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  1. I'm saying these documents can't be that important if they're willing to wait a year and a half to get them.
  2. And you don't think waiting 18 months and dropping the warrant 90 days prior to the midterms is political? I'm sticking with "but his documents" as the rallying cry.
  3. I'm not interested in signing any more ADSCs, no matter how much money they offer...but am I reading that first line correctly thar the top end monthly flight pay is increasing to $1500?
  4. So either charge Hillary now, or leave Trump alone. The way they're going about this give a very strong perception that the FBI is being weaponized against Biden's political enemies.
  5. Today in green energy... https://energynewsbeat.co/scotland-cut-down-14-million-trees-to-make-way-for-wind-turbines/
  6. Just saw Donk talk about this mission to the group of AFROTC cadets graduating Field Training this week. Pretty impressive stuff...he's lucky it was the start of the war...I could see this getting someone court martialed for the disregard for the ROE. Thank God he cared more about the guys on the ground than his own career.
  7. I'll believe it when I see the FBI and media start rolling up some democrats. I fully believe that Biden is weaponizing federal law enforcement against political opponents, same way Obama did with the IRS a decade ago. And it's real hard to take Dem leadership seriously when they talk about law and order after they used "but her emails" as a taunt for the last 6 years. Maybe Trump just needs to do the same thing. "But his documents!"
  8. There's a big difference between "capable CAS platform" and "best CAS platform". Sure, in a permissive environment, I'd prefer an A-10 overhead. But I'd take an F-35 over nothing. There aren't enough A-10s to provide CAS everywhere, all the time. The F-35 is good enough at it to step into the role when necessary.
  9. It's more the ability to recognize a pattern of behavior from the media and DOJ. Who knows, maybe this is the one time they're actually accurate. But the record of reporting makes me reluctant to accept the reporting at face value.
  10. That's why the FBI raided Hillary Clinton's house to take her email servers... I agree that Trump should be held accountable. But my faith in the agencies of the DOJ to act impartially is at an all-time low.
  11. I think it's far more common that these assholes are toxic way back as captains. It's rare that someone's entire personality changes when they are put in a position of power. Rather, they no longer have to hide the toxicity from they're peers/bosses.
  12. Been there with the B-1. Jets with and without Sniper pods. Jets with new and legacy radars. Jets with and without Link-16.
  13. What on earth makes you think Russia would stop at Ukraine? And do you really think other adversaries aren't watching our response and gauging what they can get away with?
  14. It's a real shame the CDC didn't take the opportunity presented by Covid to message that being morbidly obese is a huge risk factor.
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