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  1. I just had to go check there as well. Pics are definitely working again.
  2. Go with link. That guy was terrifying. Hope he's on the SiV list...
  3. Finally fixed it. Should work now.
  4. All, Having some issues with https redirects... Working on it.

    Nice Upgrade

    Thanks. Still doing some work trying to get the old iOS and Android apps updated and working again. No promises.
  6. I just got offered 2.5% with a .25 point payment, or a .25 point lender credit at 2.75%. Has anybody used PenFed before? How were things during and after the purchase? 2.5% with a .25 point seems like a steal to me, am I wrong?
  7. My last two loans were through NBKC. While they were both executed smoothly, the most recent one had a higher rate than I expected. Rather than shop around I just accepted it. Not happening twice.
  8. @Jon - Trident Home Loans - bummer to hear about NV not being a state you guys can service yet! I sent my buyer for our FSBO in NM your way, his original pre-approval looked like some place that was going to roll him on the rate. Sounds like you guys are hooking him up much better. After hearing that we were certain to use you in our next home purchase, but it'll be in NV. Reach out if you think that'll change soon.
  9. It seems like 2.75 has been a backstop for a while, any reason for that? Forecasts of potentially lower soon?
  10. @Jon - Trident Home Loans- How are things looking (rate-wise) from your seat these days?
  11. Sorry guys, I'll get on that ASAP
  12. For the SNAPs in the crowd, Beats By Banjo: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/77tkdL0r5L7fR7iHEt24Tf
  13. Hey @Jon - Trident Home Loans, how are the VA rates looking these days?
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