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  1. I knew it was coming but it doesn't make it any easier and I don't have any words. Rest easy, no more pain. Thanks for teaching me a love of flying and service to our nation. 257 combat missions in Vietnam totaling 754 combat hours. 5 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 23 Air Medals, first pilot to achieve 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 hours in the F-4.
  2. Every "conservative pundit"...big deal that insured the viewers of FoxNews and Rush heard the story. Meanwhile the rest of the mainstream suppressed it and made sure it was a back story with no details. I honestly don't know if this is as big as Watergate, but if the son of the next President of the United States is telling a foreign company owned and run by the Chinese government that he needs 10% for the big guy...holy shit we might want to look into it. I cannot disagree with you more on the Twitter suppressing the story not making a difference...I think it made a HUGE difference an
  3. Removed to avoid another Karen report. Trying to compare a couple of blogs and pod casts to mainstream media AND the tech oligarchs is the worst kind of argument. The one time someone other than Fox started to get traction (NYPOST with the Hunter Laptop story that we now know to be TRUE), the tech oligarchs stepped in to not only silence the story, they freaking erased it. That doesn't happen with the liberal message. Go ahead and post your teary bullshit reply...but but but.
  4. Complete and utter malarkey. ONE mainstream network went after Obama, Foxnews, some of it unwarranted Political tripe, some of it valid. Meanwhile ALL of the remaining mainstream networks supported Obama. The mainstream anti-Trump anti-GOP theme continues. Look no further than the Ga Voter law controversy. The WASHPO gives Biden four Pinocchios but the rest of the press pushes on as if it is absolute fact, furthering the cancel culture march. To be clear, the law ADDED early voting days, still allows food and water in lines, just without party branding, and is less restrictive t
  5. Massive build up on the border...it's about to get interesting and ugly.
  6. I spit my rum out watching this one. Biden.mp4
  7. I've seen that in numerous places this past year. If you want to see some unique procedures check out my home airport 2R4. Airspace issues galore (right hand patterns required on 18, left hand on 36, non-standard 900' pattern thanks to Navy airspace to the north), and military bases all around...all done via CTAF.
  8. And the press just glazed over it like because they have been Jedi Mind Fucked buy the DNC. Journalism is dead in this country.
  9. Unreal they didn't catch this sooner! He also wants to cancel the Goldilocks and three bears story because "she broke into their house"
  10. Just saying in the absolute, especially considering Stare Decisis, the precedent is there to make it mandatory for the entire population. Public opinion may go ape shit, but this has already been decided once.
  11. Wrong...you might google Jacobson v. Massachusetts.
  12. Who said it is the most infectious diseases ever? For the record, the nine most infectious diseases are: Smallpox - Int he 20th century alone it killed 300 million humans. We have a vaccine. Influenza - We have a vaccine and update it every year to cover a spectrum of mutations. Rabies - We have a vaccine. Tuberculosis - We have a vaccine. Leprosy - We have a vaccine. Typhoid Fever - We have a vaccine. Bubonic Plague - We have a vaccine. Malaria - We have a vaccine. HIV/AIDS - We have a treatment, a vaccine is still in the works because this is a
  13. The 75-85% figure is right out of Fauci's ass. Most other prominent virologists have been saying 50% since the start. 50% is right in line with most other viruses and with most known traits of other Coronavirus variants.
  14. Tell me about it. I've driven it a few times now and had a hiccup on Saturday. Drove out to the beach and on the way back noticed a little smoke which I expected as I break in the motor. All of a sudden white smoke everywhere..my heart sank thinking I threw a rod. I immediately pulled over and shut the engine off. Popped the hood expecting to see disaster, turns out it was the radiator hose going into the engine intake. I'm using a racing coolant and it must have been the additive causing the excessive white smoke (it wasn't steam). I added coolant, tightened the hose (like I should hav
  15. Tucker Carslon goes after DOD and USAF claiming they have gone woke. If you don't want to watch the start at 9:00 and watch what he said about Lt Gen Webb, AETC and the way we select pilots. Sounds like having a PPL will soon loose any weight in the PMSV.
  16. Tracking. I have aftermarket performance heads (came that way), that are in great shape and really help add HP. However, the stud kit for those heads requires constant re-torquing which I wanted to avoid so I went with a set that requires initial an torque then one retorque after break in. It also had a racing cam which was great for power but a bit more difficult as a daily driver (my wife hated it....really had to feather the clutch in first gear). I am happy with the outcome, easier to drive but still enough power to remind me of my lost youth (jumped on it yesterday and had the rear en
  17. 64 Five months but two big delays waiting on the machine shop and a month recovering from COVID. Had to wait 8 weeks to get work done at the machine shop the first time...I guess everyone is rebuilding motors during COVID? Had a setback when assembling the first time, while torquing the heads one of the head bolt threads pulled out of the block. I could have fix it myself if it wasn't such a critical item. Had to wait another ten days to get a slot at the machine shop so he could jig it correctly and put a helicoil in it. Also spent a few days planning and installing an e
  18. Tingle away brother... IMG_7151.MOV
  19. I did a lot of research after having had COVID and decided to get the vaccine because you end up with a better and broader spectrum of coverage against mutations. Also - a new study provides context to first dose reactions.
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