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  1. They have a whole series of these. https://youtu.be/C4QFmBlpnNw
  2. I get he's vice chairman of the joint chiefs, but seems like CSAF would have been a better fit regardless of his place in the JCS pecking order.
  3. It wasn't even about their ability. They got paid whether they played or not; got health insurance through US Soccer, had guaranteed salaries and time off. The men had none of those and negotiated for a bigger percentage of earnings in return for having to pay more games, not having salary guarantees, and not having insurance. In fact, the women were offered the men's contract and rejected it.
  4. As to question two... about 63%. https://www.ussc.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/research-and-publications/research-publications/2019/20190124_Recidivism_Violence.pdf
  5. We're probably going to get less help from France this time around...
  6. Not a huge fan of Kinzinger, but I'm not sure the Afghanistan pullout is the flex Mike thinks it is.
  7. For your Christmas decorating needs.
  8. AFROTC is holding onto their rated board results pending some decision at HAF/A1. But ENJJPT is already really backed up (ROTC cadets are being told they'll wait a year to go active duty, then upwards of another year casual before they even start UPT). Word on the street is that we don't have the capacity to train the people already in the pipeline, so we're giving out fewer pilot slots. Which seems counter- productive when you have a pilot shortage... but I don't work in A1.
  9. The trans activists are much more active than the amputee activists. https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/07/9923894/jesse-hammons-maryland-hospital-transgender-hysterectomy-lawsuit
  10. Bingo. Likely would have been a lawsuit if the surgeon tried to decline the surgery.
  11. We had several awesome chiefs at Dyess that knew how to get shit done.
  12. Starts that way. But then you have to practice it before you do it in wartime. Then the practice becomes a currency. Then it just becomes standard operating procedure to make the pilot shortage seem less severe.
  13. Contributions came out of the Nov 1 paycheck as per usual. Get it updated and they'll come out on Dec 1st too.
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