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  1. I wish I had the drawing but one day during a long set of briefings I drew up a sketch for an AC-130S, the S stands for Shark. Holding tanks to keep the sharks alive, smaller breeds that fit in the common launch tubes already installed in the door, plunge the sharks out the ass of the airplane and of course you have frikin' laser beams on their foreheads. If I were king for a day we'd buy at least a dozen.
  2. YMMV of course, but I would not recommend a whole life insurance policy to nearly anyone. In terms of leaving money to heirs, is it going to be more than $12.92 million? If so, congrats, you have won at life. Or maybe not, IDK...personally I would spend more while I'm alive and not leave as much to my kids after I'm dead, but you can do what you'd like. If you're going to leave less than $12.92m, whole life shouldn't even be in the conversation. Almost regardless of your net worth, IMHO I'd rather just get market returns and pay long-term capital gains taxes in a regular-ass brokerage account vs suffer from below-market returns in a whole life insurance vehicle with a lot of added complexity & fees. BL: whole life insurance is really only a good deal if you sell whole life insurance.
  3. After 72 beers I'm pretty sure I'd be in the hospital, not a bonus hole 😂
  4. Unfortunately there's exactly 1 too many for the current CFP playoff format! Lucky for them they'll get bailed out by at least one of OSU/MI losing when they play each other. All the rest I could see winning out, winning their conferences and then sorry for OSU/MI loser and Oregon, you're on the outside looking in. I'm really looking forward to an expanded playoff next season.
  5. So, so many! 😄 The most obvious one is “full self driving” which at this point is a meme prediction. His timelines are always wildly ambitious and generally you can 2-5x the timeline for anything he promises. Which is usually fine, he’s a CEO who is selling stuff and some of that involves hype. Look I don’t discredit Tesla or SpaceX accomplishments, hell I owned a Tesla and can’t wait to fly via Starlink. Launching the roadster on falcon heavy and nailing the simultaneous landing of the boosters was an incredible thing to witness. I also know that part of the quote wasn’t his main point. FWIW I have also predicted some things wrong, as have we all! BUT I didn’t say what he said, I’m not scolding people to either “be right or STFU.” He truly is the pot calling the kettle black and I just thought that was funny. His opinions on politics, the Middle East, etc. have absolutely zero credibility above a random person’s IMHO.
  6. Elon very famously makes lots of very wild/bold forecasts that do not end up coming true, and yet he continues to confidently make predictions on many things both within and beyond his fields of expertise totally undeterred. He should follow his own advice!
  7. He says with a straight face, absolutely devoid of any shred of irony or self-reflection. 😆
  8. Not sure why the tweet itself wouldn’t embed but…yea…CENTCOM forever, yay! 😑
  9. Pro tip: don’t do magic mushrooms and then sit jump seat 😅
  10. Right, it’s not about employers who choose to rescind job offers based on reprehensible speech, that’s fine. It’s about a random billionaire going out of his way to sleuth down the names of anyone 18-25 who has ever belonged to some of these student groups, and then specifically calling his buddies at different companies, giving them the list of names, and saying they should be blackballed. Like, get a hobby buddy. Inevitably you’re hurting people who had nothing to do with some of these dumb statements, and even absolute best case you’re punching down so many levels it’s laughable. He should spend his time working to counter the Iranian finance operations that actually paid for the rockets and bullets that killed innocent Israelis if he’s so inclined to wanna help. Or just donate a B to Israeli charities…I can think of a million better ways to spend your time and money than harassing idiot college kids.
  11. I think Ackman took things too far. Yea your words have consequences and etc., but man, having a random billionaire ruining your career while you're still on campus is some bullshiite man. Not that I disagree with him that what a some of the students are saying is completely reprehensible, it is. But I would also remind Bill that when he was an undergrad on the hallowed Haavad Yaad he was a) likely a huge fucking moron like the vast majority of of us were, b) certainly said many things others would find unacceptably offensive (haven't we all!), and c) didn't have some Reagan-era billionaire going Dick Tracy on his ass trying to ruin his future before he even got off the ground. I guess forensic speech policing wasn't as easy in 1988 as it is in 2023, but Ackman needs to find other hobbies IMHO.
  12. 🤷‍♂️ yea I don't support that. I support 18 as the one age of adulthood for everything TBH...I'm not sure why you can be drafted but not get a draft at the bar. That being said brain development isn't really complete until like ~25 so maybe the car rental companies have it right... FWIW let's do a maximum age as well! Just like some careers (ahem ahem airline pilots) have mandatory retirement ages, I'd say after your 79th or maybe 84th birthday maybe you should just hang up your ole voting boots and kick back and let the next generations run things. Hell, Catholic cardinals can't vote for a new Pope in conclave anymore after age 80. Obv I would apply all this to office holders too...if there is a minimum age for federal offices why the F isn't there a maximum age?
  13. This is a good observation and also a great reason to generally ignore ignorant student protests. It's a tale as old as time to be against "the system" and "whatever your parents think." Literally every generation since the dawn of time has done this, and predictably most people become a bit more reasonable when their brains finish forming.
  14. Coming into flight examinations with $600+ in cash in an envelope and being required to hand it over first thing always felt a lot like a mob shakedown lol. Great system we've got!
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