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  1. So let me get this right. A product, actually the first 3 products I looked up, (Tylenol, ibuprofen, Motrin) were all developed and produced in 1960s and before. And hek93 came about in 1970s in some Netherlands lab? your meme/real life attempt to grasp at straws is garbage. If I take water and do a test on it using HEK293, does that really make water bad? I don’t think so. the vaccines were quick-footed by using hek293. They were done that way to be the first to market and to make money. The most money. Evil
  2. That’s correct to all. mmr is irrelevant. Is that what we get as an infant? I didn’t agree to it then. If we got it while in the AF, I was not aware of the way it was made (pre Internet days)
  3. Religious exemption is pretty straight forward regardless of your religion. The vaccines were all made leveraging abortion fetal cell lines. If you are against abortion, then this is an easy moral dilemma on supporting abortions by proxy. some may say, but it’s so far removed. Ok, Whatev. I’m not ready to benefit off the life an a murdered baby.
  4. What do you assume the “conspiracy” is? some people are willing to stand up for freedom. Some are not. Most of those standing up for freedom lean republican, so what. There are patriot Dems too. dems own the media and can propaganda their way to anything. That’s coming to an end eventually. The silent majority is more powerful than the current regime. They are awakening a sleeping giant IMO.
  5. Probably, yes. Or we can continue to do whatever is it that we are doing...every 4 to 6 months for the rest of our lives??
  6. No one knows. Because just like the vaccinations, the booster testing hasn’t finished (or started) yet either.
  7. That’s one way to look at it. If you are peddling the jab. the jab wears off. It’s meant to keep you on the Pfizer tit. Here immunity would be best had by everyone gaining natural immunity. But now, instead, we have vaccinated people running around with minimal symptoms but still able to spread the virus. Trojan horse!!
  8. Microchip me, daddy. my body is ready
  9. You will be considered unvaccinated in 3 months. So there’s always a chance again when you deny booster shot #1 through x....as this is never ending.
  10. If everyone is equally transmissible, then why single out unvaccinated people to take weekly tests? These people will actually KNOW when they are sick because they would have symptoms. The vaccinated are like walking Trojan horses...less symptoms but same transmission.
  11. If we are now in the 5 IPZ years to O5, then I don’t see how the 2 and out rule applies. I am sanctuaried for retirement now. And punching out first chance.
  12. great catch, and you are correct. I didn't have many strats at all as a Lt. and as a Jr. Capt. I DID have a lot of strats as a mid-grade Captain. As such, i was passed over for Major, and was a Capt for 4 years too long. During that time, i wasn't "allowed" to have any jobs that showed progression (as they took away from others having that opportunity). During that time i was an "Assistant Flt Commander" for an OPR and then an ADO with other Majors (but i didn't get the ADO name, i stayed an Assistant Flt/CC..... both rated on by a Capt! I also wasn't eligible for awards during that time, because i had no AF future. Seems as though they were right. I have no future. I've learned 2x lessons out of this. 1. We are ALL better than the AF and should not be defined by what the AF thinks of your promotion package. 2. It ONLY matters what you do as an Lt and young Captain. after that, its a self-licking ice cream cone in one direction or the other, and NOTHING you can do will change that momentum.
  13. If the notification period is 18-22 June, then in my experience, the LATER you are notified, the more likely you are to be a NO GO for promotion. Likewise, a phone call out of the blue vs a scheduled meeting. If you are scheduled a meeting, the more likely you are a NO GO. that being said, i am scheduled for a meeting on Tuesday! I also already know through back channels that I am a NON-promote Received a P on overall recommendation Bottom Line of 2-line PRF: “#2/3 I/APZ; #2/11 Majs--beyond ready for Lt Col; Def Promote (verbiage)” Last 7 OPRs: #1/8 CGOs, (Flt/CC) #1/4 USAF Majs, Deployed OSD SES; #6/26 Majs (Gp/CC) #24/144 Majs (Wg/CC) #7/153 Majs (Wg/CC) #1/2 Majs (Div/CC) #3/7 Majs (SES) #2/10 Majs (SES) --11x FOGQ and 2x FGOYs zero negative indicators ever (pt, DUI, anything) I'm not sure what they are looking for strat wise. even when they have changed all stratifications to exclude the 2nd and 3rd tier strats, i don't even have any of those; i thought i'd be "good to go".
  14. Yeah, hypersonic did what will be used to defeat A2AD. As long as we know where the epicenters are. cyber and shutting g down everything is the absolute KEY. Yet we knowingly sit here and let China infect the world with the Kung flu and did nothing about it. YET. CHINA can’t do anything to us except defend.
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