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  1. Right in the middle of heading back to my civilian job now. I always planned on going back, so maybe a little different than your situation, but you can always look at it as...what if you need that job for some reason? Who knows what the world situation will be when you pop out at the end of the pipeline? Your unit may not have orders to keep you going as long as you plan; the airlines might not be hiring; you might find yourself without a viable option for a another civilian job; or (not trying to put the evil on you, Ricky Bobby, but gotta give a legit look at everything) you might jus
  2. Nope, not at all. It’s a regressive tax on poor folks that’ll push more poverty because they’re paying higher taxes (similar to VAT) on necessities to them. I’m actually more of a fan of the tax rate schedule under Eisenhower when we invested heavily in infrastructure/science/space exploration/defense/etc. over the continued hopes of trickle-down. But, I’m a dirty lefty that thinks corporations and ultra wealthy can afford to pay more in taxes/have their tax loopholes closed/bring their stashed cash back to the US. I think they’ll survive.
  3. I like this video (and channel) for some pretty decent explanations on economic stuff. Might not agree with all of it, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of good points/it isn’t well thought out. Is Hyperinflation Coming? As for whether the gubmit will be able to pay your pension, or it’s bills, is mainly touched on by the video and posters above: we print a valuable, world-useful, and respected currency, so as long as those things keep happening, we can kinda print whatever we want. Also helps that, while our numbers seem crazy, the whole world is doing the same thing (well, at l
  4. Sign the paperwork to get the ball rolling, just in case you decide to take it in a year from now (~6 of PIQ + 140 of seasoning + any leave you’ve built up/are able to take). There’s no commitment to TDART; time owed or for you to take the job, so why not just get your ducks in a row to have the option when you pop out at the end of your Prog Tour in case you need it? If the airlines aren’t hiring what they think they will or something else happens to diddle your current plan, it’s a guaranteed, better-than-CFI/regional pay job option to get paid to fly airplanes and further a career.
  5. Can’t speak to the fighters, because I’m a fattyboi and pretty damn stoked about it. Flying is fun The first thing is to decide whether it’s more important for you to fly pointies, or fly/serve at all. I get the fighter love; most people want that when they’re growing up and heavies certainly don’t have as much glitz and glamour. That said, having seen behind the curtain in my brief time in, there are a LOT of other airframe considerations (lifestyle, flexibility, $$$$, deployments, travel locations, training, currencies, etc.) that are pertinent once you start looking at the forest throu
  6. Here’s a quick and easy source document, in case you haven’t seen it. Could have been matching (if you switched to BRS), deployment, or if you’re over 50 (or TSP thinks you are), that allowed you to go above $19.5k. Also could have been a mistake in there, but it usually is a pretty solid system at stopping over contributing. But, there’s also a Request for Refund form referenced in that link above. Big catch is that, if you’re talking about 2020, the deadline is 15 March for them to receive the form to avoid a tax SNAFU.
  7. I had no idea that was a previous thing in the past. Was it not utilized enough to merit the expense or something? Even if T6s would run too much money, something like @Stitch said with the T53 or, hell, a discount/hours allotment to the (albeit few remaining) Aero Club(s) would be a step. I just figured the T6 adds speed, aero capes, and standardization of mx/parts/procedures because it's what pilots have trained on for 15+ years. Taking it a step further, I'm honestly surprised they don't cram a bunch of Nav in at IFT (get something IFR certed) or with some other bug smasher IFR ca
  8. How awesome it would be if Wings/Squadrons were allocated a couplefew T6s that pilots could sortie out for stick and rudder flying? Sure, it really wouldn't do anything for currencies in most MWS, but it would give pilots a cheaper opportunity to keep up on those flying basics over trying to wrangle a .69 of flying time with a handful of other pilots vying for the same on locals (well, in heavies, anyway). They already have 38s doing that for a couple airframes; why not expand it to more MWS? Make it optional, so it's not something that feels like a burden to those that don't care to fly
  9. Pretty much what @Kiloalpha said. This is where things get a little sticky, from what I’ve been told. You can get a Reserves recruiter to schedule you for MEPS, BUT that then means the Reserves own your file. If you go to a Guard unit, there’s paperwork that has to be run through the wickets to get your already completed MEPS packet released to the Guard. Again, not 100% sure about this, but it’s what I was told when I was looking at both. As for FC1, it sounds as though it’s nearly impossible to get one before getting hired now. It wasn’t impossible in the past, but, as Bob Dylan said, “
  10. Haha. Well, hope my ramblings were of some help. Your scores are awesome (far better than mine were), you’ve got a solid background (pilots love talking finance...seriously), and you seem like you’ve got a great attitude. You’re also only a year past the age cutoff (maybe 2, by the time you start UPT), so it’s not a crazy amount of time. Your biggest hurdles are, as @Metalhead731 said, timing, competition, and COVID. I lucked out and hit a window where they really needed pilots and fewer were applying. But, now that’s changed and, unfortunately, units (and Reserves/Guard UPT boards) have
  11. Going off of memory from 2.5 years ago, but: -Reserve Board (been very tough this year, it seems, so expect delays) -Swear in (this is your military career “start date,” even if you don’t begin getting paid/drilling until later) -Gained by 340 FTG (you should not be gained by, or drilling with, your sponsoring unit as a Reservist, which is different than Guard) -Get your paperwork squared with them. They’ll get you signed up with the OTS people and the OTS folks will email you CBTs (computer based training) to do before OTS. -About 2-4 weeks before your OTS dates, the
  12. Because there’s nothing a federal politician can do for his electorate? You start battling for disaster relief bills to help pick your constituents back up. You figure out why the help didn’t arrive quicker or more effectively. You think of how you can help through economic relief. You at least try to be smart enough to not be a giant hypocrite at doing what you spent a lot of time calling out other politicians for doing. Yeah, maybe it’s symbolic, but it’s a douchebag move for a political voted to represent the people and be their leader to bounce the hell out or not follow the sam
  13. Reserves on AD orders, so not sure if it’ll be exactly the same, but I got the 1st Pfizer shot last night. Local Public Health was offering up extras and it was a “can you be here in 30?” call. My wife got her shot (healthcare worker, as well) and heard them saying they had extra doses, so she gave my number. I tried to get it at the base clinic the same day and they had extras, but got told by the AD folks I needed a higher-up-the-chain-than-worth-it auth to get it because I’m Reserves. I’m on long term AD orders, downrange two weeks ago with issues due to potential crew exposures/sickne
  14. One can dream. But, that’s not how re-election campaigns get paid for, so I doubt there are many politicians willing to bite the hands that feed them. Until we get big money out of politics and stop the revolving door between industry and government, this is a pipe dream. Then again, anything would be better than the absolute f-all accountability we have currently, so maybe this royal screw up could spur something? I’ll hold my breath. Ted Cruz should be back from his vacation to Mexico soon...
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