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  1. Very strange that there is over 20 times more views from the 2022 AD board thread and this one, and that one has over 40x more replies. Perhaps those who were the most active on there received their slot and no longer needed it? Perhaps sh*t's getting real out there and people are realizing that we have a very good chance of entering a conflict? Even the Air Force-side websites have significantly less chatter compared to last year. Fingers crossed that the board makes the right decision regarding my application 🤠 If I get it, I'll be sure to share a few of my little tips that helped me survive and thrive in UCT, and a few gold nuggets I was able to pry out of an IP after getting him a few drinks.
  2. I'm a Prior-E officer that went rated, and had a rather unfortunate series of encounters with non-rated officers over the last few years. It seems like they just don't "get it" and seem to forget that they are in the military. Completely clueless as to what aircraft are at their base and what they even do. Have difficulty picking up on the subtle clues that aircrew members are fluent in. Freaking out at the mention of the 6-9 weeks that are required for me to fully detox in my safe space from my encounter with them because they made me feel so unsafe. My time at SOS was quite educational in this regard. wat do
  3. My wing was one of the early ones; however, if you update some kind of metric (PCSM, PT score, AFOQT scores, etc.) they'll change it for you prior to the official submission date. You can also send a memo to the actual board to update metrics after the official deadline. Don't let that be an excuse to sandbag things; the best time to start this kind of thing is NOW.
  4. Heard directly from my SQ/CC that the big focus was "scores scores scores". Which is possibly my redeeming factor because I was stratted 4 of 4 in my SQ. Even then, if the AF is looking for people with aptitude, hopefully the board is looking more at those scores than how many Christmas parties we planned.
  5. Update: got a rated slot after getting busted underage drinking on AD as an E-3 or whatever. 10/10 would do again, if anyone else gets busted for it just own up to it to your commander and don't get caught again.
  6. Keep in mind that you can take the TBAS twice, and the second time people usually score higher. Although I feel that you will get a rockstar score your first time anyway, with your AFOQT scores and hours from your PPL. Your GPA is low, but I believe that many people know that the GPA for engineering majors tends to be lower. If you can explain to them why your GPA is so low (working through school, difficult courses, etc.), I'm sure they'll look at you favorably, especially with those AFOQT scores. That's my two cents, I'm a Prior-E and in AFROTC with limited knowledge on how the board would view this.
  7. Nope. Colors are too light; better to have darker colors like that new stuff the Army has.
  8. Anyone have any more info? Was informed by Cadre that for the 2015 year, there were three supplemental boards held after the first board. Looks like there will be plenty of opportunity for anyone not initially picked up. Also, cadets picked up from the 2015 board seem to be leaving to their training bases in a reasonable amount of time.
  9. Girlfriend wants me to do the matching flight suit thing for Halloween. I'm looking for the most offensive patches I can possibly find, especially those that will annoy/offend/disturb the kids at her primarily liberal school. They won't know what Tailhook is :( Please post links. If you have a rare patch that can't be bought anymore, I'd be willing to "borrow" it if you mail it to me with no return address, and I can mail it back to your local lair/PO Box/mistress' apartment. Disclaimer: Prior-E wannabe SNAP in AFROTC. Photos of me will not be released, but the girlfriend will be happy to model the offensive flight suit patches.
  10. I enlisted and did a few years before going into AFROTC, was able to use my G.I. Bill. Be advised that after a few years of being enlisted, going to AFROTC has the potential to drive you batshit insane.
  11. No, I mean I don't want to take whatever AFSC I'd get if I didn't get a slot, because I would be entering the AFSC without the desire to be in it, possibly taking it away from someone who does. Already made the mistake of "settling" on an AFSC. I'm pursuing multiple avenues of getting a pilot slot to increase my overall chances. Ideally I would like to get picked up by my unit, but right now I am determined to chase every avenue I can. I appreciate the advice from everyone, I think I'll wait it out and talk with my cadre to see what my options are.
  12. This gives me an opportunity to finish school faster, as well as get a better GPA. Questions: 1. What am I going to have to pay AFROTC back for Field Training, uniforms, etc? 2. How will OTS work if I've been through Field Training and the AS300 year? 3. How will Cadre/AFROTC respond? After screwing up and "settling" on my current enlisted AFSC a few years ago, I have decided that I need to exhaust every possible option before I accept another AFSC. I don't want to take a job in AFROTC that could go to someone else that would appreciate it more than I do. I am not a contracted POC and am currently attached to a Guard unit, of which I am planning to apply to as well. Stats: GPA: ~3.35 PFA: 99 AFOQT: Pilot 86 Nav 85 Academic 80 Verbal 89 Quant 49 PCSM: 55
  13. I picked this guy for an AFROTC writing assignment. Criteria was how an AF leader embodied one of the core values. Honestly had a hard time finding them and after reading this thread I cringe at the mental gymnastics i had to perform to shoehorn the paper. The AFROTC commander was a Viper driver too.
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