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  1. @VMFA187 You can thank @M2 and the thugs in Gainesville. Breaking news indicates Florida State QB Tate Rodemaker is out of the ACC championship due to concussion protocol from this late hit. Big hill to climb with your 3rd string QB.
  2. The 'John Wayne Saloon': How day drinking went undetected at one of America's top military bases No more day drinking and does not speak well to the survival of other secret drinking venues...IYKYK.
  3. Interesting one off debate on Fox tonight as Desantis and Newsom go cranium to cranium. It could be a precursor for 2024 should Trump tumble from the legal issues (not likely), or Biden keel over or be removed by the DNC (50-50 on both). Regardless, it will be a fight over the hardline ideology of both sides. I will probably watch the Cowboy game instead.
  4. Some partisan race-baiter who poses as a journalist at Deadspin (whatever that is) concocts a story about some kid wearing blackface at a Chief's game and tries to shame the kid on social media. Epic Fail...turns out the kid is wearing Chief's colors and the headdress? Also, turns out the kid is bona fide and registered Native American. Many Chiefs fans are planning to wear black and red face paint to the next game in a show of support for this kid, who has been getting attacked by the woke left.
  5. They do and they used to be good. You've been to the Sweet 16 a few times and never noticed? Come on Devil Dog, don't be a one trick pony. I am not a softball fan my friend's daughter is one of the top three recruits int he nations. FSU's Womens team is really good, 19 ACC Championships. It all hinges on your freshman QB. he can throw but does not have the mobility of Travis Jordan and he is about to see a LOT more speed and size coming at him. Not being a hater but a win against Louisville is one thing, getting through Michigan and their defense is another thing. But...as you noted, you gotta play the game. The future is indeed bright and you have a superb coach, if he stays. He is young and obviously a hot commodity, I wonder if he feels the challenge of the NFL? I don't place as much trust in recruiting classes as you do, the transfer portal put pressure back on the coaches. You might recruit all these great kids but if they don't get to play out of the gate they are free to walk to another school to increase their exposure. I've always had mixed feelings on FSU, coming out of high school I was highly recruited by UM and UF but not a word from FSU, that bothered me until we won the Natty in 87 and again in 89. Bobby was of course a legend and if Norvell stays he could be as well. I'd wish you luck, but I wouldn't mean it 🙂
  6. I will lol when you guys get donkey punched out of the playoff. Sucks you lost your QB, I don't see you winning without him. Maybe against Louisville this weekend but certainly not against one of the contenders. For the record...the all time record between FSU and Miami still favors Miami...oh and those pesky FIVE rings (should be seven but that is my quibbling) As football winds down we move to BBall. Miami off a Final Four appearance started the year 5-0 and is currently ranked #8. We also stole your best player in the portal Matthew Cleveland...man that's gotta suck. I hope you guys keep Leonard Hamilton forever, so glad we dumped him. All these years and he can't get you past the Sweet 16 and you are on a downward trajectory finishing #12 in the ACC last year...BAHAHAHA...that's gotta hurt.
  7. Spent the last two days completing my company's DEI and Microaggression training. I am now prepared to employ microinclusion...oddly I still hate Navigators.
  8. Looks like some leadership folks at Minot picked sides and implied negative career action should you attend a Charlie Kirk rally...supposedly it was corrected. Critics bash Minot AFB after airmen told to avoid conservative rally
  9. Completely agree. Also think a well organized group of federal law enforcement officers would have ended that situation very quickly.
  10. Hinting at employing the military implies some sort of martial law...seriously bro, that is ungood. I agree the optic of allowing the riots go on and federal property to be attacked and burned is very bad. That being said, there were more than enough federal assets to employ without rolling in the military. The federal government certainly has a responsibility to protect the citizens and federal property but even hinting at employing the military is 3rd world banana republic type stuff. If they didn't have enough Marshalls, FBI, ATF and other federal officers perhaps they could use the Guard under Title 32 but even hinting at the active duty military is complete and utter non-sense.
  11. My wife and son say the same thing about me, my wife can't believe it, especially with my propensity to overlook chores around the house "how did you see that?" The product of playing Pop Warner, high school and college football. RPO has made the game even faster and I am glad the refs have kept up. I was reading some game analytics the other day. The average high school QB has 4 seconds to throw the ball, the average college QB has 3 seconds and the average NFL QB has 2.2 seconds. I thought about volunteer coaching at my son's school but my work travel has been stupid the past year, maybe when I retire.
  12. Trump hints at expanded role for the military within the US. A legacy law gives him few guardrails So much NO here...
  13. Shocking how good some of those guys are and what they see in the blink of an eye. Still, I am glad the system is there, I don;t ever want a game decided on a bad call.
  14. Haven't seen Miami players spitting in anyone's face, but in addition to spitting I did see a couple of Florida players spear FSU's QB on the ground.
  15. Just when I think we've seen it all the Florida Gators set a new low by spitting in the face of an opponent. Filthy animals.
  16. Slife...He has envisioned a special ops support squadron and harvested manpower from the ops squadrons to do it. When it came time for the AC-130 folks to pony up more folks the gunner union pushed back and said they needed the extra body to run the 105...Slife HATES the gunship and used that issue to remove the 105 and harvest the manpower.
  17. As I understand it this was not a pre-planned strike. The AC-130 was patrolling and noticed the launch, they followed the smoke trail back and conducted a self-defense strike.
  18. Big ole Karma punch. Now if Mike Norvell will just take the job in College Station all will be right in the ironic world.
  19. A tour of the old neighborhoods and clearly a message.
  20. The thread has devolved into a broader discussion on divesting older platforms in the name of making difficult choices given current threats which may be true but is NOT the case with the potential 105MM removal. It will actually COST money to take the 105MM off the gunship. This is a punitive decision made by a cud eating lunatic and endorsed by his caustic clown-penis puppet. It started as an exercise to harvest ops manpower for functions that have nothing to do with SOF core competencies. With regard to divesting other legacy platforms I certainly agree that in many cases it makes sense given the capabilities of 5th and 6th gen platforms. We make fun of Fat Amy but the simple fact is in the air to air realm, if the Raptors and Fat Amy are playing it is an unfair fight, as it should be. The problem is our single-minded focus on this one mission...yes we have a duty to kick down doors and project airpower and national policy, but we also have a sacred duty to protect those on the ground. Luckily the benefit of our 5th and 6th gen capabilities extends to stopping an enemy air force but it is myopic to think it ends there. I am sorry but a cloaked up Lightning with 181 rounds of 25MM and a couple GBUs does not replace an A-10. When all is said and done we are spending a TRILLION dollars on Fat Amy, perhaps I am a dinosaur but I think we can part with a few $ to find away to provide CAS for future generations.
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