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  1. We should stay in NATO, let’s just not confuse it with some awesome military alliance. It’s a bureaucratic means to influence where 90% of the combat capability is provided by one member.
  2. Remember when you are talking about NATO military actions, you are really referring to US military actions. NATO is a joke. I spent ~5 years seeing that anything not US led in NATO was essentially a worthless only-for-show effort. Hell, usually NATO actually gets in the way of decent COAs
  3. Bets on the Jusse Smollet trial? You’d think it’d be an easy prosecution but the fact he hasn’t plead guilty makes me think he has confidence he can ride the woke wave to an acquittal.
  4. Maybe it’s because having command in the USAF involves very little actual leadership and rather is more management of bureaucratic norms to not upset the status quo. I know people turning down management opportunities because there are better things to to do in life than be king turd of sh-t island.
  5. I find reading the leftist raw data give me insight. You really have to ignore reality to be on that side of things. https://blacklivesmatter.com/black-lives-matter-statement-on-kyle-rittenhouse-verdict/
  6. There are no more form t/o and landings in 38’s correct?
  7. Damn, that’s disheartening. What are the most junior SWA bases?
  8. Anyone know how junior AA or SWA are for PHX FO’s?
  9. A decade or so ago. A fighter guy at UPT was at the ops desk upset because weather was at mins (alternate was VFR) and he said he wasn’t going to fly. I took his jet instead, never understood why anyone argues a black and white item like mins. You are qual’d or not.
  10. Retire, give up the benefit. If you are asking how to retire and keep the benefit. You are S.O.L.
  11. There are sone chafes coming to the program. The new mantra is that it is to get “needed” skills vs “nice to have” skills. It is cool though.
  12. True. I did the math for myself it’s not exact because I don’t have.m a disability rating yet but I figure I’ll net $150 a day after they deduct my pay. But I’d do it for free so it’s not an issue.
  13. I’m doing this…it’s a horrible financial choice. Works out to about $150 a day net extra you work…or about what a substitute teacher makes. DM me if you need info
  14. The biggest thing to preserve from the A-10 community is the CAS expertise. Believe me, when and F-16/F-35/A-10 pilot talk about CAS, its very different among the communities. The A-10 community is unique. Can it be preserved in a different airframe? I doubt it. Does it need to? I’m not sure. I’m all for dumping outdated warfare. I can tell you I’d rather show up to a MCO battlefield in an A-10 loaded with laser mavs than a F-35 in (laughable) beast mode. Maybe sone better weapons will help in the future.
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