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  1. How many ended up dead or hospitalized? Something like 99% of covid deaths and 97% of hospitalizations since Jan 1st are unvaccinated people. If everyone is vaccinated then sure, ypu might catch it...but the severity becomes so low that it doesn't really matter.
  2. And that's how you end up with everyone wearing a mask, because the anti-vaxx people are too selfish and dishonest to follow the guidance without enforcement. I'm looking forward to mandatory vaccination for the military. Then we can put a stop to these asinine policies.
  3. Too bad we can't trust the unvaccinated people to wear a mask without screaming "HIPAA" at everyone who asks.
  4. Amazing how many Trump supporters want to shit on what was probably his greatest achievement as a president. Operation Warp Speed is a triumph of modern scientific research and biomedical engineering, funded and supported by Trump...and it's mostly Trump supporters who won't take it because "I don't trust Fauci" and "I don't trust Biden". I wonder how many of those Trumpers would be vaccinated if Trump had been re-elected then tweeted non-stop about how awesome Warp Speed turned out to be and what a genius he was for finding the "cure to Covid".
  5. Makes it a lot harder to fail them out of Phase III. Turns It from a commander's decision and a handshake into an FEB.
  6. Last DoD memo I saw mandated mask wear if you were unvaccinated.
  7. Well, how about that... Ft Knox punishes unvaccinated troops caught without masks.
  8. I don't see any wings shuttering. If we didn't close any after kicking 25,000 people out in 2012-2013, we're not going to do it in 2023. Congress loves to save money in the military budget, but they hate the idea of losing the base in their district.
  9. I wonder if there's a recording of what he told just the officers.
  10. My guess is that the White Cell put the sorties on the schedule, then left it to the squadrons to fill. In all the exercises I planned in the IG, I never told commanders when to start the deployment line. I told them what time their first "deployed" sortie should be in the air and left them to back out the timeline.
  11. They fail the class and potentially get expelled for "racist behavior".
  12. I think it's laughable that anyone thinks Trump's positions are "hard right".
  13. Just like all the people who left during anthrax vaccines? Or all the people who left after DADT was repealed? People talk a big game about getting out...but anyone who gets out over the Covid vaccine already had one foot out the door. Not to mention, retention levels are at an all-time high and with the war in Afghanistan winding down, we'll probably be downsizing a bit anyway. Anyone who leaves is one less person that will be forced out via RIF.
  14. Certainly no one would lie about being vaccinated to, say, avoid wearing a mask, right?
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