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  1. Aren’t shenanigans good, unless prefixed by “evil?” Those are evil shenanigans.
  2. They don’t do the flight record green folders anymore. All digital. No more annual records review.
  3. Huh? It’s a hoax? Since when? (Sarcasm)
  4. Under Secretary of def put a memo out Oct 2021 that didn’t allow tdy’s or personal leave of any service member. Just had to stay in the local area between work and home
  5. Bring back the Friday pictures thread! It was the least politically charged thread on here. But it did get taken down for PC considerations….so……
  6. Cancer doesn’t have a heartbeat, 10 toes, 10 fingers, etc
  7. An “8 week zygote” has a heartbeat and unique never before seen DNA. Edit. A woman doesn’t have 20 toes and 20 fingers. Pro life people want nothing to do with controlling a woman’s body.
  8. I didn’t say I don’t have my opinions. I am just asking for you to explain your comment. Some people claim that making a federal and state that is a welfare state is making those who are being supported to support their agenda and the equivalent of societal slaves. Hence not a flip at all. Supporting BLM doesn’t equate to anti slavery. In fact one could say that BLM in inherently racist and bigoted. Your argument up to this point doesn’t seem to hold water. Or if I am missing what you are saying, please explain.
  9. Read emotion into emotionless text much? You still didn’t answer my question which is ultimately to please justify your original comment. Just because democrats depend on the black vote doesn’t equate to anything in your statement about flipping.
  10. What are you talking about? Republican Party started because it was anti slavery. Republicans in the 1950’s and 60’s were more likely to vote for civil rights bills than democrats. What are you talking about? Trying to change history?
  11. CH. I took his use of the word as it is defined not as a name calling exercise. This is a logic type discussion. And if anything he was stating you are normally a person of high intelligence so what gives with your bad argument? I can see how you could take it the other way since you seem to have an emotional trigger that overrides logic on this one. My bad.
  12. CH. skin cells contain DNA that could be used i the creation of life via cloning. Does your argument mean I shouldn’t itch my arm? That’s about how logical your argument is. Take a step back and realize LR hasn’t called you names or got all emotional, etc. he simply called out your statements using logic and reason and how your statements aren’t making sense. And if you don’t feel the need to do so then might I suggest just stepping away for a bit and either letting it go or assessing what it is that is causing you to react emotionally and without reason? Throughly enjoy your interactions in other instances. Just seems like someone stole your login info this time around.
  13. Why do I care? I’d guess I would have to say I value all life. And I value truth and logic. My subjective view point is that the right to kill the unborn doesn’t value any of the 3
  14. I’d rather have the extra liberal voters than them not be here. Even if it meant we would have less percentage of republicans.
  15. Looks like unfertilized eggs. Could be wrong though.
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