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    I say if they let them wear beards, we should all be allowed to wear beards. I also believe in one standard PFT for men and women. Special jobs can set their own standards that fit with their requirements. Blanket minimum standard across the service. No more catering to special interest groups, either it meets standards or not. If the standards aren’t applicable anymore then don’t make exceptions to policy, just change the fcvking standard. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    1.) I think that's the incorrect usage of "Okay Boomer." 2.) What I said is absolutely 100% correct and you can google and watch Dr Neil Baumgartner yourself (guy who designed AF PT test) and he will tell you the same. He selected the standard of 45-60 VO2 max because it was heavily correlated with lower risk for diabetes and heart disease. He used a large study by the Cooper institute to determine that women who run between XX:XX and YY:YY have a VO2 MAX of 45-60 and men have to run significantly faster to demonstrate the same VO2 max. Regardless, the entire intent of the test is to measure your VO2 max. He even discusses that he wanted to get rid of Push-ups and Situps all together because they don't scientifically assess anything and have no associated standards, but he was legit over ruled by boomers in that case who argued a military organization should do push up. (which is a really really dumb reason to do push-ups) Anyway, the point is, we don't need this assininely strict interpretation of uniformity to have esprit de corp or good order and discipline. Women have been integrated for nearly 40 years now with different dress and appearence standards and hair standards and while the AF is a burning dumpster fire, there are about a million things I can point fingers at because I think it's unfair women can wear skirts and I can't.
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    Ridiculous. Next you will tell me that they aren’t teaching fix-to-fix in UPT anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    I flew with the Bats at a couple exercises during that time. Nothing in that article was particularly surprising. The sad thing is that the USAF isn't far behind. I experienced the same shift-swap shenanigans at PACAF (mostly Korea-centric) exercises. One led to the scariest landing I've done (at 5 am/night/IMC/trail ILS) and the other we called KIO at step. I have yet to receive any backlash for KIOing a sortie on the ground, but I know way too many young guys that don't think they have the right to call it. For any of the younger guys listening, you can call KIO. I've done it 3-4 times in my career and have only received "thank-you," "good call," or a non-chalant "ok, cool."
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    Most people know how the test was designed. This does not support your argument that we have the "same" standard. We have different standards, literally generated by discriminating based on gender averages. As long as a woman can score an "excellent" for a run time that would end a man's career, we are damaging esprit de corp. But, sure, we have bigger problems.
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    You can view it however you want man. I've personally never felt my "esprit de corp" hurt by when a woman runs faster, slower or in the same time as me. That might say more about you than the force as a whole. People wrapped up on this, just like people wrapped up on turbans and beards, have shown a really hollow adherence to a very clouded and artificial concept (esprit de corp) that honestly doesn't have a whole lot of backing for how you can measure it or it's contribution to combat power.
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    Of the 330,000 odd people serving in the active duty Air Force, I’m betting the number of people growing beards and wearing turbans is quite low. If you’ve sworn the oath to defend the US, then I really could careless if your religious beliefs expect you to wear a turban or beard. Times change, and unless those actions affect their job performance, it shouldn’t be an issue.
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    As long as their waist isn't too big I wouldn't really care about hats or beards. Priorities people, priorities.
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    I'm a former EF-111A EWO, I can easily envision a digital jamming system being carried by an unmanned air vehicle. In the Raven, which used something like an intel 8080 processor for most of its life, we could program the jammers to work automatically. If nothing broke all I had to do is turn on the master radiate switch, hold a banana in front of my chauffeur with one hand, while keeping an eye on the ALQ-99, an eye on the generators, an eye on the nav system, an eye on our paper chart, and an eye out the window. 😁 A jamming drone large enough to accommodate VHF/UHF jamming antennas would seem a logical idea in the modern age.
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    Checking my list of things to give a shit about today........Nope, not on it.
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    If you’ve been in the Air Force for longer than 15 mins, you realize that standards for men and women are way different and it goes way beyond the PT test. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    If you’ve been in the Air Force for longer than 15 mins, you realize that standards for men and women are way different and it goes way beyond the PT test. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    What detriment? Don't know about you, but about the most physically demanding thing I've done in my career is bag drags on/off the jet. There's plenty of jobs in a modern milliary where running faster/lifting heavier isn't really necessary to do your job well.
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    Next you will tell me that a Chiropractor didn’t go to Medical School! Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Yeah, got the call yesterday!
