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    [slides chips across the felt] All of it on the little Jewish country.
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    Bake a cake for a same sex couple.
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    Nah, it’s totally Congress’ fault that I spend 40 hours a week on OPRs, awards, decs, making trackers, making trackers to track the trackers, making slides, staff meetings, responding to every single made-up tasker invented by some level of leadership, CBTs, SAPR training, commanders calls, FOD walks to make Mx troops feel validated, planning parties, attending parties, planning retirement and promotion ceremonies, forced attendance at awards ceremonies, mandatory PT sessions, forced mentorship sessions all tailored at building the next Chief of Staff which nobody wants to be, getting non-vol’d to watch other dudes dicks as they piss into cups, sitting Sup, sitting SOF, and any other 60-90 completely valid tasks. Oh , plus the 15 hours a week that I actually devote to flying related stuff. It’s kind of like a hobby of mine. But this is all due to Congress and funding. Nobody would think that any of this crap is self-induced. I trust my overlords to fix the problem they created, and cannot identify.
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    The Problem Statement on Slide 1, which supposedly drives the entire discussion, is fundamentally flawed. They're not even addressing the right problems. To say that the "aircrew ecosystem" has been damaged by unstable funding and will be improved by "stable and predictable funding" and "advanced technologies" shows a complete lack of acknowledgment of the real problem.
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    God damn it. Fucking do it.
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    You can't hide shit. The risk reward equation is untenable. You'll get caught. The judge will spank you badly. Be as reasonable and compromising as possible. If you can work through the details without the need to be right, if you can let her dump on you a little bit if that's what helps her get past things, then set aside your ego and let her. My ex and I wrote up the details of our divorce on a legal pad one afternoon at my house before the kids got off the bus. There were a couple of little things where I felt like I could of done better, but there is no amount of money in the world worth the aggravation. I know still have a friendly relationship with her and the kids have done better for it. Whatever gains I might have eked out would have been totally eaten by attorney fees. My kids never hearing anything bad about their mother come out of my lips? Priceless. Money? You'll make more.
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    Save some of that tongue lashing for self reflection. Pass a fucking budget.
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    26 years and I would NOT do it again, but "MY" thoughts probably deserve an explanation. Did I have a blast flying, yes. Did I have incredible life experiences, yes. Did I serve with incredible people, yes. Did I leave the organization hating what it was and what it did to me, yes. There are truly some sick horrendous people in the senior ranks and it sickens me to see them in leadership positions where they have done real and lasting injury to families and careers. That being said, those people exist in all walks of life and for most the rewards of flying offset the negative. I passed on Med School to go to UPT and there will always be a part of me that wonders how a walk down that life path would have turned out. That being said, there is one thing I would not change and that is the relationships with the brothers and sisters I flew with. I continue to mentor many of them to this day...but in all honesty, late at night with a glass of brown liquor and the perspective of age, I sometimes wonder if it was all a waste. In the end I would recommend you follow your heart. Don't live in fear of the experience of others, make your own path so you are not sitting on your porch one day wondering what could have been.
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    Fine. I'll fix this thread while you nerds talk about hotel pens.
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    Welcome to Baseops, random guy who just happens to use his second post to defend AETC.
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    Gen Goldfien, You’re doing a great job. You understand what’s important and have the most combat street cred of any CSAF in the last 20 years. That said, if you let combat capability worth $Billions walk out the door to save $300m annually in bonus money, you’ll destroy our Air Force. None of these slides talk about the cost of a $100k bonus (a pittance) vs the exponentially increased costs of continual experienced pilot backfill production. The bottom line - if you don’t pay us more, you will continue to spend $Billions to solve the airlines’ pilot production problems. You’re making them money. Most of us see staying in the Air Force as the equivalent of paying $Millions in opportunity costs to continue serving. It’s hard to look at the wife and kids and tell them that we’re forgoing all that money and QOL to keep going on adventures. Army vets in Congress pushing back? Joint Staff complaining? They don’t understand the problem. Tell it like it is. Sincerely, A 2x MWS IP
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    You should just go in-res. Be that guy that shows up day one, pretends like SOS is gay, and tells everyone you’re just there to have a good time, but secretly tries really really hard in a passive aggressive way to get DG.
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    I bet 90% of those parked in the desert would start right back up. You’d just need to have someone there to bounce on the wing a couple of times during engine start.
