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    He accepts offer and completes a PCS to DC to work for CSAF. Six months later AFPC drops a 365 to Afghanistan on him...PCS ADSC won't let him turn it down and he finds himself sitting in Kabul guarding TCNs in the chow hall.
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    Just got an interview with SWA with: 2,800 total 1000 hrs in T-6 1500 hrs in KC-135 Not sure how close that is to “min time” but probably pretty low comparatively.
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    The 40 hour work week has nothing to do with socialism. Zero. No one here is talking about work hours and child labor when they refer to socialism. Socialism is easily summed up by the old Soviet mantra, from each according his abilities; to each according to his needs. Another simple socialist concept is an equality of outcome (not to be confused with equality of opportunity). They are not fatal due to the evil intent of their promotors. They are fatal due to their irreconcilable conflicts with human nature. Remember, there are no flawed political philosophies, only flawed human characteristics. The success of a political philosophy is measured by how well it mitigates and minimizes the effects of those human flaws. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    So now you’re just re-quoting anonymous people on an internet answer site to support socialist ideas? What do you think happens to money in a rich person’s portfolio? Does it just get locked away in a vault somewhere to gather dust? No, it is invested in companies through stock purchases or maybe as venture capital, hell even if it is just sitting in a bank account it is loaned out to support other economic activities. Just because someone has a large portfolio doesn’t mean that wealth is not utilized somewhere else in the economy. The general state of the economy and financial institutions’ outlook has a lot more to do with the availability of capital than rich people ‘hoarding wealth.’ Wealth is not finite either. If it was, we would all be trading beads still. So your argument of the $20 is moot, because the poor six who have nothing would go work somewhere there is money and they would be paid for it. Geeeez man, where did you go to school? Universal income is not the solution, people don’t need to be disincentivized from working. Free college is not the answer either, as a large portion of college degrees don’t apply in the real world which is why you see psych majors working retail and people with liberal arts degrees working as baristas. Welfare with job training in a needed skilled labor area is what works. If we want to give any sort of schooling away for free/reduced cost then it needs to be in the area of the trades. Kids today are taught as long as you get a college degree you will be successful, however when everyone has a BS/BA because government guaranteed loans make them easy to get, it has now become the new high school diploma. People focus on 4 year degrees and ignore well paying trade jobs like electricians, plumbers, auto mechanics, etc. I forgot to address estate and property taxes. Estate taxes are a bad idea because how fair is it to pay taxes on income twice? If I’m ‘rich’ I’ve already paid upwards of 30%+ on any income I’ve made or capital gains taxes if it is investment income. So because I’m smart with my money and I actually have a nest egg to give to my children or grand children, the government now wants to take another piece of my pie? No thanks. Also the other issue raised with that is large farms that are passed down to future generations but because of the value of the land they fall under the estate tax, now junior has to take out a loan or sell part of the property to cover the taxes after Paw dies. It’s un American. Property taxes I have an issue with because many public school districts piss away the money and give a poor product in return. If we had vouchers where my money that I PAY in property taxes was portable to private education, guess what, it decreases class sizes in the public school and gives my kid the kind of education I choose (since it is my money after all), instead of being indoctrinated with left wing views like kindergarteners learning about a transgender teddy bear. F that noise.
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    Option A. Quit before they kick you out. Drink beer and chase women. Graduate. Join the guard. Profit Option B. Quit before they kick you out. Drink beer and chase women. Graduate. Get required qualifications and get hired by a airline. Profit. Option C. Combine A and B.
