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  1. Screaming "State's rights" isn't gonna get your stuff from the California ports to Texas. Putting a mask on might.
  2. I don't think thats quite true. Between the people who've already had COVID (knowingly/confirmed or not) and the people who have had at least one dose of the vaccine (70%+), most of the country should have enough antibodies to beat this thing. And how are the new infection numbers going?
  3. So your problem is with the masks, not the vaccines. Or...if everyone had gotten vaccinated, we wouldn't be wearing masks right now.
  4. You don't think we'd have had the same mandates under Trump? I do. Again...would you call influenza "species-threatening"? How about measles? Rubella? If "species-threatening" is your bar for vaccine mandates, then surely you're in the streets protesting against all the vaccines required before kids can attend schools, right? Here's another question for you - which vaccines have exhibited long-term harms that didn't show up short-term? Which vaccines at any time in our past had zero side effects for 10 years then suddenly manifested something a decade later? Do you have an issue with the fact that flu vaccines are reformulated every year, so we don't have ten years worth of data on each new one? Or is it sufficient for you that we have data on the component parts of the vaccines? What would you rate as an "efficient" vaccine?
  5. Bingo. I wonder if the same people would be protesting if Trump had been re-elected. Considering the vaccines were developed under Trump.
  6. So in 23 years of getting the shot, you only got the flu twice? Seems like an argument FOR the flu vaccine. But regardless of the motives for the flu shot...did you stand up and scream about bodily autonomy, pharmaceutical company profits, legality...or did you go get the flu shot? And if you think the flu shot isn't a military readiness issue... why were you willing to get that shot but not Covid?
  7. MARS was like a magic trick when I taught it to new guys at the FTU. You guys have been awesome. I've used the service to report emergencies, let leadership know a mission went well, and even make sure families were on the flight line for fini flights. You guys rock!
  8. I suspect it's just to keep people within the same chain of command while exemptions and/or separations are processed.
  9. So if I told you mRNA vaccines have been in development for 30 years...?
  10. Oh, I agree on the releasing documents. Preferably the day they come in. What's your logic on the 10 years...you can be retired by then and not forced to get the vaccine?
  11. https://institutions.newscientist.com/article/2294250-how-much-less-likely-are-you-to-spread-covid-19-if-youre-vaccinated/ Vaccines reduce the odds you transmit even the Delta variant by 63%, ASSUMING YOU HAVE IT. A 63% drop in transmission, combined with a risk of 1 in 5000 of even getting it in the first place, is what I would call a "huge" reduction. The Covid vaccines is more effective at preventing Covid than the flu vaccine is at preventing flu (flu vaccines hover in the 40-60% efficacy range). Guess we need to reclassify flu as "not a vaccine" since it's not 100% bullet-proof either. Seriously...what is the level of data you would need to change your mind? Because I'm starting to think that there isn't any. That no amount of scientific research, no number of papers, no mountain of statistics, is going to convince you. And y'all think I'm the one that's "lost my whole identity".
  12. 1. In a tiny portion of the population, yes. But your argument is like saying peanut butter isn't safe because some people have peanut allergies. 2. It does lower the odds of getting Covid. By a lot. It's not 100%, but no vaccine is. 3. If you don't catch Covid, you don't spread it. Lower probability of catching it means lower odds of spreading it. I wonder...do you put up the same fuss over the flu vaccines that are less effective, statistically, at preventing flu than the covid vaccine are at preventing covid?
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