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    That “doctor” isn’t a real doctor. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    VO2 max makes up for lack of equality? So if a chick is breathing harder that means it’s ok that she can’t run as fast or do as much physical work? That’s a bunch of crap if ive ever heard it. The PT is the exact sexist example why the military is forced to be politically correct to the detriment of the mission
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    It totally is the wrong use of boomer. That’s what makes it funny. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    "And at least two airmen who follow the Norse Heathen, or pagan, faiths have been granted permission to wear a beard." How do I become a Norse Heathen? Drink mead from a horn and plunder a village? That sounds like a pretty awesome made-up excuse to have a beard.
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    This might be the most asinine, political BS, mental-gymastics justification I have ever heard. But it could be the whiskey.
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    We are as happy that you're out of the service as you are.
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    I really can't understand the frustration on this either. We're at a point where finding people who are capable and willing to join the armed forces is becoming harder and harder yet we want to tell people they have to choose their country over their God. That's simply not going to happen.
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    Wow, this was a shock and very saddening, I had to re-read the OP a few times to make sure it wasn't a joke. I didn't know matmac personally but safe to say he seemed like a great guy/officer and well respected both on and off this forum. I remember years ago back when I was still an rotc cadet him and rainman shutting me down on a regular basis for saying standard ignorant cadet things but usually with a constructive tone (but not always... sometimes pure ownage at my expense). We exchanged a couple DM's later before I was med DQ'd and again he seemed like the real deal. Mat was one of the posters who kept me coming back to this forum over a decade after I discovered it and this news is a real tragedy. RIP, him him
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    47 years ago today. B-52 Linebacker II raid on Hanoi. Good stuff. If anybody is interested (especially bomber guys), I highly recommend the book "The 11 Days of Christmas" about the LB2 operation.
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    I’ve heard nothing, and thinking of giving a call tomorrow to see where they’re at or if it’s a sign to move on
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    @AnotherPenguin I echo many of the sentiments already expressed here: stay focused, work hard, give yourself credit when it's due, fly GA, apply to UPT, etc, etc. However, like @Danger41 suggested, I recommend you reach out to someone -- an unbiased and objective third party -- who can help you work through your feelings of unhappiness and disappointment. Call MilitaryOneSource (800-342-9647). They offer free non-medical counseling -- 12 sessions, no questions asked. No cost, no strings and no one will know, unless you tell them. As a pilot, I was afraid it would impact my ability to fly, but that is not the case. They'll hook you up with a local professional, unaffiliated with the military. Call me a triggered snowflake, but I'll join you in saying, it is very hard to suffer the pain of an indifferent, or worse, taunting family -- both as a child and an adult. Being the best RPA pilot you can be might assuage you for a bit, and we can regale you with the merits of your mission, but at the end of the day, your dad and brother -- two people whom you look to for approval -- will still dismiss your work. I had everything I'd ever wanted, but was seriously dissatisfied until I realized, happiness is a personal choice and no sort of achievement would ever make my parents more interested in my life. It's tough -- and I hope if and when you have kids you'll love and support them -- but I think you'll feel better when you look for validation from people who can and want to give it. If anything, it's therapeutic to bitch to someone who is trained to listen, regardless of the subject. There are also a ton of great bros in the AF. We've all been in your spot at one time or another. Lean on them.
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    Alright look dude, the information is out there. I'm not going to fish it for you. Yes, you should as an officer, spend considerable time understanding the standards you uphold your subordinates to and WHY they are there. If you don't spend time understanding those standards, that's on you, not me. I never had trouble knowing my units doc statement and knowing my job as an officer.
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    Thanks and not at all, very laid back and more of just a conversation!
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    Haven't heard anything back from Oregon yet but best of luck to everybody. Also if yall are applying to the 121st FS (DC Guard) make sure to get your applications in by 2/29. They moved their deadline up from 3/31 and they require a longer application package than most places.
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    Does anyone know when the next unsponsored UPT board is?? and how to apply? I would be an inter-service transfer from the Army
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    Saab Viggen STOL capabilities
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    there will always be value in having a man-in-the-loop overhead in the stack
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    We do have the same standards for PT. The standard is you have to maintain a level of fitness that promotes an extended life and lower health care premiums. The standard for women is nearly identical to men. It's designed to assess a VO2 max between I believe 45 and 60. It just so happens women need a lot less performance to do that.
