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    MX is asking for a pilot to go get it, otherwise it's an OPS CNX for the morning go.
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    You also have to be a pilot, so I think the liquor license is the least of your problems.
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    I bet the real reason is that Emirates' pilots "are not provided the opportunity for meaningful leader development."
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    Maybe it's just the times in which we live, but is anyone else bothered about the posting/airing of accident footage before the next of kin notification and initial investigation process can take place? Prayers and well wishes to the Buccaneers, their families, and anyone else who straps in and puts it on the line.
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    Hey folks, Big news today. The AF has officially adopted a new (more lenient) color vision policy that is more in line with the Army and Navy. Waivers are now available for ALL flying classes, including pilot applicants, as long as your CCT score is at least 55 with each eye on all cone types (i.e. red, green and blue letters). If you have recently been disqualified for color vision and you think you meet the waiver criteria, PM me and we'll see if we can get a waiver put in on your behalf. This will certainly be no problem for anyone recently DQ'd at Wright-Patt. If it was at a different location, there may be a little more legwork, but it should be do-able. If you are not sure whether you meet the waiver criteria, I'm happy to look into your physical and let you know.
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    What I hear is a focus on numbers, not quality. I think Goldfein was about to get there, but was cut off. All of us should be concerned about the quality of the fighting force. We're too small to sacrifice having the sharpest sword. Right now we are hemorrhaging all our experience due to retention. We can fix the production, but all those kids are going to have to relearn knowledge that resided in the experienced pilots who got forced out by QOL. Some of those kids will die needlessly. In fact, it's already happening (reference multiple crashes in SW Asia). I am a good IP. I want to stay and make a difference. I would happily sit in an FTU and teach if I didn't have the constant threat of a 365. I refuse to give the big blue the reigns and sign up for more if they refuse to respect the talent that they have. If the only thing keeping me in (in the face of that 365 threat) is money, I'm out. Simply. Remove the 1500/750 hour requirement, and I think you'll simply see more young pilots who only got one ops tour punch ASAP. Retention will only get worse. All the talk about the airlines and production being the root causes belies the fact that the USAF "leaders" have given up on keeping quality pilots because the solutions are too hard (from a staff perspective) to implement. That comes from a staff who has drawn the same conclusion. The system promotes it's own, and the men and women in those staffs got there by self promoting. In short, they are not a part of the pool of individuals fearful of 365's and family hardship because they have already placed career above everything else...that's how they got where they are. So clearly it's the airline's fault, because that's a metric they can measure and fix WAY easier vs telling CENTCOM to sod off about having a 365 Chief of Wing Exercises. They're taking the easiest road instead of fixing the root cause: Senior leadership from O-6 and above are disconnected from the line executors of the main mission of the USAF. P.S. Go to any airline hiring site and dig in, you'll find that they have hundreds if not thousands of QUALIFIED candidates that are not getting called or are being rejected at the interview because the airlines cannot afford to sacrifice on quality. I don't see that changing, even if the 1500 hour rule gets rescinded, especially as the USAF continues to produce quality pilots for them. Congrats USAF, you want to make the crowd in Delta's waiting room bigger by adding younger civilian dudes. Well done. USAF experienced pilots will still often jump ahead. High quality experience counts.
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    Fuck off already.
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    Should they really punish her? As a public affairs troop, she literally led her shop to produce the most widely shared and talked about social media engagement campaign in PA history.
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    Huggy. I've spent the last 7.5 years deliberating and waiting for life to slow down so I can build my RV-7. I waited so long that eventually the -14 was introduced and I was quickly sold on it. When my profit sharing check showed up a couple of months ago, my wife told me to buy the dam tail kit already (she's a keeper!); guess she got tired of my constant yapping about it. I went to the Vans factory last month as well and got the full tour and RV-14A flight. Having flown in -6, -7, -8, and now the -14, I have a decent ability to compare them. Of course, I am now building the -14 so I am a little biased. The best way to think about the -14 is "2 seat RV-10 capable of gentlemans aero, and builds more like a -12." It is by far the best to sit in for room/comfort and has great visibility with the lowered longerons (-8 would be close). It's very light and nimble but also very well balanced. The -10 airfoil used was a great choice (just shorter span) for cross country or IFR. Also, the usable load is insane. You can almost always take full fuel and load- literally two hop across the country if you can sit for that long. Usable load for aero is great as well, especially compared to -6/-4. It's a hot rod like any RV. The throaty -390 lifts the -14 off the ground as fast as you can gently apply full power. I swear within seconds of leveling off at 2500 we were already doing 150+. My plan is to fly with Mrs. Wonderful Wifey all over the country and then beyond. She would absolutely appreciate the difference between the -7 and -14A. I also want to be able to introduce people to basic aero (loops, rolls, Cuban-8's, etc). If you're thinking about the -14 you will not be disappointed. The quality of the kit components and instructions are incredible. My hold up will be waiting for money as opposed to time. As my project gets underway, you're more than welcome to come visit. I'm up the road in Truckee. Cheers! (Pic of -14 and -14A)
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    It's idiotic, over-the-top thinking like this that leads to someone getting fired for making a video for their kids. The audience it reaches should have ZERO bearing on the punishment.
