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  1. whispers of a Mitt Romney / Will Hurd ticket.
  2. Check yourself. If everyone around you lacks credibility, who might really? You’ve been $h1t-talking your community for years and it’s tiresome. Maybe you’re concerned that you’re not as cool as you think you are, but if you throw enough bros under the bus you might pad your ego enough to get there. Talk about toxic.
  3. 52-ship. With names on the side. Everything should be in 52s from here on out. Including, pre-announce that our pullout from Iran will be in 2052.
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/world/rockets-baghdad-airport-injuries-reported
  5. I hope he’s giving the ARC the benefit of the doubt, that they would be more open-minded and sensible then active duty. Some of the best pilots I’ve seen have been mechanical crossflow guys and some of the best commanders I’ve seen have been Phoenix guys. Hard to beat the experience of seeing the world from different perspectives, in aviation or elsewhere. I’ve also seen terrible crossflow guys from both avenues, so YMMV. Crossflows have the opportunity to be real value added... instead of just reading other aircrafts 3-1s/3s they’ve been there and done that... and they ought
  6. Not sure about U-2s, would seem to be a tight timeline, I’m just here to say that if it made sense to do it then it wouldn’t make sense that the AF would do it. For example, why such a short TIS requirement for TPS? If it’s about payback can they not get their jollies by simply setting the ADSC to match their payback requirement? More likely than not it’s about making Colonels and Generals. Because we should limit our pool of talent based on that... just another example of made up stuff and bureaucracy driving what we do day in and day out when we should only care about what makes us a mo
  7. Probably, but don’t give anyone any bright ideas, because I don’t think we can trust them to cut the right 25%.
  8. “The Air Force is abandoning its “Gray Wolf” swarming cruise missile development program to instead funnel funding toward “Golden Horde,” an effort to get existing munitions to cooperate in combat.” https://www.airforcemag.com/afrls-new-goal-make-munitions-plan-attacks/ When they realized the name was the same they figured it would just be easier to burn the building down and walk away then staff the paperwork to change it.
  9. Dumb. Talk about being overpaid... You can get paid to write stuff like this? If they want to be taken seriously they need to compare apples to apples. Pilots to pilots for example. Then on top of that factor in additional duties outside job descriptions, responsibilities and obligations that are military unique, time spent on the clock, and cost of constant moves and other variables. I actually saw this on Facebook first and a brand new Marine commented saying, “Yeah the military is a huge joke. We get way overpaid to do the same jobs as other people. It’s easy and good.” At first I
  10. That sounds remarkably like his “way forward.”
  11. I just had an "amazing" experience in line with these comments... very discouraging. A 3-star briefing 2-stars down to O-4s, almost entirely an Army crowd (99%). Disparaged the other services throughout his time at the podium, was really proud of his PhD on 15th century Germanic tribes (or something like that), and his "way forward" was entirely Army-centric. Many laughs from the crowd in his favor, at our expense. He acted as if the Army owned MDO, space, and cyber. The way he railed against the Navy and the Air Force made me think he'd never deployed a day in his life... and yet he is a
  12. Maybe not many, but I want to know who they are. That said I’ve worked with plenty of USAF LTs imbedded with joint forces. You may need to think outside of your community a bit. Like it or not your record tells a story. Maybe it’s that you are a box-checking douche or maybe it shows you’re not at the same level of boxes checked as your peers because you were a nonstop volunteer for opportunities to kill ISIS. Can’t get that story with 3 OPRs. Also, push lines, those are gone. At least in their absurd previous form. We need to be careful that we don’t apply old ways of thinking t
  13. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. And frankly I don’t give two shits if your last 3 OPRs show that you’ve done a great job as General whoever’s Aide and Chief Exec to the Wg/CC. I also want to see how you did in other positions, particularly in the Ops world.
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