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  1. Fully expect the Justice Department to bring civil rights violation charges against Kyle Rittenhouse in order to get a second bite at the Apple.
  2. Does the USAF still require cholera vaccine? IIRC that was every six months.
  3. Retired Squid Ward Carroll has a good discussion on the Scheller case.
  4. “there is a splinter of the Democratic party (but not all of them) who just bow to China ” Not to mention a certain member of the JCS.
  5. Had Snowden only released information about possibly illegal wiretapping then you might have an argument. Instead, he downloaded hundreds, possibly thousands of highly classified information on US sources and methods. Gifting them to Russia. Snowden is a traitor, he deserves to share a cell with Robert Hansen. For life.
  6. https://babylonbee.com/news/general-milley-is-releasing-a-revised-version-of-the-art-of-war----and-weve-got-exclusive-excerpts
  7. “ No US presidential administration has collapsed/resigned for a large military failure, attack, …”. Tell that to President Carter. Also https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/42217/huge-taliban-parade-features-throngs-of-u-s-bought-vehicles-and-a-black-hawk-helicopter
  8. There was a one sentance remark on the radio news to the effect that “we will continue to provide air support’ in conjunction with Biden’s remarks on the pullout. Is there any plan to continue to fly into Afghanistan after the August 11 deadline?
  9. Why do I have the feeling that @waingro is maneuvering to be the Wing Zampolit?
  10. That is fine if and only if the 16th amendment was repealed first.
  11. Lloyd Doggett is a hack ambulance chaser. Here is an honest timeline. https://consolidatedopinions.blogspot.com/2020/04/covid-19-time-line.html
  12. Blue Texas is like fusion power plants. Fourty years away, and probably always will be. Trump was extremely strong in the Rio Grande valley,he far exceeded the predictions of the Smart Ones. Now that Biden has thrown the border into chaos all the democrat elected officals are begging his handlers to do, something, anything, to show that they give a shit about the people who live and work down there. Harris donated a comic book. This week there was a Congressional runoff for a vacant seat near Fort Worth. There were eleven candidates. Two Republicans won and will face each in the election. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/trump-backed-candidate-heads-runoff-texas-special-congressional-election-2021-05-02/
  13. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/personal-diversion-lands-air-force-pilot-in-hot-water/
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