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Lighten Up Francis!


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I heard it was last night for kettles. How this likely played out…

8.0 hrs later and 69 kettles deep: “Fuck you DAK, I’m not paying 10000 WON for a 2 min ride!” (it was actually a 30 min ride, they were just passed out). One guy proceeds to swing at cabbie, who punches him right in the gut, causing him to projectile vomit; his buddy sympathetic vomits. Town patrol walks around the corner at this exact moment…and the rest is history. 

I need one more week in Korea before I retire, what a place!


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Good idea for a thread.

Hope this entry counts; if not, please put it in a more appropriate one:

Government often fcuks things up, including NASA.

However, the insane engineering of the soon to be operational Webb Space Telescope is something they did right.  Besides the big brains for the concept and building the thing, the actual employment of the telescope involved some 300(!) single point of failure operations to unfold the solar shield, the mirror, etc.  Any one of them crumps and another $10B is literally up in smoke.

They nailed it.



Well done!  And I can't wait to see what this thing finds.

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