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  1. I separated a month after declining continuation.
  2. The true nightmare scenario is a Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil situation where we get several mistrials (presumably followed by riots each time).
  3. This is the correct answer. I was the investigating officer for a CDI for something MUCH less of a big deal than this and it took me about 3 weeks to get the investigating training, do the investigating, transcribe the interviews, write up the report, submit it to legal for review, wait for that review, then finally turn it in. Whoever gets the report is going to want time to review and make a decision. If this case did a CDI, they'd have about 10 times as many witnesses as I interviewed. Assuming the higher-ups wanted to wait for a report, especially if there are conflicting reports of what was said, this timeline seems within normal bounds.
  4. I've been through this. Here is my experience from 2016. First the Air Force will offer you continuation (usually to 20) or not. If they don't offer, you will receive involuntary separation pay (assuming you did not write a "do not promote me" letter to the promotion board). If they do offer continuation, you can accept or not accept. If you accept continuation, you just continue to serve in the Air Force. All of your relevant ADSCs still apply, but there isn't any new ADSC for accepting continuation. If you do not accept, you have a few months to get out of the Air Force (6 IIRC). Be aware that this counts as an involuntary separation, but you won't get involuntary separation pay. The distinction matters because Big Blue processes involuntary separations for officers MUCH faster than voluntary separations. A voluntary separation has to work its way through all the wickets to the approval authority who is the SECAF. An involuntary separation is approved by literally some SSgt at AFPC. I was able to get out in just over a month.
  5. Anecodotally, I have friends who have difficulty finding rental cars for TDYs. That might be an indicator that cars/parts are in short supply.
  6. I would take any major party candidate from any election that I can remember over any of the three candidates we've had to pick from the last two cycles. For reference, I'm old enough to remember Dukakis in the tank.
  7. Well, that's enough internet for today.
  8. The quality of reddit varies immensely by subreddit. I dislike the site as a whole, but some corners of it are fantastic.
  9. I started at almost 28. I was in pretty good shape and that helped. UPT will wear you down physically due to the long hours. It's harder to recover as you get older, so show up as fit as you can manage and then do your best to maintain.
  10. I got the J&J vaccine in March as well. I felt fine the day of the shot, then crappy the next two days. I'd describe it as like a normal flu shot, but twice as bad.
  11. I can't speak for retirements, but when I separated after being twice passed over for Major, I was able to separate in one month. The local MPF said that was the minimum, but didn't provide any source document. That worked for me, so I didn't ask any follow-up questions. If you're separating via declining continuation, this counts as an involuntary separation (just without the extra pay), so your separation is processed via a different route. The approval authority for voluntary officer separations is the SECAF, for involuntary officer separations it's some random Staff Sergeant at AFPC. If you're trying to get out fast and you're told to apply for separation via Virtual MPF, you're heading down the wrong road. That's what happened to me and it delayed my approval for separation. I had TAPS and my separation physical complete beforehand, the rest of outprocessing the Air Force took about a day and a half other than my final out. Total time from being approved for separation to finishing my final out was approximately 69 hours. The only drawback to my fast outprocessing was I left the base without a copy of my medical records, which they mailed to me a couple of weeks later on a CD.
  12. I will second the recommendation for Google Fi. It's pricey, but works everywhere I've been internationally.
  13. Continuation will be offered or not offered following you getting passed over the second time. When you hold that continuation letter, you are now in possession of a Get Out Of Jail Free card. You are 100% free to decline continuation. I had two+ years left on UPT ADSC and it wasn't a factor. I also had some ADSC for transferring some of my GI Bill to my now exwife and that wasn't a factor either. If someone is telling you that you are "required to accept continuation" they don't know what they are talking about. Please see the two files below for what I got in 2016. Continuation Fact Sheet.pdf
  14. When I was passed over for Major, I got my continuation offer letter from the CC the day after being notified. When he told me the day before the official release of the list, he already knew I'd be offered continuation but the paper work lagged a bit. YMMV.
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