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  1. Low Earth Orbit is the only feasible explanation as to where all my f’in 10mm have gone.
  2. Go to the model train expo. “You will be glad that you did!”
  3. For sure. His priorities have shifted and he’ll be spending considerably more time at Delta for the next few years until retirement.
  4. Multiple guys in my Guard unit (myself included) have ROPMA'd without any ACSC. I did SOS in-res before separating from AD. Not sure on the other guys. Meanwhile my Reservist buddy was recently passed over (clean record, WO, ACSC in correspondence). Two different worlds.
  5. So which flag do I post on my social media profile so as not to be canceled? I support $3B to whomever the underdog is.
  6. That's correct. I was denied a medical exemption in the fall of 2021 (far too long of a story to detail here). A Dec '21 memo from the SecAF basically said no/pay no points and eventual invol assignment to the IRR for TRs/DSGs. So I did no Guard duty from Jan 2022 until just recently after the NDAA eliminated the mandate, thus missing out on that good year. Religious exemptions, on the other hand, were slow-rolled and eventually a court injunction paused adverse actions against members with a RAR. They were allowed to continue drilling/flying. I was offered the option to pursue a religious exemption after my medical was denied, but I had my hill and was ready to die on it. I am in a fortunate enough position with my airline gig to be able to push back on all of this without losing much sleep.
  7. No words yet from the ANG yet. All I want are the back points for a good year so I can get off this sinking ship posthaste.
  8. Grate spell check in the very last sentence. I’d expect nothing less from the POS who shoved this mandate down our throats for the last year and a half.
  9. Probably daily. As a narcissist would.
  10. I would be shocked if you weren’t while on MLOA. You’re still a member of SWAPA. I was in newhire training during the 2015 TA1 and we were all allowed to vote. We had little clue what a turd it was at the time, but we were able to vote.
  11. The rumbling on this has been growing over the last week. It’s interesting to see both sides of the MSM picking up on it. On a side note - it’s been one year to the day since I last put on the uniform because of this mandate (no pay/no points Guard guy). While I’m not holding my breath, it does appear some sanity may be returning to our overlords.
  12. Oh, please. He doesn’t need some shitty mil gig, and airline flying is for chumps. He was bought out long ago and will be taken care of.
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