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    I wonder if the Air Force truely saw this train wreck coming 15 years ago or not. Beating the snot out of our equipment, our people and going out of its way to kill all things morale in the operational units has had a devastating effect on all aspects of our service from UPT through senior levels of command. Very sad. People will talk with their feet. Deploy UPT IP's to make coffee and update slides and they'll eventually walk (they are doing it now). These are dudes looking for a "break" before they go back to an operational assignment (or won't after they separate). So... it is a lose/lose situation for the AF.
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    OSA is bleeding talent like crazy too. Only two guys in my Sq are staying and they wanted (and got) school. Then there are fours Lt Col's just waiting to get 20. Otherwise, had one school select say fuck it and is Palace Fronting. 3 other guys (me included) are Palace Chasing. Not gonna have a single active duty AC in the squadron come March...just co pilots and two IPs.
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    Especially when spotters can track tanker bridges and ISR orbits and tweet them in real time. https://theaviationist.com/2018/04/14/everything-we-know-and-no-one-has-said-so-far-about-the-first-waves-of-air-strikes-on-syria/
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    Really the 11B numbers are the only weird ones. Everyone else that is immediately eligible for the airlines has a take rate in the 30s or 40s. And big AF will continue saying the money doesn’t matter and they won’t budge because “it isn’t fair” to pay people that can make more money a compensatory amount. Give me a break. You don’t see the family medicine physician complaining that his Air Force bonus is less than the heart surgeon’s. Make it competitive based on earning potential or lose out.
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    They are. But it’ll be the aircrew’s fault when it happens, root cause be damned.
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    I stayed at the Turnberry last year. I've been stopping in Prestwick to/from deployments since 2002. We just tell the FBO when and how many people, and they make the arrangements. Last year we arrived right after a snow/ice storm that shut most of the major freeways for days. All of the hotels in Ayre (our usual location) and Glasgow were booked. The Turnberry, an hour drive away, had enthusiastically agreed to give us the government rate. The hotel itself was absolutely incredible and the staff thanked us profusely for our service. The bartender let us sample some of the local Scotch whiskeys. It was too cold for golf, but we toured the course which was an old WWII pilot training base, and some of the old runways/taxiways still exist on the course. The hotel called in a bagpiper to play us out the door as we departed for the sandbox at 5am. It was one of the best deployment sendoffs ever. There was nothing to it other than it was the only place with rooms available at the government rate, and the FBO was proud to have found a place that they thought we would enjoy. The media and politicians are idiots.
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    I believe this explains everything when it comes to the Navy and this unfortunate situation:
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    I'm an old retired fart, but I had a great Air Force Experience a couple of weeks ago. A client of my wife found out that this couple had a kid who was all ate up about flying, flew flight sims for hours, but had never been in the cockpit of a real airplane. So I volunteered to give the kid an incentive ride in my might Piper Warrior. It turned out he was a junior in college, majoring in mechanical engineering. He wanted to know all about the Air Force and wanted to hear my war stories. Of course I cleverly managed to never get shot at, but I shared some 'peace stories' with him while we stopped for a hundred dollar hamburger. Anyway, my Warrior is based at Austin Bergstrom (KAUS), and we get a lot of military transient airplanes. As we were putting the Warrior back in the hanger a black T-38 showed up in the pattern and flew a couple of overheads and then landed. As we started to walk back to the Signature terminal the Black 'BB' coded T-38 was parking right in front of us. My pax asked me if he could take a picture of this T-38. Of course I knew that nobody would care if someone took a picture of a T-38, but I said 'Why don't we ask the pilots'? So I walked over as they were climbing out of the cockpit, introduced us as 'once and future Air Force guys' and asked if we could take a picture of their jet. It was a looker I'll say that. To make a long story short, the crew were two U-2 pilots. Of course they let us take all the pictures we wanted, but more important they asked my young friend what he wanted to do in the Air Force, and he told them he wanted to be a pilot. They spent about 15 minutes telling him about pilot training, suggesting the best paths to a commission for him, and in general talking up the fun of being in the Air Force. I'm sure the guys were probably a bit tired, and in a hurry to get to Sixth Street, but to this young person they were heroes bordering on Living Gods. I really appreciated the time they took and their enthusiasm for my young friends dreams. It reminded me how cool it is that the Air Force sometimes would give you the keys to a jet plane and a gas card, and tell you bring back in one piece next Monday!
