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  1. I sharted putting on my body armor stepping and had to tell my CSO sq/cc the nebulous “I’ll meet you at the crew bus”, crab walk my way back to our dorm, furiously strip my boots, pants, and shit filled underwear off, use a dirty undershirt to wipe, find new pants, and then run to the crew bus. so yes I had to leave that surprise for y’all to find 😂 Good times.
  2. That’s nuts!!! 🥜
  3. LOL this dude is WELL taken care of....same way every politician is...and that's the problem with the whole system he ain't gonna be crawlin back no where
  4. adam has gone full TDS. he's not impressive in the slightest.
  5. that's a total game changer for anyone on the fence and a smart move by delta
  6. He’s a drama queen, but not wrong that hindsight fella…
  7. so true haha. there's always THAT guy and he's usually pretty easy to spot....in the military and airlines.
  8. Desantis/Tulsi would crush them. hell desantis vs. anyone would be a easy GOP win. but knowing the GOP they'll do political dumb shit to shoot themselves in the foot again
  9. Very disappointing night for republicans. the message is clear: trump is done. It’s desantis in 2024.
  10. Wow shocked Michigan and NY re-elected their gov’s. Two of the worst COVID offenders. And NM. JFC.
  11. Lotta posters and politicians need to eat serious crow
  12. Sure all of the above is true AFTER you get the CJO. proof is in the pudding…there are numerous interview and resume prep companies. I bet there isn’t one “Intro to Union/RLA prep course”
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