A) Marry for money B) Marry for looks, get wife to set up a OnlyFans, make bank C) Take all the money you've saved, deposit into Robinhood, buy 1 week expirey options in Gamestop, make millions
  5. Maybe voting should have a slight cost? Hell it’s been paid for with a price. it’s not hard to plan your life to get an ID. It’s certainly not racist. I’d argue YOU’RE the racist of you think black Americans aren’t capable of getting ID and registering to vote. this is a symptom of the lack of personal responsibility . American life has been too easy the last 40 years and people are lazy and entitled. Shit most people don’t know ANYTHING about the Ga law but they KNOW it’s racist
  6. ID to vote = RACIST! Vaccine passport ID = BRILLIANT!
  7. when in doubt i default to liberty and the constitution.
  8. This press conference is a big yikes fest sleepy joe
  9. Don’t question king fauci he’s been 100% correct on everything so far.
  10. Just wear double masks what’s the problem!?
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