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  2. @admdelta @pilotcrum @badger23 Thanks a ton for the help and correction here; my sincerest apologies if I introduced any confusion. I definitely see what y’all mean here now, and each of you are spot on. Best of luck to all who apply!
  3. Wording might be a little confusing due to the lack of punctuation or separation between requirements. If you break down all the requirements separately, you can see that is an UPT opportunity for both Civilian and Military who are prior rated or not. If you are Mil, then all items that have an asterisk apply to you in addition to the requirements without an asterisk. Good luck all.
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  5. The asterisk is on certain requirements that they have specifically for military candidates (they have it on OPRs and PT scores) - they also have a few items on there explicitly not for military candidates, like AFOQT scores. It's worded really weird but it looks to me like they're hiring both rated and for UPT.
  6. Well, thats what i originally thought, but I think what it is actually indicating is that the certain items with an asterisk* next to them are required for prior rated pilots. But I will email them to confirm.
  7. Can’t even tell if this is sarcasm. I was accused of ruining someone’s night the other day because she was soooooo upset I dare foster a different viewpoint. Imagine if I was trying to start shit. America needs to toughen up. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  8. I think at the very end of this one it notes "*Rated/Military Candidates Only", so it looks like you already gotta be a BONE driver for this one, OR, maybe already in the service, depending on you interpret that...?
  9. Thanks a ton, @brabus; that all makes perfect sense. And I didn't really even consider the "Murphy's Law" factors beyond those that could affect a commute, but that hit you actually doing your job once you're there: weather, MX, etc. Definitely gives me some great color and insight. Thank you!
  10. So you claim you went through the AD process how did that work out for you? Did you put pilot only? How do you suggest OP strong arm AD recruiters as a civilian? Do you believe that recruiters are hurting for manned pilot recruits, especially given the economic environment? Should recruiters work with applicants who are unwilling to work with them? What should op tell recruiters from different regions when they ask why hes trying to apply from a different region? What will he do if they have a similar unwritten regulation? I'm just curious what your answers to these questions might be. Obviously recruiters goals are to commission people, and we are short officers across the board. There never was a student pilot shortage, and even if OP listed more than just pilot if he was in the most qualified pool of candidates he would be considered for his top pick of manned pilot regardless of whatever else he put on the list. Listing pilot only dosent give you bonus points, or make it any more likely that you get that slot. This section of the forum seem to have a habit of conflating the exception-to-the-rule, with the actual rules.
  11. This is for UPT candidates right? Not rated pilots. And what is "Copies of OPRs or Civilian Appraisals"? And in the requirements it says "attached questionnaire" but there isn't one.
  12. The recruiter is feeding you complete and utter bullshit. From someone who went through the AD process just do yourself a favor and find a different recruiter. You need to go before a rated board (i.e. flying job officer selection) and put pilot only. If they ask you to put ANY job other than pilot walk away and find a different recruiter. You don't have to work with someone who is in the same geographic location either FYI. Good luck.
  13. But he’s wearing a Skywalker X-33! Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  14. tac airlifter

    Gun Talk

    Not sure where else to post this. WTF is going on with law enforcement?
  15. Million $ question. Mortgage Backed Securities investors on Wall Street set the pricing and banks/mortgage companies originate based on what each rate pays then add their overhead/profit margin. Big banks can be greedy because of name brand recognition plus they have higher overhead, but MBS pay the same to everyone. Some days investors are willing to pay more and some days they are willing to take less all based on demand, risk, cash available, and other investment opportunities. If the demand is there why would you take a lower rate of return? On the other end if you can make more money elsewhere or no one is buying then MBSs have to pay a higher rate of return to get buyers. There is no crystal ball, but I can tell you demand is very high at current rates/pricing. The future of rates is tied to what the broader economy and Wall Street will look like over the next couple years. Lots of opinions and opportunities out there right now. Jon
  16. Behnken’s an FTE, not a test pilot.
  17. It seems like 2.75 has been a backstop for a while, any reason for that? Forecasts of potentially lower soon?
  18. Didn't he wash out of UPT?
  19. I am a fan of the Starliner space suit though. The blue color looks futuristic and cool.
  20. Years ago, David Clark changed the design of the torso harness (i.e. parachute harness), to make it a touch lighter. The weight was irrelevant, but they removed all of the padding that made sitting in the suit so comfortable. The first time I wore my "new" harness was opening night of OIF on an 11+ hour sortie. I was more uncomfortable after 3-4 hours in the new harness than I would have been after 12 in the old one. Another dumb idea made without consulting the end user.
  21. It is a skill most definitely and probably very useful when running numbers on what it takes to run an airline perhaps. Could be good could be bad won’t know til 1 Oct or maybe sooner. Fighting unions is definitely business driven and we’ll see how counting pilots turns out. Hope for the best prepare for the worst.
  22. We want lighter weight suits and helmets, but those Space X ones look like shit to me. Plus, there’s no parachute harness, LPUs, helmet tie-down, survival stuff, or helmets that turn. I also want to see one rapid-D in the chamber to 70k’.
  23. http://www.guardreservejobs.com/newjobboard/jobs/b-1-pilot/ heads up! If anyone wants a BONE.
  24. Card counting is quite a skill. Is that supposed to be a strike against him?
  25. What’s the reason for starting this thread? I get the impression there is something “personal” about your dislike of SK.
  26. I was going to just tailor my cover letter for the letter of intent and call it good. I'm sure there's plenty of better reasons for them not to hire me than that lol. While we're on the topic of that board though, does anyone know if the Point Credit Summary applies to active duty or just existing Guard/Reserve folks?
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