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  1. If it's a scholarship program with money and/or career advancement attached... just identify as "gender fluid" and say "today I'm a man" during your meetings with the advisors.
  2. Doesn't this make the student loan forgiveness illegal? Since it was done under the cover of an "emergency order" to combat the pandemic?
  3. I wonder if they'll start securing the border when they realize how pro-life and anti-trans the Hispanic community tends to be
  4. I'm all for legal immigration. I'm not for a border so porous that everyone who wants into the US knows they should go to Mexico and cross from there.
  5. While I applaud your efforts to be debt-free and/or buy additional property...have you considered refinancing the SC place to turn the equity into cash? The rates aren't as good as they were, but the flipside is that a new home loan, paid by your renters, isn't taxable income. Rental income is.
  6. He was full of these gems as the WG/CV at Dyess. As one of my buddies used to say, "I wouldn't piss on that man if he were on fire".
  7. Can't afford all those F-35s AND the personnel budget. Guess which one brings in more money to congressional districts?
  8. Not to mention "homeless advocacy" seems to amount to "let them stay on the streets, putting them into shelters is harmful".
  9. This is another good reason not to shop at the commissary.
  10. So... why weren't we helping them prior to the invasion of Ukraine? It's just such a specious argument that this money would be spent on your number 1 issue if only it weren't diverted to something you disagree with.
  11. This should help retention during the strongest job market in decades. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2022/09/02/airmen-brace-for-special-duty-pay-cut-in-2023/?fbclid=IwAR2wIGPCTD6WJroaKeB3bD9Cnn_4dRWBcfMXPdmUlPA3QfiHxQaJHLVqLBY
  12. So your assertion is that if we just let Russia take over their neighbors... Missouri would have water?
  13. Someone who was hired on merit wouldn't struggle so much with incredibly predictable questions.
  14. Just a reminder that these people had parents who opposed LGBT curriculum that included graphic depictions of oral sex branded as "domestic terrorists" by the FBI. https://thenationaldesk.com/news/americas-news-now/doj-memo-which-compared-parents-to-terrorists-allegedly-requested-by-education-secretary-miguel-cardona-national-school-board-association-white-house-education-deparment-justice-marrick-garland-nsba-school-board-domestic-doj-doe
  15. This is the state that banned large sodas, so...
  16. Guns and bullets. If a fiat currency collapses the way you're talking about, people with guns and bullets will just take the gold from people who don't have guns and bullets.
  17. I don't think people are inherently bad, but I do think anyone narcissistic enough to think they should dictate rules to 330 million people is.
  18. As I already said... this is some of the cheapest and most effective military spending we've ever done. Taking out a near-peer adversary without a single American casualty is a win in my book.
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