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  1. This is an interesting discussion of the bozosphere and how military capes can be expanded at these altitudes. At maximum takeoff weights, inherent to the mission sets described, a heavy BizJetJobs can initially climb to FL410; step climbs are advantageously slow in their development. Sure, a manufacturer Opslimit of Fl510 or even FL550 would increase the envisioned capability. Hello, these Flight Levels are achievable 10+ hours after takeoff and not realistic until only 2 hours of fuel remaining. That is why ADS-B doesn’t find these jets above FL470. Hang some hard points and blisters, maybe a device or two, lower the altitudes by 2000-4000’ in their overall operational envelope.
  2. Yes, Court Martial. You know, the thing…the Article 15 was offered by a Commander and accepted by the member as a Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP) as an alternative to a full Court Martial proceeding. Once an Article 15 is accepted, the Commander decides what the punishment will be, but in all cases will be equal to or less than the maximum punishment that could be imposed by a CM. The offer of Article 15 is usually used to streamline the amount of activity and time associated with a CM. If the charges or evidence were weak, or if the member was truly being railroaded, the offered Article 15 should have been declined by the member and the charges would go to CM.
  3. This old H isn’t going anywhere. That #3 condition lever is feathered which matches the videos on news media showing the outside of the aircraft. I am willing to bet it has been like this quite some time, and none of the local talent has any idea why. NMC = 100% demilitarized.
  4. The “RED” checklists used to be considered memory item/bold face, of which, there are 27 of them in the BBD-700. Some are short, single-step checklists, the longest has 12 steps. Bombardier changed their philosophy in late 2017 when they significantly revised their QRH (Checklist) format. The 27 procedures are now also printed on a single piece of paper, similar to a fan-fold checklist. They are no longer considered Memory Item procedures and the fan-fold is expected to be referenced. This has resulted in significant debate as to which is the best method; memory item vs. referenced checklist. Most simulator training examiners still expect a memory item/boldface level of knowledge in the pre-brief/oral examination, but then expect the checklist to be referenced in the simulator to prevent procedural errors. 430 EECS pilots are required to complete a monthly “Boldface” sheet. In this, the “Challenge” is already printed on the paper, the pilot has to fill in the “Response” side of the boldface. This is the way the squadron did it 4+ years ago, this is the way it is still done today.
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