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  1. The KC-10 cockpit has always been a dinosaur. Is the C-17 doing LNAV/VNAV and LPV? What about the block 45 -135?
  2. Those will be repaired and sent straight to retirement most likely. Different pot of money.
  3. Smarter Every Day on YouTube did an interesting series on life on a sub. He showed how they generate oxygen by burning huge candles. No idea if they have something like that on board. Thinking about the movie U-571 makes me shudder.
  4. Back when men were men, and they thought they could burn water.... 😂
  5. I thought I remember reading that it was a substantiated allegation of frat but I don’t remember where I read that and I may be wrong.
  6. Depends on how it’s written next year. In 2014 I signed the bonus for 5 years. In 2015 I was allowed to renegotiate to 20 YAS.
  7. Hey, I didn't write the forum rules.....nor am I a mod/admin......
  8. No one. But your exemption on those grounds is personal. Not religious.
  9. Interesting. In the early 2000s IFT was a “go to the FBO and get a PPL on Uncle Sam’s dime” program. It was great. And had zero influence on my ability to fly the Tweet upside down or in fingertip.
  10. Well yeah. But no major religion prohibits vaccines. Some minor religions have prohibitions on transfusions for example, but to say you have a prohibition against vaccines if you belong to a church that has no such restrictions means you really have a “personal” exemption. Not religious.
  11. Curious as to which religions take issue with vaccines? I know that Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventist have well known restrictions. Or are we talking “personal” religion?
  12. Yes. That's exactly right. I mean, I just finished Operation Varsity Blues on Netflix, so maybe that's coloring my opinion a little. But this is exactly how D1 college scholarships work almost all of the time. I see this in my own small town where our swim club has a hard time competing with nearby large city clubs because we don't have access to the facilities and professional coaches that they have.
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