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  1. Saw a Religious Waiver denied today. It was for an Lt. It touted that they saw the beliefs were genuine, but couldn’t get past the readiness issue based on duties and rank.
  2. He only sounds like a quack because the media makes him out to be one....and all the sheep jump on board and shame him and his thoughts
  3. We are quickly headed towards a military that allows zero thinking. We are only allowed to be lemmings and blindly follow our “leaders”, no matter how flawed they are.
  4. All of this chatter about how bad Christianity is...is pretty sickening. No one who wants to avoid the vaccine is trying to push it to be abolished so that the others can have it. additionally, name something that Christianity is pushing on the world that is so bad? The biggest thing most of you will say is abortion termination. Watch out!! We want to avoid murder of helpless babies.
  5. Time will tell. Since you guys have already volunteered to be the experiment, I’ll be the control.
  6. Everyone’s getting covid. Even the vaccinated. So they’ll have both unknown long term risks to deal with.
  7. I didn’t know they were in the military demographic. Which I specifically stated. im fine with people getting it. Some people are higher risk Others just want to get it because it makes them feel safe Whatev That’s fine. But it’s not urgent enough of a problem for the military to mandate it.
  8. Sure. How about something that 99% effective (natural immunity or a vaccine). Against a threat that only effects the military demographic at less than 1%?? why do we need two 99% effective solutions,? we are trying to solve a 1% risk by throwing an unknown, but likely greater risk (long term and short term side effects) on top of it.
  9. False. Yes it’s possible to be done that way. But DOd influenza vaccines are not sourced from and do not leverage hek293
  10. Wearing a seatbelt and having a pillow taped to your stomach is also safer than wearing a seatbelt or taping a pillow alone. that doesn’t mean we need both... in this case, the pillow is getting the vaccine.
  11. The only one who’s side effects haven’t been able to be kept hidden by the media.
  12. I guess you need to re read it. I’m not going to keep reiterating facts. At least not this soon after I just posted it.
  13. What!! You mean they didnt have this properly vetted when they started allowing millions to take it “safely” and “without any data suggesting long term effects?”
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