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  1. I agreed with some of the points in his first video...but he seems to be steaming full-speed into Crazytown with each new post.
  2. The guy's mental state is clearly deteriorating...I just hope it doesn't end in a suicide. Or a murder/suicide.
  3. Scheller's meltdown continues...he's now trying to find a JAG to help him charge general officers under the UCMJ. He does know that a Lt Col does not have that kind of authority...right? https://imgur.com/a/gw9JQ7i
  4. Modern formulations sold on shelves were not produced in the 60s. Those formulas have been tweaked and tinkered with, including the use of the HEK-293 cell line. Pepsi also made use of this cell line. BTW, if you got the MMR vaccine... the rubella vaccine was developed using cells from a human embryo aborted in the 1960s - a different cell line than HEK-293.
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VuouMqMkDrg57QEHd94nqYLGck8wFKdH/view?fbclid=IwAR1Vm7FonfF500oXe0zLZfnz8bHLB2JAwhlfLmcnDd9eqHBar0v-HOMgPtQ USAF guidance on Covid vaccines. Couple of things stuck out: 1. Your 16+ years of service may not be enough to keep you in until retirement if you refuse the vaccines 2. An established separation or retirement date doesn't exempt you from needing the vaccine 3. There will be no involuntary separation pay if you are separated for refusing the vaccine 4. Refusing the vaccine doesn't automatically get you out of your ADSC 5. If you took the bonus or are still on the hook for TA or other educational benefits, and you get kicked out, the Air Force will likely come after you for the "unearned" portion of the bonus and/or recoup the cost of the educational benefits. 6. The memo does not definitively state the characterization of a discharge for vaccine refusal, leaving that to individual commanders. Edit: related, from a terrible screen grab: You CAN be ordered to take the Pfizer vaccine. No holding out for a label change to Comirnaty.
  6. Chang was annoying, but at least he was coherent.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate your faith in my leadership abilities.
  8. Prohibiting after-tax contributions in workplace plans... so no more Roth TSP?
  9. I'm hoping they get out. I've got a batch of solid cadets...cutting some officers who can't do basic statistics makes room for cadets who are motivated, vaccinated, and desperately want to be Air Force Lts.
  10. No, just a dirty nav. Everyone knows that navs are only navy because we're too retarded to be pilots.
  11. So Bashi's public health advice is just spit into each other's mouths until everyone gets covid, everyone who dies is an acceptable loss? Pretty arrogant. But maybe it's that single-seat mentality. Fuck anyone who isn't you...you got yours, your own risk, everyone else just shouldn't be old and fat, it's their own fault. Brilliant.
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/12/health/us-coronavirus-sunday/index.html Or maybe it's exactly human intervention that's preventing some states from being overwhelmed. Nah...I'm sure it's seasonal. 600k people killed each year is a small price to pay for you to puff out your chest about "much freedoms".
  13. Almost like different states, regions, and cities are being affected differently...
  14. So... do you feel the same level of angst about, say, fluoride in the tap water?
  15. I didn't get a text message from SECDEF...any of you get a text message?
  16. So we're telling people not to make one health choice based on others not making different health choices? Getting the vaccine is 15 minutes out of your day. Losing a hundred pounds will take someone months.
  17. Because it doesn't matter what percentage isn't in the ICU. What matters is that ICU capacity has been overrun. There's no more room for cancer patients, car accident victims, someone who had a stroke, someone recovering from heart surgery...because people decided that they weren't going to take a vaccine that over a billion other people have already taken for ideological reasons, not for rational or medical reasons.
  18. She had applied for a religious exemption. Chain of command denied it and booted her in about a week.
  19. They've already kicked one person from the USMC for not getting the vaccine. As for the anti-abortion thing...hope you're not drinking Pepsi, consuming any Nestle products, and I hope you refused the MMR shot...all were tested using a fetal cell line called HEK-293, cultured from a fetus aborted way back in the 1970s.
  20. You can try...but the accommodation for your religion may be a pat on the back and a DD-214.
  21. In 2018-19, about 35,000,000 people in the US got the flu. 35,000 died. The DoD mandates a vaccine for a virus with a .1% death rate. Death isn't everything. Immobilization is just as significant of a factor. Agreed. So...are you now saying you support Covid vaccinations?
  22. Why 10 years? Is that based on any data, or just a gut feeling?
  23. I'm curious, then. What is your cutoff point for making a vaccine mandatory. You're clearly all for mandatory polio vaccines, because "polio is worse than Covid". OK...how about measles? TB? Rubella? Where is your line in the sand where you say "it's OK to mandate these vaccines for kids going to school, it's not OK to mandate these other vaccines for adults in the military"? Bonus points if, in all your number-crunching, you want to propose a public health solution that the CDC and FDA haven't already pushed.
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