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    Same on making it my full time job till corrected. Expect them to just start garnishing wages until they pay off your “debt” had it happen to me as a young Lt, with no money, student loans and a newborn. Went to my Commander who said, “that sucks, you should of had an emergency fund” UFB. On a related note, I have $11k in Guard pay still due to me from 2019 that hasn’t paid out yet. It’s amazing how difficult they make these things. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Literally has this done Tuesday. Was given an estimate of two weeks DNIF and 3 days quarters. All, depends on how the boys heal up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I for the life of me can't seem to figure out why the AF is having a retention problem... Oh, and I agree, I would make this my new full time job until it is resolved.
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    I went to Portland back in December. It was hard to get a gauge on how important it was honestly because most of the squadron was gone doing training, but the guys I did meet were way cool. I definitely got a Portland-esque vibe though - kind of a big city tempo mixed with a simultaneously laid back kind of feel to it, but while still maintaining their readiness and taking the job seriously.
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    Ended up going on the deployment. Got back and min ran anything office related. Flew as much as I could to make up the hours I missed out on and now I am retired. Missing out on 6 months of IP time certainly has hurt my chances at flying for a major however I have a pretty good job lined up. Check of the month club is a good thing!
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    I'm a day late in posting this... But on 29 Dec 1845, The Great State of Texas allowed America to join it. You're welcome.
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    Pyro and I were in the same IFF class. We've been buds since then. I got to spend some time with him back in April, he knew this day wasn't far off. He was a hell of a dude, I know Sara and the kids are hurting right now; but boy they had a pretty good last year all things considered. I'm so glad they took the time these last few years to make some family memories. Those will pay off for the rest of the kids life. RIP Pyro, you are missed broseph!
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    Any E worth a damn wouldn't ask (especially not tell). Any O worth a damn wouldn't be above doing the task AND would offer (but would not be told by an E).
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    Absolutely not. I've seen this in 2 different squadrons and it's a culture problem in my opinion. Is a Capt above taking out the garbage? No. Should a Capt take out the garbage when they see it needs to be done? Sure, lead by example. Should a CGO listen to the suggestions or mentoring of a Senior NCO? Absolutely. Should a Senior NCO ever undermine the rank of an Officer appointed above them? No. It set's the tone of the squadron and everyone is watching. Shortly after you have 2 stripers complaining that the corn isn't made yet... Agreed with the above though, asking is way different than telling.
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    Previously unseen footage of CONSTANT PEG MiG-23BN and J-7B, filmed at Tonopah. https://youtu.be/rFSNRmicF5A
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    I hear what you're saying and there is a point to doing things in sims vs. the proverbial 10k an hour KC-135R pattern ride to win the battle on training beans Just my two old fart cents, we had it right in the 80's for heavies. Flew as required the big MDS for ops, tng and such. Flew the ACE jets for training and proficiency (Tweet, 38s). For budgetary sanity, for the heavies, give them an economical trainer and replace just 10-20% of their training hours and get some Vitamin G once in a while. I can only speak for myself but I would have traded 50 training hours for 100 hours in a modern aero aircraft when at homeplate and not burining dinos over the desert. I like the GameBird https://talkbusiness.net/2017/09/faa-certifies-gamebird-aerobatic-airplane-to-be-built-in-bentonville/ Close visual formation, aerobatics, VFR by clock map ground, etc... not that those specific skills are applicable to their MWS but the fundamentals to them build strong pilots (multi-tasking, quick cross check, thinking ahead, etc...) After 20 years of flying heavies and sometimes flying GA, I can tell I'm in better pilot after a period of keeping those basic pilot muscles strong in a plane without George, autothrottles, TCAS, etc...
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    Am curious as why you went from A-10s or pointy noses to 135?
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    Probably some Gen Z beta cuck SNAP trained on VR and safe spaces in the People’s Republic of Austin that didn’t EARN that Strike Eagle like back in my day!
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    Ok, she's raped while wearing the uniform, but is ashamed and/or doesn't trust the system (which I actually concur with), but claims she talks about the today but doesn't name names while serving as a sitting senator and can damn sure ensure justice is done because Big Blue would roll over so fast to bring some drunk idiot out of retirement to prosecute him (assumption), she, having been a Hawg driver couldn't calculate that speed. I'm looking a little squinty eyed at the senator from Arizona... Oh, and "ewww…"
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    Still shopping the Scorpion?
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