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    • Must have been one Viper tour, IFF, aide-de-camp, school, nerd school, staff, then to Vance for touch-and-go as DO and his command.  Based on his age in the community his ops tour was only an RCH before mine. The top 50-75% on he VMLs were staying in the jet. Didn't do well in the viper world but found someone to latch onto and paved a way for himself regardless.  I'm more sympathetic to the overspeeds and his vast collection of overrun landings. The dual compressor stall was the true display of negative airmanship. Never should have continued the mnvr to begin with, but heading out the top of the MOA in a -38 (with all we know about those engines) and thinking the right thing to do at high AOA is to rip the throttles to idle and yank back on the stick, thus spiking AOA with those laughably small/blunt intakes?  Think about it, that dude gives people checkrides.
    • ADMIN NOTE:  It was posted that the 157th already selected their primaries and alternates and that those calls already went out. Another individual reported that this was not true, and might result in misleading potentially selected applicants or those not selected to be notified before official notification. As such, the post has been hidden until such time as we get confirmation one way or the other. 
    • Yep, and let's not forget overspeeding the flaps solo.  I can understand the buffoonery as everyone has made a stupid mistake or two in the jet, however if a FAIP or other new guy did the same it was treated quite differently.   Unfortunately for FAIPs, commanders have ultimate control and discretion over the assignment process and can use whatever metric/opinion to rack and stack.  The bad ones tend to reward the wrong things and take care of dudes who align well with their own values while others who don't sometimes get the shaft, regardless of job performance.
    • He wasn't a FAIP, and there was an IFF tour in there somewhere, but the rest is spot on.
    • Personally, I've never pulled G's. BUT my dad was an Army pilot and astronaut candidate, and I have many family, friends, and work colleagues that have flown fighters. The one thing I consistently hear is "it hurts and your body just has to get used to it"... Obviously the fighter guys here know what they're talking about, so I would focus on AGSM, breathing, staying hydrated, and core strength like they said.

      I still remember when I was younger my dad bringing home tapes of himself and the other astronaut candidates (or other flying buddies) in the centrifuge. They would all pack into the living room and drink a ton of Jack and Coke and just laugh their ... off. Endless entertainment.
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