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  1. Gen Slime calls BS edit: I mean Slife
  2. You’ve never met Ron Fogleman. He was one of the best, and a dying breed. Gen Fogleman Resigns
  3. Sounds like a fantastic airline interview story. If the guy already has an airline gig, who gives a shit about the Q3? Bet the rest of the squadron will remember how this pilot is treated however.
  4. You know they’re doing a truly shitty job when even the left-leaning press is on their ass! A complete embarrassment and tragedy. Resignations from these clowns at a minimum.
  5. And he’s never met Col (Ret) Rhatigan, among many others.
  6. Read something about this from another air show guy. I haven’t been able to find anything. Anyone have info?!
  7. “Fix It” meaning your application. There’s a missing date, or employment timeline error, or some other incomplete info. Basically, they’ve actually reviewed the app, so fix this so we can give you an interview.
  8. That’s some serious coin. I honestly don’t know what I’d do with that much money. Well, besides (more) hookers and blow. Yes, what a great convo to have. From “holy shit the entire industry could collapse” back to full flights, crowded airports and profit sharing. Thank God.
  9. I suppose it’s possible with OE buys and GSWC, but pulling that off for an entire year would be difficult. I’ll keep my eyes out for these unicorns once I’m reinstated.
  10. Not that this is anything worth arguing over, so don’t take this that way please, but you’ve actually talked to pilots that no-shit topped $1M? $1M - 16% 401k - 16% PS = $743,000 That’s $62,000/mo average, or about 175 hours of pay at $353/hr (A350 captain). I know the 350 rollout was a fiasco, but averaging that many hours a month would be very difficult. Kudos to them if they did it, and please teach me how! Active duty guys take note...we are actually discussing whether a pilot made $1M to fly the newest airplane in the fleet, maybe 12-15 days a month. YMMV. Choose wisely.
  11. From everything I have heard, the 7-figure Captains were a juicy rumor. There was one guy who banked 272 hours in a month (272x$353=$96,000, plus $15,000 in 401k contribution), so I think the rumor mill started with the logic leap that if he had kept that up EVERY month he would have cleared $1M. I had also heard 11 guys topped $1M but can’t find anyone who actually knows these guys. I will add that said Captain always bought dinner and drinks for his entire crew of 13 people. Class act and very nice guy.
  12. Cirrus Vision Jet would get the job done at less than $2M a copy.
  13. Well shit, thought I heard something about a pilot shortage. Guess not! Sorry to hear about the board results. Start lining up Guard/Reserve visits and make it happen. IMHO most units are far more concerned with “good pilot, good dude” than whatever AD block checking BS is the flavor of the day.
  14. Agree with this 100%! It doesn’t matter which track or MWS either (while some are obviously more challenging)...experience matters. Graduating pilots with 300 VR hours but only 69 actual flight hours just doesn’t make sense.
  15. If it’s that dangerous, but we aren’t flying any significant combat Ops....why are the crews there in the first place? It’s only a big deal when you find out every E-3 in finance or EEO has their own room, and this is your 12th 90 day trip there in the last 8 years. Not a big deal, but it gets old.
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