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  1. Hilarious. Your QAnon bros give you that one? I'm starting to think you're a poser who never actually served. I sure hope no one this ignorant actually flew for the Air Force.
  2. Where do you think the cartels are getting the drugs?
  3. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave right now.
  4. Is it because you're an angry drunk?
  5. I'm not. But it seems to say something about you that you think that would be an insult.
  6. As much as it takes to utterly destroy Russia. This is easily the most effective and efficient military spending we've ever done. We've set Russia back decades, for less than the 10% of the DoD budget.
  7. Surely the Russians are just about done hurling their conscripts at Ukraine to "deplete their weapons" and in spring the "real military" will come out...right?
  8. Clearly you don't get banned here enough. Or do you just save up all your posts for the small window between timeouts?
  9. Maybe he means they need to work on that. They need to increase the number of women who are men.
  10. It would be pretty easy for them. This is the party that called Larry Elder the "black face of white supremacy" while supporting one of the most privileged white dudes in California for governor.
  11. I'm sure they'll all be treated the same way.
  12. You really add absolutely nothing to any conversation you engage in, eh?
  13. I wish every MAJCOM commander were as focused as Mini.
  14. If you distrust everything reported so much, I don't know why you even think there is a conflict in Ukraine right now. Pretty much all of NATO and a lot of countries not in NATO have had sanctions against Russia for almost a year.
  15. If you get all of Western Europe, you mean? And cut them out of SWIFT so they have no access to western banking systems? Yeah, that has an impact. So does seizing the mansions, condos, and yachts of the ruling elite in places like NYC and London.
  16. Gotta recruit where your target market is, I guess.
  17. I agree we should have a free press. Not one that the FBI and DOJ lean on to ensure the outcome of an election...
  18. I mean...I was against all those things. And we spent a fair amount in Afghanistan to fight the Russians for the same reasons we're now sending weapons to Ukraine. If anything, I'm disappointed it took this long to mount a response. We should have done sanctions and sent weapons when Russia took Crimea. And invaded Georgia.
  19. I should probably go through my deployment duffel bag...
  20. Don't know about NSPlayer, but I'm also very pro-immigration. But I don't think that means we just bus people in and dump them in a random city. We have visa processes for work visas and student visas. My step 1 would be to keep and expedite those processes while removing the caps. Anyone who wants to work or study in the US can, but you don't get a visa until you show you've got a job or you've been accepted by a university. Anyone who graduates from an American college, no matter what country they're from, no longer has to leave and re-apply for a work visa. Upon graduation, you get 1 year to find and keep a job. If you have a job a year after graduation, it's an automatic renewal of your visa. Keep a job in the US for three years or more, we offer you citizenship (as long as you pass the other requirements). I'd scrap the whole H1-B program. You wanna work, someone wants to hire you, come on in. No reason to limit it just to "specific technical knowledge". The part that would be real unpopular with Dems is that I would invest HUGE amounts of money into Customs and Border Patrol so that we can expedite these visas. There's no reason in a country with as much wealth as we have, with so many employers begging for workers, that people should be waiting over a year to immigrate legally. Make it quick, fast, and cheap, pretty soon you simplify your problems - the only people coming in illegally are the ones looking to do something illegal. Getting a visa should be much closer to getting a driver's license or a passport than the years-long process we currently have.
  21. Scarce resources, as in, less than 1% of the DoD budget? Cheapest and most effective military spending we've ever invested in.
  22. And, as people so often seem to forget, oil. Oil is a global market. Diminishing supplies in Europe drive up prices in the US, even if we're drilling for that oil here in the US. And higher prices on oil drive prices up on pretty much everything else, because it's all carried by trucks and planes.
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