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  1. We changed that too, now called the OPB!
  2. Darryl, Please move your advertisement to the Marketplace thread. Thanks, DFRESH
  3. Sorry gents, F#kin Google took over again. The point of the ads is to cover the basic costs of maintaining the sites, which they typically do without the Google AI terminator ad bot taking over. My apologies, not sure how it happened again.
  4. Yes. You can read the PSDM on MyFSS. Changes things for school vs PCS decision timing. Speaking of school.... anybody got that list yet?
  5. Admin note - Filthy_Liar went off the deep end. I was allowing most of his posts until they were all complete crazy-town, "shoot em' up", civil war nonsense. It's a tough line to draw because I'm all about letting folks post whatever they want, but there's definitely a limit, and Filthy_Liar exceeded it. My hope is that it was some kind of drunken keyboard warrior stuff... That said, I've tipped off the appropriate authorities. "Free speech" doesn't apply to shouting "fire" in a crowded theater, nor "I'm going to start shooting".
  6. Yet somehow there's nothing in myFSS.... Surprised face
  7. Moderators (of which there are 12), are not by default allowed to be ignored. Many folks fall into multiple groups, but I think they only inherit "Can ignore" from the Moderator group. I've fixed your specific issue, @Blue

    Mobile app inop

    "Should" work again...

    Mobile app inop

    The Baseops app was actually just a skinned version of the Tapatalk app. Unfortunately, they (Tapatalk) really quit making that an option. I'm trying to get it working again, it'll just take some time.
  10. Thank you for that offer. The advertising covers the cost of the server, domain name, and now the SSL. I was doing certificates myself, but it was time consuming and when life was too busy (like the last few days), I kept dropping it out of my crosscheck. I've added automated certificate management and it shouldn't happen again.
  11. It's fixed and will be forever now.
  12. With some of the last drops of Jeremiah weed being consumed as I write this, a bro and I have been discussing a Worldwide roll-call to finish off the very last bottles of Weed known to be in existence. If you and/or your squadron want to get in on the action, message me. More to follow on other platforms as well.
  13. Damn. Sorry gents. My notification went off to update this, but I was TDY. Fixed now.
  14. Any recommendations for a Financial Advisor/CPA? Looking for a unicorn that can handle stuff like helping establish trusts, tax advice/shelters, managing long-term investments, multiple LLCs, real property across multiple states... you know, all the standard active duty crazy stuff. I've been self-managing up until now, but my father-in-law recently passed and his sizeable life insurance policy, plus maybe taking the blood money, plus probably selling some real estate soon is making me want professional help to really grow wealth over the next 9-10 years. Thanks in advance.
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