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  1. Selection for what? Are you trying to be a pilot? You said Air Force, but you posted your question in the Guard/Reserve section, so are you looking at Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, all of the above? It sounds like you’re pretty new to this whole thing and most people here are going to be happy to help, but your questions are quite broad and vague. However if you spend some time browsing these forums, you’ll find tons of useful information that will help you out a lot.
  2. I’m assuming you want to hear some honesty, so here it goes: Hard “NO” at my squadron. And I assume every other ANG base too. I’m not telling you not to apply, but you need to realize that an ANG pilot slot is extremely competitive, much more so than AD, not some sort of plan B or consolation prize. Regardless of your family situation and whatever else led you to SIE, you will never be viewed as anything but the guy who bailed out of UPT. And there’s going to be plenty of applicants who are younger, possibly already enlisted in the unit, and who have deployed with them, and none of them have quit the very program we’re sending them to. I’ve never heard of someone getting an ETP due to prior SIE and that’s more than likely because nobody’s app, with an SIE on it, ever made it past the first glance, even if it’s possible. I’d say your only snowball chance in hell, type of shot is to get in to a guard unit, in some other career field, and make so many pilot friends, particularly commanders, that they can’t envision life without you as a pilot there. If you want some unsolicited career advice, take you GI Bill and go get your civilian ratings and head to the airlines ASAP. Sorry for the shit news.
  3. I bet it wasn’t the weirdest thing either player saw that day. For example… Long Live Florida Man!!
  4. There’s really only ever been 1 movie and 1 actor to perfectly portray Napoleon; to move us all to tears through a truly incredible performance…
  5. Couldn’t agree more.
  6. Great points. It appears the committee agrees with you as well. Personally, I’ve never thought Travis was very good. Your boys sure looked better without him last week. If only there was a way for a bunch of football teams to decide who the best team is? Well, at least next year we get a 12 team playoff. Why they landed on 12 is beyond me. They’ll probably open an end of season transfer portal, prior to the playoff, so dudes can transfer onto a playoff qualifying team. You know for fairness or something. I did find some great satisfaction watching Caleb Williams cry like a little bitch in his mom’s lap a few weeks ago.
  7. Agreed. I had to fly both before I could admit it, but these cheese-loving, surrender monkeys sure build a better airplane.
  8. At least there’s one less guppy flying around. If I could, I’d push every 737 into the ocean
  9. My wife has yet to put any of my tools back in the correct spot either.
  10. That dude has made a shitload of money for hardly coaching a game this year
  11. Or even Army, apparently.
  12. I bet @Best-22 even downvotes posts in the “German chicks in dirndl and beer” thread…Hold on, I’ll go check.
  13. Burt Reynolds was no pussy!!
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