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  1. I don’t have the reg citation, but I believe if the person you transferred the bill to hasn’t used the benefits, you can nullify them ADSC. Now getting the AFPC E-4 to understand that…
  2. Alternative sources for PNT and how starlink and others could play a role?
  3. Are you looking to blend the two? Civilian and/or military application?
  4. If you love the Air Force, why don’t you stay in? I know of a guy in the F-15 that made multiple millions on a Vegas jackpot that stayed in for similar reasons.
  5. If you want to gamble, send me a lot of this new money and put the remainder in Bitcoin. Try to beat that hamster.
  6. I’d seriously hope with an existing time that it wouldn’t take multiple years to field. And is TOLD in a BUFF that major of an event? Not like you’re doing austere ops out of dirt strips where you’re gnats assing it.
  7. Is this engine a new design? It seems like you could cut a ton of time off of that.
  8. Any foreseen risk of protest of the non-US company similar to Airbus tanker?
  9. Exactly…they’ll never see us coming!
  10. I remember min airspeed in BFM exceeded VNE in most bug smashers by ~69 Knots. I think you strap some 9X’s to a U-28 and they’ll be lethal to the low, slow crowd.
  11. I hope not. They did the best with what they had and the outcome isn’t their fault.
  12. I hate to admit it, but you’re probably right. This case could be amazing for actually showing that the military gave a shit about mental health and helped a guy who served honorably for 17 years.
  13. I know a bit about this and I’ll just say that we need to stop taking target correlation for granted in the DoD. Even with all the technology in the world, there’s a reason you start the 12 step CAS process back over if you don’t pass step 8 (correlation).
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