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  1. I know multiple guys who have gone to indoc/started initial training on leave at the end of various types of orders. No issues amongst the mil or airlines. They will likely want you to submit orders and leave approval to prove the situation is legit, but AA didn’t even do that for a couple guys I know. Now trying to knock out indoc on leave while you still have a year left on the current orders - that’s a different story. EDIT: Probably the “cleanest” COA is what SocialD said - curtail orders and sell the leave. But you will lose money on that deal assuming you are working at the airline during the time period you could have been double dipping. Selling back only nets you base pay after taxes.
  2. I think the point is nobody knows. But we do know the touted numbers aren’t accurate. To what degree of inaccuracy is unknown (at least I haven’t seen anything objective/credible). But with so much fuckery going on, it’s logical to be skeptical. I think a few people have made good “middle ground” points (paraphrasing…) that it’s not accurate to say COVID is simply the “common cold,” but it’s far from what the fear mongers have sold (in a desire to compel compliance, build power, and change society to suit their desires).
  3. WHAT….THE…FUCK. I don’t have first hand knowledge of what all the exact standards are for ST, let alone the 24, but I do know they can’t afford to be lowered, as what those guys do isn’t some Patty cake game this little girl (yes, she’s a whiny little girl if this is all true) can just skate through. What’s worse is lowering standards will continue and now you’ll see guys making it through who shouldn’t, and we end up with less capable people endangering the mission and those around them. Seen it in the fighter community and don’t want to see the ST bros experience the same thing.
  4. There have been studies that show that the average cloth mask material is 50% effective, when worn on a face properly, it’s 10% or less effective (drop based on how the material sits on a face, the openings that creates, etc). That’s before accounting for variables you mentioned. So yeah, they do something, but I’ve never personally considered single digits synonymous with “effective.” Apparently other people do consider sub 10% “effective.”
  5. Back in the day 4 stars’ hats weren’t safe. Maybe the best part was the General’s butt boy negotiating with the LPA when he discovered both primary and secondary hats were dicked and the tertiary (but still unmarked) one was being held hostage. Man those were good days! @DirkDiggler I spit Laguvulin 16 out when I read that…and I’m not even mad. I wish I could be a fly on the wall seeing that one play out. Well played!
  6. @HeloDude It was more a joke than a serious question. That’s not to say your response is wrong. Having SA is 99% of the battle.
  7. Are hidden dicks on briefing boards before or after the line? Asking for a friend…
  8. And that’s one of the ways throughout history militaries have been used to conduct atrocious actions against a group of humans. If someone advocates for black and white no questions/shut up and do as they’re told, they are part of the problem. Never have seen somebody with that mentality in the military do well at anything.
  9. Don’t get me wrong, half of them have been 6-9 months late!
  10. I don't think I've had a single OPR in my career submitted to the queep gods earlier than 2-3 months late. Never affected my career.
  11. brabus

    Gun Talk

    100K 223! Man do I feel like a rookie now.
  12. I think you’re right for some people, but I don’t think you’re right on others. I’m not one of them, but I respect their chosen values and beliefs, even if they don’t align with mine. There are a lot of people out there I think have whacko opinions and beliefs founded on nothing legitimate or logical, but I still don’t believe in attacking their character, or acting like a self-righteous asshole towards them/their beliefs. My comment is directed at those who are patronizing dickheads attacking someone’s beliefs - even if I agree with said person, I still think they’re the problem and creating/perpetuating a lot of the issues we see in modern society.
  13. Segue - I think the greatest source of the immense strife we see in our country is colossal assholes like you who vehemently shit on someone for having a different view point or set of beliefs than yourself. Absolutely you can think it’s all gibberish, but when you belittle people for their personal beliefs and attack their core values, you’re just a POS bully. Time for some introspection, or just keep being a total shitbag, you’re call.
  14. It’s not hard people, the LEFT leg pocket is the SCIF, not the right…rookies.
  15. Because the right guys are out there, it’s not a zero sum game. However, tough sell to pick a heavy guy over a fighter guy when you’re talking about the one TX you have to give. But timing matters a lot, and perhaps great dude heavy guy has zero competition for an available TX, thus he gets the job. Totally support MAF guy rushing, but go in eyes wide open - your chances are historically low (but not zero).
  16. Brutally honest answer at the end of the day: while there are certainly great MAF guys who could do well in fighters, many probably wouldn’t be very value adding, especially later in their career (and that’s if they even make it through the pipeline). The basic flying stuff that translates to fighters is about 5% of the job. It’s the other 95% that’s the big hurdle. The young guy straight out of the pipeline from the start will generally provide more long term value. I’m sure that’ll piss some egos off, but reality hurts some times.
  17. TX slots are not numerous, chances of success are pretty much 100% if your transitioning from another fighter (vs. coming from a non-fighter background), and if you do TX from a non-fighter, you’re starting over as the “young, inexperienced” guy…except you’re a Maj instead of a LT/young Capt. Those are the three big hurdles. Not impossible to get past, but it’s hard, even for the greatest bros out there.
  18. Yes it has happened. Definitely much lower chances though if you’re coming from a non-fighter
  19. brabus

    Gun Talk

    The ATF is finally going to eForms supposedly by the end of the month. This means far easier filing and should result in much shorter wait times. If you’re thinking about buying an NFA item, Jan should be a good month to do it!
  20. Ah, the old go off on an enraged strawman tirade move. I have no questions on which group you’re in.
  21. False equivalency. The mil members in your example are concerned about their personal health and not trying to tell anyone else how to conduct their personal health decisions/force an opinion on others. The other side of the argument are trying to force their will on others. Different situations/approaches and not comparable…one side is filled with moral high ground pricks and the other just wants liberty for everyone.
  22. You can throw on healthy adults to age 60-70 as well. Hopefully the courts keep smacking down these bullshit mandates. It’s over, get it if you want and be happy, but you can fuck right off on your high horse opinion of what somebody else should do.
  23. You’re blindfolded and no touching, you have to pick door 1 or 2…totally worth the risk!
  24. So much what lord rather said. I’m fairly in tune to local politics, and it is very promising to see how many liberals (not far left progressives, there’s a difference) are starting to finally wake up to this bullshit going too far. I’ve talked to several who self-described as progressive, but now they’re saying they can’t do it anymore. Those liberals won’t necessarily get on board with all the conservative polices you like, but they will have a conversation and are more open minded than given credit…just as the same applies to conservatives who are closer to the middle/lean in the libertarian direction. Locally, I’ve determined the GOP are all old people who staunchly cling to their viewpoints/fuck everyone else just as much as the progressive nut jobs…there’s no fundamentally big pic difference in the two groups as far as I’m concerned. Invite the other side of the middle fence to respectful conversation, bet you find out they’re actually pretty reasonable and good people. And hopefully they will find the same about you if they give honest conversation a chance.
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