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  1. Moving the pole year, the 5 year promotion window, etc are all geared towards slowing everything down, giving folks more time to live a different career path and generally stop making everyone play the game of trying to make it to the flag ranks. However, there's a lot of "stuff" to figure out. whether that's policy, re-writing AFI or complying with law. Time will tell how it plays out.
  2. For the love of the flying spaghetti monster, please stop saying this inane quasi-religious horse-shit. Also, you place way too much credit in the hands of political "leaders" to actually influence and shape the public's opinion. There are no JFKs in the wings, because that type of political actor is no longer possible.
  3. I would argue a person has agency, and therefore a right to life and liberty. I don't believe in god, and don't think there's any inherent value in human life. Euthanasia and doctor assisted suicides are fine by me, even if the actual implementation is super sticky. I wasn't being snarky, justifiable homicide is generally how I think about an acceptable abortion at this point in time. I realize you can argue about levels of agency in a baby, but we all know babies grow. I can't see how a zygote is a person, I also can't see how a soon to be born baby isn't a person. I don't have a good answer beyond that. I'd probably be fine with an arbitrary line drawn somewhere in the middle. But I'm not personally wound up about, since I can't parse a 100% answer myself. Of course this is all philosophical. If you aren't dogmatic about it, that's the only place this conversation ends up. There are many people who aren't capable of actually having a conversation, nor agreeing on what the conversation is actually about.
  4. If at the point in time in question, the fetus is a person: Ask what circumstances would make you think justifiable homicide makes sense. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. My point is it was enforced violation of individual liberty by government. Arguing about which government body gets to be big government misses the point that big government is a danger to individual rights. The state having a monopoly on the legitimate use of force is (I think) necessary, but it carries risk that must be mitigated. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. But it was the state enforcing segregation. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. Man you really just waffle around the middle of the conversation don't you.
  8. You assume that the minority is inherently fucked without big brother to step in an help/protect them. Why? Historically it has been the government that has been the one doing the fucking by actively enforcing violations of liberty.
  9. I agree. Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats don't want to compromise, and both sides are happy to fuel the fire and polarize politics, largely on single issues to try and get a majority and push things through unilaterally. Of course they're intransigent jerks. The government has too much power. My statement has nothing to do with political compromise. The point is someone who views the government's role to make a better society will try to figure out which policy levers to pull to get closer to their vision of a better future without negative consequences. That lever is a myth. There are always negative consequences.
  10. Of course "they" wouldn't be. If you're seriously looking for a nice tidy answer, there isn't one. Everything is a compromise of trade-offs.
  11. Reduce the power of the government. Less ability for overreach and less ability/incentive to buy favor.
  12. It just shows you how disconnected the two "sides" of this country are. It's also not really new, reference the 1976 painting "A View of the World from 9th Avenue".
  13. Copy, so a base cop is different than off base. For what it's worth I have a substantial libertarian type bias against police, so I get your impulse. It's the same mindset, and it's human nature. In one case you have an additional "STF" option, the other you don't. In both cases, STF is rarely the first choice. So know the threat and react accordingly. Talking to the CC doesn't mean you have to be a dickhead (it almost never works anyway), and is easier if you're the same rank. But, an FGO to FGO talk about something you noticed during an interaction with one of said commander's troops doesn't have to be a bad thing. If you came to me to tell me one of my guys was being a little shit, I'd listen and file it away to see what may need to be done to mentor said troop (in this case that it's ok to be wrong if you fix it, but it's not ok to be an asshole). If you came into my office ranting and demanding something, I'd tell you to fuck off and get out. Something I learned dealing with the Army (granted, as a LtCol and group deputy): don't argue with the enlisted troops, don't plead your case to a CGO. As a LtCol, I talk to CCs/O5s and above. If it's worth my time, it's worth theirs.
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