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    It’s cause AFSOC/acc/Air Force doesn’t really want it. AFSOC blows their load on gunships. ACC is fighter mafia. And the Air Force is incompetent. Look at the history and and origin of the U-28. It wasn’t any Air Force types pushing that rope. And look how AFSOC/Air Force treat that platform. There’s your answer for light attack. Itll continue to be the red-headed step child
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    I was sitting at the DFAC enjoying my 69th egg meal in a row (thanks night flying), when a heated conversation at an adjoining table started. These old timer reservist were going into detail about the numerous broken jets they were being asked to take with increasing regularity. The conversation was a life saver as it informed younger inexperienced AC's like myself at some of the possible issues with accepting these aircraft and becoming normalized in the new standard that was continuous creeping in. Back then generals and commanders all made plea's about the importance of our mission, the utter vital need for our aircraft and its mission etc. These old timers were derided by commanders and a few of the younger folks as being checked out, in it for themselves and angry that their flying club was interrupted by deployments and the war. Fast forward nearly 10 years later, and I am seeing the same #$%, and amazingly for the same War that back then was already well into its 7th year. We are being asked to do more with less, fly aircraft with faulty ejection systems, suspect o2 systems, electronics that have KNOWN common place failures that have resulted in substantial fumes. B1's recently had their own enjoyment with their system, KC-10s with egress rafts/slides and much more. But that is cool, your a brand new IP Captain that knows every thing has done every thing, and was raised up in this system that long ago normalized this bull #$% and now you don't know how otherwise to operate. You look at those fleeing for the Airlines or the Exits and either are reacting out of jealousy or anger that it wont be you any time soon, and rather than thank them for their service as they leave and perhaps learn something of their time in, you try to find fault with their decisions and pin every thing that is wrong on them and their attitude. Understand that those old timers at PIT have seen this same crap 3-4 times already, the revolving door of innovation, the joke being that there has been no innovation. I and every other PIT IP would LOVE to have UPT production done at Randolph, it would be a dream come true. My favorite assignment was my UPT base, the comrade and joy of teaching new pilots how to fly is the best. I hope you are right just for that reason alone. PIT isn't some magical beast, you can absolutely do the training elsewhere, but PIT acts as a geographical fence, on manning, sorties, support etc. Tearing down that fence (ask the 135 guys) never has produced anything short of a backlog and further capacity loss in the pipeline. If you think somehow you'll be able to produce an IP at a UPT base faster than at PIT your insane, especially once scaled up. Perhaps one or two you can jam through, but at some point very quickly you start to have to weigh UPT PFT vs your in house PIT, and those calculations always get jacked up. At any rate, don't take our lack of #$%^'s given for a literal statement. If they(we) really didn't care we wouldn't be complaining on this forum for one, wouldn't be pushing for better accountability of T-6 nation maintenance issues, and wouldn't be fighting (and failing =\) the reduction in syllabus and emphasis on production over retention. We are tired, and exasperated at how things are looking for all of our futures.
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    I know it’s tragic, but it should be emphasized that these guys delayed ejection specifically to protect those innocents on the ground from having a flaming ball of wreckage dropped on their houses. Heroic. Just wish they both could have made it out... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stark would be best served if he remains anonymous rather than revealing himself. There is nothing to be gained by Stark becoming part of the solution: he made his points in his articles, an even offered proposed solutions. His job is done. And now leadership can get on with doing their f'n jobs with the issues identified. They shouldn't have needed an anonymous public input "from the trenches", but since they did, the least they could do is actually display some of that leadership skill and take action to fix the identified issues...like they should have been doing all this time anyway without proving Stark's hypotheses true. My favorite part of the article: If you look at the three (or is it four, now?) "Dear Boss" letters that have been made public in the last 40-ish years since Capt Keys' famous letter, you'll note that they ALL cover essentially the same territory and have the same types of complaint. So, how is it that Goldfein thinks that "we got better as a service" as a result of that letter? Is that what it means when people keep bringing up the same problems year after year, decade after decade? Good call, Fingers. Keep your skull down, Col Stark, and keep fighting the good fight.
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    Duck's future isn't riding on this one, so it'll be on time.
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    Her fiance really dodged a bullet on that one!
