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  1. I pray that when the next disgruntled leaker puts out TS info it’s revealed that Greta Thurnberg actually blew it up in some fucked up false flag like the environmentalists in the Rainbow Six book.
  2. Some like it. Some have families and don’t want to leave the steadiness of the job. Some would like to punch but can’t get hired at the local reserve unit. Not sure if you’re being glib but grabbing an AGR job is not nearly as easy as people make it out to be. For example, say you’re from Denver and want to leave AD and join the ANG. Sweet! There’s a F-16 unit there and they’re hiring! You’re not current and qualified Viper IP? Kick rocks. Okay, NBD you can go to USAFA and teach there. Oh you never did that and you’re an average dude that isn’t in the top 100 applicants? Bummer. Cheyenne is pretty close and you could fly Herks! No connection to the unit and not a Herk guy? Line is over here. Hopefully your mileage varies but it’s not often that easy. Whereas staying AD is easy and safe for a lot of folks. Don’t necessarily think that’s the best reason to stay AD, but not everyone that stays is an idiot and deserves to be shit on.
  3. Damn man, that’s wild. Only guys I know that did that were volunteers for air advisor stuff. Plenty of guys got tagged for BS deployments for a few months but not 365’s. That sucks big time.
  4. But award winning journalist Seymour Hersh cited multiple anonymous sources and said the US did it! You’re telling me this entire thing is BS?! https://seymourhersh.substack.com/p/how-america-took-out-the-nord-stream What cracks me up about this type of thing is they could quote me as a “Senior DoD Official” and I’m just an O-5 complete dipshit that has pilot wings so therefore I must be an expert on all things aviation and foreign policy related.
  5. The 365 fear is out there but does anyone know anyone that actually got a non-vol 365?
  6. As long as I can start my interview with “back in my day” and bitch for an hour straight, I’ll do it.
  7. At the risk of getting lumped into the “gay porn on the computer” parlay, I think the Pride movement has gone completely off the rails. There’s a massive difference between Harvey Milk fighting proposition 6 that stated mandatory firing of gay teachers and where the movement is now. Hell, the NYC pride parade had 3 trans and a lesbian as the marshals in 2022. Yes, gay pride now means gay isn’t enough. Wtf. And watch the video below from Liberal champion Bill Maher about LGBT issues that I think sums up the majority of peoples feelings on this issue. So not in all instances, but yes I think homosexuality/gender dysmorphia/etc is a choice. Before I get a bunch of rainbow colored grenades and Zima Molotov cocktails thrown at me, I 100% acknowledge that societal pressures in the past kept those numbers down and still affect many today.
  8. I wish a picture existed of a KA-3 getting gas from a 135 and giving gas to a F-8. Refueling version of a human centipede.
  9. I may be super disconnected from the younger generation, but is all this drag show etc really popular amongst young Airmen? Like are 20 year olds actively seeking out this form of entertainment or is it just loud voices on the internet?
  10. Sorry to hear that but it sounds like you have a good attitude about it. That’ll serve you very well wherever you end up. Questions: 1. Yes, you’ll be limited to crew aircraft only now. That still leaves most of the inventory. 2. Your wings will only be stripped if they decide to go to a Flight Evaluation Board (FEB) and that’s the decision from it. I know a bunch of guys that washed out of fighter B courses and the vast majority got offered a waiver to a FEB and reassignment to another aircraft. Only one I know that was FEB’d and lost his wings did some truly heinous things that were deliberate and dangerous. 3. It won’t affect you at all. Just do great at your next jet and you’ll be fine. Plenty of fighter washouts have done great, gone to WIC, made rank, etc. It will all come down to attitude and performance on your next assignment. Keep up your honest attitude and that’ll do serve you very well. Don’t hide it at your next assignment and just be honest. Don’t do the “they had it out for me and it was all BS” routine. In terms of future assignments, you’ll fill out a dream sheet and go from there. Let your leadership know what you want and why and they will help you if you’re a good dude. Try to figure out what mission appeals to you and pursue that. And then whatever you get, that is the best jet in the Air Force. Good luck!
  11. I just meant primary and advanced the same for everyone like 37 to 38 or T-6 to T-7 for all.
  12. I still think we should only have one trainer like before the SUPT days. Understand the desire to extend the life on the T-38 but if everyone goes to the T-7, you just assign earlier and the heavy bound folks now spend more time on XC type missions and not 4 ship and tactical formation. IMO the focus on CRM in UPT is very overrated. CRM is a great concept but if injected too early in a pilots development, it undermines some development. Of note, I’m not shitting on the T-1. Honestly, the T-1 trained guys in Draco were usually better than their 38 counterparts.
  13. Also, a radar intercept/Bullseye call is also a fix-to-fix basically. Which is why I felt like a dummy when showed how to use the ack symbols on a B scope to shack fix to fixes instead of pencil method.
  14. JFC this stuff pisses me off. “Boeing underbid” by $1 billion. They knew it and just keep getting away with it because they know they can. And the egress system? Aces II doesn’t work anymore?
  15. Uhhh….what?!?! Whenever there’s a big push on uniform stuff in AFSOC, I always think of the story of how they got the Air Commando hat (aka Jungle Jim aka Slouch aka Aussie Bush hat) approved by Curtis LeMay of all people to shut up the CINCPAC. http://www.polkcounty.org/vn/dasf/4thdasf/robin/ausi_hat/aussihat.html
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