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  1. I wasn't trying to mock what your wife has to deal with at work. I apologize if it came off that way. I was mocking the President.
  2. That’s actually in the FOM.
  3. Kids these days. Throwing the “Brandon” word around at school administrators. Despicable.
  4. Oh good! pawnman is in the airline thread now. Finally some real perspective on all of this.
  5. Well, a pissed off passenger on Twitter heard the pilots were on strike this weekend, so naturally SWAPA needed to circle the wagons… because Twitter.
  6. Despite all the in-fighting and racism talk (really?!) this thread has generated, does anyone personally know of anyone who has walked away from military service because of this mandate? I know the Air Force deadlines are a month or two away (depending on status), but I haven't seen any hard lines drawn so far. Mostly just "news" stories about half of Seal Team Six quitting....
  7. While I disagree with your delivery at times, I agree with your message. After my last two days as a traditional Guardsman, I’ve never been so disturbed by the state of our military leadership (to include my podunk state). I’d love to discuss it with them, but they’ve made it all but clear there will be no discussion. I appreciate seeing both sides of the argument here on BODN, but it’s obvious we’re going down a dark hole.
  8. Chalk one up for the good guys! I post the following with a NSFW tag. Though, I have a feeling the ACTUAL lyrics were probably far more offensive. You've been warned...
  9. I’ll try that line next week when they boot me out of the Guard at 17 years.
  10. Looks like every airshow I've ever worked. Are you sure this wasn't taken at Oshkosh? I bet the guy in the right seat started crying when mom said he had to get up so the next group of nice people could sit in the pilot's seat.
  11. Going back a couple pages… What are the the feelings across the AF? As a Guard guy, my finger isn’t exactly on the pulse anymore. Are folks considering taking a hard line regarding this mandate if it comes to it? Just curious what you guys are hearing in your circles. Sorry to breakup the hypothetical ventilator cat fight. (BTW you can have my ventilator when it comes down to it… regardless of your vacc status.)
  12. Good thing it wasn’t one of the MOOSE lines. That’d be a rough childhood.
  13. But as an OG, the German has an entire shop of likely non-German experts (can’t remember the acronym - I think it ends with a V) to bounce this sort of thing off of. Not saying he didn’t, but either they concurred or no one felt compelled or able to talk him out of it. The good news is, this shouldn’t affect the Q3’d reservist’s seniority when he goes back to Delta.
  14. I worked two separate flights this week where an individual became confrontational with a flight attendant regarding mask wear. One was physical and we requested the police upon arrival. The second was verbal and the customer service supervisor we requested at the gate (just in case) elected to bring law enforcement with them. Flight crew are being put in a shitty spot with regard to this mask mandate and tensions continue to get worse. But none of that is news.
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