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  1. My fear as well... it'll be sold as a replacement, then we'll end up with a national sales tax AND an income tax.
  2. Eh, 2-3 years may be plenty of time to get the PIC hours for an airline. Then when they try to give you a worse assignment, you bounce for the airlines.
  3. Now that Jenner is opposing Newsome for the governor of California...she's out of the LGBT club.
  4. Nothing prevents you from requesting it...it's just not going to get approved. Typically you can get 6 months approved and not much more. Guess we'll see if the manning is healthy enough to start approving people farther out.
  5. Which was a more local government than the federalized troops who ensured desegregation. After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the students. Not exactly a case of the locals fixing a problem.
  6. It wasn't lower levels of society that escorted those black girls to school in Arkansas...
  7. Fingers crossed, because Gaetz is a clown.
  8. SERE is about 3 weeks. It's not tailored for navs.
  9. Just lower the standards until you get enough pilots. https://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2021/04/27/the_air_force_is_about_to_lower_its_already_low_standards_774596.html
  10. Water survival is not SERE. Still done at Fairchild. The Navy has an altitude chamber at Pensacola, but it's been 15 years since I went through the training, so I don't know if the Air Force still uses the Navy one or if they send you somewhere else.
  11. She was fired from Dyess. The problem was found on an Ellsworth jet. So I doubt that was it.
  12. You are not required to accept continuation. Others on this board have used that fact after being passed over to get out of their pilot ADSCs. The GI Bill one may be more tricky...they can't force you to take continuation, but they may take back your transfer and not allow your dependents to use it.
  13. Maybe...but we don't generally relieve flying squadron commanders after a "pilot error" Class A mishap. There's gotta be more to the story than a single iPad ingested by an engine off-station.
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