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  1. That was one of the best deals going with the slicks. In one weekend I based out of Scottsdale with some bros and went up to Leadville (highest airport in North America) and the next day went to Furnace Creek (L06/lowest airport in the US) with Grand Canyon tours and stops at some amazing airports like Bar Ten, Glenwood Springs, and Telluride. Having those made taking the mission birds to the dirt, blacked out, on NVGs for Amp-4 work much easier. I hope that template makes its way to AOW.
  2. Big Peter Zeihan fan, as well. For those interested in some of the geopolitics around big nations, give him a listen/read. Fascinating stuff.
  3. Does this dude just sit around and do this shit all day every day?
  4. We’ll I’ll be damned. Thanks for the link/education.
  5. Really? I know they’re going away but ACC owns the Compass Calls and the ANG owns the Commando Solos and I find that incredibly hard to believe either of those entities would transfer them to AFSOC or AFMC for test. Especially not before the EC-37B is on the ramp. Based on the history of naked gunner hugs, “Big Gay” stamps, and covering every square inch of their work spaces with dick drawings, I think the Gunship community has fully embraced the gayest elements of the woke movement and probably didn’t need any training on being accepting of alternative lifestyles. Truly stunning and brave. I kid, I kid!
  6. We discussed this during the demo and such and unless something has changed, T-1 trained pilots WILL be eligible for the AOW aircraft. Hell, at least half of the Draco dudes that will TX eventually are T-1 trained guys. It was very deliberate to have a 38 trained guy and a T-1 trained guy as the demo pilots for this exact reason. I have no clue if it’ll stay that way but good luck filling out the squadrons purely with T-38/T-7 guys that also have to go to their traditional assignments.
  7. For context, I’m 6’2” and pretty broad shoulders and fit comfortably in the back seat for the demonstrations. The front seat is much bigger. I’d say the front is about equivalent to the Eagle cockpit, maybe bigger. One real interesting part that is mentioned on their website and works great is that the avionics and mission system was developed with Garmin so data passage from mission systems to navigation and vice versa is all integrated so that is very nice.
  8. No AAR consideration due to the operating concept of forward staging and more realistically because the airplanes aren’t plumbed for it so to get them there would’ve been cost prohibitive. Not a silly consideration, just a bridge too far IMO. There’s a pretty interesting video on their website of disassembly and reassembly. More gee whiz, but kind of cool.
  9. They got a contract with the Thais a few months back that was external to the AOW stuff.
  10. Catchy meme not withstanding, I was involved in this thing for a couple years straight and it was pretty damn rigorous.
  11. Alternate angle of the incident. You know it’s legit because of his Republican “R” hat.
  12. But I have thousands of hours of combat time and a bunch of deployments! Surely all that Afghanistan/Iraq experience will help!
  13. So for a FedEx interview should I talk about worldwide sex odysseys as a perk or not?
  14. I loved AIS and took a lot of good lessons from it back to the community (mainly cold weather altimeter corrections and MAJCOM approved procedures for austere ops). Just like most courses in the AF in that you’ll get out of it what you put into it.
  15. Anyone have any good stories on this front? I’ve flown with some dummies over the years that are oddballs but never to this level. The thing that drives me absolutely insane is the guy who harps on CRM all the time but uses that as a crutch to be bad at his job because someone is backing him up. Had a couple of those (military only) but very few and far between.
  16. Shocking because all I’ve heard over the last several years is pilot shortage and sending a FAIP outside of pilot production is surprising. Not outside the dudes skills or anything, just a production standpoint.
  17. Is there any kind of mechanism to say you don’t want to fly with certain people anymore?
  18. I think the biggest WTF in that article is that AI is supposed to be incorporated into the cockpit. Probably worth a thread for discussion but AI is a big Snake Oil pitch, IMHO. At least General AI. Watching a Strike dude eating that popsicle in a manner that would make Harvey Milk blush is as surprising as a sunrise.
  19. Probably all the tools that got left in other jets and not replaced to save money mean there aren’t any screwdrivers left to work on them.
  20. IMHO, congressional folks are not the turds they’re made out to be (with certain exceptions). If they actually know, they’ll work it. If they don’t, they can’t help. The one and only time I worked with my representative, it got fixed immediately. I almost guarantee that letter will at least start something.
  21. I hope we take advantage of some lessons learned with the recent drone centric conflicts and put these folks to good use. Even if we get out of the MQ-9 business completely, turn them loose with some funding to innovate a generational leap in RPA’s for the US military.
  22. I’m surprised the Navy would let someone go from one demo team to another back to back but good on her.
  23. Well from a non-AMC guy, I hope the General and his folks aren’t afraid to attempt to try new things to make the most important MAJCOM more effective in a real war. Not saying this was it, but deviating from any business as usual will result in bitching (especially online).
  24. FWIW, I’ve had multiple people tell me they know somebody with the inside scoop that each competitor is the one that was picked and also that the whole program was starting over. All I know is that they picked something and aren’t starting over.
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