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      Users post articles related to: Aviation Industry, DoD, National Security to foster serious discussion. Value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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      This forum is designed for the purchase and sale of items for and by MILITARY members.

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      This is a sub-forum where you can post product/service reviews. Please do your best to add any military specific information. For instance, if I'm reviewing Disney World, I might post a link to the Shades of Green website.

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      Off-topic discussion. Keep it civil, don't abuse this forum.

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      ANG & AFRES discussion area. Bums can search for flying opportunities with other units.

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      This forum is dedicated to help all military spouses. Post any questions, ideas, concerns here.

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    1. What Are My Chances?

      Looking for a pilot slot? Post your "what are my chances?" questions here: AFOQT, BAT, PCSM, ANG and AFRES Slots, *waivers* + more - please include your test scores, GPA, etc...

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      Questions about Pilot selection? Undergraduate Pilot Training - How to prepare, how to get a pilot slot. Please post your questions about your specific scores in the "what are my chances" forum.

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      A new forum designed for all of your questions! Have a stupid question? Get answers here. Also, NO PENALTY for asking something that's been asked in other threads. If you're a grey-beard, please try to help out by posting a synopsis version of the answer and a link to the thread you remember from 7 years ago.

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      ALO career field information. Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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      CSO career field information. Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

    3. Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA/RPV/UAS/UAV)

      RPA career field information (also known as Remotely Piloted Vehicle, Unmanned Aerial System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.


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    • Food either Pot luck or Burger burn or Pizza and wings. Throw the latest kids animation on in a main briefing room or main auditorium in sq. Mingle. 
    • If the new Raider squadron doesn't find a way to work "Bomby McBomerface" into a Friday patch or something they have failed from the start.
    • Hey guys, I'm giving a shoutout for Marty at Trident Home Loans.

      About 2 months back after reading this thread I was simply curious as I already had a very low interest rate. Marty helped me knock my interest rate even lower, the loan cost me NOTHING, all I had to do was sign some documents which they made very easy around my TDY schedule.

      Bottom line, I did very little to save some good money so if you are even slightly curious on that you might get a better rate, take 6-9 minutes and fill out an app. Trident was terrific to work with.

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    • Amazing father, husband, friend and the best fighter pilot I have ever met. Just blessed all around.  I'm blessed to have known him and flown with him.  Rest easy bro   Nickel on the grass...
    • I have been tasked with putting together my squadron's next First Friday. I have neither attended one nor know much about them. Looking to see what some of you have done in the past, or thought was fun and memorable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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