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    Thats great. That does not defeat the fact that the Kurds disarmed villages in Sinjar and Nineveh Plains in 2014, promised security, then high-tailed it out of town. The Christians in Nineveh Plains were lucky, and we all know what happened in Sinjar. Ive heard horror stories from people that were able to get to US after that. The Kurds have oppressed and used minorities in the area for their own gain. They are not a benevolent group in any sense.
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    "states don't have friends, states only have interest." Was one of my favorite Queen Elizabeth quotes. It shows how fickle relationships with allies really are.
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    They assisted the Turks in committing the Armenian and Assyrian genocide during WW1. Not trying to say they did not fight hard in the last few decades, but I also hate the rose tinted glasses that we wear when we talk about them.
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    They're "board TBD" now so nobody will probably hear anything until it's on Bogidope, unless you visit.
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    Oh, the exception to the norm, no doubt...but 3 events a day is not uncommon at all (particularly for a FAIP). 2 sorties is the expectation (at least at CBM)...to the extent that if you take too much leave, they expect the triple turn to “make up your increment”. With the MX issues, yeah...probably couldn’t fly 3 times in a day if you tried. It’s pretty bad (not to mention scheduling shenanigans). As for MSIs, it’s fairly bad in general, but if your at CBM, you’ll have to wait for the MX issues to pass and summer to roll around again before we can understand how bad it really is. Personally, I flew 3 times in a day once...I’m good now. Either way, I don’t think these guys/gals are escaping too much being in AETC. There is something to be said about going home every night...even if you show at all weird hours and work 11-12 hours a day, everyday. Toss in a deployment threat and most would just take a pass over volunteering, I’d think. ~Bendy
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    Flying student sorties twice a day (if not 3) every day is far from a break. If you could hear some of the “you owe me” type of talk given to UPT IPs, you’d wish JPQ still gave a shit. We lost when we pulled decision making up to the level intended to supervise. Squadron Commanders don’t even know how to be Squadron Commanders anymore...they’ve already hit the ELP-less FAIP stage. If you ask me, let a Flt/CC waive the syllabus and just inform the DO. Shit is stupid now... ~Bendy
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    Congrats man! Welcome to the squadron.
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    Depends how awesome you are if you'll have time. A fellow GA nut classmate and I occasionally hung out at a local airport on the weekend and help build some planes. We became good friends with an IFF sim IP who had a few planes out there. He told us about a stud that took every award in training, AND built half an RV-8 while in UPT 😳! That said, the rest of us normal, non-water walkers didn't have much free time during the week. I will say that it did ease up toward the end of each phase, so you might be able to sneak some time then.
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    Report came out recently. Article and full PDF report. Causal: Loss of SA by MP2. Significant Contributing Factors: MP2's Lack of Proficiency with NSAAR, Inadequate Supervision, MP2's Consistent Below Average Performance, and Unprofessional Command Climate
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    Bad idea for combat mil aircraft. Not as bad if you’re talking a stratus that can be disconnected from power/not taken on the plane as desired (talking C-X aircraft, not fighters). Completely different ballgame when it’s integrated into OFPs.
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    If I were an ops SQ/CC, I'd tell the FSS/CC to pound sand.
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    If you get picked up by a fighter squadron, then yea, you'll fly T-38's 😉 In all seriousness, I don't think they have an Reserve IP Squadron...?
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    I can confirm this rumor. Or at least I can now say I’ve seen a guy move to another unit after getting hired. I am in a heavy ANG squadron and for some reason there has been tons of delays at the NGB level to process packets in a timely manner. One day I had a bunch of squadron CC folks calling to tell me to stay motivated during the slow process and constant delays. Turns out they were calling because a particular candidate that was selected before I go hired got picked up by a reserve unit on a short fall slot to UPT and was asking to be released from the squadron. I might not have the full story on how he did it or what unit. Long story short, he didn’t have school dates in my squadron, got school dates with another squadron and he was gone. Good luck. Cheers 🍻
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    Nope. Lots of folks are the shaft.
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    Instructional Fix: CSAF should read “The 5 Love Languages”.
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    I’ll echo what others have said. Don’t lie or hide anything. Or at a minimum don’t be stupid and try to claim something with the VA and then turn around and fail to let your AME know about the same condition/ailment. I personally know a bud who got in deep legal sh*t with the FAA and wound up indicted. That stuff is no joke. If you aren’t willing to talk about it with your AME, don’t take it to the VA either. On the other hand, it’s pretty surprising how much stuff is acceptable to have and still hold a civilian medical certificate. Tons of info out there so do some research if you have specific concerns.
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    Agree with Stitch - starting a local club can be great. In fact, the only con of doing so vs. an AF aero club is you don't have government subsidization, but a non-AF club can win in every other way, from better airplanes to no bullshit red tape. Remember, the best thing the AF does is fuck up something that should be awesome.