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    You have a fundamental misunderstanding of how wealth works. And I've already addressed it. Wealth is not finite. There is not just $20 to spread around. The guy with $17 CREATES hundreds more through the invention of new demand. And one of the hardest truths is that the poor do not create much at all. There's a reason economies are rated based on GDP growth. Growth. It is the creation of wealth that makes a country strong. And our "poor" people are a hell of a lot better off than the poor people in socialist nations. And in more progressive capitalist nations. And guess what? When you create new wealth, it makes you fantastically rich. I believe that you think the things you wrote. I'm not calling you disingenuous or otherwise questioning your character. And I think you believe those things out of a genuine desire for a better world. But you're just wrong. Do you think it's a coincidence that the greatest advancements in the elimination of poverty and improvements in the standard of living worldwide has been entirely driven by capitalist nations? Entirely.
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    I get that's a common sentiment in order to show gratitude to the departed, but that's not at all how it went down in reality. It's also not the first time I've buried a co-worker where the folk tale gets pressed that there was a heroic suicide for the sake of the people on the ground, later to reveal a more simple and less flamboyant answer (spatial D and mental unwillingness to get out, as was the case with my UPT SRO and his Hornet crash). You don't have to rub it in the surviving's faces at the funeral. But for us who still remain and do the job tomorrow, damn right we owe the departed some roasting, if we are to honor the legacy of his sacrifice, and learn a god damn thing or two instead of repeating it. The conversation about collateral damage in the jet was to me, simply ancillary to a suspension of disbelief that stemmed from the fact they (and I am also not above reproach in that fallibility) did not immediately internalize the absolute nature of loss of control once dual hydraulic failure ensues. The common urban legend is that you can steer with windmilling hydro when the engine fails but windmills. First of all, not true enough to warrant consideration. BUT, this is worse than merely windmilling hydraulics, because the gearboxes were severed and thus there would have been actual zero input to the pumps. That means no shit, other than the engines effecting pitching moments of little consequence as they throttle jockeyed, the aircraft was immediately ballistic. The decision to delay ejection was neither the correct one nor one that saved lives on the ground. It may have actually killed the deceased, if one is to conjecture that he would have had extra time to gather enough presence of mind to get his sh*t together, un-f*ck his own seat from the way he left it on takeoff, and punch. But this is conjecture since we will never know if he failed to punch himself out due to incapacitation (due to the incorrect sequence selected, and the FCP seat blasting him with the rocket) or inappropriate reaction to stress (aka frozen by panicking). As to the latter, the SIB had some insights into that question which now the AIB sort of refutes, and paints the survivor in a not so positive light. I'm a little bit disappointed by this reversal in findings, but that's for the survivor to live with. Never miss an opportunity to STFU when it comes to USAF interviews is all I got to say about that one. I also don't trust the safety process enough to open my trap, but that's my bias. Exactly. And you're being kinder than I. Generally the checklist now allows for anywhere before takeoff. Most people either stow them in the hammerhead, or all the way back before pulling chocks. I do the latter, but sometimes I break order and do it in the hammerhead. And I'll challenge anybody here who flies these things come and assert they've never forgotten to arm their seat until they get to the MOA and go "..oooh shit...*muffled cllllllick* ". I only say that so people don't misinterpret my criticism for the complacent CRM in the conduct of a requal sortie that was conducted with a CT atmosphere (they all are) as some sort of gratuitous aspersion, when in reality we have all been guilty of it at one point or another. The lesson learned for me is exactly that: treat CT rides with respect. And treat requal guys like idiot UPT students. Sure, don't verbalize that to them, but treat them with the same skepticism. The fact is, we don't as a collective. I also don't agree with the shortened "feed the fight" figther-centric thing we got going on at the schoolhouse, with shortening the callouts. Not so much because it's somehow blasphemy, but rather because the UPT bases, Red Bulls in particular, are actually going the opposite direction, precisely because of this accident. But I'm preaching to the choir here. Stay safe out there.
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    Sure Ned, you are safe...when has the USAF ever lied?
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    Perhaps he’ll be permitted to “take the black” and finish his time in AFPAK Hands.
