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  1. Not sure if joking. I’ve been off on other adventures for a while now so just getting back to BOps….not sure I’ve seen anything from Chang lately that convinced me he is actually a GO. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be all that impressed if he actually is, as I’m somewhat cynical of most GOs these days based on my first-hand observations. Perhaps there is at least insight to be gained…”what are those idiots thinking!?!”…sorta thing.
  2. Dude, you are more full of shit than a Christmas goose. Don’t hurt your arm grabbing for that whopping pay raise. $2-3k a month difference from 1 star to 4 star. YGBSM. That’s like…one extra premium pay day at the airline. Might have 2 hours of block time. This isn’t the flex you think it is. I do agree about the bonus complaints. Not offering a bonus will save a lot of bros from themselves. Run fellas, run!!
  3. Man, don’t ya just love watching videos of Ukrainians dropping $100 grenades on top of $2M Russian tanks?! Makes my Cold War-raised heart swell.
  4. Spoiled brats…who earned the benefits promised to them. It’s not unreasonable for there to be some rancor if the deal is changed.
  5. Interesting read. That all sounds incredibly exhausting. 😂.
  6. I have few regrets from my career but not applying for the U-2 is one of them. Was encouraged to try it by my former T-37 flight commander who ended up out there and after a basically hostile reaction from my ANG unit (“if you even apply, you’ll go nowhere here”), I never sent the app. Coulda woulda shoulda! 😑
  7. That sounds like an awesome deal. Need any retired tanker guys to give it a go?? Hahaha
  8. You’ve never met Ron Fogleman. He was one of the best, and a dying breed. Gen Fogleman Resigns
  9. Sounds like a fantastic airline interview story. If the guy already has an airline gig, who gives a shit about the Q3? Bet the rest of the squadron will remember how this pilot is treated however.
  10. You know they’re doing a truly shitty job when even the left-leaning press is on their ass! A complete embarrassment and tragedy. Resignations from these clowns at a minimum.
  11. And he’s never met Col (Ret) Rhatigan, among many others.
  12. Read something about this from another air show guy. I haven’t been able to find anything. Anyone have info?!
  13. “Fix It” meaning your application. There’s a missing date, or employment timeline error, or some other incomplete info. Basically, they’ve actually reviewed the app, so fix this so we can give you an interview.
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