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    Imagine your friend watched an unreliable weather report and was convinced that the weather over the weekend would be bad. Instead he wakes on Saturday to clear skies and 80F. You tell him to join you for some fun outside but he refuses to even consider it and doesn’t even look out his window. Instead he stays inside, tells everyone on social media how bad the weather is and complains about how it is only getting worse and the weather is probably really bad in the next town over. When friends say “look outside, it’s gorgeous” he tells them they are idiots and he knows more about weather than they do, they must be watching the wrong weather channel and they are not empathetic to the suffering of the people affected by the weather. Finally he looks outside and sees neighbors returning from boating on a sunny day realizing it was nice...but is upset.....he doesn’t own a boat as nice as theirs and what about the people who don’t own a boat at all? How could they enjoy a sunny day? This is how I feel around my Democrat friends post 2016 election.
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    It also might not work on Huggy’s tablet.
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    The AF gutted itself, it isn't any fault or cause of the airlines.
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    He was a flight engineer and was 38 at the time, his idea was to delay as long as possible, "She is a smoker and I will out last that bitch"...Savage.
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    I’ve heard that in the Airlines the printers are already mapped at each computer......unheard of in the mil.
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    Is "ecosystem" the new "synergy"? YGBSM USAF Problem statement as written by career execs: "The Air Force's damaged aircrew ecosystem must be healed through stable and predictable funding along with incorpartion of advanced technologies to enable long-term systemic recovery required to FLY, FIGHT & WIN!" If it were written by Pilots: "Increase our budget so we can pay our pilots more and improve technology that will make our pilots' lives easier; both initiatives will increase our combat capability".
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    false. the air force has been very successfully producing pilots...for a long time. production is not a "significant part of the problem". that type of thinking IS the problem. if a water pipe in my house breaks i don't call the water company and tell them they need to pump more water to my house. "you're not producing enough water!" it's ridiculous when you think of it that way. someone needs to stand up with some cojones and say "no we cannot fix this with production. production is not the problem. and we will make unintended problems trying to increase production on 50 year old aircraft or cutting syllabus sorties." but that's not built into how we think in the military. every problem is "solvable".
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    USAF may be screwed, but damn do they make some good-looking powerpoint decks!
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    This Onion headline seems similar to the the current situation in Syria.
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    Well, anything else the airlines can do for you? Maybe instant upgrade to captain when you get back from mil leave too? Geez dude, I hope you don't come to my airline. This type of thinking is what has caused tons of problems for the rest of us. I'm currently on probation at my #1 choice airline and am glad I did things the way I did. I was offered an AGR flying job and the unit told me they'd work with me on the timing so I could get my seniority number first etc. I just didn't feel right about it so I took a much less desirable TR job and am so happy I did. While airline flying is much easier than mil flying, in my opinion, there is still a lot of new stuff to learn. During training I actually worked pretty hard and saw a couple of other mil dudes stumble pretty hard because they took it for granted. I've learned a ton on the line too. I don't think it's wise to leave right after training to come back to the airline environment years later that you probably aren't used to in order to face more jeopardy again. They're not going to cut you any slack either. I was tempted to take that AGR job and was tempted to go on orders recently too but I was advised by multiple bros to focus on the new job and get through probation first. I'm not a cool aid drinker for my airline but they deserve my focus and effort during probation. To get hired with the plan to go on orders a month or two later just because "you're not ready to stop flying full time in the military" is b.s. If that's how you feel then you're not ready to go to the airlines. Like others have said, your plan might be legal, but it's straight up dishonest. I can't tell you how many times it's already been emphasized to me by my airline that mil leave needs to be on the up and up because of the massive abuses they've seen. It really sucks to be the new guy and to know you're under the microscope for anything you do when it comes to mil leave due to the people ahead of you who have messed it up. Don't be THAT guy!
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    Hotel pen...clearly a solid airline pilot.
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    The all-volunteer military has resulted in never-ending conflict. The price of war is low. The eternal trickle of military involvement feeds the military-industrial complex, which is chairman-ed by retired generals mostly who know best how to manipulate the machine into industrial profit. The country must devise some form of civic service. Otherwise we will continue to have elected leaders send our volunteer men and women to die in fights where the largest military force in the world has no business fighting.
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    If these guys bust daily rides/checkrides, the IPs are going to be blamed. They'll get 88/89 rides and the CC will push them through because he's going to be evaluated on his ability to max produce pilots and send them off to be someone else's problem. Being an IP for during next few years is going to be soul crushing. ALL the focus going forward will be quantity, not quality.
