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  1. The point was both people on life support and embryos in the womb require life support. One is accepted by all as a person even though they are supported in life not of their own body. The other isn’t universally accepted as a person. I’m not comparing an embryo to all human life. The embryo is capable of thought, sensory experience and the other multitude of other functions an attributes. But maybe just not for 9 months. The person on life support might have that very same experience or it might even take longer. That’s my point. Both potentially have the same attributes, abilities, function
  2. True. Bad example. Argument still holds for someone on life support, in a coma, non responsive, etc.
  3. Both subjective stories. While I feel for them, and wish them well, I’m speaking of objectively. Just pure definitions of the words murder and kill. It has nothing to do with religion but if you want to go there, religion makes a distinction between murder and killing. And I don’t know which religion the man you spoke of belonged to. Christianity does not teach that.
  4. Not sure what you are talking about with a decision between two people. I was simply asking if a person required life support for oh say 9 months and had no brain waves, etc but recovered was that person no longer a person for some, all, or none of that 9 months.
  5. Murder and killing are different words for a reason. When you murder someone you are killing them but just because you kill someone doesn’t make it murder.
  6. And what if in all the cases above the person has a chance or does recover but needs that aide to live?
  7. Which matches the definition of an embryo as well I believe. Thanks for your response.
  8. People who are on life support meet some or all of your definition. That’s why I ask.
  9. I’m glad your parents subjective opinion was that life was valuable.
  10. So people who are on life support for 9 months or so aren’t a person anymore? Even if they come out of it?
  11. What are the reserve call out policies at cargo? Ups and FedEx.
  12. I’m jealous bro. You’re living the dream
  13. Passing through a female genitalia or being cut from a stomach is what makes you a person?
  14. No. ART isn’t mil. ART is civil servant. I don’t believe a civil servant can do that.
  15. Huh? You mean to retire as early as possible with a 20 year reserve retirement it takes 19 good years plus 65 points to apply for retirement? So 25 days of double points? 5 weeks of working AFTP’s and RD/RSD’s?
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