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  1. Saw a Religious Waiver denied today. It was for an Lt. It touted that they saw the beliefs were genuine, but couldn’t get past the readiness issue based on duties and rank.
  2. He only sounds like a quack because the media makes him out to be one....and all the sheep jump on board and shame him and his thoughts
  3. We are quickly headed towards a military that allows zero thinking. We are only allowed to be lemmings and blindly follow our “leaders”, no matter how flawed they are.
  4. All of this chatter about how bad Christianity is...is pretty sickening. No one who wants to avoid the vaccine is trying to push it to be abolished so that the others can have it. additionally, name something that Christianity is pushing on the world that is so bad? The biggest thing most of you will say is abortion termination. Watch out!! We want to avoid murder of helpless babies.
  5. Time will tell. Since you guys have already volunteered to be the experiment, I’ll be the control.
  6. Everyone’s getting covid. Even the vaccinated. So they’ll have both unknown long term risks to deal with.
  7. I didn’t know they were in the military demographic. Which I specifically stated. im fine with people getting it. Some people are higher risk Others just want to get it because it makes them feel safe Whatev That’s fine. But it’s not urgent enough of a problem for the military to mandate it.
  8. Sure. How about something that 99% effective (natural immunity or a vaccine). Against a threat that only effects the military demographic at less than 1%?? why do we need two 99% effective solutions,? we are trying to solve a 1% risk by throwing an unknown, but likely greater risk (long term and short term side effects) on top of it.
  9. False. Yes it’s possible to be done that way. But DOd influenza vaccines are not sourced from and do not leverage hek293
  10. Wearing a seatbelt and having a pillow taped to your stomach is also safer than wearing a seatbelt or taping a pillow alone. that doesn’t mean we need both... in this case, the pillow is getting the vaccine.
  11. The only one who’s side effects haven’t been able to be kept hidden by the media.
  12. I guess you need to re read it. I’m not going to keep reiterating facts. At least not this soon after I just posted it.
  13. What!! You mean they didnt have this properly vetted when they started allowing millions to take it “safely” and “without any data suggesting long term effects?”
  14. Straight from Wikipedia. Around year 2001, Senomyx patented several flavour enhancers by using "proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems", which have been previously expressed in human cell culture, in HEK293 cells.[2] HEK293 cells are a cell line widely used in biological and medical research, immortalised through a genetic modification removed from the original human embryonic kidney cells taken from a healthy, aborted human fetus in the early 1970s.[3] https://dta0yqvfnusiq.cloudfront.net/allnaturalhealingsrq/2019/05/Companies-That-use-Aborted-Human-Fetuses-in-their-Foods-5ce5f2e5eb52e.pdf there are similar products I’m not sure why you are mad. I said I wouldn’t use them. Even if they only once used that method, I can do without.
  15. It’s a good question. my answer: Sure, fetal cells research can have benefits, that doesn’t mean I have to be OK with how it came about. I’m doing my best to not use those products. If more people did it, then it might even make a difference. But it has already happened...so now we should just reap the benefits? I just don’t want to advance the practice of abortion any further to be socially acceptable. That’s about all I can do as an individual. im not sure we can equate this to a nuclear bomb. I wasn’t yet alive and didn’t make that decision. My thoughts on that... it’s a shame that bad guys hide behind and within good people. How do we stop that? I dont know. Obviously every thing we can do to not have civilian casualties should be taken. my only point is that I shouldn’t be forced to take/support a product that is against my religious beliefs when the product has next no value to my demographic as a whole. Let those who want the vaccine get it. Fine. Be happy and “safe” (short term safe...no one knows what long term effects there might be, hopefully none) but there isn’t a risk that outweighs my true religious views. This was all a money grab. And will continue to be. I won’t support it until an ethical vaccine comes out.
  16. Great point. There many on this thread that are overJOYED with the liberties we have lost and the control the government has taken from us “for the greater good”. hopefully one day, they will wake up. Perhaps when they are running the gulags, or in them when they didn’t want booster #12
  17. I simply want to do all I can to not support the social acceptance of murder of souls who have no voice. I answer to my maker, we all will have to some day. Not biden or any AF “leader” who can’t stand up for religious rights. I think it’s obvious at this point that our leadership within the military has failed us on SO many levels. Those O6 and aboves need to be removed and hopefully there are better leaders ready to come up.
  18. Yes. I did my best to look them up. Trident gum. Lipton tea. Gatorade. Etc. the foods CONTAIN fetal cells “Flavoring”
  19. The big thing would be the usage of fetal stem cells to develop the COVID-19 vaccines. Anything beyond that is stretching their religious freedom IMO, because yes, what about all of those other vaccines? Correct. Christianity does not support abortions, especially those for convenience. Anything that pushes abortion to be more socially acceptable is not something I want to support. All of the US vaccines were brought to market quickly by leveraging fetal cells lines in their development some way or another. There are actually ethical ways to do this, but big pharma just wants to make money as quick as possible. Most religious exemptions are doing so based on the above. there aren’t many other vaccines that leveraged fetal cells. There are a few, but information regarding that was never readily available to the normal person, and it wasn’t a reasonable expectation that any member thought those vaccines HAD aborted fetal cells in them/tested with them... so very few people actually asked. Similar to if I ask every restaurant I go to if there are aborted fetal cells in the food....not a reasonable expectation for me to do so.
  20. I do not think I’m smarter than the medical professionals, rather thinking that the many medical professional who are against a mandatory vaccine, yet are being hushed by big pharma, media, and CDC, are probably smarter than those desk types at the CDC and big pharma. The drs at the CDC and big pharma are just politicians and pawns now...and dont have our true best interest in mind.
  21. J and J also didn’t get shutdown for blood clots or other complications...so it has that going for it.
  22. My point is clearly, why is the government making something mandatory when it’s long term effects are clearly unknown.....all while stating that “there is no evidence that shows there is long term damage”
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