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  1. Still perusing the Spartacus letter and forming my own opinion of it (haven't started digging into the references), but curious as to (1) who the source may be, and (2) what Pawnman/Negatory and friends think.
  2. Anecdotal, but I talked to an Army guy the other day who said 7 in his unit were quickly booted with general discharges for refusing the shot.
  3. Taking a day "completely off" is a nice thought, but in my (recent) experience, the last half of T-6s involved flying almost every weekend. Figured it best you go in with reasonable expectations.
  4. I recently washed out of UPT. Of course I don't have access to big-picture data, but of the 28 of us who started, 5 failed, 1 SIEd and 1 rolled back and then went to another base for reasons unrelated to flying. I know several studs from the class before ours also washed, though I don't have exact numbers. I have a lot of prior (civ and mil) flying experience, I worked extremely hard, and I still failed. Does that disprove assertions that UPT has degraded or become easy? Certainly not. Still, of the 11 in my own flight for most of the way through (1 rolled back but eventually got wings), the majority went to at least one 89 ride or ground eval. My classmates, to my knowledge, were all dedicated and took the program seriously, and I'm happy that most of them graduated.
  5. After a few days where I could not login at all due to security warnings, for the last several weeks my browser prominently notes the site is "not secure" when I go on BODN. Digging a little deeper, google help tells me "Proceed with caution. Something is severely wrong with the privacy of this site’s connection." Using Chrome with automatic updates on a Macbook Air.
  6. Nearing 14 years in the AF/ANG. Haven't witnessed or directly heard about (within assigned unit) a single instance of racism, white supremacy or anything of the like.
  7. I'm at Vance and had heard literally nothing until an Enoid friend mentioned it 10 minutes ago...
  8. 100% agreed. So many sheeple just let it happen; including me, admittedly, not only being military but currently having an opportunity that could get snatched away very quickly, my efforts to push back on the madness have been modest at best. What was that quote from one of the founding fathers about those who desire security over liberty?
  9. Current 2.5 student. Can verify the frequency of stress and helmet fires.
  10. Thoughts on big tech (trying to) cancel Parler? https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/parler-app-store-number-1-google-suspension https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/amazon-suspends-hosting-parler-its-servers-citing-violent-content-n1253648
  11. I could believe that. The USAF alone has recorded nearly 14,000 cases, although zero airmen have died from it. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2184415/air-force-update-for-covid-19/
  12. A few weeks into 2.5 at KEND if anyone has questions, granted I'm a know-nothing student. Can confirm in generality that T-6 direct is/will soon be a thing.
  13. 37, single, no kids, 6 years ANG as a Nav and now student pilot. While many of the unit's new hires (even those much younger than I) are married with kids, I don't think my lack thereof is seen as particularly strange or stigmatizing. YMMV.
  14. Lol, AFSOC has tried to claim it's better than Hurby? That's rich. I spent 3 years there (Palace Chased to avoid spending indefinitely longer), left 6 years ago and haven't missed it since.
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