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    I also have given up on the AF actually caring about fitness....as I have gone a decade struggling to get a 90 or almost fail because of the waist but can still run around a 10 min 1.5 mile (sometimes 10+, sometimes in the mid 9's). I still lose 7+ points on my score due to the waist alone. I got numb years ago to the out of shape little people getting better scores than me.
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    USAF PFT should not be that complicated. Push-ups Sit-ups (or timed plank) 1.5 mile run Get rid of the waist measurement!
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    Just want to say no one deserves that and I am terribly sorry for that situation. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Self-inflicted with a handgun. Good dude. Would have never imagined it.
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    I have several of Bob Stevens' There I Was... books around here, great cartoons from the good ol' days!
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    I’m not sure if this book has been posted on here, looked through and couldn’t find it. Just finished the audiobook and was pretty impressed. Goes into the air war in Vietnam from an F-4 pilots perspective.
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    My sortie got canx’d and I’m bored, no pics of boobs on my phone but hoping if I restart this 6.9yr old thread maybe some of you have additions. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    OK, not a dirndl; but incorporates all the best aspects of one...
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    No. Also to race Reno, the aircraft cannot be "swept wing". Lots of L-39's and one L-139. I expect an L-159 will eventually get there. A few years back, the Snowbirds finished their 9-ship demo, and instead of landing, they all took off for the pylons and did a lap. It was hilarious, and they had a good time. The jet course is small enough that if a "modern" and much faster jet flies it, it will be a constant 6+ G's around the course. 1B.
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    RUMINT from the March mishap was that 4 hit 3.
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    What a bullshit statement. Execution rate? GMAFB. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/police-shootings-2017/ Summary: Unarmed White Men killed by police: 24 (2017) and 17 (2018) Unarmed Black Men killed by police: 19 (2017) and 12 (2018) Yes, there are more White Men in the population than Black Men. But to draw some type of tyrannical conclusion that the 700,000+ police officers in the country are on some kind of black citizen "Execution" spree with 19 unarmed black deaths compared to 24 unarmed white deaths is just ridiculous.
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    All ISIS has to follow them on social media to see all their selfies in the cargo compartment with NVG’s on.
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    Wrong. It’s so you can get more battery life out of the computer playing the movies by putting the screen to dim.
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    Must be the Phoenix Reach types we kicked out of our community...sorry!
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    I believe you are correct, yearly on your "anniversary". I completed another year last week, so hopefully mine will be updated. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    Can you explain further? There are different types of duties you can earn retirement points for while in the ARC, and indeed there's a limit to inactive duty points in one year (130). But points are points, once they're earned they all count the same. To get an active retirement, you need 7300 points and at least 20 good years, whether on AD or in the ARC 20 years of active service, whether on AD or in the ARC or a combination. To earn a reserve retirement you need at least 20 good years and once you decide to hang up your spurs your check depends on how many points you earned. http://militarypay.defense.gov/Pay/Retirement/ http://militarypay.defense.gov/Pay/Retirement/ActiveDuty.aspx http://militarypay.defense.gov/Pay/Retirement/Reserve.aspx Edit to add: fixing stuff that is wrong
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    @Ebony zer Not sure you got good gouge on how points work brother. Points are points when counting toward retirement. Whether it's the 4 points you earn over a drill weekend, the 83 points you earn for ACSC, or 365 points for a year's worth of Title 10 orders, they're all the same. This article is excellent at explaining how the system works. If you reach 7300 points (i.e. 365 points x 20 years), you collect your retirement right away just like if you were AD. If not, assuming you have 20 good years (good year = > 50 points), then you get a reserve retirement that you don't collect right away and that is calculated based on whatever points total you have when you retire. On your other advice, you're right that ACSC is necessary to make O-5, but you can be an O-4 for 8 years so it's not like you need to rush and knock it out on AD unless you're bumping up against that window. I would also forward that OPRs have been entirely meaningless in the Guard both in my (limited) experience and in that of much more senior dudes I've tried to learn from. It's a small, insestous family at whatever unit you're in and your reputation for quality work and being a good dude is what carries you forward rather than wordsmithing a "great" OPR. Also, as @nunya said, most dudes are finding ways to complete that PME while on pay status, so you're still doing the work somewhat on Big Blue's time while you're getting paid to be there, and you also earn the 83 points on top of whatever you earn money and points-wise just for being there at the squadron. Edit to add: One wrinkle is that there's a limit to the number of inactive duty points you can earn in a single year (130 is the current limit). That would be relevant if you maxed out UTAs (48 points), AFTPs (48 points) and did ACSC (83) in the same year. Even doing ACSC and all your drills, i.e. not working any AFTPs, you're at 131 points so I guess one of those points won't end up counting. All this to say, if you want to maximize your points for effort calculation, try to do ACSC on a year where you're working other types of active orders i.e. you're lighter on inactive duty time anyways so as to not go over the limit and waste those points. However also try not to do it in a year where you're on Title 10 the whole time if you don't have to, since the most points anyone can earn in a year is 365 or 366 for a leap year. Edit to add more: crossing out stuff that is wrong
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    You are welcome to vote, but there is a $75.00 charge to do so.
