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  1. You should see the curriculum and product on the RPA side. I’d laugh if it wasn’t such a bad joke.
  2. I wonder if there was another “pilot” group that could benefit from a legitimate pipeline, with shared experiences with the rest of the Flying Air Force? Of course the first step would be to stop systematically delegitimizing and disenfranchising them.
  3. Aetc recently did a podcast about it recommend checking it out https://www.aetc.af.mil/News/Article/2205699/rpa-training-next-on-latest-the-air-force-starts-here-podcast/ or you can read more about it here https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2020/06/22/ai-infused-training-coming-for-drone-pilots-sensor-ops/#:~:text=The Air Force is expanding,Force's Pilot Training Next program. in short, it does nothing to address legitimate grievances in the pipeline. What it’s trying to do though, is be more integrated with sensors and shorten the pipeline even further for
  4. That would honestly be hilarious, especially in light of the systematic delegitimization of the training pipeline.
  5. It is back, they got a good laugh at the studs going through pipeline that had no flying experience and no IFT. Its anyone’s guess as to what the future of the Air Force will look like and future budget allocations or force shaping.
  6. For real though. Between this thread, the thread about whether or not your MWS affects your career opportunities, and the amount of fighter aircraft falling out of the sky, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. What will it take for RPAs to be taken seriously? Why were they bound by MTCR regulations so coalition partners couldn't have access to American products? I certainly do not know know. If someone could lift the glass ceiling off RPAs that would be great.
  7. Id vote for you Ive had a tough time reconciling this exact point for myself, and some days are better than others, but its a perpetual battle of imposters syndrome. Its sucks when people ask what i do, and i tell them I fly for the Air Force, only to see their hype melt away when I then tell them what I fly. Through the conversations ive had with civilian and military pilots alike over the past few years, its clear that we are not held in high regard by most other pilots or public enthusiasts (there are some that are professional, but alot are still openly hostile and believe that
  8. That's the official line. However the sims are not FAA certified, and neither is the course, otherwise youd be able to get FAA credit for it like people do for going through UPT. On that note why the are we even training in T6 sims? Why the heck should i care learning to sim fly a plane that has nothing to do with our mission? Yes. Although instructors at Randolph are aware and there is allegedly something in the works to address it, although its almost 100% going to be nonsense. When IFT does get canceled COIVD has shown alot of the hidden cards on the table. We will be syste
  9. So you claim you went through the AD process how did that work out for you? Did you put pilot only? How do you suggest OP strong arm AD recruiters as a civilian? Do you believe that recruiters are hurting for manned pilot recruits, especially given the economic environment? Should recruiters work with applicants who are unwilling to work with them? What should op tell recruiters from different regions when they ask why hes trying to apply from a different region? What will he do if they have a similar unwritten regulation? I'm just curious what your answers to these questions might be. O
  10. That’s good advice. It’s also good to note there was never a shortage of pilot applicants. The influx of new Lt pilots being attributed to AFPC experimenting with trying to outgrow their attrition problem. Like you said the private sector has takin an enormous beating. Apparently it’s better to be lucky than smart at HAF and AFPC.
  11. Short term I wonder how thats working out for the 18x contractors with the combination of economic downturn and the Air Force is cutting its contracting CAPS and the Marines are operating their own MQ-9s to fulfill their mission requirements. Also h eres a quick pic of that UPS airline. I'm sure it pays more than most quad copter jobs, but i wonder how it compares to Active duty major or even senior captain pay for an 18x.
  12. Good read with a lot of the current info about the state of the enterprise. Also confirms the 19th AF putting the axe on IFT for 18xers https://taskandpurpose.com/news/air-force-drone-school-falling-apart?fbclid=IwAR1i_EI5qXk-cF2YAe3XZ0Yaz2KY6heHOpE3NfofK-VN2vkvWruNLf1452A
  13. https://warontherocks.com/2018/04/trust-troops-and-reapers-getting-drone-research-right/
  14. Speaking of killing flight training, RPA operators will no longer be going to IFT. So no stick and rudder time, and no background in aviation for robot operators in your stacks. May the odds be in your favor
  15. Just wanted to give future RPA prospects an update. Expect to no longer go to IFT. Thats right! you'll be delivering world class air power; ISR, air interdiction, close air support, as well as strike coordination and reconnaissance, dynamic targeting, and combat search and rescue while never logging a single hour of real flight time. Be a pylot without ever having touched an aircraft. Fly. Fight. Win.
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