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  1. You were literally just using "thousands of years of tradition" to justify your position. Now it's "modern tradition". How long does something need to be established to qualify as "tradition", in your view?
  2. "I got mine, fuck you all if I made it more difficult for you".
  3. Almost all of them recognize polygamy. Looking to enshrine that in federal law? Not that I'm opposed... consenting adults should be able to sign up for any legally binding agreements they want.
  4. Similar to "one of my best", "great officer", etc... The secret decoder ring says "middle of the pack, didn't commit any crimes but not good enough for a strat."
  5. Agreed. If that 80% ignored the other 20%, we wouldn't have any of this cancel culture BS. Companies go where the money is.
  6. Yeah, we should stick to biblical marriage between a man and a woman. Or a man and a dozen women. Or a man and the sex slaves he conquers at war. Or a man and his dead brother's wife. Or a man, his dozens of wives, and his concubines...
  7. Do you believe the tech industry represents the majority of millenials? Millenials who, keep in mind, are in their 40s, likely with kids? The tech industry isn't the majority of the economy. In 1980, the US median income was $21,020. Median home price was $47,200. Just over two year's salary would buy a home. Average cost of a 4-year degree for a student living on campus was about $9,500. In 2020, the US median income was $67,521. Median home price was $375,000. So now we're up to 7 years of work. Average cost of a 4-year degree at an in-state university is up to $101K for a student that lives on campus. Off-campus, closer to $40K. And many colleges are more expensive. You can wave around the high-earning tech jobs, but those are the vast minority of the employment landscape. The same jobs do not have the same earning power they used to. Hell, when I was making minimum wage back in the 90's, I could buy a car, go to the movies, buy clothes, etc. My daughter needed help buying a car, can barely afford to keep gas in it, and constantly has to make choices between going to the theater or getting fast food. And yet, we have senior leaders who can't recognize work-life balance, that working from home can be productive, or hell, even set up their own printers and monitors. OK...how many CEOs, VPs, or chairman positions are held by anyone under the age of 60? Damned few. I think we're in agreement about some of the causes of college tuition spiraling, but the fact remains that this entire generation was told, by boomers, all through their primary and high school education that they needed to go to college, all while the policies set by the same boomers placed college financially out of reach for them. Regardless of the reason, that is still a major issue facing younger generations. The millenials are the first generation to fare worse than their parents in terms of income growth, wealth accumulation, and quality of life.
  8. Inability to buy a home. Wages that have not kept pace with inflation. Working in an economy radically changed by technology, but led by senior leadership that doesn't understand that technology. Boomers refusing to retire and relinquish power...most of our elected leadership are boomers. An era where college costs have spiraled, but the value of that college education is declining.
  9. Nuclear power would have supplied a lot more if Germany hadn't closed a bunch of plants. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2022-01-25/what-the-u-s-can-learn-from-germany-s-nuclear-power-plant-shutdowns#:~:text=At the end of 2021,in the next few years.
  10. 1. It's not impossible to hire people. It's impossible to hire people at the current pay level. Offer more money, you'll get more applicants. 2. I'm curious what "forcing" airlines to hire more people looks like. Do they go door-to-door with a SWAT team and march people to the job interviews? How do you force the airlines to hire more people when there aren't enough applicants?
  11. I really love no longer getting a simple snapshot of my fund allocations. Instead it just says "100% stocks". Thanks, that's super helpful...
  12. You probably could have her little beach house on a contractor's salary when that movie came out. Just like you could buy a house with just dad working at the GM plant back in the 80s.
  13. The one thing cell phones didn't replace...
  14. Bingo. It just isn't that cosmic.
  15. So weird, because this seems like a great job for military pilots who separate or retire because of the BS but who love that type of flying. Sure, it's less than airline pay, but American won't let you do a split-s in their 737.
  16. Even when I got my AFROTC gig, there was very little about instructional theory or how adults learn. But we got to deliver a lesson from the AFROTC syllabus three times and get critiqued if you said "um" or "uh"...
  17. pawnman


    How much did it cost to get the level 2 charger installed?
  18. It was pretty rare in B-1 land. I was an evaluator for six years and never gave a Q-3, and in a year at OGV only saw a single Q-3 come through the office.
  19. Remember when super liberal hippie moms were the biggest drivers of the anti-vaxx movement?
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