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  1. Brick. Glad you are still with us and thanks for your testimony. Good luck on the next phase of life.
  2. If he was just a simple man who messed up and owned up to it, my opinion would be different. As it is, he seems incapable of admission of fault or owning his comments not being correct. And he pushes his narrative instead of owning mistakes and adjusting. He seems to have no integrity and is solely focused on himself and his legacy. Along with Disney.
  3. Great write up man. Thanks. What body part required a waiver from both FAA and Mil? How was the experience doing the FAA thing? Super gun shy about getting disability that the FAA isn’t going to like.
  4. Dude. I’ll just say it. From the guard and reserve units I’ve talked to, the number one thing that people usually look at is how well you fit into the unit. Active duty would have picked you up already if what you say about your back ground is true. But the units in the guard and reserve really want to match with you because they are stuck with you and fam for long term. And the wrong guy makes waves for years. If you aren’t getting picked up then you might just not be a fit. If it’s important for you to serve as a pilot, then I would keep trying and apply to active duty when you reach the breaking point that the AD won’t let you in because of age any longer or you no longer can go. If fighters is what you want, there is a good chance with your back ground that you will compete well for an active duty fighter slot. I agree with the other comments. It’s possible your app didn’t do a good job of displaying who you are. However if you got an interview the in person overcomes the poorly put togetherapp.
  5. Also. Just noticed on your IMR page on the SHPE tab there is some info on doing VA stuff. It’s just general in nature but talks about submitting your VA disability claim 90-180 days prior to being done. The VA guy I talked to said doing it this way puts you in priority. Don’t wait.
  6. I think it’s a mil appointment with mil provider and a VA rep shows up for it
  7. The question I want to know is if there is anyone out there to go through your record and tell you specifically if the FAAwill have a problem with it or not.
  8. Stupid comment from a slightly inebriated me. Thanks Huggy. Anyone have first hand experience? Huggy what did you do when not under the mil employ?
  9. I wouldn’t recommend following your feelings and emotions when instrument flying.
  10. Make an appointment with a VA disability retirement rep. There is a lot to go over. To start getting your disability asap you need to have your claim filed at the 6 month prior point. There’s a calculation and a bunch of forms to fill out. Do yourself a favor and request your full medical record on disc tomorrow. Takes like a month to come back and then either fill out the paperwork yourself or hire a company to do it. Don’t wait till it’s time. You won’t see any disability money till significantly later after your service ends.
  11. I could easily look it up. But I’d rather hear it from unbiased peeps. What’s RTAG?
  12. Didn’t the hole in the ozone that was supposed to spell the end of life on earth close up? We have aqua net to thank.
  13. Fauci needs way more than fired for what he’s done to this country and the handling of this virus.
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