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  1. The retirement multiplier is the reason I stayed away as someone not interested in the airlines. The 4.4 bump and lack of tricare elegibility were the cherry on top. They really need to fix that mess of a program. Tons of people on less physically damaging jobs have better federal multipliers, and don't have to worry about meeting medical fitness on part A (TR portion). I was very thankful to have got a line into the AGR (title 10) lifeboat, and be able to move on from the duldrums of the Lost Decade, start a family and thrive. Agreed on the grooming value for airline aspiring young guys. Best paying " gig " job out there. I went the troughing route, but that worked out better for me as it kept me up to speed on active retirement points until jumping on the full time train.
  2. Neither actually. Herbies, afsoc and helo bound will never fly the T-7. For the maf types (the plurality of AF pilot accessions) its T6 wings and straight to airline training (sim based initial qualification). There's plans for some half baked crm centric t1 sim only as a precursor to their heavy FTU. Beyond that, it's gonna be a significant bifurcation of qualitative training difference between the IBF product (aka navy strike pipeline, for our 11F/B), and everybody else.
  3. Of course it's just a renumbering. The 99th won't be a T-1 squadron when that happens. One thing (T-1 crews follow-on) doesn't have anything to do with the other (99th standing up as a T-7 squadron with T-38 and CAF IP initial cadre). Yes, the 99th was selected specifically for the tuskegee airmen motif the airplane was named for in the first place. That too has been known since the beginning.
  4. Now now, don't forget the AIM too, which is now referenced quite a bit in there.
  5. can't help but be reminded of one our local area grifters 😄
  6. Now Admiral makarov frigate alleged to be hit too. Ukranian countersea upping up the street cred and re writing doctrine books for everybody else as we speak lol. Anybody know the 5 day forecast for crimea? Would hate for that ACME cloud pop up "storm" to sink another otherwise "perfectly intact" russian flagship lol. *Scurries to the backyard for another rain dance session*
  7. I'm sure 'tea time' at the Putin household is a nervous time for the tasters lol. "Would you like some polon--*cough* sugar with your coffee this morning, sire? " 😄
  8. That's the risk you run vacationing in Thailand. oh but for the grace of god go I.... 😄
  9. Well, that's two big expensive pieces of hardware now sitting in the bottom of the black sea, for Putin's little 72 hour field trip he had planned. When keepin' it real...goes wrong. *Gleefully whistles Randy Dandy Oh! under breath* 😆 Slava Ukraini.
  10. If confirmed, then scratch one ruskie corvette. The Ukrainians' asymmetric prowess on display. That's no onesie twosie tank loss now, that's a big toy vladimir just got summarily das boot'd. 😄
  11. All I know is, if that powerplant starts ionizing the night sky i can tell you this entire back and forth about sun tzu batata, 'venn diagram thy enemy' podcast fodder is gonna become moot right ricky tick, especially if the winds blow from the east. Ironically, the last time a Ukrainian powerplant ionized the night sky, it was belarus (nee SSR) that took it between the uprights the hardest That caesium-137 boy, is like a scorned baby mama...that -ish lingers on forever, she doesn't let go.
  12. *organ crescendos* Aaaah-Aaaaah-aaahhh-Ahhhhh-mmmmmen. Slava Ukraini.
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