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    52 PCSM. Fucking great. Somebody send this shit to the HASC/SASC and let them know this is the AF’s plan because they refuse to spend a few pennies on bonuses. “We need a $69B white jet to train UPT studs with radars and datalinks. Also, the studs will be mildly retarded.”
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    Ditto. I don't know if this generation of AF "leaders" / other public officials (very last boomers / oldest Gen X'ers) desperately trying to seem cool realizes that Millenials can smell their cheesy lame attempts at "connection" a mile away. My oldest is amongst those oh so ironic sensing cohort and I may be naive but I have her respect by not attempting to be just like them, you know young kids, but I act like an adult, reasonably mature and not ham handily trying to emulate their idioms, mannerisms, humor or fads. Unsurprisingly, I am treated well by her and her friends because more than anything people respect honesty. This goes not just for AF leadership but other public officials: people (especially young people and those serving in a defined hierarchy) want to respect the person in charge more than they want to identify with them on a personal level. You can't respect someone that is not genuine and honest, you may not like someone but if they can have your respect and loyalty if they are honest, capable and moral. Give them reasons to respect you rather than reasons to like you.
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    I much preferred the days when Academy staff used macroaggressions to show cadets what worthless maggots they were enroute to earning a commission and respect.
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    Little Rock has some International Instructors in their LM school, right? Combined Loadmaster Initial Training?
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    SHACK. Leadership is simply unable to acknowledge the real cultural and leadership issues that are driving pilots to the door. It isn't a big mystery -- pilots are quite clear and vociferous about their reasons for leaving. Thus, there can only be a couple of reasons why leadership is failing to understand, internalize, and act on these reasons. My favorite theory is still the self-indoctrination, self-delusionary, fart-smelling, alternate reality theory that says leadership is so in denial that they are a key part of the cause (and a key part of the solution) that their worldview simply ignores these clear reasons and invents other alternate reasons out of thin air so it "logically" makes sense to them. Leadership can change their philosophy of leading and commanding. Leadership can change who they groom for promotion, who they promote, and for what reasons they promote. Leadership can re-institute a mission focus and shut down the death-by-papercuts side interests that dominate AF life. Leadership can stop the pandering and social experimentation to non-mission essential people, tasks, and ideas. We know there is a war on. We know you don't control what the National Command Authority tasks the USAF to do. We know there is suck and sacrifice in doing our duty. None of those things are why we have left or are intending to leave.
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    No sense in lying to him or buttering him up. In no way shape or form is he doing a great job. He’s a douche. He is part of the problem.
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    I'm sure it'll attract the best kind of Mil IP: former CC's who've been blacklisted from the majors by the former people they shit on during their career.
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    Meanwhile a spending plan has been approved that'll cost us a trillion dollars in new debt. But don't worry Republicans have announced a plan to pretend to be fiscally conservative again the moment a Democrat takes office.
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    I don’t care about the rank, I care about the pay. Make me a Capt to 20 for all I care, and let me just fly the line. But you better give me a fat bonus. Much more than the beans they’re currently offering.
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    Am I punching the second I am eligible? Yes. Do I have regrets? Fuck no.
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    Read it...whole lot of nothing outside the Ohr stuff. Unclassify the FISA warrant and get this over with. No bombshell as promised from the right, no huge threat to national security as promised from the left.
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    Running an influence campaign against the United States is not "hacking" an election. Hacking an election implies that the Russians somehow manipulated the vote count by accessing databases and/or voting machines and creating and/or deleting votes. Is that what you're claiming happened?
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    "The Air Force takes a balanced approach to maintain core capabilities and is committed to providing the competitive military compensation necessary to recruit and retain high quality and experienced Airmen..." Is this a satire document?
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    I'm always entertained by the inevitable APC post (or here, for that matter) opining, "why would the airlines hire a fighter dude who doesn't know anything about their business when instead they can hire someone who knows how to be part of a crew and use an FMS and fly into high-volume airports like the airlines do?!" Well, dude...why don't you ask the hiring folks at the airlines, who don't seem to see the same problem with it that you seem to think there is.
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    I don't know what all the whining is about. Almost 30 years so far of living like fvcking rock star. Make sure you go Hercs because it's hard to get a pallet of Makhong back from Thailand in anything else.
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