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  1. I think the “why” with a lot of these life changes is that folks at varying levels of authority think this is the way this country is going. A small, vocal, lunatic fringe wants to go this way and they know how to amplify their voice via social media and other key areas. However, the VAST majority of people don’t care for this stuff. Has anyone ever met a chick that actually cares if the group is addressed as “guys”? I’ve flown with several gay folks and they never made the slightest bit of a deal out of any of this stuff. Honestly, the root cause of alot of this is well intentioned (but wacky) liberal, upper class white women. This is not a new phenomenon. They’re so sure they’re championing marginalized communities (Latinx anyone?) that they can’t be bothered to actually learn anything about the issues. I knew this was all bullshit when we had the meetings after George Floyd and I took it upon myself to try to really learn about the issues. I brought up discussions of civil rights going back to the Civil War up through Malcolm X vs MLK Jr, recidivism with black men, war on drugs, crack cocaine epidemic and the effects on the above, disenfranchisement, etc and got blank stares. Someone brought up “white people bad” and we were back on timeline. Bottom line, educate yourself on this stuff and you’ll learn something and also realize how much of our national discourse is fueled by the sound byte and online engagement. But that’s not where real people actually exist.
  2. As Norm MacDonald said, cis is a way of marginalizing a normal person.
  3. It’s so funny to me how communities shit all over each other when those outside don’t get it at all. All the tanker variants, F-15 vs F-16, Bomber dudes, U-28 vs everybody, etc. Whats the KC-10 Gucci thing about? I’ve heard it for years but have zero SA.
  4. On 60 Minutes tonight President Biden unequivocally stated (again) that American forces would defend Taiwan, if needed. The production said that his administration stated we haven’t changed our official policy.
  5. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/fedex-earnings-profit-slashes-outlook-as-demand-slumps/ Brutal forecast for FedEx. Anyone seen anything/heard anything on the flying side of the business?
  6. Yeah dude. I wasn’t being flippant when I said to go the congressional route. Don’t be like me and waste years with these people.
  7. 61.199 addresses your specific situation. Having said all this, save yourself time and effort and draft up a MFR with appropriate docs and send it to your congressman for help with a federal agency. That’s what I did and got it fixed in a week after trying with 3 FSDO’s and getting nowhere. On this note, I started this battle in 2015 and followed all the processes for petitioning for a reg change and worked for years to finally get it pushed through. It finally happened and then the FAA wouldn’t honor it. Broke my spirit.
  8. https://www.919sow.afrc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/3154553/draco-crew-excels-despite-adversity-in-afghanistan-withdrawal/ Here’s a great write up about a Reservist pilot and crews mission in Kabul. Hopefully AFSOC PA can get can the stories of the no shit heroism of the Draco folks involved there.
  9. That was from 3 years ago. Also, the circumstances of that one are very weird with somebody with an axe to grind. I had two very good friends that had been her execs and worked in her directorate and had nothing but good things to say.
  10. Present at my squadron CAO today. CEP 0 on my trip to the range today.
  11. What’s the deal with radiotelephone operator license? Do you need to have it with you or just pay to play for it?
  12. We did a similar flyby just south of Denver in the class B for a similar situation. Call up the local TRACON and try to coordinate it. If there’s a military liaison, explain your scenario and I’ll bet they’ll help you out with no issues.
  13. I know this is contrary to my fellow zipper suited sun gods view of the non-rated force, but they’re not as bad they’re often portrayed. Some are morons, but they often just don’t see the big picture. They want to help and do the best they can, but they think they’re doing it by focusing on their piece because that’s how they’ve been trained. A little education can go both ways and help everyone get better. Tactical leadership is vastly undervalued by the AF, IMO. But aviators thinking their ability to lead a 24 ship means they’re God’s gift to the military is also drastically wrong. That’s your job and the expectation.
  14. Interestingly with Nixon, his vision was to go totally nuclear and totally independent of foreign energy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Independence#:~:text=Nixon declared that American science,plants by the year 2000.
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