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  1. Arguments for both sides to be sure. However, I do believe that a first round bye would be a big incentive to win the conference and make those regular season games count.
  2. Agreed, it’s a great change. I just love the whole 2026 “unless earlier implementation is possible” part. What is the hold up??!! Has the US mint not printed enough money yet to cover the insane amount of cash this will generate?? I’ve always wanted to hear a good argument against a real playoff and have not.
  3. Yeah, I’d be willing to bet a lot of $ that one, or more, of these guys will lose their conference championship game. Which will completely muddy the entire thing - if only there was a playoff format that could help remedy this situation.
  4. UM fans to OSU fans right now
  5. Did not expect Ohio State to get their ass kicked like that!! Glad Clemson lost too, they’re not very good and that’ll keep them out should someone more deserving lose.
  6. More great games today!! God, I love rivalry weekend.
  7. They look really in tough, again. I keep trying to hate Bennett, but he just keeps on kickin everyone’s ass… a ruthless defense never hurts either.
  8. Another great, classic team remembering that they’re supposed to be good at this game! Nebraska however…
  9. How great was Gameday in Montana last weekend?! -7F when it started I believe.
  10. I’m with ya on the FCS playoffs. Baby steps I suppose, not to mention ensuring the continued smashing success of the New Mexico bowl.
  11. Well if we’re going to have a conversation going about soccer, for the love of God we should have at least one for this year’s college football season! It’s been a hell of a great year. Lots of upsets, surprisingly close games, and some old power houses awakening from their slumber and making some waves again (UT, USC, etc) and the “playoff” not including Alabama or Clemson and including TCU?! I wasn’t too excited about the transfer portal initially, however, I think it has led to some extra excitement. And speaking of playoffs, can we get a 12 team bracket now, please?
  12. Well, sounds like you’ve been shaking the trees for sure. Keep after it. I’m not sure why you haven’t been able to schedule another AFOQT though. It’s not like there’s a limited number of tests to hand out to people. Only limit is the twice a guy can take it. You’ve only done it once, correct? Maybe call your nearest Active Duty Officer recruiter and tell them you’d like to schedule it? As far as the unit bailing on your interview after inviting you already, that’s pretty weak. It’s their prerogative, but I certainly would have given you an explanation at least. Do you have any other disqualifying conditions such as physical limitations, arrest record, drug use, etc? Maybe go get that hockey mullet trimmed up a bit? Other than that, keep after those Officer recruiters and get those scores up. It’s too easy to say no when one has shitty scores. Finally, like I stated earlier, consider enlisting, as a flyer, in a heavy unit. You’re not going to find a bigger advantage out there - assuming you’re a good dude that they like to fly with.
  13. @JohnClark In addition to everything @Khruangbin33 said, allow me to shed a bit of light on the ANG hiring process and maybe this will help you out as well. First, everyone reads about current Pilot shortages and military recruiting target shortfalls and believes that it must apply across the board - it doesn’t. ANG UPT slots are very finite. We’re talking 1 or possibly 2 per year for a unit. (There’s been a few instances of more, but there’s way more examples of less). So when a unit announces a hiring board, they receive hundreds of applications for that 1 or 2 slots. Thus, the unit can be extremely selective. The next step is to whittle the applicants down to a manageable number of interviews. This is where your application is getting stuffed in the “NO” pile. Your very low AFOQT scores coupled with your age, and the fact that you’re not a known quantity make you an easy kill. Don’t feel too badly, as you have plenty of company. ANG units do not have the funding to dedicate a large amount of manpower to this pilot selection process full time. Consequently, the Squadron Commander/Chief Pilot is going to instruct those reviewing applications to only invite people with high scores, no waivers, low age, etc. to an interview. Now comes the subjective part. Units will often make exceptions for people with lower scores or require an age waiver, etc if they know them and their work ethic - ie Loadmasters, Boom Operators, Crew Chiefs, or possibly a high time Civ pilot, and so on. Unfortunately for you, you’re none of those either. So, the answer to why you’re not getting an interview or even feedback is because you’re low hanging fruit at this point. My unit will provide feedback to interviewees who were not selected, but that’s it. To give feedback to the hundreds of applicants who were not selected for interview would take an enormous amount of time that nobody has. This is not any different from the civilian world. If FedEx hasn’t called you for an interview, they certainly are not going to assign someone to sit down with you and discuss your shortcomings. They’ve already moved on and are looking for someone else to help them out. All this to say, while you’re doing the right thing by going to meet and greets, you’re still an easy kill. So, the question is what to do about it? First, study your ass off for the AFOQT and retake it. You only get 2, so make this one count. Second, get the folks at Bogi Dope to help out with your applications. Third, absolutely go shopping around to other units as well as Active Duty and sister services too. Lastly, if you’re dead set on staying in the NE US and have the heavy unit picked out already, Consider enlisting as Loadmaster or Boom. I realize time is not on your side, however, if you’re over 30 already, units will be looking at the age waiver possibility already, and unless you’re a unit member - who they like a lot - the chances of getting selected off the street while requiring an age waiver are extremely slim. I hope this helps, best of luck.
  14. If the Dems want a female, they could always go with this guy.
  15. Really a bro move to continue to hang out on here, as a retired guy, and still willing to do research for people especially. Much appreciated, Doc
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