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  1. The best part is that these civilians will be the ones flying daily while the line officers bear the burden of all the paperwork required to run a squadron. If contracting schedulers didn't fix the problem I guess we'll just contract all of ops.
  2. But that kind of debate hasn't been allowed to happen because a 7-2 majority made abortion the law of the land 50 years ago. Think about that -- this issue that countless people have anguished over and debated since time immemorial (there are records of arguments on abortion at least as far back as the Roman empire) was "settled" in 1973 by 7 people on behalf of a nation of over 300,000,000. If it's truly about striking a balance and making the best law for the benefit of society, the issue should be left up either to the state legislatures and/or Congress so that they can enact the will of their representatives via the legislative process.
  3. If abortion is protected by the 14th amendment why did it take 100 years to realize it? When Roe was decided, every state in the union had laws restricting abortion.
  4. Need to keep Boeing in the fighter business
  5. I agree there's plenty more we can do. I also think our standing in the world and the future of free nations that cannot defend themselves are hurt by our inaction. I suppose I'm just expressing my frustration that time after time we shoulder that burden more or less alone.
  6. Fair enough, but as far as I can tell the average American shouldn't want to spend blood and treasure on Ukraine any more than the average German. With that in mind, it seems like the disposition of eastern Europe would mean a lot more to the Germans and Italians than it does to someone who won't leave America once in their life. Yet we accept this sort of apathy from the largest countries in Europe because we don't want to make waves in the classic Cold War alliances.
  7. Never said he insulted me. I've just sat through enough all calls with NAF or MAJCOM commanders who harp on patriotism to automatically roll my eyes when someone implies money is shallow or meaningless. That is what I find insulting. That being said, if you enjoy your place in the air force, I'm glad you're happy. Continue to do what works for you.
  8. Money may not buy happiness, but financial security is a real thing. Being able to send your kids to any college they get into is a real change in your quality of life. Knowing that your wife won't be impoverished if you don't make 20 years and Lt Col is also a real difference in your life. The air force may not be able to compete dollar for dollar with a lot of jobs, but pretending any money above $100k salary and tricare is unnecessary is asinine and insulting.
  9. What if the European continent spent > 2% of GDP on defense and therefore presented a credible deterrent? Are What Ifs open?
  10. How early is too early for an active duty non-rated officer to apply for a guard UPT board? Asking for a friend who currently has 18 months ADSC remaining.
  11. Just 15 more days to flatten the curve... right??
  12. Actually, many factually inaccurate statements are in fact protected under the first amendment.
  13. You regularly invert your sleep schedule within 14 hours of reporting to fly? Not sure how that doesn't increase risk.
  14. Proof that to many of the Bobs ORM is just another way to spell CYA. Of course the only risk they buy is losing the next promotion.
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