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  1. this is the EXACT strategy the air force needs for any reorganization:
  2. ww3 is not already on. if you think that you're a fool. the US killed the negotiated settlement at the start of the war thru our puppet boris johnson. the war hawks in this government WANT war with russia and they will do everything in their power to cause it. we are bumbling right into a disaster.
  3. look man bottom line is this: if NATO commits troops into ukraine WW3 is on. is that what you want? i dont. pretty incredible how careless the pro-intervention crowd is.
  4. but we ARE meddling. we're attached to a little boys club called NATO. and if NATO troops get overrun and fucked up in Ukraine then what do you think will happen?! and once again Ukraine is NOT NATO. if europe wants to fuck around and find out IRT russia have at it, but don't drag our country into it. my arguments were correct about COVID. i assume they will be correct about ukraine.
  5. Which is why it’s so frightening. This administration is incompetent.
  6. To be fair the Biden administration continues to say no US troops will be committed. https://www.politico.com/newsletters/national-security-daily/2024/02/27/france-troops-in-ukraine-us-no-00143498
  7. Happened recently. Blustery rhetoric to force the US house’s hand to pass Ukraine money? A possibility. But certainly dangerous, escalatory rhetoric. and not a good indicator for how the reality on the ground in Ukraine is.
  8. The Russians are happy to pay for it. They are winning. As evidence I submit the panic in the EU. And nato. Floating ideas of committing NATO ground troops in Ukraine. That type of dangerous rhetoric wouldn’t be happening if Ukraine was winning. so celebrate all your tactical victories as we lose the strategic war. Typical American officer corps.
  9. you guys are arguing speculating over a tank kill. lol.
  10. its gonna happen. ole joe gonna lead us right into WW3
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