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  1. Might wanna check this math. 3500% of $44.5K means a median home value upwards of $1.5M.
  2. I thought the carryover was for FY 2020-2021 and whatever your number was it’s set til 2023. Did they send a new letter allowing to add even more beyond 60 this year?
  3. Use/lose leave question. I’ll have 2 days of use/lose to burn by Sep 30th. If I take leave 29 Sep through 3 Oct, over the FY turnover, is the CPTS software able to figure out the transaction? If I return from leave in the new FY, I can see them deleting the 2 days of use/lose and charging me an additional 5. Anyone have experience with a term of leave like that - zeroing out use/lose while taking a longer stint of leave over two FYs? I get that 1-2 Oct is a weekend and that breaks the cardinal rule of avoiding weekends - I’m an AGR and that’s drill so it actually makes sense for me.
  4. Dude, going balls deep into the positives and negatives of the vaccine is pissing in the wind at this point. If you eliminate politics and conspiracy theories alone, 69% of the arguments vanish. Pawnman deserves some shade here. His recent comments reek of careerism and puffing out his chest (dropping articles on people, “the joke’s on you I made APZ”). I’ve met careerists before that are good people, they simply value rank highly while being good peeps. Thing is, they’re rare. These recent exchanges haven’t been a good look for him.
  5. Wait, so is pawnman actually a nav (WSO, ABM, whatever)? That would put soooooo much of the recent posts here into perspective.
  6. You can carry over leave from AD to ARC. I separated to become a DSG and transferred about 40 days. It took 3 months for a CMS case to go through. The leave just hangs there in the ether until you have a long set of orders to attach it to. Save that final LES! The bigger issue in the future is going to be using it. If you become a long-term AGR, no big deal. As a part-timer: most units aren’t going to give two months of orders to burn 2-3 weeks of leave that was earned on AD. It’s absolutely an earned entitlement, but in practice what I’ve seen is an attitude of - use it where you earned it. Also, takes the same ~3 months for said leave to show up on any set of orders (same CMS case process), so if you’re on a 31-day stint of orders that leave isn’t even really available to you.
  7. Just one data point but I’m A+ and I’ve had both covid and the Moderna vaccine - covid was a breeze, three days of very mild sinus congestion with the standard loss of smell (for two months and counting). Dose 1 gave me a sore arm for a few days. Dose 2 gave me an overnight wake-up with chills and fatigue that lasted 8 hours...then I was fine. There’s a lot more to it than just blood type.
  8. Spang Viper Drivers, can anyone confirm this is real? If so, looks like we’re in for another round of PC retardation from above.
  9. Vaccine on Monday, then popped positive Tuesday with congestion, headache and loss of smell. It turns out someone I was exposed to the week prior had it and gave me the bug. So, both covid and the Moderna vaccine had a cage match in my body this last week - all things considered, the experience was pretty tame.
  10. Do your homework on VRRAD. A buddy from my guard unit has < 3 years TAFMS left and got a line number, then had a VRRAD gig lined up to get his AGR/AD pension. He was in touch with the VRRAD program manager, was matched to a specific position and just waiting on funding. All of FY20 he has been in a holding pattern, waiting for more VRRAD funds to materialize. It’s not a slam dunk, and might actually be borderline impossible. According to him, VRRAD was abused early on to get a bunch of people into cush gigs at Peterson and a few other bases. Once a bunch of billets were filled and someone did the math, the VRRAD program office realized they were out of funding. They stopped bringing more people back and new applicants are all in limbo.
  11. Amen. I’m a Guard AGR and I’m not too worried about the endgame - there are ways to give me some days off and meet the spirit of the reg while simultaneously helping me out more than MPLP would by making me take 21 straight. Fortunately I’ve got a solid OG who gets it. That said, I’m a big believer of going to the boss with a solution - not just a problem. One of the cleanest solutions is just pushing this chunk of leave to the right when things are back to “normal” and using it for a vacation or to decompress. That ain’t happening in the next two months (her bday), cuz...COVID. It’s just - no one seems to know who to ask. Finance is always in everyone’s shit about leave but God forbid you have a question about leave...then you get crickets.
  12. Has anyone attempted to push MPLP leave (21 days of daddy leave) past the kiddo’s first birthday and, if so, what was the approval/waiver authority? COVID shifts are preventing me from using it since the CC & DO are on opposing shifts and need to be there. Leadership supports trying to push back the window, but (as if on purpose) the MPLP has precisely zero guidance for ETPs or waivers. According to the memo, posted at the beginning of the leave reg, if you don’t take it by the kid’s first birthday it vanishes. ETA: finance already gave me blank stares so I’m waiting on a more in-depth answer than “Uhhh, I don’t know” from the FSS. I figure the bros may be more helpful.
  13. 4-year thread revival! This was over 15 years ago and I was a student so I didn’t have total insight into what happened, so there is that. From what I recall it basically came down to risk management, decision making and SA. His next-to-last flight, he ended up beak-to-beak at Gila Bend doing an SFO the wrong direction. His last flight he landed super-fast and passed the preceding aircraft on the runway. Dude, just go around. He also spent basically all of A-A phase in CAP due to something in TR we never knew about. I’ve seen more dudes wash out for basics - formation and landings so bad they’re dangerous in later stages of the course. It’s ultimately due to poor cross-check and misprioritization. Now that I’m on the dealing end of those decisions, I will say it sucks. Nothing about this job is as much of a downer as telling someone they’re done and the dream is over, even when you know you’re doing it for the right reasons.
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