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  1. shack....sadly -Helicopter Pilot
  2. 2 PR is a primarily a time-based problem
  3. From that article, I think the goal is just to update current NVD capes with it. Not tracking any update for PR iron (exception being the HH-60W). However, if we're talking off-the-wall airlift solutions, I submit the Murphy Moose. Basically a 75% scaled Dehavilland Beaver. Floats, skis, or boats....it doesn't matter. If it fits in the cabin or even strapped between the floats, it will still fly (probably). https://www.murphyair.com/detail/moose.html
  4. This. Gone are the days of your typical 2000-2500 hr seeing-eye dog line IP in the squadron. Can't speak for the pointy nose dudes, but I know in other parts of the CAF (specifically helos) folks are upgrading to instructor with ~500 hrs. Even a 1000 hr pilot is hard to find and considered super experienced. As others have eluded too, this decay in experience has a multitude of secondary effects and is exposed by certain outcomes.
  5. Yep, ~2 or 3 in PIT right now. Quoted for truth.
  6. What exactly is your question?... it seems like you’re already attempting to answer your own original question.
  7. Dreaming here.... My vote for a companion trainer would be a tail dragger (ideally a Husky). Certified Day/night VFR/IFR. Airmanship-wise - anybody with any TW time on here can tell you the importance of using your feet for BAC! Still able to enter into your nearest Class B on IFR clearance and on VFR RTB hit a few grass strips to practice STOL. Again, dreaming here...
  8. Absolutely correct. Also, from my understanding, the FWF course at Vance has long since been shut down for RW bubbas. Anyone have data on that?
  9. Yeah, neither do I. Sarcasm here. I can't imagine how cutting a pilot syllabus by 115 hrs (~56%) will make someone better.
  10. Correct. The goal of this program is to make a better pilot though.
  11. UPT-H (Fort Rucker) has a current SGTO executing an ~88 hr syllabus (students have no prior IFT or T-6 time) that was reduced from a little over 100 hrs. The goal in the reduction was to make a better helicopter pilot. https://www.airforcemag.com/helicopter-pilot-training-experiment-skips-fixed-wing-courses/
  12. That does not negate the fact that we have had a heinous May-July '20. We have a trend now. The item in question now is defining the threshold of mishaps before *they* do something to tacitly address it ($/time).
  13. The sad part is that USAF management actually views that as truth data...reference our ACP, the gutting of UPT for helo drivers, the ops tempo, etc.
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