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  1. I'm sure they'll get back to you before the deadline. I know some guys who are still working their medical because flight med wouldn't even get them started until last month. Sounds like a lot of people are having issues with this board. And hopefully you all have more than the 100 selects we did last year but the pipeline is getting pretty full.
  2. That makes sense. I'm heading there at the end of the month and start UPT in November. Figured I'd be doing the 2.5 syllabus.
  3. XPW is still a thing? Is Columbus not on the 2.5 syllabus for everyone?
  4. Depends on whether your wing requested packages early. It's not too early at all as everything is due at the beginning of October but some wings like to rack and stack the packages very early. Plus you need to get your IFC 1 started asap if you want to apply.
  5. Nope I haven't either. Granted I still have some time but it does make me slightly concerned.
  6. KSPS 22-06 3xF-35 - Luke AFB 3xF-16 - TBD 3xEUROFIGHTER - Laage AB T-38A - Langley Tornado - Schleswig AB T-38C - Sheppard AFB T-6 - Sheppard AFB 2xB-52 - barksdale F-22 - Eglin CF-18 - cold lake, Alberta A-10 - Davis-Monthan
  7. Then it looks like the info I got was wrong. Interesting.
  8. KCMB 22-10: AC-130, Hurlburt C-17, Hickam 3x U-28, Hurlburt KC-46, McGuire C-130H, CT ANG KC-135, MS ANG KC-135, UT ANG 3x T-6 FAIP, Columbus C-17, Dover C-17, McGuire C-17, McChord KC-135, Mildenhall C-17, Charleston C-12, Elmendorf T-38 FAIP, Columbus F-22, Eglin F-16, TBD B-52, Barksdale KSPS 22-05: 6x F-16, TBD 2x B-52, Barksdale 3x Typhoon, RAF Coningsby 2x F-22, Eglin 2x Typhoon, Laage AB 2x F-35, Eglin RC-135, Offut 2x Typhoon T-38 FAIP, Sheppard C-146, Duke Field B-1, Dyess
  9. Doesn't sound like a bad gig but they might as well just put everybody on the RPA syllabus at doss. More experience even in the da20 is better than less.
  10. When I was there pilots only did up to the solo then they had their pre check and check rides. For RPA, we started doing the nav routes dual and solo plus the cross country and night flight before pre check and check. Makes sense if you think it's the only time we get actual in aircraft experience. Are pilots doing more than just solo, pre check, and check at IFT now?
  11. That mean we are good to sign a lease before we inprocess on base?
  12. That's great and all but he asked if he had to wear them and the technical answer is yes. Up to them if they want to follow the AFI. Doesn't bother me.
  13. "...Chaplain, aeronautical, space, cyberspace and missile operations badges are mandatory and, except for the missile operations badge, will always be worn in the highest position...." -36-2903
  14. When I went through MFS a few years ago, they never actually sent the SF-600 but my assignment notification info said we can pick it up at our local flight med.
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