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  1. And that reroute was a DH in the middle seat of the last row in a 73, only to canx the flight they DH’d to.
  2. I bet the majority of dudes stay in the same airframe, except for maybe a stint at UPT. That should be the expectation. Switching of course happens, but don’t expect it/plan on it.
  3. Military showing support for law enforcement is bad? Never mind the personal aspect of that particular patch. What a dickless cock-waffle.
  4. Multiple ANG guys living in Germany (USAFE staff/AOC) and still flying (though at a lower rate). They have the opportunity for 4 years of orders if they want it. There are a lot of job opportunities in the ARC that are like AD (move to place X to do a job outside of your normal ARC flying squadron job).
  5. brabus

    Gun Talk

    Only have put 50 rds through the new Glock 10mm, so hard to say confidently, but I’d lean more towards .40 (snappier feel vs. slow and pronounced). I will say it’s been much better to shoot than I thought it would be. Of course that’s only with 180 FMJ, we’ll see how it is with the 220 hard cast I’ll be loading.
  6. That’s gotta cut deep for all those WSOs out there!
  7. Hopefully all the parents out there who think their kids are “safe from all that” because they’re in DOD schools see this…spoiler alert, your kids aren’t safe from all that bullshit.
  8. During my senior year in ROTC, our NCOs fucked up the paperwork for ENJJPT - nobody went, even though 4 would have easily made it. All water under the bridge this many years later, but the point is they failed at a simple task and potentially caused career-altering impacts for some people. Such failure was completely acceptable to the officers running the show - great example to set for soon-to-be LTs.
  9. Well, back to the 90s where I’m writing checks all the time.
  10. I think cargo has done this for a long time. Some pax airlines have been buying seats for commuters due to COVID-related bullshit. But, TBD whether this goes away/stays away after LOAs expire, or if we’ve done this for so long that it’ll be incorporated into future contracts as the “new industry standard.” Wide variation of opinions on that part. Prior to all this, commuters could fly stand by in the back, but full flights drive JS necessity.
  11. They learned, corrected course, and admitted their mistakes. Too many people in our country have done none of those.
  12. Holy shit - that is an incredible shock…if true. I hope it’s bullshit.
  13. The UK has banned Covid vax for 12 and under, because they actually use logic and follow science. But yeah, you’re correct progressive white couple living in a million $ house, you do know better than an entire country’s scientific and medical community. Yay Bernie!
  14. ATL is like the active duty…avoid that place as much as possible!
  15. Didn’t know that; well he could still get a commercial/instrument (albeit for RW), still should knock that out.
  16. When you finish UPT, make sure you get your mil comp certs with the FAA (commercial, instrument, multi); you’ll need at least the first two to realistically get a civ flying job that’s more than towing banners.
  17. It’s the guard, you should have a civ career plan regardless of airframe or location. Start the expectation now that you will only be part time after seasoning ends (don’t know how long that is at your unit, but it’s probably a lot shorter than you’d like). If long term orders pop up, then be pleasantly surprised, but no way you should count on that. In a nutshell, that’s the realistic expectation you should have right now.
  18. Even his own CO allows business casual…but not surprised he didn’t know that. Douches exist everywhere.
  19. “You said you only have a beer a week at max, but we see you bought 69 ammo bowls in one night. But then again, that’s got to be a mistake, nobody could possibly drink that much!”
  20. WTF is she talking about? TS//SAR was found on her server. That twitter statement is a 100% lie.
  21. At least he went and did that, and actually was able to pull his head out of his ass and see reality for what it was. Now if all these other upper middle-class shitheads could do the same, we’d be able to actually gain meaningful strides towards solving problems like this.
  22. I like Gov Abbott’s gameplan applied to this problem; OK “homeless advocates” guess you guys are right, we’ll just make sure the homeless have comfortable places to set up surrounding your backyard and sidewalk out front. “BUT, BUT, NIMBY!!!!!!!” Hypocritical dumbasses, all of them.
  23. It’s not political weaponziation CH, it’s doing the right thing IAW the law, why can’t you just let bygones be bygones and support justice now! Oh wait….uhhhh, yeah, uhhhh, I’ll get back to you after I format my “well what she meant to say was…” answer.
  24. I’m still relatively new, so don’t claim to know that much, but I will say APC must be taken with a massive grain of salt. Many of the same individuals with non-stop doom and gloom messaging, how the company screws everybody, lots of 100% false info on there, etc. APC is not a great reflection of reality, and I think that applies to every airline out there. AA’s financials are not nearly as good as others, but I think we’ve seen the legacies really are too big to fail at this point. So, if living in DFW is what you want to do with life, then yeah, go for AA and don’t look back. For SWA, I’ve heard good things from friends there for the most part, but I personally didn’t want to be stuck in a 73 for my entire career flying to meh places. Variety over the course of a long career was worth something to me (and to many people); seniority is also a relatively slow progression there vs. others from what my friends say (friends came from SWA to DAL). There will always be good things about an airline and there will always be things to bitch about; there is not a perfect airline out there and APC is full of shit 99% of the time!
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