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  1. Add the II MEF Information Group to my informal list of official DoD PA Twitter accounts overreacting. https://meaww.com/us-marine-corps-under-fire-for-saying-they-messed-up-after-pregnant-remark-to-tucker-carlso If I had seen the DoD IO enterprise act in a similarly coordinated effort against Iran shenanigans when they were planting mines and boarding vessels in the AG, or firing drones/cruise missiles against allies in the the area, I might not have such a large soapbox right now. This was a constant source of agitation with CENTCOM leadership at the highest levels. I try to k
  2. I just noticed that I've apparently broken through the "Fuck" barrier! WINNING!
  3. Let me say this first: I support diversity & inclusion. Some of the best officers and commanders I know aren't white males. Pick a race & sex combination and I've served with them. Personally, I'm also an advocate for girls in Boy Scouts of America and had all three of my daughters in BSA programs for the last decade...nothing against Girl Scouts, I just like the BSA programs (Boy Scouts, Venture Crews, Explorers) better. Now...I think both sides have missed the point. POTUS was at the ceremony for the 2x women 4-Star Combatant Commander. Of course his speechwriter, like all speec
  4. Whoa...holy shit dude...a NSFL warning. Death on a battlefield is one thing...that was something else entirely.
  5. And from what I've heard, as soon as they announced they were looking into NAFs, everyone knew the game was rigged.
  6. Well, the PACER CRAG article for KC-135s in the late 90's said almost the same thing. We'll see if they mean actually re-trained through UPT as pilots or more of a long-term billet shuffle. I'm betting there will be less re-training than you think.
  7. This and what @MCO said about getting little out of it...I'd actually take it one step further and completely revamp PME and form a partnership with a 3rd party university (brick-and-morter school or online). Have some core classes to learn AF history/strategy planning applications, but the rest would be a list of elective classes under several umbrella topics...leadership, counseling, strategic writing, etc. The idea is to make the experience beneficial to the USAF and the Airman, vs the forced hazing and stat padding for the chosen few. Oh, and if forced to keep in-residence PME...
  8. If I were king for a day, I'd cancel all in-res PME and move to a purely online/correspondence system. The cost-benefit analysis supports that decision from a pure financial one (no more PCS, TDY, travel costs) and a manpower one (uh, Pilot Shortage anyone?), as well as break the strangle hold of the self-licking ice cream cone that are the "selects" and "DGs". I think COVID lockdowns are exposing the paradigms society at large have been stuck in and we need to re-evaluate what fits in a new "internet of things" reality. Unfortunately, I think it's self-licking that get
  9. Maybe my own bias got me. When I see "deployment" and "CT" in the same sentence, I immediately assume the sandbox. I'll add a caveat that the AF fights the JS on CENTCOM deployments...sometime successfully, sometime not. Why are they fighting going to the desert, so they can go to Europe and Asia. I guess the things change, the more they stay the same.
  10. You'd be surprised about how much HAF/ACC actually pushes back against the Joint Staff...but we all have a boss, even at that level. JOINT is spelled ARMY so we're fighting a cultural battle in some regards.
  11. Do nurses also take the Hippocratic oath? "Do no harm" is an overly simple summary of the oath, but the post in question seems at odds with the professional standards. What may have been at first well intentioned is giving people delusions of grandeur.
  12. It's the watered-down JP-8 they're selling...surprised the engines can achieve ignition
  13. Here's the Stripes article on it: https://www.stripes.com/news/us/stop-movement-orders-for-troops-civilians-to-extend-past-may-11-esper-says-1.626069 Money quotes: "However, the defense secretary said travel restrictions and other measures implemented to mitigate the virus’ impacts would be reviewed every 15 days. That will allow him “to see if we can curtail it sooner or if we need to extend it further,” he said." “June seems to be about where we’re going to level, and then July and August look to be — potentially — recovery months,” Goldfein said April 6. “I could be tot
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