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  1. Huggy, It may do those guys some good to go back to old school flying. I’m sure by the time the B-21 is in service, the T-7 will replace those -38’ Alphas anyway.
  2. Good Morning Cleared Hot,

      I’ve reached my attachment limit and was wondering how I can delete past attachments so I can post new photos.


  3. Can somebody explain to me how I can delete past attachments since I have reached my Attachment limit and can’t post anymore photos etc.

  4. I’m trying to download another approach plate, but the website says I maxed out my attachments.? how can I fix this?
  5. Continued, My T-38 IFG CBM. 1986 Remember these were flown at 300 plus knots, with no autopilot, GPS, or VNAV.
  6. There is one aspect to some of the maneuvers we flew at UPT in the past that some of you younger pilots may not be aware of. I am 100% confident that the UPT of the past was not to train young men to be Air Force Pilots, but instead, it was a massive mind-game to weed out the weak. This isn’t meant to demean younger Pilots who went through a kinder/gentler UPT or a boomer’s rant about walking to school in a snowstorm , uphill, both ways. It’s just a fact. Formation Landings, Circling approaches, and intense formation training in the T-38, as well as fix to fixes, insanely complex SID’s and approaches, were all designed to weed people out, as well as determine a students learning curve. Most of us had less than 100 hours total time and we were flying 38’s in fingertip formation and performing form landings. I still have my old T-37 In-Flight Guide. I wince at the approaches and SID’s we flew with 10 altitude and airspeed restrictions in the first 10 miles. They made everything complex and difficult on purpose.
  7. All Democrat voters I’m sure.
  8. As the saying goes, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”
  9. #Pride Month, I’m still trying to figure out what are they proud of?
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12187671/San-Franciscos-dying-downtown-hit-Westfield-stops-making-mortgage-payments-mall.html Another Democrat success story..
  11. The reason why liberals live in liberal cities and states is because the “Takers” outnumber the “ Makers”. The MAKERS are taxed more, their businesses and success are ostrisized by the Left and their wealth is targeted by the Left, so they leave. The Takers, stay because they are the recipients of Democrat largess. Show me a City or State that’s better off under Democrat rule. I travel the country all the time. Cities like San Fran, NY, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, are all in decline, and rapidly in the last 5 years…all run by Democrats. NSplayer, I’m glad you hope to live back in the City…Hope you and your family will be safe..I know in NY today, none of my relatives or friends , all native New Yorkers, even want to visit due to the parade of crimes we see each day on the NY News. Oh, and don’t forget, If you defend yourself on the subway after a psycho criminal threatens to kill you, You may get arrested for it, and they will erect a memorial to the psycho criminal..Fu$#@ng ClownWorld. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.
  12. I’m curious how many of our resident Liberals live in Liberal states and cities paying huge liberal taxes and exposing their families to liberals committing crime with impunity. At my airline, the few liberals amongst us, all preach social justice, equality, compassion etc as they sit ensconced in their safe, well run, low tax Republican States. I grew up in the Bronx, and it’s hard to be liberal when you see their policies and programs crash and burn around you on a daily basis for decades.
  13. Nsplayer, Without any research on my part, I’d be very certain that the Suburban Obama and Biden Voters were overwhelmingly women. I’d also venture to guess most suburban men are republicans. Which reminds me of a line in the original Godfather movie. Don Corleone is aged and working in his garden, when he has a heart to heart with his Son Michael, his heir apparent. He tells Michael, “Women and Children can be careless, Men can never be careless” fast forward to 0:50
  14. NSplayer, I was aware that Bloomberg is really a Democrat, But he ran as a “R” because the NY Dems didn’t support him. Nevertheless, He continued Rudy’s policies. Good on you for the facts. To answer your question why only 9 out of 50 of the top US cities are run by Dems, here’s my opinion. There are the “Makers” and the “Takers” in society. The Makers live in the exclusive enclaves of the city or more likely the suburbs. The Takers live in the city. Look at the voting demographics in any large city and the burbs are Republican, while the City is democrat. The democrats cater to and attract the takers. The takers stay in the city where they are taken care of, and the makers leave. Let me throw a question back to you. “Why are the Democrats so hell bent on opening up the border?” They are pandering to illegals, because these are the future voters for their party. They are importing votes. Do you think an illegal will vote for a party that promises to give them everything, or a party that promises them nothing but equality of opportunity? It’s a travesty. take care, good debate.
  15. NSPlayer, I'll be blunt..I grew up in The Bronx during the 70's and 80's. Those were the Ft. Apache years (look it up) anyway the City was a mess, high crime, people leaving in droves, financial issues, high taxes, an Garbage and graffiti was everywhere. Rudy Guiliani gets elected Mayor, the first Republican in a long time. He"s tough on crime and within a year or two the streets are cleaned, the beggars are gone the"Squeegee" guys harassing motorists gone, and the City experiences a Renaissance. 42st street, went from a drug infested, crime zone filled with druggies and porno theaters to something akin to Disney world for tourists. the murder count dropped from over 2500/year to 400/year. the City stayed that way for 14 years under 2 Republican administrations until a democrat was elected in 2014 Bill DeBlasio. Since a democrat was elected the city has reverted back to the dirty, crime ridden, days. I know because I live and work near NYC. The same has happened to the State of California, Portland, San Fran, Memphis, Chicago, the list is ENDLESS. and its all under Democrat rule. Democrats have a knack for ruining things, and people are noticing and voting with their feet. If you haven't noticed yourself, open your eyes.
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