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  1. yup yup. Should make for plenty o' TMAAT story fodder for that mAinLiNe interview lol.
  2. cartel front, def a cartel front.... /s (maybe)
  3. The article lists the accident aircraft as a PA-28R-300. That is a niche low-volume one-off export-licensed military trainer called the Pillán. (PA-32 fuselage based, tandem seating trainer, much in the same way as the T-34 was based on the BE-33/35 Bonanza airframe). So likely a typo. They probably meant PA-32R-300, aka Piper Lance. Retract version of the cherokee Six. Condolences to the family.
  4. yeah buddy. It's a shame single pilot jobs don't pay squat. "I rather have the extra gas" *slam click* 😄
  5. Indeed, and frankly it's not a particularly complicated case to make, in spite of how quickly people dismiss it just because it bends too "cynical" for their purity-test-centering sensitivities to grapple with. I won't repeat myself on that account, for the sake of brevity.
  6. Update on the the Scheller self-immolation. His allocutions pretty much cover the fly-bys.
  7. Well, if they don't get a handle on their rollin' coal membership online, they're gonna get 2017 Spirit'd right between the uprights faster than they can spell RLA. The self-immolating over on APC is priceless. So far SWAPA has had to publicly deny their inference more times than Peter denied Jesús, and it's only Monday. Best laid schemes of mice and men.... 🤣
  8. Fwiw, AFRC AvB is paid out on anniversary dates (arrears). Cant speak for the active duty, though i can say fiscal 21 offering on active duty was laughable, especially compared to the terms on the AFRC side.
  9. Its not so much about the money from where i see it. The point of a rehire as an airline newb isnt on the pay offset on the military side; it's in the value of cajoling your junior airline schedule via mildrop, something a full stop mil retiree no longer has available. Anecdotally at least on my corner of AFRC, the process to onboard a retire-rehire applicant was running in excess of 18 months. For most doing it for the mil drop cape, that timeline makes it a moot point as long as their airline is hiring people below them. For folks stuck during a period of stopped musical chairs at the airline, it might be worth the wait i suppose. Most of the guys in the position of getting an active retirement in my squadron are just moving on at 20, citing the pita of current timeline and requirements to onboard thru the program as not really worth it to them, plus they all have 5 year seniority numbers anyways so the schedule flexing at the airline isnt an issue anymore. Cant speak for how much of a dumspter fire your unit of interest may or may not be wrt CSS backshop and their batting avg wrt hiring qweep.
  10. Warden ain't getting ya parole on piddly 1mil smooth. This guy reminds me of Fresh Fish from Shawshank, fancying himself special.... We know buddy, we know... 😄
  11. Most underrated comment so far. You've said a mouthful my friend. I think they're still taking out the Social security freeze from my LES from the last bait and switch during POTUS 45. You know it's a f**kjob when the govt forbids you from NOT taking the extra cash. LOL
  12. yeah don't get me started on our healthcare system (red button topic in my household). To wit, the inability to retain capacity surplus in this Country due to that abhorrent just-in-time supply model applied to for-profit healthcare delivery, is one of our epic national embarrassments (military adventurism is the other one, but I digress on that). My RN wife has healthcare friends all over the region and out of state, and the anecdotes on the group chat are appalling. Even in our current location, the transfers gridlock kerfuffle is absolutely in your face, and it really underscores the second tier effects to non-covid admittances. But it comes down to the profit motivations. We can't scale surplus capacity to save our lives. Automotive supply chain economics applied to healthcare is not a bug, it's a feature as you point out. That's how you end up with layoffs in the non-covid floors, and an Afghan Defense Force amateur level of inability to address a shortage in staffing/ICU/ECMO capacity. May the odds be forever in our favor. And as to those who believe in the canard that we're NOT having people die in America in triage, wake the f up. We've been doing that for a while. And people still talk about govt death panels like it's some sort of libertarian p@wn? LOL yeak ok, 6 of mine, your half a dozen.....
  13. Post TFI, yes. A lot more common than it should be, but nobody is putting that genie back in the bottle. That ship sailed in 2010. Non TFI Guard units are probably the last remaining bastion of discretion on that front, and those days are numbered too, imo.
  14. My sincere apologies, I wasn't trying to convey personal emotional investment, I'm just emphatic for effect when i talk/type. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
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