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  1. In addition to the IBU function, two features exist that help de-conflict the signals. First it implements a pseudorandom hopping pattern to prevent interference when you are within close proximity to other test subjects. Second, as the anti-bodies grow your body will emit a stronger signal which can saturate the spectrum. To mitigate this a Kalman Filter is used to enhance location accuracy. However as more people receive the chips, the frequency range will become over subscribed and data capacity will be reduced. Curious to see how they resolve this once it becomes an issue.
  2. M&IE for you and dependents. You don’t get lodging as BAH/OHA is intended to cover this. Some purchases can be itemized for reimbursement however I don’t know the specifics. I recently filed an inconvenience claim, but a coordinator from the moving company assisted me with the claim along the way. Your local TMO office should be able to tell you who your moving coordinator is. I have a POC if Lift Forwarders is your mover.
  3. They also both float on blue surfaces...so practically indistinguishable. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
  4. You can count on one hand the number of blue suiter TDL SMEs in the MAF, and they aren't at HQ.
  5. Gnarly boom nozzle scrape forward of the receptacle after disconnect, but the flight control surfaces of the boom are well forward and high of the receiver's canopy.
  6. I am not a personnelist, but this is how I understand it, and have seen it. The PTDY rule in your attached image only applies if you take your 10 days of "house hunting" leave before you final-out your loosing PDS. Example: You are stationed at Ramstein, you have orders to Langly, you choose to use your 10 days of "house hunting" leave before you pack-up and move to Langly, your current CC at Ramstein approves your PTDY to go house hunting, you leave the local area of Ramstein to take your 10 days, you return to Ramestein and sign back in with your current unit... Now, if don't exercise the option above, once you final-out your loosing PDS you begin your authorized travel days on your orders. You arrive to your new unit, sign-in, and the CSS or CC clears you off for your 10 days house hunting leave. Because you have signed in to your new PDS and you are no longer leaving the local area to conduct your house hunting there is no action required in LeaveWeb, and the rule you reference no longer applies Addressing your statement, "Anything wrong with moving OS to CONUS where I show up at my base living in TLF, take my 10 days PTDY (already approved by my losing cc) then BEFORE signing in, I take 2 weeks leave, sign in after which is still well before my RNLT?" Kind of a grey area where its probably best to get a sanity check with the gaining unit. If you are trying to leave the local area of your new PDS while using the 10 days of house hunting than your plan is probably not Kosher. If anything, count the two weeks of normal leave you want to use in-between signing-out and signing-in PDSs. Then formally sign-in and begin your 10 days.
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/Watchexchange/ https://forums.watchuseek.com/f29/ (requires forum activity) Ultimately posting in either site (among others) will get you on the following site... https://www.watchrecon.com
  8. Used it for years. Cash back > travel rewards IMO. Costco Visa is best cash back for gas and restaurants.
  9. They do this similarly on the E side as well. A 30 year SSgt is a master at blocking the BS.
  10. The Canadian Armed Forces have a common, gender and age neutral fitness evaluation. I've tried it, and believe it captures an appropriate intent. Not sure how it's received across their population though. https://www.cafconnection.ca/National/Programs-Services/For-Military-Personnel/Military-Fitness/FORCE-Program/FORCE-Evaluation.aspx
  11. I have zero experience with these guys, but Tandy Leather out of Ft Worth might have resources for you.
  12. COCOM it is... https://www.defense.gov/explore/story/Article/1717200/pence-space-command-will-integrate-military-space-capabilities/
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