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  1. https://newdeaths.com/2021/07/25/death-dale-snodgrass-obituary-pilot-dale-snort-snodgrass-killed-in-plane-crash/?fbclid=IwAR0KQY0iH3T4X5G0BKgx21cOj5oMjb7UFkvPeC23KxKn9-PES22GWvECXUs
  2. Trust them to wear a mask why? What does trash have to do with it? And why just unvaccinated? I see this as more of a “we need more mustaches in the the local area” move instead of a covid move.
  3. Cheers to Snort. His air shows were amazing. He could make the 86 dance.
  4. Of note, Secretary of AF just released that we can keep up to 120 days of leave past the fiscal year and keep no more than 120 up to 30 sept 2024. Yay. A little late on the announcement though.
  5. Hypothetically speaking if everyone were to get the shot, How does it stop this? What’s Newsmax? Not sarcasm. Never heard of it.
  6. The shot doesn’t stop this bizzaro world.
  7. Muscle beat me to it. Yes the Sec Def in latest guidance said should. So unless there is other policy made, current guidance isn’t will or must but should. If Fort Knox didn’t make a more stringent policy and make it mandatory then I could see that causing issues.
  8. Interesting that DOD doesn’t require mask wear for those who are unvaccinated but Fort Knox does.
  9. FAA doesn’t give you your wings. They just give you rules to follow when not using those wings in the manner the Air Force winged you for. RPA mantra sucks to be sure. The Air Force however treats you the same as 11’s for all intensive purposes. 11-202v3 applies to you. And you have to have an instrument qual even though most RPA have no ability to navigate, take off, or land legally in the weather. There is a significant difference between in cockpit flying and RPA. RPA does have people / leaders who want to be there and are trying to make it better. become one of them and figure out how to make it better. Unwanted or not that child is here and needs loved. There are very good reasons for 11 & 18’s being different. Although I don’t know about the same standards argument. Are you saying 18’s go through the same process that 11’s do to get their wings? I’m not familiar with that program. Having the same standards doesn’t mean you ended your program with the same experiences or ability. I feel for you man. I do. There are lots of drone opportunities in the civilian world and a lot of them do better than some airline pilots.
  10. I’ll never tell. She made me promise.
  11. Well trogdor. Ask them. Do they say they are pilots? Kinda in the name. RPA. And there are RPA guys in charge of RPA. Not SO’s. Although some of the chiefs think they are in charge. There are former Nav’s etc that transitioned. But they became RPA pilots in the end. And they are the A code for their aircraft.
  12. I still see zero reason for E9 rank. They cause way more issues than they solve. But hey, at least they are DV’s even though everyone on this chat board likely has always outranked them for a large part or the entirety of their careers.
  13. Been racking my brain for a bit trying to classify Sua Sponte’s posts. You nailed it. I give it a 10.
  14. That’s not a great career path. A lot of assignments you send someone on that you want to get rid of. How did he end up the OG?
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