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      This forum is designed for the purchase and sale of items for and by MILITARY members.

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      Looking for a pilot slot? Post your "what are my chances?" questions here: AFOQT, BAT, PCSM, ANG and AFRES Slots, *waivers* + more - please include your test scores, GPA, etc...

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      Questions about Pilot selection? Undergraduate Pilot Training - How to prepare, how to get a pilot slot. Please post your questions about your specific scores in the "what are my chances" forum.

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      A new forum designed for all of your questions! Have a stupid question? Get answers here. Also, NO PENALTY for asking something that's been asked in other threads. If you're a grey-beard, please try to help out by posting a synopsis version of the answer and a link to the thread you remember from 7 years ago.

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      ALO career field information. Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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      CSO career field information. Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.

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      RPA career field information (also known as Remotely Piloted Vehicle, Unmanned Aerial System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Post information, questions, gouge; value-added posts ONLY, others will be deleted.


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    • In a spot of good news, the new aid bill for Ukraine (amongst others) was signed; hopefully they get the new weapons/supplies rolling forward quickly. Biden signs $95 billion aid package with assistance for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan. Calls for TikTok ban or sale | AP News
    • That is how I feel about it. This forum could probably be a 20+ year record of my constantly shifting beliefs. What I posted back in 2002 with regard to how I felt about my career, US foreign policy, conflict was definitely much different than it is now. I've become less pragmatic and more of an idealist. I have a lot of scribbled notes on my desk, but one reads Wisdom and Knowledge, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, Transcendence. The six character traits of strength and virtue. I believe I suck at all of those things compared to where I think I should be. There are a lot of people I admire that exemplify those traits, but some of them actually worked and debated for years, often bitterly,  to create a framework for an entire nation based on those traits. Maybe seeing it dismantled is what raises my ire. Maybe I have a disdain for people who are willfully ignorant that we in the US don't get to stay awesome without addressing the greater threats to our way of life. Russia hasn't tried to abridge my freedom of speech by working with media outlets to push one narrative while censoring others. Russia hasn't shown up to American's homes to inquire about their social media posts. Russia hasn't lately tried to curtail my right to bear arms. Russia doesn't have a legal policy allowing for warrantless searches and monitoring of American citizens. Russia didn't try to coerce me into taking a dangerous experimental vaccine. Russia didn't threaten my job if I didn't Russia didn't weaponize the US Justice system. Russia didn't devalue my savings. Russia didn't charge me more than twice the average American income in taxes. Russia didn't send our earnings to foreign governments and defense corporations. Russia didn't indebt my grandchildren with insane spending. Russia isn't simultaneously funding the expansion of multiple large-scale conflicts that threatens to involve people I care about. Russia didn't try to get me to comply with zero-emission climate change goals. Russia didn't intentionally create an immigration crisis. I could go on for days about what Russia didn't do, but I could easily summarize their share of the direct threat being posed to my way of life right now, where I sit: 1%. So hearing someone bitch about an unspecified bit of false information the Russian government may slipped into an obscure podcast could be making me a tad irritable. I should be better. 😄
    • Are what ifs open? What if...we had the ability to edit a post to add additional BS. Instead of making 3 back to back posts of BS 🤔
    • I think that just says more about you and how you approach the conversation. That's not to say that you don't get some fairly absurdist abuse thrown your way, but if you haven't been able to hone and adapt your positions based on the information and data on this forum, then you're on a team. I'll be honest, I respect that you continue to engage, and about 75% of the time you do it in a respectful manner (I consider that a very high percentage for internet conversation. I don't think I meet that standard). But I have found your arguments to be fairly cookie cutter, cheerleader type DNC stuff. Rarely compelling, and I am not even remotely a die-hard conservative. I think a part of that might be that since you are a political minority here, you are usually on the defensive and that makes it very hard to concede any ground to the other side. It's not a unique phenomenon. And yes, I absolutely believe there are people here who fit that description but from the conservative side. Pretty much anyone who defends Donald Trump's character probably falls into that category.   You could just be a true believer, but it is rare to find someone on either side who so neatly fits into the political party positions.   I only bring this up because I get the sense from gearhog that he is legitimately interested in honing his own beliefs and incorporating as much new data into them as possible. Even though I do not agree with a lot of his conclusions. That's the value I get from this board as well. I get the sense that you believe your positions are already perfected. At least that's how you communicate them. In that case, yeah you are definitely wasting your time.
    • Preach, brother!
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