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  1. Alright. Question for the group. Might be retiring or separating in the next 1-2 years but buying a house soon. Currently no VA disability but as a guardsman I can always apply. I’d like to preserve my ability to get my VA funding fee back and close on a home. I’ve heard that it’s possible to file intent or just file for one think VA I know I will get and refile for everything else later? Or maybe there is a 3rd option. Any recommendations? And how does this work with VA loans and closing timing?
  2. Dude. You’re worse than my ex. Did I say I believed it wasn’t either? Do you manipulate everyone in your life like this?
  3. Well that’s changing the discussion a lot and wasn’t at hand. Also it is a hypothetical made to trap. I believe when someone in a relationship is asked a question by their significant other such as the one above, it could be referred to as a $hit test. I never said it was a conspiracy to make the rich richer even though it did have partially that effect on some. But I think in general taking more than what is fair from those who build up aspects of society, give opportunities, and help propel our society to heights never experience in this world is wrong and nearly pure evil. Even most of the poorest people in this country are better off than the large majority of the rest of the world.
  4. Define the situation you are referring to specifically please. As you allude to multiple situations and viewpoints.
  5. I’m on the app. Not internet. Thanks for the tip.
  6. The top 5% of us tax payers pay almost 60% of the total taxes collected. Tax the rich is super misguided and foolish. Money gained from easy handouts departs as easy. Would rather teach people how to become rich. Generation wealth is a red herring also. “Figures from Gobankingrates show that 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the next generation, with 90% losing it the generation after that.” https://fortune.com/recommends/article/generational-wealth-explained/# Quit wasting time complaining about people who have figured it out and go try and learn yourself.
  7. Really wish we could thumbs down in this app.
  8. Does pushing it allow you to communicate with the bridge at anytime?
  9. And oddly enough if Trump just had a better disposition we would be taking about the start of his 7th year and how he is one of the greatest. Instead we are trying to prop up a mannequin and hope no one notices he has on no clothes. I thought it would be insanely difficult to be a worse president than Carter. Biden surpassed that mark in the first year. Oh oh oh but Jan 6th…..
  10. I think if you can get the bonus started while on AGR then go to the orders you are talking about that might work. As long as there are no gaps. I don’t think Temp AGR works though.
  11. Is that statement relative? It’s all subjective! Except the stuff that’s not. Philosophy 101. In the words of Inigo Montoya. “That word. I do not think that word means what you think it means.”
  12. And don’t forget. Guard bonuses generally speaking aren’t binding in a lot of cases. You can get out of them.
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