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  1. Is Mobility Guardian the thing that replaced AMC's Rodeo a few years back when everyone finally admitted what a massive waste of taxpayer money that drinkfest was?
  2. Holy shit... Altus was my first thought too. Only I was thinking Woody’s bar in the old motel on Broadway and Veterans circa 2008. Now I gotta get drunk and listen to ‘Copperhead Road’.
  3. Meh... I'm busy worrying about where the MLB all-star game will be played and what Delter and Coke think about election law. Russia can have Ukraine... and I'm indifferent on Taiwan.
  4. Funny you should ask... as I searched for the pic, I thought I remember hearing it was more than just the “Amn Dipshit dropped his cell phone and was searching for it when he drove under an F-15” as described in the news (I use that term loosely) story I saw. I feel a solidly told refresher is in order on this one.
  5. Sooo... PT tests with masks on then? Sounds like fun.
  6. One question: which airline has gone to the telecommuting option? I'm beginning to think I may have fucked up with my choice of companies. Congrats, brother! Glad to hear things have smoothed out post-AD.
  7. Looks like AFPC finally has this whole manning thing nipped in the bud for good! How could this possibly backfire?
  8. I appreciate the replies, guys. I’ve got two more years to ROPMA. If that means I have to hang out until 21 or 22 years to get the TIG, so be it. If (when) the next pandemic (election year) hits the airlines, I’ll probably be thankful for the DSG side gig.
  9. Speaking of ACSC... What is the general stance regarding promotions in Guard units right now for those who elect not to do ACSC in correspondence? I am rolling the dice after giving up way too much of my life to SOS and Masters bullshit while on AD. I really cannot stomach the thought of subjecting myself to another Air University time bandit. We’ve had a few guys in my unit promote with fewer career/flying-relates boxes checked than I have. Just curious how other units have been treating ACSC lately.
  10. If that isn’t the epitome of British humour, I don’t know what is.
  11. I wonder how they’ll determine which songs are hymns and which are hyrs.
  12. I'll second Jai Alai from Cigar City Brewing. Still can't beat Bell's Two Hearted, but definitely in my top 5.
  13. Sweet. Two more justifications to keep getting fatter! This virus thing ain't so bad after all!
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