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  1. I was just joking. Gov and media will just cry about it for a few weeks. Ain’t nothing gonna happen except Russia’s gonna get some new beachfront property.
  2. I hope you boys like Eastern Europe in the winter.
  3. bennynova


    What about all of the million dollar TV ads USAA puts on during college football season... you know, an ad saying, “we are only for the military, but thanks for letting us spend millions to tell everyone that”
  4. What’s different about it than what I quoted
  5. You have less than zero ability to read a thread that started out as stating it was a rumor, and then proceeded to say, “thoughts?”
  6. We should save our money for more important things. Like buying quarterly vaccines and giving pallets of cash to bad guys. We are where we are because our leadership is incompetent.
  7. Interesting how much cancer and myocarditis and miscarriages have risen in the military demographic. Which isn’t as obese as the rest of the USA.
  8. Yea. The best vaccine for covid is a dead virus, or having had covid. The mRNA stuff messes with your body’s ability to make a true antibody.
  9. We have different vaccines than most of the world. we also don’t let drs prescribe certain medicines that might help. Ivermectin, for one. these things might account for a 20x morality rate.
  10. Yes. People should do what they want. I think it causes rage in the current situation when it’s mandatory...yet it’s only really mandatory if everyone is a lemming and follows the rule blindly, with no common sense. it’s also frustrating to see society as a whole, so afraid because of the lies we are spewed
  11. Co soldering the only PLAT video made public is one with what seems to be a movie playing in the background and only includes the very tail end of the crash and the Carrier folks yelling to pull up.... yes, there’s still a chance. I’m open to both possibilities. Some of you like to just toe the gubment line and be told what to think.
  12. But less than the time they took to actually test the mRNA shots.
  13. In the 3rd post In the thread, I talk about being in the AF. So please don’t act like I was trying to pull some wool over your eyes. I even asked for thoughts on the rumor. the one thing I could have done better would have been putting quotes around it.
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