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  1. I got the J&J vaccine in March as well. I felt fine the day of the shot, then crappy the next two days. I'd describe it as like a normal flu shot, but twice as bad.
  2. I can't speak for retirements, but when I separated after being twice passed over for Major, I was able to separate in one month. The local MPF said that was the minimum, but didn't provide any source document. That worked for me, so I didn't ask any follow-up questions. If you're separating via declining continuation, this counts as an involuntary separation (just without the extra pay), so your separation is processed via a different route. The approval authority for voluntary officer separations is the SECAF, for involuntary officer separations it's some random Staff Sergeant at AFPC.
  3. I will second the recommendation for Google Fi. It's pricey, but works everywhere I've been internationally.
  4. Continuation will be offered or not offered following you getting passed over the second time. When you hold that continuation letter, you are now in possession of a Get Out Of Jail Free card. You are 100% free to decline continuation. I had two+ years left on UPT ADSC and it wasn't a factor. I also had some ADSC for transferring some of my GI Bill to my now exwife and that wasn't a factor either. If someone is telling you that you are "required to accept continuation" they don't know what they are talking about. Please see the two files below for what I got in 2016. Continuat
  5. When I was passed over for Major, I got my continuation offer letter from the CC the day after being notified. When he told me the day before the official release of the list, he already knew I'd be offered continuation but the paper work lagged a bit. YMMV.
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Office Space is the most accurate film about the Air Force ever made.
  7. If I had the money prior to joining the Air Force (I didn't), I would have spent it on getting an instrument rating. Much of what you're going to do in UPT is completely different from what you'd do in civilian flying. What doesn't change ... an ILS approach is an ILS approach. Knowing the concepts before starting UPT would be a big help IMO. We had a guy who was a CFII and he cruised right through the instrument phase (and everything else). I cannot even comprehend showing up to UPT with literally no flight time. Just my two cents as a guy who showed up to UPT with a PPL.
  8. I flew MQ-9s and killed people. I saw an entire spectrum of reactions. Some people handle it without issue, some people break down crying in the debrief, some people go home and drink too much, one dude passed out when it was time to shoot. You never know what you're going to get from someone until it happens. The people who approached the task of killing as just another job to excel at seemed to have the least problems. That's the approach I took and would recommend. It is not a job for the squeamish. I saw heads and limbs blown off, injured dudes flopping around trailing their guts be
  9. I'd recommend buying an AFOQT study guide or 2, then taking the AFOQT. It won't cost you much, and an hour of study per night for a week or two should be more than enough prep time. The practice tests in the study guides will be a great help to you.
  10. I can't speak for the fighter or F-35 specific stuff, but if go-arounds were a bean, people would have to log them. That might diminish the reluctance of folks to go around in a borderline situation, since they'd have the face-saving option of rehacking currency.
  11. The major party POTUS candidates have been especially bad the last two elections. I'm a third party guy, but I'd take any of the major party candidates from the previous 3 decades over Trump, Hillary or Biden.
  12. We had a guy in my class hook all four checkrides in the T-6 and still graduate. You can do this. I struggled as well and just chairflew everything with the cockpit printout in front of me (radio calls, where I was turning, what my visual reference was, what pitch and power settings, what switches I was flipping, etc.). If you have to think in flight, you're going to struggle. Practice the basics until you can do them from muscle memory. That's what worked for me. If you're in UPT, then you're talented enough to graduate. You can do this. Don't quit.
  13. As yet another divorced pilot chiming in on this thread: DO.NOT.GET.MARRIED. I've literally never met a man who regretted staying single.
  14. They probably have the same name as the one poor IPZ person with a DP who didn't get promoted. Luck is a skill.
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