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  1. What truly is the difference between toxic and intrusive? Putting my former CC hat on I’m sure that the OG was assured thru multiple briefings that there was no cause for alert or concern on the part of anybody for the inbrief for the exercise. Roll around to the next day and he is completely flabbergasted by the reality of cancelled sorties. I’m sure he was disappointed. He was disappointed in the wrong folks. In no time in my 17+ years was I denied no go pills to meet an operational need. If I am him I am asking why the med group denied ambien for the crews? If you want folks to act like it’s night one of world war 3 you have to organize, train and equip them as such including giving them an ambien to switch their sleep cycle so they can fly around the flag pole. In the meantime. Let this be a reminder that anyone can record anything outside of a Vault and take the time you need to talk to your squadron commanders about what happened and do so from a humble place. If your convo is nothing but venting you are not ready. No bad situation gets solved thru frustration. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. All righty. Going to breakup the monotony of this thread and just say. I survived command on a 365. One of the best experiences in my life probably because I wasn’t a shiny penny. There may be some wrong in the USAF but not in the deployed environment where the mission hackers make it happen. There are a lot of eager and aggressive Airmen out there who are only limited by the system they exist in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Fine with this decision as long as we stop the need for ROM/Quarantine regardless of vaccination status. If we are that confident in the vaccine then you don’t have to quarantine. That is not currently policy. Currently the only thing that exempts you is having had a positive test within the last 90 days and have recovered. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Break out your stitch gauges, spray on starch, kiwi shoe polish and your shirt garters!! Fun Fun!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I think hardened is probably better than non hardened for threats. See Iraq base attack. Sure it probably won’t matter anyways but you know. It would look stupid if they targeted a bunch of soft buildings/trailers and left the hardened alone and you have a bunch of casualties in the soft facilities. Connex probably doesn’t count as hardened. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. If anyone is wondering about R&R on 365s—and COVID. I probably just ruined it for everyone. FWIW.
  7. I hope that they do implement SCODs for officers. I think it would cut down on the quarterly/semi annual rack and stacks that consume a lot of time and condense them down. But then again what do I know.
  8. The Air Force IG has record of all adverse actions on officers?
  9. I have experience but it was a long time ago. Is your ALTRV going to be in one area? If so you can do a Stationary ALTRV. Just a rectangle. If not you are going to need a moving ALTRV which is written in a specific format. If you are in a non radar environment you are going to need two ALTRVs one for yourself as the receiver and a support ALTRV for the tanker. I second the recommendation to get in touch with the CARF and if you have a hookup at TACC XOOX short notice branch they have a lot of knowledge. Don’t call anyone though until you have a winded CFPS flight plan with times listed as running Zulu (I believe) http://www.navybmr.com/study%20material/76104smo.pdf See page 3-9-1
  10. This could go in the other thread but the AF did give me, average joe, non shiny penny, IDE via correspondence only a shot at running a squadron a few months back. So far so good. And for the record you have no idea until you take that guidon what it truly is like.
  11. No reason to drag Myron thru the mud. He’s deployed way more than twice. Do you have a better example to illustrate the problem than the cube? I think it’s pretty ballsy of a General to get in front of the world and put himself out there. Esp the story about the shaving waiver.
  12. Yes this. Esp for Colonels and above. Plus spice brown Capt rank is wrong.
  13. Shortly after the “stand down,” Gen Cartier the A3 was reassigned to 19AF/CV, normally an O6. Gen Martin was announced as the new A3 as soon as he could be back from Afg. Gen Martin is Special Warfare by trade. This didn’t happen until May but it was the immediate response.
  14. Slife hit the nail on the head. I was part of the team doing the audit on STS training and evals. The lack of standardization was gross.
  15. The problem with not having pilots on staff is that the positions either go unfilled and the staff makes bad decisions because lack of perspective or they are filled with GS civilians that turn into folks more interested in maintaining the status quo than fixing problems of the units. Worse yet they play good idea fairy on how to solve problems that aren’t problems. I was in Stan/Eval at HQ AFSOC.
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