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    Wow. What an incredibly ignorant statement. We can absolutely discuss the issue, but honesty is warranted first. "Unarmed black citizens" are not being "executed" by police.
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    Off topic, not a Jack Ryan, but I always thought Red Storm Rising would make a good single season TV series
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    As has been pointed out, it is not 'socialism' but it is a significant step towards socialism. And yes, free universal education K-12 is also a significant step towards socialism and is a good indicator as to how 'free' college would change our graduate education system in America. I have only a couple friends who went to private school as a kid, but I know lots of people who went to a private college. Many of the private colleges will close when people have the option of going to school for free vs paying everything themselves. Rather than looking to take what has worked really well in America (capitalism) and applying it towards parts of our country that need significant improvement (health care, education, etc), a large group of people seem to want to take the worst parts of our country (a grossly oversized government at most levels) and apply that to what needs fixing. The inevitable result will be a complete shit show that will spiral to the parts of our country that work well like the relatively free market economy. It is easy to see how people label things as 'socialist' that are not actually socialist in and of itself, but will take a significant step towards socialism when taken to their logical conclusion. You are correct that the ACA is not completely socialist, but it is trending our health care system away from free market economics towards the socialism end that many seem to desire. The ironic part of military members speaking in support of things that point towards socialism is that the military is about as socialist as you can get in America. How many times do you speak well of the MPF, finance, or similar things in the military? Virtually everything that is broken in the military is a great example of what our country as a whole would look like under people like that lady. Having lived in countries with socialized medicine and governments that lean far further socialist than ours, I can tell you that absolutely nothing of that style of government will help us. Government and bureaucracy is both naturally inefficient and naturally self interested in getting bigger and more control. The bigger and more control it gets, the more time, energy, and wealth is wasted simply maintaining it.
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    For units that don't offer rushing, it can be a little harder to stand out. That said, it just puts it more on you to have a solid, squared-away packet that stands out. Have a good picture of your face. Even if they ask for full length, nothing says you can't have another of your mug to help make you recognizable if/when you do get invited to a meet and greet/rush weekend/interview. Honestly, I used my firehouse headshot with my helmet on. Cheesy, for sure, but it stood out and made me more recognizable as the old geezer fireman trying for a spot. Make sure your resume looks professional. Have business-minded friends or colleagues look at it, or feel free to send it to me, if you want random stranger feedback on it. Include unofficial copies of your transcripts, any flying stuff you have, and your LoRs in the packet. Make sure it's all in one PDF and not multiple files. Spend some serious time on your cover letter and, like your resume, have it proofread by friends/coworkers (or send it to me). It should have a little of everything; who you are, why you want to fly, why you want to fly for that specific squadron, and what kind of asset you want to be to your squadron after training. Keep it to one page. Lastly, make contact with the hiring PoCs through phone or email (or both). They're getting blasted with packets from a bunch of people they don't know (who are probably blasting packets out to lots of squadrons themselves), so all you are is numbers and letters unless you make contact. Try to speak with other pilots to ask questions, express interest, and (without sounding like a bragging douche) talking a little about yourself to have them get to know you a little. The pilots will talk and, if they know who you are, I'm sure they can help the hiring board with input on who to invite for interviews. It'll also make it less awkward when you do show up if you have spoken with a few pilots in the squadron to strike up conversations. Bottom line, you've gotta create your own luck and that's by putting in most of the heavy lifting yourself. You don't want to be psycho stalker level of bugging them, but you want to make sure you're making solid contacts and showing you're interested, if you can. The squeaky wheel getting the grease and all. Just sending your packet out and hoping the numbers and letters on the pages are enough to get you a job offer might not be enough when you have plenty of other solid candidates; you've got to have personality do some of the work. Good luck!
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    It's almost that time of year again! 😋
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    Or two or three decades....
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    Having your card show up on someone’s slide as unpaid is the best way to get someone to kick finance in the ass to pay your voucher ...