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  1. That is fine if and only if the 16th amendment was repealed first.
  2. Lloyd Doggett is a hack ambulance chaser. Here is an honest timeline. https://consolidatedopinions.blogspot.com/2020/04/covid-19-time-line.html
  3. Blue Texas is like fusion power plants. Fourty years away, and probably always will be. Trump was extremely strong in the Rio Grande valley,he far exceeded the predictions of the Smart Ones. Now that Biden has thrown the border into chaos all the democrat elected officals are begging his handlers to do, something, anything, to show that they give a shit about the people who live and work down there. Harris donated a comic book. This week there was a Congressional runoff for a vacant seat near Fort Worth. There were eleven candidates. Two Republicans won and will face ea
  4. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/personal-diversion-lands-air-force-pilot-in-hot-water/
  5. With respect to RNAV, prior to GPS for sure, and I think to this day, some FMS's use ifr approved rho/rho, rho/rho/rho, and rho/theta nav systems. My flying club had a rho/theta King KNS-80 what was ifr approved for approaches.
  6. If you will excuse a mere former EWO, azimuth accuracy of Tacan is far greater than that of VOR due to the shorter wavelength of Tacan’s uhf signal and it’s 2x rotation speed of the bearing signal..
  7. We have had crews in Prowlers and Growlers since the Sparkvark phased out in 1998! In recent years training command has not sent any electronic warfare officers and certainly no pilots who know anything about electronica warfare to growlers. Perhaps they are putting the Air Force crews through the full Navy EW training school. In any case these two lieutenants are far from the first growler pilots the Air Force has ever had. And I assume by ‘pilots’ they mean pilot and electronic warfare officer.
  8. China Joe's pandering to identity groups was just his playbook, and helped to get him elected. Disgusting, but that's his party. The horrifying thing about his prerecorded speech was that he had one of his mental breakdowns during the speech. He gets off the teleprompter, starts to try and thank SECDEF, but not only can poor pathetic Joe not remember the Secretary's name, he can't even remember where 'that guy over there' works. This man is NOT President. There is clearly a reason he never gives press conferences any more. Harris has gone beyond just measuring the Oval
  9. Biden has not had a solo press conference since being sworn in. He currently holds the record for the longest no solo press conference gap in the last 100 years. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/white-house-press-corps-ushered-away-asking-biden-questions-again. https://babylonbee.com/news/heroic-secret-service-agent-dives-in-front-of-biden-as-reporter-tries-to-ask-a-question
  10. I'm really glad I joined the Air Force, and really glad I got out at 20. The writer was correct to say that staying after 20 may be costing you money. But what is in the long term more important is that the older you are the more difficult it is to get hired in most companies, especially high tech companies. Of course in job seeking, timing is everything. I can't blame anyone for staying in the military right now, but as we get into summer and onward there will be an expansion of the economy due to Covid restrictions going away and the effect of the Czar Money Bomb that has just bee
  11. Since she’s not your dependent you will have some bureaucracy to deal with. Your days are pretty long at UPT, what is GF going to be doing at the typical UPT base during those long days? She probably will have a hassle getting on base if it’s even possible. It will be hard for her to hang with the other significant others. I would suggest not bringing her on day one. Perhaps after a few months if are sure you’ve got upt wired. She can’t live without you for six months then you really ought to consider picking either pilot training or the girlfriend.
  12. Question for our fighter pilots. I personally hate to see precious F22’s being used to intercept Bears off Alaska. Homeland defense does not need LO. Would not an F-15X be a better choice for that mission than a single engine F-16?
  13. You don't think they added some deice fluid to their boiling water water? And where did they get the heat to boil the water, a volcano?
  14. "Should Texas receive federal disaster aid if they don’t implement federal preparedness recommendations? " Where did you get that idea? Yes we have our own grid, but there are still thousands of pages of federal regulations our power plants must follow. None of which would have made a difference last week. Oh, and it is the Blue States, not Texas, that are begging DC to help them pay for their massive deficit spending caused by wildly overgenerous government employee benefits, corrupt bureaucracies, and crony capitalism. All while seeing their tax bases erode as productive pr
  15. The first really solid information I've seen: https://aviationweek.com/air-transport/safety-ops-regulation/engine-failure-prompts-immediate-action-pratt-powered-777s?utm_rid=CPEN1000000908217&utm_campaign=27215&utm_medium=email&elq2=25ee13d7962143da8db4c5a35286595c
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