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    I just had my IFC1 a couple of weeks ago and everyone out there was awesome. The Flight Doc's were really cool. Everyone worked with you. If you have a problem they'll just make you retake the test. They aren't there to end your career, they're there to evaluate whether or not you can fly an airplane. We had about 30 guys in our class and I don't know of a single wash out. The optometrist was really really nice too. I could tell that she genuinely cared about all the applicants. They will tell you if you require a waiver, and what the odds are for that waiver. The only thing that I didn't like was that everyone administering the tests would not give you your results. This is probably a good thing though, to keep applicants from over stressing because you're going to be stressed enough. Don't stress out over it. There is a sandwich shop upstairs where you can buy lunch for all you guard and reserve dudes that aren't fortunate enough to receive one of those nifty boxed lunches like the ROTC guys. I do suggest looking up AFI 48-123 SUP 1. You can find it on epubs. This is where they get EVERYTHING. Knowledge is power, in the event that there is an issue. The worst part about it, to be honest, was the psych eval. A 4 hour computer test. Nothing cosmic, but really boring. I was in and out in a day and a half. Before going I starting nitpicking things out with myself as potential problems and it lead to stressing out and it wasn't worth it. Just take it easy and relax. Like I said, its nothing cosmic. With the things you can control, you already have under control. With the things you don't have control over, you can't change anyway. Make sure you don't have cavities!! If you have one it is not disqualifying but they hold your FC1 until you can provide proof that you have had it fixed. Make sure you drink a lot of water! If you are dehydrated, itll show + for protein. They'll just make you retake it but its not worth the hassle. All blood work and urinalysis is done at the hospital, everything else is done in area B of the base at the ACS ( Aeromedical Consultation Services). For the dudes that are driving, get the numbers of the other guys there and go to dinner that night. Just relax, shoot the shit, and have a good time with the guys. Don't drink alcohol because its just not worth screwing anything up. At least that's how we saw it. I don't suggest it but I'm not your mommy. There are quite a few restaurants around the area. You will wait in a break room for most of the time. They have a 50 inch on the wall for you to watch but you'll most likely be spending time talking to other dudes that are there as well. Don't sweat the red lens test, I think I saw something on that earlier. It's common sense, and the tech explains everything to you very clearly. You shouldn't screw it up. Also, no news is good news! If you don't hear anything, that's because they don't need you to hear anything. You're fine! I'm sorry if this is all over the place but I was just writing things down as I remember. If you have any questions about the appointment just PM me. I can't tell you anything about the tests but about the appointment in general I'd be glad to help you out. Again, DON'T STRESS and Good Luck!
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    Hungover, only way, makes you not think to hard and do.
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    Some of the favorite questions we like to ask: I see your from XXXX State, why do you want to live in the North East? Do you have any idea how much it costs to live here? If so, what's your plan to pay for it? (Hint: "Guard Bum" is not the best answer you can to this question) Does your wife/husband know that it gets cold and snows here during the winter? (Note: Are you seeing a trend here with the first few questions?) Why us and the C-130, and not the A-10/C-5/F-15/KC-135 Wing down the street? What do you think UPT is going to be like? Have you done any research? So we see here on your college transcript that you got an D- in XXXX 101, what happened? And for god sake, proof read your shite. We had a guy who handed in a resume with an objective line that read: "Objective: To secure a flying position with the Road Island Air National Guard" Now I am not an English professor, and I can hardly spell my own name, which is why I take the time to have a second set of eyeballs scan everything for gross spelling buffoonery. GW
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    Are you seriously asking a bunch of randos on the internet what to do with the rest of your life? If this was your first ride at UPT, you’d hook for SA and judgement/decision making. You should probably stay at Lockheed Martin.
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    Why do you care? Who wants to live in a state who elects Ilhan Omar? Even a viper wouldn't give me enough incentive to move there.

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