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  1. Me working at the same company as CH with my measly degrees in social science 🤣
  2. Just as an aside...I know why y'all are using UC Berkeley* in examples, but it's really a poor choice for "these graduates have worthless/useless degrees." Berkeley is one of the very best universities in the country. It's top-20 in terms of "best universities" by whatever formula Payscale uses, #22 in US News rankings, and produces 42% STEM-related degrees. So I mean yea, a BA in Underwater Basket Weaving from the University of Phoenix paid for by unsubsidized federal loans is probably the more apt example of what we need less of 🤷‍♂️ Another funny aside from that Payscale data...the military academies all score really well because of honestly quite high "early career salary" i.e. O3 pay, high-meaning career fields, and high % of STEM degrees, however anecdotally I have yet to meet a single academy grad that recommends their alma mater to anyone else 🤣 *I did not go to Berkeley nor do I know anyone who did.
  3. I’m a pretty center-of-mass Democrat/liberal that happily voted for Biden in the general election. I am happy with the way things are going for the most part. Biden wasn’t my first choice in the primary, Buttigieg was, but he wasn’t my last choice either. I wish he were about 15 years younger but oh well…I would support an upper-age limit on all federal public office of maybe 70 or 75 years old. I voted for Kerry/Obama/Hillary/Biden in my adult life for reference. I’d like to see the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the debt ceiling raise/elimination, and the “human infrastructure” / Build Back Better reconciliation bill passed here in October. If we fail to do those things that will be disappointing but I’m cautiously optimistic they’ll all happen in some form. I am happy with Biden’s COVID response, the American Rescue Plan bill passed in March, most of his appointments and his stewardship of our economic recovery from COVID. Also happy with ending our involvement in Afghanistan even if the pullout was ugly. Good riddance to that place. I spent a fair amount of time there personally and I don’t want to see any more American service members die there for no good reason. I’m in a guard squadron where almost everyone is very conservative and that’s totally fine. We all get along and have some lively debates from time to time while still executing the mission. Never had a problem with anyone due to politics either on active duty or while in the guard. Never questioned anyones competence or fitness for office solely based on their strong support for Trump or Biden or whomever. Happy to discuss more via DM or in person at the actual squadron bar; my days of debating folks here endlessly are done. Take it from me, it ain’t worth your time haha, I would know! 🍻
  4. He was my squadron mate of mine at the time and a bunch of us were watching the final table online. We were cheering like a bunch of drunk college kids when he won. You absolutely love to see it. He did stay in at least for a while, I’ve kinda lost touch with him so now I have no idea long-term. To the OP, I would talk to your CC, the wing retention manager and the JAG as required. Don’t do anything stupid to get soft “kicked out.” If you’ve had a good career and enjoyed it and are just trying to move on despite a bonus-driven ADSC, work the process and don’t burn any bridges. It’s always a good time to do things the right way. If you’re crushing it in terms of outside talent and have a fantastic opportunity, I’m sure you’ll have similar opportunities when Uncle Sam does let you move on to greener pastures, hopefully sooner rather than later if the only hooks they have in you is money that you’re willing to pay back.
  5. Previous admin set the deadline of 1 May I believe, so even being there today is an extension of several months on top of that. I’m theory we wanted to keep the embassy open and etc. but if the entire Ghani government and all allied militias just give up the fight well then that obviously changes the plan. I’m sure the evac planning for all western nations didn’t include the entire ANA/ANP/Ghani government collapsing in 96 hours and the Taliban conquering territory at the speed of a Hilux. Enemy gets a vote unfortunately. It’s still a god damned mess and I can only imagine the heroism of the airlift crews making runs to Kabul right now as well as the army folks & SOF going in to help secure the exfil. Hopefully we can continue to hold the airport, get military ATC up and running and start a reverse Berlin airlift out for anyone who wants to go. Plenty of blame to go around, starting in about 2003, and I’m very hesitant to cast the first stone after spending significant time there myself and buying in to what we were trying to accomplish. I said it before and I’ll say it again: the best time to leave was 15 years ago and the second best time is right now.
  6. They can have a good ole time ruling over the rubble pile. Sunk cost fallacy: the best time to leave was 15 years ago and the second best time is right now. It ain’t called the graveyard of empires for nothing, but the real joke is that all the powerful armies stack the rocks on top of their own heads! Despite spending >$2T and countless lives, Afg sucks nearly as much as the day we arrived and I for one say good riddance. Time to spend our blood and treasure more wisely elsewhere. It’s not somehow more patriotic to want to continue losing every single day, year after year, decade after decade. "Retreat, hell! We're not retreating, we're just advancing in a different direction." - General Oliver Smith, battle of Chosin Reservoir
  7. TIPS or just good ole fashion stonks…S&P 500 up almost 21% YTD should cover up any inflation concerns with a large pile of dollar bills.
  8. nsplayr


    That was outstanding. Hasn’t seen it yet, thanks for sharing.
  9. Just wanted to pause for a second and add in before it’s too late that this thread has officially reached an exalted status. Page 69…nice.
  10. I was 33 about to turn 34 when I graduated URT in 2019 as a pinned-on Major. I am a Guard guy, so that may be a factor, but I was not nearly alone…there was a Lt Col who was probably 38-40 in the class behind me. Good luck!
  11. Massive thread bump. Is there any place that still rents mess dress uniforms? I have managed to go an entire 14+ year career without purchasing mess dress and I'm trying to finish strong. Google turns up nothing credible. Last time I wore the uniform was 2013 for a wedding and at that time I rented from some place that I cannot remember nor can I find any evidence of it in my email. 🍺 on me if anyone knows of a place that exists / is good.
  12. It’s 2/3 vote to expel so it wouldn’t be party line if successful. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expulsion_from_the_United_States_Congress
  13. Blasphemy against Enlisted Jesus! You, sir, are hereby excommunicated. p.s. - I have no dog in this fight, I didn't know Wright nor do I know Bass or anyone else who's ever been CMSAF.
  14. Ah ha, got it. So in the OP's situation he'd have 30 months at the top of the O5 chart and 6 months at the top of the O4 chart, right? Doesn't seem that different than if you were retiring on active duty unless I'm not understanding still. I guess the pay difference between O4 and O5 get magnified even further at the top of the YOS chart?
  15. Is reserve retirement not based on high-36 as well? I thought it was... https://militarypay.defense.gov/Pay/Retirement/Reserve.aspx
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