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  1. Out of curiosity, are you the guy that got U-28’s and went on a Facebook tirade about how shitty that community is?
  2. I view this like how NFL players were trained in the 50’s compared to now. There’s no substitute for game/practice time, but the weight training, diet, mental training, etc is no comparison. As a result, look at Dick Butkus compared to Patrick Willis or basically any Offensive Lineman from then compared to now. I use that as an example because a lot of UPT is the same as it was back then. Not taking advantage of modern methods is silly and leaves a lot of untapped potential on the table. I’m not saying these first iterations are perfect but I really hope they continue to pursue it.
  3. Define what success looks like to you and pursue that with gusto. You’ll be thrust into more leadership oriented positions as a more senior guy earlier so be ready for that. As an aside, that’s the most on brand stereotype of a MAF squadron CC to immediately talk to a new guy about going to IDE and then commanding lol. Sigh…
  4. Anyone for the deets on UAL new contract?
  5. Is there a T-1 replacement plan or is everyone going T-7? Sorry for my ignorance, I genuinely don’t know the UPT future plans.
  6. I’m a regular viewer of Steve’s 10 Percent True show and read/own several of his books and I don’t fault him for pursuing the story. That’s his job as an author. What sticks in my craw about this story is that there are two sources that feel the need to comment to an author/journalist about something that absolutely shouldn’t be discussed. He’s not a shoulder to cry on about a tragic event. He’s an author with well known credentials. I’ll admit that it’s a terrible situation for families in these types of scenarios but that’s part of the deal, as cold as that sounds. There’s a wall at the CIA commemorating lost agents and most of them aren’t identified. Hopefully their families know about their fates, but I doubt it. My $0.02
  7. The alphabet people like them for the stories.
  8. You got the memo on no black boots and calling it a “heritage room” too right? Also, don’t look for porn in the shitters anymore…
  9. The focus is just interesting aviation stories for military? If you’re in Pensacola and reaching beyond the Navy, there’s plenty of Hurlburt and Eglin based USAF folks with great stories. I know a couple active on this board and some others that aren’t that have all kinds. Good luck!
  10. She’s really good. I hope she covers Danger Zone!
  11. Lol you may not be a troll but holy shit you’re sensitive.
  12. I sincerely hope the rest of the awacs community doesn’t view the ABM’s that way. They’re the reason you exist on that platform and eventually get the all important 737 type rating.
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