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    Like Jesus said, “Let he who has not engaged in a hot ménage with 2 enlisted babes cast the first stone.”
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    Just read this article that articulates my feelings pretty well - there are a lot of legitimate issues veterans and service members should be upset about. This re-enlistment isn't one of them.
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    This sums up my point perfectly as only the fine scholars at Duffle Blog can. The whole article is f-ing savage! https://www.duffelblog.com/2018/04/colonel-gave-reenlistment-oath-dinosaur-puppet-forced-retire-rank-jeffrey-sinclair/ “In my estimation, allowing your subordinate to reenlist with a sock puppet is approximately half as bad as forcing your subordinate to perform oral sex and then threatening to kill her,” said Haston, as he attempted to wipe a mustard stain off of his uniform. “We aim to promote good leadership, which is exemplified by actions such as destroying morale within your organization by levying draconian punishments for minor infractions for the sake of political expediency, kowtowing to the whims of social media vigilantes suffering from Outraged Veteran Syndrome, and maintaining a body fat percentage under 45%.” Duffle Blog, while also hoping this will blow over soon so we can get back to quietly killing bad guys without making headline news...
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    I am going to retire in 2 years. I told leadership I am not doing ACSC because my parents and old lady are more important. My parents won't be on this earth forever and after 17 years of service, I owe them for my success. My next duty title will be far above my peers: Wing FGO Snacko Supreme. I feel like I get to walk away from the AF on top. A friend of mine was picked up for ACSC in residence and he walked out the door to a flying job with UPS. Talking about a serious mic drop....
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    Over 6,900 hours in the C-130. Nice.
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    Wilt Chamberlain right? The dude who played for the Lakers and Harlem Globetrotters? This was when he signed his contract and told the world how good he would be.
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    O-4s: “we are leaving at the end of our commitment.” AF Leadership: “Say no more, let’s ask the Navy Lt why AF O-4s are leaving” Seems about right to me.
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    Alright Buckley Hopeful/Hopeful/Business is gone. I appreciate those of you who contacted me. I will do my best to keep up with this, but I rarely view this part of the forum. Just let me know if something needs cleaning up.
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    I had a crew chief run out last week to taxi us wearing one of those inflatable dinasour costumes, myself and the crew about lost it, it was hilarious, good for morale, I was deeply sadden about .69 seconds after I saw him and the second thought in my head was “my god, please don’t let anything bad happen happen on this flight and the tapes get pulled” with this puppet incident in the back of my head. The AF has done a fine job of making us to afraid to have fun.
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    Nope, the standards are extremely high across the board. Flying any military aircraft is a privilege and honor reserved for only the most qualified (and Duck too I suppose). I’m afraid the “hopeful” kid has a lot of self improvement to do in order to be considered.
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    As much money as that looks like, it’s way less than training their replacements.
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    Why? Why is it different? Because it's "cooler"? Because you approve of it? It wasn't appropriate, but this is not a career-ending offense. Especially in an Air Force where a chief who drives drunk and kills someone is allowed to retire as a chief, and where a senior officer guilty of massive sexual misconduct and abuse of power was given the same punishment - retire as a Lt Col. The implication is clear - wrong-doing is only punished if it might cause awkward questions for senior leadership.
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    FWIW the 118th OG is a flying unit all day every day and twice on Sundays Negative ghostrider. 16 years of service and a PA/customs & courtesies fuck-up means you should be shown the door? Crashing airplanes negligently, getting others injured/killed, losing your weapon, etc. will all get you stars on your shoulder from what I've seen (no shit), but something like this means you get the boot no questions asked? I agree with pawnman above - this is an ass-chewing punishment, not a lose-your-retirement punishment. I know the internet outrage machine is turned up to 11 and it's a nice neat narrative that, "Haha, look at those POGs in the ANG with their fucking sock puppets!" and I cringed and face-palmed too, especially because this was right down the street from where our guys are sitting and taking the fight to the enemy, but zoom out a little bit and realize we've all made mistakes that would probably severely embarrass the Air Force. Luckily for most of us there weren't any cameras around.