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  1. Looks like a B-2 redux, which is to say, that thing looks DFFM [dee'-fem] (e.g. doesn't f*ckin fly much). T-38a non-PMP TOLD in RCA in the summer is skkkkkkketch. 😄
  2. I sympathize with the sentiment, it must be difficult to hear public scrutiny of people one is close to. That is why, and I include myself in it as someone who chooses to opine publicly about it, one must take everything written in social media with a grain of salt, and attempt to separate objective criticism from the personal chaff. Easier said than done of course. I can tell you my in-person exchanges with folks close to CAF down here in TX have been cordial, even if disagreements have arisen. As such, I give much lower stock to the reflexive vitriol online, I don't think it's representative of how people are IRL, fwiw. Cheers.
  3. Yes to the naked nepotism angle. Nah to the neophyte argument; he wasn't that new. But that matters not (to me). His decision to audible that horrendously boneheaded in-trail, lanes shackle without defined vertical stacks, that was terrible, and fateful. As is the allegation by the NTSB that the brief had no vertical stacking between formation tracks. The fact nobody involved called KIO, especially mustang lead, is frustrating to me. I have a theory of the case, but it deals with organizational culture and perverse incentives. Topics which I've mostly debated with folks offline and in person who share ramp space and mx providers at some of the airfields and chapters in question (C and S TX in my personal interactions, since I'm based down here). The thin-blue line reactions online just quickly grow toxic and vitriolic. One invariably offends some people too close to the proverbial vest by merely daring to debate the merits of the organization. It's very much a "my family's got a bunch of shitheads; I'm allowed to say that, you're not " type of ingroup/outgroup thing. *yawn* At any rate, imho it was the decision to audible that nonsense which was more causal than contributory to the collision. The individual execution error on the part of Hutain I find much less interesting. That's just my opinion. Neither I nor the white knights, are the FAA. Which will be the ultimate authority on whether CAF keeps their revenue lanes open and accessible, and by extension the 501c3 salaried shtick going. To say nothing of the insurance angle which I've already spoken of previously. So we'll just have to see what comes of it. I just wanted to clarify I don't particularly find Hutain's execution error a salient takeaway in this whole thing, nor the most impactful aspect of this accident, counterintuitive as it may be for some.
  4. Was that before or after the T-1 divestment got frozen by congresscritter X at the 11th hour? If the quoted is true, it sure doesn't look like it has been communicated to AFRC. We got a pretty big footprint on that enterprise; I'd think we would have been sending folks shopping for new units due to divestment already (T-38 ADAIR for example, and those guys had a lot more lead time). That's gonna be interesting for our group. We'll probably capture a few to T-6 re-cat, but there's a lot of folks who'll probably try to retire or go desk/IMA/cat-E, especially over going back to a grey heavy with the usual TDY impositions. Interesting times indeed.
  5. Well, they're not playing very nice right now with their oil antics and the Russian shenanigans of 2022, so we're back to rubbing elbows with the Venezuelans. A good thing too from where I sit. A transactional alliance I prefer 6 days of the week and twice on Sunday. Of course, as a Caribbean Rim native, they're brothers from another mother, so I note my bias. Having to partake in flight training the Saudis has been the hardest Faustian bargain within my indentured service, fortunately I was never faced with an invol oconus duty involving those fuckos, forcing me to show my cards. *knocks on wood*
  6. A 20 year UFT RSC (Guard/Res)? Sure, I can see that preserving accessions traction. A 20 yr UFT ADSC? No chance that'd gain any traction.
  7. I was referring to base pay inflation parity, when referencing the last two FY NDAAs. But sure, add AvB inflation adjustment to the wish in one hand shit on the other collection plate while we're at it. --brk brk-- Said it a dozen times but I'll say it again. The USAF can and will always play run the clock offense. Certainly much better than the airlines ever could. I mean what are we going on, 209 pages and almost two decades of this thread? No bonus improvement of consequence. If you need another decade to figure out where you stand vis a vis the AF offense playbook....
  8. Frankly I find the failure of two FY NDAAs in a row to address inflation parity, a bigger source of retention woes than the bonus offering, going forward.
  9. Big optical illusion. Wreckage was closer to hitting traffic on the freeway, than aircraft on the runway. In fairness, that too is a good thing in that it didn't do the former either btw. Otherwise it truly would be good night irene for the volunteer-dependent experimental carve out warbird flying outfits. I'd put money on that, knowing what does and doesn't make the FAA pick up their one-hammer-all-nails, petty functionary asses from up their banker's hour GS-13 desks. Some folks on the inside baseball side of this dumpster fire of a hobby, fear the plan that has been mulled for decades, i.e that of imposing de facto part 135 impositions on these experimental-ETP letter outfits, may finally materialize as a result of this mess. Which as I've already pointed out, would be exit right for everybody involved, as volunteer-dependent organizations with little in the way of insurance self-sufficiency otherwise. In non-airline land, insurance rules the roost, not the FAA.
  10. Flying B-17s were already on legal palliative care due to insurance unavailability. Even this being the fault of the cobra pilot, it might put the final nail in the coffin of a lot of these larger experimental-exhibition-carve out relics. Just like Kobe and the 737 max, when it comes to insurance for GA, we all get to wear diapers when one shits their pants. The second debris landed on a public high-throughput freeway, that's when I knew this wasn't going to be just another seasonal black eye for the sector. This one might be worse in the aggregate than the Collings one, mainly due to the crash footprint, time will tell.
  11. OP username checks. Slapped down like one too.
  12. About time, that claptrap's been a jobs program damn near since Gorbachev screwed the pooch by letting the cat out of the bag with glasnost anyways. I'd have rather had an RWR upfront, and take the extra gas with the weight savings of not one, but 2 less Nosa fvckos onboard. No dog in the fight any longer thankfully, so I digress.
  13. given a bunch of 'em russian fuckos got mad radiation poisoning/ARS at Chernobyl months back by digging up/kicking up the hell out of the Red Forest, my guess is they'll do just as well with their little false flag operation. The world would stand to gain by finding a bullet to the head of that KGB megalomaniac and his authoritarian swan song. slava ukraini.
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