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  1. Masks are just the prop. It's about publicly enumerating who is vaccine compliant.
  2. 46% of the voting pilots agreed with you.
  3. IM(biased)O, K4 should be the seventh app for any .mil airline applicant, barring those who can say for certainty that they couldn't stomach certain aspects of the sector (16 day lines, planet lapping, etc). They are easily on top of the heap of regionals and other ACMI operators. That said, the latest contract was VERY incremental over the previous 2016 contract, due mostly to the drag on negotiations from the previous year's events. Likely scenarios will have a much more productive negotiating environment when this contract is up in four years. However, expectation management: the bes
  4. Granted mine wasn’t a high power staff job, but holy hell, you really gotta be smokin the tires to get fired from a MAJCOM staff desk. Especially in the current market.
  5. I’m impressed that the LPA managed to come up with an offensive double meaning and it made it back to the Bob in less than a day. ========= MR MAYOR! POINT OF ORDER! I move that Lt Herr’s new call sign be “Prince Albert”, or “Prince” for short. ========== I’ve seen the occasional socially awkward CC, but most of them knew they were socially awkward and came to accept it as a limitation, working around it. This idiot sounds completely oblivious. Suggest a hostile renaming: D.B. You know, for Daring Bob. Used in a sentence: “We used to call him Phats, but that w
  6. North Texas is going to go down as a unique storm/natural disaster. Last night it was 6°F when my wife called and said that our power was out. Not a huge deal except for the fact that we had been running the pool pump at a higher speed to keep that system from freezing. It quickly froze, we will find out on Saturday when the temperature gets above freezing weather or not that entire system is fucked. Likely. Likewise, the master bath is against the exterior wall, and no hot water is running to those spigots. The neighborhood I am in is not plumbed for natural gas, and apparently we are
  7. Out of curiosity, what’s on your daily reading list?
  8. Highly doubt that. Agree with most of the points made here, but given her CV, she can kick a ball. Don’t get me wrong: she would have provided precisely zero help to the return coverage, but that probably was the point. Put the ball exactly here, avoid the biggest return threats. She did her job as asked, I’m guessing. That’s probably the strategic blunder here: should have let her give it her best grunt, let the chips fall where they may.
  9. You should catch his live act sometime. Totally worth the cover plus two drink minimum. 🤘
  10. I would agree that it isn’t pure vertical, but bank never broke 90? So a pitch/sliceback?
  11. -80 degrees C (colder than dry ice) is not your standard refrigeration obstacle.
  12. Pulls pin and tosses ad hominem grenade. Walks out. Right...Good talk, Russ.
  13. Pretty sure they don’t have ejection seats; bailout only. Glad they all made it!
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