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  1. Google search trend. The public doesn’t care anymore.
  2. has there ever been a president re-elected when half his own party are calling for him to not run? if he stays this out to be a slam dunk for trump. if it's not there's some shady shit going on with ballots.
  3. so juicy hopefully biden stays in. hell the man could barely climb the baby stairs into AF1 today in vegas.
  4. it's all explained here, but you idiots won't listen 46:45 1:06:00 peace deal scuttled
  5. yeah all 200k of his army to invade ukraine. come on man you're smarter than that.
  6. This press conference is embarrassing to listen to
  7. President of Ukraine…President Putin! IMG_1115.mov
  8. that's a good question and i don't have the answer. my speculation is he wants to push just enough to remove ukraine as a military threat, but not hard enough to energize NATO to mobilize. all the while killing two birds with one stone by sucking in nato $ and equipment to weaken it. kind of like how we think we are blood letting russia (which i'm sure is true to an extent). i think he has the same thoughts. AND he knows western public opinion can focus on a topic for weeks and then it's on to the next outrage. plus european economies aren't exactly thriving right now. and look at france...lots of political turmoil. i don't think his definition of winning is what the west thinks. the west thinks kiev....paris next. putin hasn't shown any desire to do that. i think putin wants a buffer from nato on his border. remember putin essentially had a peace deal with Z before it was sabotaged. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2024/06/15/world/europe/ukraine-russia-ceasefire-deal.html why would he start negotiating with Z in 2022 just weeks after the start of invasion? bluff? maybe. but i think that shows limited objectives. my main beef is this limited insight into our enemy makes for a very dangerous cocktail if either side makes the wrong move and the other side calls the bluff.
  9. 100% and stalled it out at the guard shack after getting ID checked going into Camp A. multiple times. "uh sir are you ok?"
  10. i learned to drive standard on disney blvd lol
  11. wait please tell me you took the airline job offer
  12. bro, i don't think russia's goal is to occupy all of ukraine. i am convinced it is not in US interests to spend hundreds of billions of dollars in a country no one gives AF about. putin is happy as a pig in mud to wear down ukranian manpower + equipment in a war of attrition.
  13. guys great news the war is being won now that the F-16s are here! https://www.axios.com/2024/07/10/ukraine-russia-f16-jets-nato-summit
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