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    I was at a non-standard assignment last year when the CC asked for award nominees. Neither myself nor any of my peers supervised anyone. A few lower performing individuals submitted themselves. For a fraction of a second I considered submitting myself, but I just couldn’t do it. I also thought that there was no way the Commander would pick those guys over someone else with great performance who wasn’t self-promoting. He had a lot of options that weren’t those guys or even me. (note this was not a 1206 award process). All those folks who submitted themselves got picked. Pawnman might be on to something. What’s more frustrating than having to submit yourself for an award? Seeing those other guys win when you spent all year outworking and outperforming them. At least give it to the guy who outworked and outperformed me! Can’t imagine how irritated he is. What’s more frustrating than that? Never knowing which Commander you work for... the “people-person” one who takes the “1206” directly from the “customer” to the “engineer” or the one who penalizes you for submitting yourself. If only there were clear guidance on this... You hear that Bobs?!
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    I didn’t play the game for 12 years time to start playing. It doesn’t mean I think I deserve an award over the next guy, but i’m not leaving promotion to O5 to whether or not I have quarterly awards
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    Generally BPZ w/DP select rates hover between 25-33%. Have DGs? Been a DO (for BPZ to LtCol)? WIC? School in-res? SAASS? Been an Exec/ADC for a three star or higher? OTY Award wins at Wing or AF level? Does your PRF have a strat in the bottom line? Is it signed by a GO? — chances trend higher with those markers. (FWIW I recently saw the PRF of the CJCS’s Exec for BPZ to Col... had a DP from the Chairman and didn’t get picked up early - so it’s not ALL about recent performance or who signed your report - the record has to be there and consistent - but it helps) If not, then have a realistic expectation for your DP and we will see you IPZ. Chuck
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    Unless something has changed, NGB directed that all pilots be hired a GS13. The memo is somewhere here on Baseops.
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    FWIW, an FGO submitting themselves for OTQ/OTY awards would be a mark against them on any rack & stack I’m involved in. I understand the logic, and I think it’s good to keep a list of things you’ve done in case your boss asks for some bullets. However, what mission relevant task aren’t you doing while you spend time writing a 1206 for yourself? Which of your people aren’t you putting in for awards while you craft one on yourself? I understand that our shitty system makes self-promotion attractive, but it’s a foul and I actively discourage it. You want to get attention? Submit 4 x 1206s on other people every quarter for a year. Do one on someone you don’t supervise but notice doing an awesome job. Invest your time building other folks up. That will get you noticed positively. This isn’t a spear at Pawnman or anyone else. I get it. Just offering you some outside feedback on unintended consequences.
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    Looks like Danerys took a page out of the ‘Curtis Lemay’s method of attacking a city’ playbook.
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    He was asked a question, and he answered it. As someone who has been around for a while, I didn't see a problem with his response.
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    Well guys, thanks for the support. I used to view this forum as a place to get the kind of honest feedback and insight that senior leadership refuses to give you in person. But I guess we're down to mocking anyone who wants to get promoted and/or stay in the Air Force one day past their ADSC. And we wonder why so few good people become senior leaders. I submit that part of the reason is that we heap scorn on anyone who wants to be senior leaders, so the "good dudes" feel like that can't remain good dudes and play the promotion game. Sorry for responding to a direct question with a direct answer. Good luck to those who want to get promoted, and good luck to those who want out as soon as possible. I don't understand why any of you continue to encourage people to join on the other parts of the forum.
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    Hoss, It is also to prevent “conflict of interest”. The approval process was fair and simple, and supported by ALPA. I have no problem with it.
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    Like I said, I'll be happy to generate 1206s for others when I have anyone in my category that is in my shop/squadron. In my IG job, I'm the only major and the only other FGO is my Lt Col boss, who actively encourages all of us to submit a 1206 for every category we can compete in - FGO, SNCO, NCO, and civilian. If and when I move back to a squadron with multiple O-4s in it, and with CGOs that I can actually help by writing 1206s for, I will.
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    Down voted for 777 maintenance.
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    AFRC and ANG often do things differently despite having very similar force structures. ANG has been hiring all pilots as GS-13's (again) for quite some time now and supplementing with bonuses. Who knows if this will change given the new payscales, but I know quite a few younger pilots hired doing pretty well for themselves while they build airline time.
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    ANGI 36-2001 Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    While the policy is for no concurrent duty, that is going to be changed (per the military liaison/manager). Implementation is pending the outcome of said USERRA lawsuit, which has more to do with a few pilots covering their asses for gaming the system than anything Delta has done IMHO. My understanding is that policy was put in place many years ago and was meant to prohibit concurrent flying duty specifically, back in the day when ARC pilots just flew airplanes. I know several CC types who routinely go to their ANG bases on 30hr layovers to do admin and the company doesn’t go after them (aka enforce the current policy). Having said that, Delta was definitely putting the squeeze on military members in the 2014-2016 time frame. The manager and CPO guys doing it have been removed. My experience with the new guys has been as good as possible.
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    I used to put myself in for awards every quarter. Mainly because those are what gives you record fodder and they also allow you to stand out against your peers when you are all doing similar jobs. FGO awards at my Wing are given to the people the Wing wants to push for big opportunities, especially the FGOY award. I could actually call out who was going to win the FGOY in our Wing based on where they stood in relation to a school and promo push.
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    I’d say your odds are pretty decent for 1 below. Ours went up blank with a “P” if leadership didn’t feel we had a chance, so if yours went up filled out and with a “DP” you’re not wrong in being “cautiously optimistic”. Plus, unless there’s a big shake-up (regime change, UIF, etc) before your IPZ package is submitted, you should still get a solid push in the zone as well.
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    Tactical Void, I submitted a letter to the company requesting approval to work theee additional jobs on the side. None involve me flying. It was approved.
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    It is cost prohibitive to upgrade 2B jets, so they’re stuck at that s/w. We badly need 5th gen aggressors. This is actually a great 2-birds-with-one-stone play. No raptors were made perma-NMC by Michael. We need every raptor we can get doing the combat or training mission.
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    Finally this thread got worth reading. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    This forum is good for some things. Horrible place to get career advice tho.
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    All this shit tossing is bullshit. I posted my PRF earlier in this thread complete with a bunch of awards in it with a P. I’m certainly not an HPO or anything other than someone who got a P. I submitted 1206s on myself for awards when I felt competitive so flame all you want on me. I standby what Pawn was saying... the rest of yourselves can go get ed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was in one of the last UPT classes with the white helmets 86-87.. Part of UPT tradition was we designed a class patch, and also a class Helmet design. Nobody flew with a plain white helmet.
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    Thought it would be fun to add the 18X URT cost just as a comparison. Kinda shows where the RPA guys stand in the food chain.
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    Can always cross-train to supreme allied AOC commander... or whatever that new AFSC is.
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    What you're saying would absolutely make sense if I were in a squadron, with other FGOs under me or in my shop. I'm not... I'm competing against guys like the chief of flight safety, JAG, DS if he wants to submit... Plus, I think this is a reason why rated officers don't get promoted at the same rate as non-rated officers... We actively discourage one another from getting recognition for good work. Execs solicit award nominations, and 90% of the flyers actively avoid writing a 1206 unless ordered to.
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    Exhibit A why good dudes are leaving in droves and why the system is horribly broken. The only winning move is to not play. And spot on to Tacairlifter’s post. And I appreciate the neg reps it lowered me to “777”...keep that lucky number boys!!!
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