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  1. I’ll take that feedback with a HUGE GRAIN OF SALT
  2. The only thing that stops this is when we collectively say we’ve had enough.
  3. I cannot wait for all the “#InsertBasePROUD” or “InsertBaseSTRONG” goes away. So cliche.
  4. ridiculous. masks have been proven to not be effective. you've got 16 months of data that shows this. they're only good for people to "think" the government is doing "SOMETHING" about the pandemic. looking back in 5-10 years once reason returns will bear this out.
  5. We have gone with the Chinese one. Lockdowns. That have been proven not to work! Also masks have proven not to work. CA public health authorities were telling people to not lay down on the beach otherwise they’d get COVID. There are a million examples of public health “experts” being 100% full of shit. and I think Fauci was telling the truth the first time when he said don’t wear masks.
  6. Public health "experts" have been all over the map. They, nor the white house have any firm domination of the "truth". That trust capital was burned a long time ago. Hell your boy fauci ADMITTED on national TV to LYING to us! And now the executive branch has the god damn BALLS to tell me what's fucking true and whats false? Go fuck yourself (not you, "them" in general)
  7. The internet is the new public square. comparing Sunday talk shows to the internet is apples to oranges. Government is limiting the flow of free information they just happen to be doing it online instead of in the physical world. the better example is government taking people off the street corner who are holding signs or yelling information government doesn’t approve of. same difference just doing it online
  8. if donald trump's administration was flagging speech they disagreed with across all social media platforms Sue Sponte and the left would lose a fucking gasket. jesus christ the fact people aren't pissed about this gives me zero hope (among other things) for the survival of our "democracy"
  9. Pawnman you show your immaturity in debates by neg repping posts you don’t agree with. Has a very “I’m gonna take my ball and go home” feel to it. I find that a lot in evolution/climate change/CRT theory Pumpers. Carey on.
  10. No it doesn’t. “The fossil record is incomplete. Of the small proportion of organisms preserved as fossils, only a tiny fraction have been recovered and studied by paleontologists” there is no link via fossil record for evolution. Mutation sure but not species changing evolution
  11. That’s not what the theory of evolution is about. Nice try
  12. Biggest misconception out there. No evidence of fish becoming apes then humans. Fossil record simply doesn’t exist. still the THEORY of evolution.
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