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  1. Best post in this entire thread. For everyone who hasn’t done a tour in DC/Pentagon, who’s forgotten what it’s like, or who’s old and angry and wants somebodys butt, keep in mind: 1. DC is a cesspool. It is a terrible terrible unwholesome crazy 68 square miles surrounded by reality. What happens there is as much theater as truth. 2. Everything is deliberate. 3. Politics is about power. Power is about money. (In the end, everything is about money. Follow the dollars.) 4. You don’t know the full story, nor will you. 5. DC is a paradox. Not everything is newsworthy, or as bad/impactful as the news makes it. Unfortunately, when things unravel they unravel quickly, and you never know whats going to tip the scale, so pay attention to everything. My advice for anyone going there is to enjoy it as best you can, learn to swim with the sharks without chumming the water via your mistakes, then get the hell out of there as quick as you can. Because its fucking terrible. Chuck
  2. Get ready for this kinda take rate being used as justification to kill the bonus altogether… I give it one more FY, tops. Makes a perfect compliment to the $300+B in cuts coming to the Pentagon… Rough roads ahead. Chuck
  3. It’s the one true American political tradition… Chuck
  4. This checks with the info received inside AMC HQ. AMC has a reputation for Q3 shenanigans, well earned. So when OSI got involved (for the reasons above noted by 18AF), the crewdog rumor mill went into hyperactive and made a slew of assumptions. I don’t think there’s any headhunting (not yet anyway), but there’s a ton of video out there…This situation was absolutely unprecedented - and AMC leadership has already engaged AFCENT and CENTCOM with let’s call it “terse comms” on the matter. I’ll leave it at that. Chuck
  5. This. Power of the press coverage of this nightmare will take care of the rest. Chuck
  6. In the immediate, things will reset. The forces will start to flow back home and elsewhere. Training will uptick, missions will downtick - initially. Then the shit hits the fan. No Afghanistan means GREATLY reduced TWCF missions, and with it flying hours, seasoning, and funding dollars. AMC is in a bad spot. Commercial augmentation will also reduce, and airlift will start flying channel missions again, but not enough make good on the loss of FHP. Commercial cargo airlines will start beating Congress because USTC cuts commercial cargo flow to save the crew force (follow the money), and crews will start starving for ANY flying in about 8-12 months. And then the fun part - the FY23 budget is going to be a cut to the bone. Force reductions are coming because we can’t afford modernization, recapitalization, and people all at once. They’ll pay pilots to get out. Some wings are going to shutter. Some jets are going to the boneyard. And it’ll last for a couple years. And then the “new new new normal” will be set. Start looking at the mid-to-late 90s as the benchmark for what AMC flying will look like - just not as heavy (Balkans, ONW/OSW replaced by routine trips/deployments to Saudi/Kuwait/etc). Make your plans wisely. Unless there’s a pop up conflict, that’s what’s on the horizon. Chuck
  7. Taking this one step further, if I’m those bad guys I know there are two things that MAF force can’t operate without - TRANSCOM and The 618th AOC. So to gain advantage in the outset, I’d be turning every cyber ninja bad guy warrior I can toward shutting them down. The centralized and efficient processes that developed to support COIN conflicts are akin to those that made the Berlin Airlift hum along. Shooting wars are messy, inefficient, and chaotic. When the next high end fight kicks off, the current processes, organizations, and leadership will all need to be ushered offstage so the innovators, do-ers and combat leaders can get back in the mix. We’ve been in purgatory long enough… Especially in the MAF. Chuck
  8. Been outside the community for a few years, but there’s some of this that perks my ears up. The MAF has had an identity crisis for a while - FedEx in flightsuits vs the folks who want to push the envelope and do more. MobGar is a classic example, as is this thread… it’s worse in certain communities (cough cough C-17…) The feedback I received thru the grapevine matches that here - there’s a lot of airline apps being filled out by folks who didn’t study, take it seriously, or maybe were just asked to punch the “I believe” button more than they’re used to - there was participation, but not as much learning by the crews as was desired. But then again you can’t show and go to an LFE… I’m also not shocked that ANY LFE is a shitshow - as this one was described. Everytime I went to Pope or a Flag it was a dogs breakfast mess, but we got better because it was a shitshow. So is war. The first few months in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria prove that. That’s why we do the training. It’s not gonna NOT be a shitshow until we get the reps and raise the bar. AMC, the wings, and the crews need to realize you can’t do things like this once a year and expect proficiency. That’s counterintuitive, and underestimates the complexity - which is also what I expect from crews and leadership that havent grown up doing these things… Find the guys who are pushing the team to get better and follow them. They don’t have to be Patches, but the Patches better know that they’re the ones expected to un-F the world when things DO become a shitshow… Chuck
  9. You’d be surprised…. Downstate Dems in Illinois look an awful lot like Republicans elsewhere - pro-life, pro-gun, etc. My guess is he knows the score, but the outcome might be different than your posit. Chuck
  10. Whew okay that makes way more sense. My bad on reading comprehension FAIL. So far as CP jobs at the Deid: Eww, no. Nice folks there however, always very helpful with a thankless job. Cheers, Chuck
  11. AFPC asked?? ...And...”Is being a commander a good job??” (If you’re getting ready to retire, only YOU can answer if you want to go remote to the desert or go quietly into the sunset...) What squadron at the Deid are we talking about anyway? Okay, forgetting the bizarre nature of such questions, yes, Sq/CCs all have vehicles, and all Sq/CCs live in their own dorm room (I had two) with a bathroom, kitchenette, etc., in a Sq/CC dorm - no roommates. Also: booze. It helps. Chuck
  12. What if I told you that the economy is so f’ed and the national debt is so immense that the future of austerity is going to drive force structure and mission changes anyway, as all the services and our Executive/Legislative Branch leaders face the choice of destroying the country with debt (not to mention entitlements), or remaining in far flung missions around the globe? If that doesn’t get you thinking, what if I instead told you that everyone else’s economy is also as f’ed as ours was by the ‘Rona, so nobody (not even China) is any better or worse off respectfully, and everything will go on as before...? We don’t know which is true yet, but I’d offer that regardless of who wins the WH, there are massive cuts coming to the DoD - either as a second term “look how efficient I am” win, or as a matter of policy to pay for entitlements. Either way, a new force structure is coming, and not just in the service... I think the legacy of Goldwater-Nichols and the Combatant Commands are on the block too. Churchill said it first: “we are out of money, time to think...” Chuck
  13. My guess is he’s a fighter WSO who understands as much about Air Mobility as he does about logistics... This is an uninformed idea that nonetheless has potential - if you reframe it for an unmanned platform. Cannibalizing Herks “because we have so many” and turning them into Inside tankers is a non-starter for AMC. Put that brainpower into an unmanned platform requirement and you’re on to something... Chuck
  14. Yikes. Id take them the AFI - it specifically addresses this in discussing stratification. Then at least your O6 has to look you in the eye and tell you that they knowingly ranked you #2 behind a guy that’s already being promoted. Chuck
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