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  1. Fair enough. More evidence that I won’t be making general anytime soon 🫡😅
  2. Ok but where are we now? Trump tore up the Iran deal, reimposed sanctions and…what? Continue the narrative to today. They continued/accelerated progress toward nuclear weapons and have continued/accelerated other nefarious activities including attacking American positions and killing people. So…lot of good that “diplomacy” did. I would argue we were better off under an imperfect JCPOA than today where we have nothing but belligerence to offer. Nothing about Iranian behavior today seems cowed in any way by Trump’s big talk, his tearing up of the deal, or killing QS, which I will admit, was a good move in hindsight given there was IMHO surprisingly very little direct response. I agree Iran sucks and they were skirting the JCPOA, but what we have today is worse - open hostility with no avenue for a better outcome. They can’t and shouldn’t trust us and so I guess we’ll just trade blows until eventually we “totally fuck them up” as one strategic genius proposed above 🙄 No Nobel peace prize in your future @Standby 🤣 I would legit love to see a 3-COA presentation where the median COA (designed to bracket in the decision maker toward the staff’s preferred option) is titled “totally fuck them up.”
  3. Sure but are inspections better than no inspections? Is some international oversight better than none? Concince me that we’re better off today after tearing up the JCPOA than before. There was supposed to be a “new, better deal” under Trump that did not happen. The JCPOA wasn’t a magic wand, but it was better than what we have after Trump tore it up, which is absolutely fuck-all diplomatically. We had carrots and still retained sticks and now it’s only sticks…great work.
  4. That is valid, but it’s also less satisfying than showing up at the finance desk in your bag, sleeves rolled, sunglasses on top of your head, looking around like: I keed…mostly 😎
  5. Both median and average happiness can still be higher even if there are more data points on the far left of the chart with a pistol stuffed in their mouth. I don’t think it’s a lot more complicated than that.
  6. I mean…when we backed out of the deal they started enriching again, yea. Wouldn’t you have done that too if you were them? Not that the JCPOA didn’t solve all Iranian problems, it was a big help at solving the nuclear one. Glad we tore it up for absolutely zero gain, masterful diplomacy there!
  7. I grew up in AFSOC and so we were leading edge of the two-piece multi cam flight suits but… I have done two “career days” at my daughter’s school when she was in elementary. Wore the two-piece to one, and all the kids were like, “Woah you’re an army man!” Ok good try kid…0300, infantry, ya made it 😕 Wore my bag to the next one. Kids that time, “Are you a pilot?” At the time…no, but well done anyways young lads and lasses, you’ll grow up big and strong. BL: They can take the green bag from my cold dead hands now. I’ve had the two-piece multi cam since probably 2010/2011 and yet I only wear it in emergencies. Yea yea taking the top off to poop or when hot, copy. Some traditions are worth a little inconvenience. Also I learned early on that looking cool (and sounding good on the radio) actually matter in aviation, and I teach that same lesson to all the young pups coming up behind me.
  8. The Middle East is like a bad crack habit, we can’t kick it even if we try! Fucking Iranians…
  9. I’m still waiting for this kick ass interface for a computer…
  10. I’ve been Guard MPA for several years and fees have always been waived from both AMEX and Chase.
  11. Correct! They are not a big force in the country at large. I am way more involved in democratic politics than average and have never met someone who would describe those groups as one of their primary identities. I’m glad we agree.
  12. This part I fully agree with!
  13. My statement holds, I don’t know any of the people in the video. Anyone on the left calling for a civil war is a dangerous moron that no one should listen to…just like anyone on the right! Or the center. Theres not going to be a civil war, our politics is not substantially more radical than in the past, but we do need to actively stick together and move the country forward if we want our kids to enjoy the gift we were all given at birth (or naturalization) - a great country.
  14. The library is very fun, gotta agree on that. We do have a ping pong table and an oculus video game setup in the bar though, so those were pretty convincing to a middle schooler.
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