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  1. I think most of the US folks trying to get Afghans out are trying to get particular families out. Some of the escapees are cowards. Others realized their sacrifice wouldn't turn the tide and called it quits. There's also a big gray area in there.
  2. There is a critical mass to such things. When you are one of the only dudes willing to fight and all your "leadership" flees and most of your logistical support disappears, you face a losing battle. Is it worth it to "die like a man" and get your family killed for a government that just fled the country or flipped sides? Should the Afghans, writ large, have fought? Yeah. If they had enough mass to have a reasonable chance, I'd take a harder line with you. Should a few individuals die on the hill to show support for people who don't care? That's less clear cut.
  3. Curious what was the 11H rotary-wing rate?
  4. Probably...but I've also seen JA argue cases where their own sequence of events didn't make sense. I also kind of doubt all JAs think about how SCOTUS would review each and every case.
  5. I only had one college course on the law, but do seem to remember that all legal orders need to have a valid military purpose. A gag order relating to X, Y, and Z topics under review/investigation would make sense. A TOTAL gag order would have some pretty serious 1st Amendment issues. It is entirely possible that both the LtCol and his command are making poor (and possibly illegal) decisions.
  6. Ordering someone to cease all social media and group communication sounds exceedingly broad and potentially illegal. I don't think you can order someone not to post college football scores on Facebook from their home.
  7. ..and AGAIN, allegedly he said he would do something if something else happened. He said this to a party we are NOT currently at war with. Is it bad (if true)? Yes. Does the (alleged) statement meet the legal definition of treason? No, on multiple levels.
  8. This is a terrible strawman. No, we don't allow presidents to just decide to commit mass murder. There is a "road to war" that involves many outside sources. The mass murder without any reasonable cause is the war crime, not the particular weapon here.
  9. It's an interesting one. On the one hand the Chief Executive is the sole legal release authority for nuclear weapons. On the other hand, anyone following an order to randomly nuke a country would almost certainly be committing a war crime, and thus have a duty to disobey.
  10. Saying you are going to do something treasonous if something else happens is not the same as commiting treason. Slow your roll there.
  11. Can you afford a major market drop? Don't sucker yourself into a bad situation. If you can take the hit, it's probably a more acceptable risk. Is this a normally increasing market, or is this rise an abnormality in a usually stable market?
  12. Sure..."for that"... Context clues say that Gates didn't like the way AF leadership was trying to prep for high-end fights at the expense of another couple dozen Pred CAPs over Iraq.
  13. The administration has already admitted that their policy is designed to punish those who have not received the vaccine. It's one of the better reasons all the forthcoming lawsuits may actually succeed (also, some ADA provisions).
  14. Sorry to hear that, but good on you for not going 100% into despair mode. Success at UPT should probably be factored in graduation numbers meeting goals and producing acceptably skilled new pilots. The AF is fairly good at tracking the first metric, but the second is much more questionably measured I know I took the full syllabus plus a few rides, back when it was like 90hrs in T-6s. New iterations don't give students that much time to figure it out. Is that necessarily bad? Not if you can meet production and quality goals... although I question the quality side. We are either cutting the slower learners or graduating pilots with lesser knowledge/skills, imo.
  15. Yeah, I am looking for whole house versions, not just a room.
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