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  1. On a UPT Nav cross country, Jan 1987. We parked our T-38 next to the “Texas Raider” a few older gents came by asking for a tour of the -38, and then reciprocated and let us wander around inside the Texas Raider. They even let me climb up on the wing to take this photo. RIP
  2. When I attended UPT in 1986, the “Little Kitchen” was only the single yellow trailer, no Additions. Now with the new additions it’s suitable for Mississippi Weddings and other events!
  3. Vito

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    I was in UPT when TopGun premiered. We were just finishing up Tweets and heading over to the -38 side. A bunch of us went to see it at the on,y movie theater in Columbus MS. We all thought it was hokey and corny, but good fun. Shortly after, a tidal wave of women entered my life due to their admiration of that hokey, corny movie. Who was I to complain. Outside of being a real Tomcat Driver, it was as good as it gets. So as goofy as the original was, the great memories it conjures up will always have a place in my heart. I thought the new one was way better, more realistic ( to a degree) and I liked how they tied in the original cast and storyline in the new one. I will see it again with my pilot Son, and soon to be F-18 software engineer Nephew. BTW, you are on crack if you think Kelly McGillis, on her best day , is in the same league as Jennifer Connelly!
  4. TBro96, In hindsight, the location of the Go Around switches could be placed in a different location. However, the fact that the 767 and 757 have been flying for millions of hours over 40 years with few instances of pilots inadvertently engaging the GA switches should be testament of a good design.
  5. TBro96, As a 767 Pilot, I too would like to know your rationale for the comment blaming Boeing for cockpit design. This accident has parallels to the Max debacle. People blaming Boeing for 99% of the problem, when pilots who didn’t have a clue are held blameless, not to mention he outright lied about his background.
  6. Had a friend who left the AF as a Major with 15 yrs service due to the Anthrax vaccine issue. A few years later he was able to return to the Air Force as a seargent in the Air Guard. So he was enlisted with Pilot wings. His unit called him Seargent -Major!
  7. Not to come across in the wrong way, but what’s an air advisor? Nevermind, Googled it. Sounds like an interesting job.
  8. Democrats are punishing America
  9. “Any old guys here who went through UPT back in the 38 only days” I went through CBM 87-04. We washed out half the class. Of the 21 studs in my class who walked across the hallway from Tweets to -38’s we lost about 4. All in the Contact phase. There were some who struggled in formation, but I can’t recall any of them washing out. We also had a student who passed his last checkride hours AFTER we graduated. They let him walk across the stage with the class because his family was there, then he left to take his 88 checkride. If he had busted he would have washed out. Our Wing CC had a 3 checkride failure policy. No exceptions. He ended up a 2Star General! Col Chuck Edwards CBM 1987 was the CC.
  10. Another example of the “ masochism” that occurred. We had a stud, who became a very good friend, that was very smart and very successful in any endeavor he pursued prior to UPT. Top of his High school class, graduated college in 3 years, Magna Cum Laude, DG from OTS etc. He was the only stud who passed the first boldface test we took. He lasted about 6 weeks once we got to Tweets before he washed out. We were all shocked. After he left one of the IP’s told me that his issue was he expected perfection in his flying, so when he made a mistake, even a small one, it bothered him so much it affected the rest of the flight. The IP told me after that, even if he didn’t make a mistake, they told him he did something wrong. Instead of ignoring the “fake” mistake and continue the flight, he tried to figure out what he did wrong and his performance and confidence suffered. It was a game the IP’s played with his head until he SIE’ed. The good news is he got a second chance at UPT about 5 years later, and earned his wings and retired as an O-5. my Class 87-04 actually graduated 26 or the original 52 students, the other 3 were washbacks from other classes
  11. I understand your point about my classmate being unable to handle the stress of the added scrutiny he received after his stand up debacle, however, I saw this “piling on” mentality numerous times in UPT. Once a stud showed the slightest crack, or weakness the “vultures” (IP’s) would start circling and the added stress caused many to washout. I also witnessed firsthand, my own IP telling me he was going to washout a fellow student the next morning during the standup! He did, after the stud fainted during a very stressful standup scenario that any of us would have screwed up. Like I said, different times.
  12. In my class, CBM 87-04, we had a guy essentially wash out because of a standup. He was a strong student up to this point. We were in the first weeks of T-38’s and the Stan EVAL section sent a representative to “sit-in” on our morning stand up, to observe. Since this stud was pretty solid, he was chosen for the stand up and he royalty fu#@ed it up! He was quickly sat down (it was an automatic bust and grounding for a failed stand up in my class) Our flight Commander asked the visiting Stan EVAL observer to step outside for a minute. As he left the room, our Flt CC chewed the stud out and ripped him a new a-hole, telling him he embarrassed himself, us, the IP’s and everyone in the civilized world! We never saw our CC so mad. The next flight he took, he busted, then he busted again, went to an 88 ride, busted that and failed his 89 ride and was gone within a week of his stand up performance. No lie! Sad thing is, he would have been a solid pilot, but he couldn’t handle the onslaught and wrath of the CC and IP’s. It was a different time.
  13. The C-17 has an AR Mode that dampens some stick forces during AR as well.
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